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I'm building a steelbound two-handed 20th level fighter for a one off game. I've got all his feats and skills spec'd out but I'm struggling to decide on which 3rd level spells to use. Does anyone have some good recommendations? He is LN and will be/have been a Hellknight. His weapon of choice is a Scythe. I have no knowledge of what I might be up against nor what my teammates are playing.

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and as for the second half of my question, will doing so consume a second usage of the ability?

"Shapechanger (Su): At 1st level, a metamorph gains
the ability to transform herself into another form. This
ability functions like alter self, except as noted here. The
effect lasts for 1 hour per metamorph’s alchemist level, or
until she changes back. Changing form (to another form
or back)
is a standard action that doesn’t provoke attacks of
opportunity. The metamorph is fatigued for 1 round each
time she changes shape."

The above bolded area is where I'm seeking clarification. Does it imply that I can change from one shape to another without reverting to my original shape? and will it cost me an additional use of the ability to do so since it specifically says the effect lasts until you "change back"?

I lean towards yes and yes, but I can see an argument for yes and no since you never "changed back".

I was leaning that direction, but it is nice to hear confirmation. Thanks.

As the title implies this is a question regarding the negative energy affinity and light sensitivity of a polymorphic Dhampir. I know you are suppose to lose anything tied to your original form as far as senses and modes of movement and appendages but does that include racial weaknesses?

Has bestiary 5 been added into the guide yet?

My first thought would be to ensure you have an Amulet of Mighty Fists, as it will apply to all your natural attacks and depending on how you spec it can offset some of your 1/2 BAB penalties. My second recommendation is that you focus on transformations with a large number of natural attacks, claws, bites, tails, wing buffets, tentacles, since you won't be gaining any iterative attacks anyway the more primary natural attacks you have will help average out your to hit. Associated with that would be the multiattack feat for any secondary natural attacks you may have, again taking the -2 compared to the -5 puts you on average back on par with the fighter.

As promised, I present Draco the Kobold Barbarian

Kobold Urban Barbarian 6
CN Small Humanoid (Reptilian)
HP 84 (6d12 +2 CON)
AC 22, Touch 20, Flat-Footed 14 (+2 Armor, +8 Dex, +1 Size, +1 Deflection)
Fort 7, Ref 10, Will 2
AC 20, Touch 18, Flat-Footed 14 (+2 Armor, +6 Dex, +1 Size, +1 Deflection)
Fort 7, Ref 8, Will 2
Speed 30 ft.
Init: +10
Rage, Piranha Strike:
melee: Bite +13 (1d4+13), Claw x2 +13 (1d4+12), Tail Slap +8 (1d4+6)

STR 10(14 -4 Racial)
DEX 21/27(18 +2 Racial +1 4th level / +2 Belt +4 Rage)
CON 14 (16 -2 Racial)
WIS 10
CHA 12
Traits: Reactionary, Slithering Stride
1) Weapon Finesse
3) Tail Terror
5) Piranha Strike

+12/14 Acrobatics
+12 Intimidate
+6 Perception
+18 Stealth
Languages: Draconic
Alternate Racial Traits: Day Raider, Dragonmaw, Wyrmcrowned,
Rage Powers: Lesser Beast Totem, Intimidating Glare, Battle Roar
Favored Class Bonus: +1/4 natural attack damage x6
GEAR (12,000 gp)
-Silken Ceremonial Armor +1 (1180)
-Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists (4000)
-Belt of Incredibly Dexterity +2 (4000)
-Cap of Human Guise (800)
-Ring of Protection +1 (2000)


Just finished my Kobold Barbarian, I actually really liked how he turned out. Urban Barbarian and Beast Totem with weapon finesse and an Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists. I'll post the whole build later, but I would definitely play as him.

I like the ideas, but let's aim for less specific, just race and class. I'll need the freedom to pick archtypes to make anything viable.

So my new GM has an interesting house rule. When your character dies, the other players get to pick the race and class of your new character. I actually really like this idea, maybe not all the time, but it's a nice way to mix things up and move people out of their comfort zone and it lets the party flush out its role gaps.

Now I've been playing Pathfinder since it came out and I'm familiar with all of the ideal builds. The challenge I want help with is finding the worst possible race/class combinations and then seeing if there is anyway to make it viable. The GM is generous with the rolling of stats but for this challenge I'm gonna restrict myself (and anyone else who wants to play) to an array of 18,16,14,12,10,8 and I'm gonna build to 6th level with a minimal amount of gear, no more than 12,000 gp worth.

My first thought for bad would be Kobold Barbarian. Can anyone think of worse?

Actually had this scenario in our game last week, the gm thought he'd be clever and use this to knock me out of rage, which is how I would personally rule it as well. The problem was I was also a reincarnated medium and the channel self ability is a supernatural ability as well. If that got nullified I became helpless and in a deathlike coma, which again is how the gm and I interpreted it. Was this an accurate ruling? Is it equivalent in this respect to entering an anti-magic field?

Would the materials you supplied during the crafting of the wand have to be used equally or could it be more like an account of onyx where in the first cast I can expend 300gp worth and in the second only spend 150, and effectively the wand is constrained both by charges and by its onyx balance?

I'm currently playing a Half-Orc Reanimated Medium/Bloodrager, obviously focusing on the champion build and I really like it. I'm confused by one thing however, the influence penalty to caster level, does that effect all spellcasting classes or just his caster level as a medium?

lemeres wrote:
Yebng wrote:
If you use the variant multiclass rules from unchained and put barbarian as your secondary you can grab rage without sacrificing levels of druid. can do that anyway. The goliath druid includes the rage domain as one of its options.

But that will cost you your animal companion, whom you are specifically allowed to cast enlarge person on, for that large, flanking, friend at level 1....

If you use the variant multiclass rules from unchained and put barbarian as your secondary you can grab rage without sacrificing levels of druid.

Tarantula wrote:

Deflect arrows is a feat, with both prerequisites and usage requirements (hand free) which only works for attacks directed at yourself.

You cannot ready an action to "When the archer shoots his bow, I want to move in front of him, and grab the arrow out of the air." Even if you have the deflect or snatch arrows feats, the attack wasn't aimed at you, so you can't deflect/snatch the arrow.

Ready action move is fine. Ready action move and do something else is not. You can only ready a standard, move, swift, or free action. You can also take a 5' step as part of it. You cannot ready a move and standard action.

At best, the character could provide soft cover to the origin point the spellcaster is targeting by moving in the way. The spellcaster then would have to make a ranged touch attack against the grid intersection. AC 5 + soft cover + 4 = AC 9. If the spellcaster happened to have improved precise shot, that would drop back to AC 5.

What about a Kasatha Bow Nomad? Their version of deflect arrows allows them to deflect any ranged attack within 30ft of them, without rolling. which moves the question in this one, very limited, instance to is a fireball considered a ranged attack? If so Kasathans just became ridiculous.

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Color me ridiculously intrigued.

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Ryan Dancey wrote:

We use the same definition that the general consensus of the MMO community uses: pay to win means purchasing a meaningful mechanical advantage not otherwise available via in-game mechanics.

Certainly we will sell some things that are useful, and great to own. We want to make valuable items available for sale to those players with the interest and ability to buy them. Our commitment is and has been that such things won't provide a meaningful mechanical advantage that you cannot get just by playing the game.

We also are going to avoid selling things that are likely to materially disrupt the market for player-character crafted goods or block areas of the harvesting/refining/crafting system from being good investments of time and effort.

So in your opinion, the ability to harvest and protect more resources per outing doesn't count as a mechanical advantage? The ability to remove yourself from the world by ducking into a smallholding if you get attacked is not a mechanical advantage either? I'm sorry but these items are pay to win. They drastically increase a players survivability and profitability. Player housing should be player built, player bought, player sold, and player traded. Premium items should only be aesthetic or they lead to a pay to win culture. Power creep happens, and will likely happen with your premium items as you try to entice future purchases. I'm an early enrollee and this announcement has deeply disappointed me.

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any chance we can get a compilation of alpha twitch links?

Super helpful, I'll reference this when my party jumps ahead and impale themselves on too difficult of a level

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I asked this once but it got buried.

What if you belong to multiple companies?

Will you always count as your primary or once your primary has a tower under control if you stand in another capture circle are you gaining points for your secondary?

Can a group be in 3 companies all tied to the same settlement, thus having 1 group (if its large enough) pull 3 towers (one for the primary company, one for the secondary company, and one for their third company)?

edit-great minds warstein...

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Will we be able to belong to 3 companies on day 1, could I potentially be contributing to the training level of three different settlements? What if 1 company I belong to is fighting another company I belong to for control of the same tower? Will my presence contribute only to the higher priority company?

bump, bump, bump it up and/or can we do this now?

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I use other books and paper to hide stuff on maps, and lots of them.

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Conveniently most people considering necromancer characters probably aren't deeply upset over a slide towards evil. Plus there should be enough good/neutral actions as to make the evil slide from a spell cast moot.

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I'm gonna have a lot of fun as a cleric of Norgorber.

eldritch heritage won't come into play until something like 13th level. dice rolls don't matter she already gave you the only stat that matters. looking into a solution for you....

edit* is blood rager pfs legal currently, I didn't think the book had come out yet.

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well done Darcnes, count me in.

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Perfect, count me among your members. I envision this as a group that has the potential to trade in all settlements regardless of settlement alignment. This will be either the second or third company for my main.

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Do we have some well respected TN mercantile companies? I'm looking for a second and third company to be part of for my main crafter.

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My guess is that any settlement with a large number of ranger types with a variety of knowledge skills (as knowledge skills will apparently affect mob drops) will create an enticing local for crafters.

Precisely why I plan to make just such a character as my alt. I'm hoping that mob drops will be the best method for farming the alchemical ingredients my main intends to use.

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I just hope GW implements poisons as a consumable as opposed to an "class" ability

Anyone know how prominent this tale will be in the PFO lore seeing as how its also a backer gift?

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new recruit to UNC, glad to be with such an organized group

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just joined up with UNC, should be entertaining

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Just joined on your main site, looking forward to it

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What variety of consumables will be craftable? I'm assuming arrows and shuriken, and crossbolts but what of poisons, traps, sunrods, and other alchemical items?

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I just voted for an item requiring "for"

and sadly it keeps winning

Same item 3 times in under 30 pairings...

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Mudfoot wrote:
The decanter produces 5 gallons per second, or 22 litres. . .

Certainly not world ending but an interesting thought came to mind, waterwheel automobiles, how fast could one reasonably travel? (the roads would all have to run off into irrigation channels)

I'm experimenting with the shadowdancer and various builds, this is just one that I was looking for rule clarification on. As a player I don't really see much difference between losing your abilities when you lose your weapon and losing your abilities when you lose your spellbook or component pouch, effectively i see that as something to RP not something that would diminish the game in any way.

More or less as the title says. Does the 4th level ability of the Duelist, Combat Reflexes, count as the feat for the Shadowdancer's prerequisites?

muleback cords will counter your encumbrance problem, and they're really cheap

yeah but the increased DR rage power isn't asking you to allocate all of your rage powers just to achieve it, I read it as adding DR, though I too am curious for a real answer.

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I'm not super impressed with the mythic ruleset, and while the dual initiative is tempting, i don't want to introduce mythic rules when i have no intention of implementing them for the players

a floating island within the lair, stone to flesh arcane traps, i'm sure i'll think of more

delay of game, the gunslinger (who is both the most experienced player and the party's biggest damage dealer) was busy larping some zombies.

so now I have more time to fine tune the encounter.

sadly OmniBlock the story is mostly set in so much as terrain is concerned, but I could probably add an underground lake for the hydra to retreat to in order to heal up, cause that's a fantastic idea and the party has no druid to wildshape and give chase.

what other ideas do you guys have? remember i'm looking for deadly but winnable.

luckily all the dark folk use poison so fort saves will be present in mass.

I did consider the pyrohydra, but the party just finished a fight with some flame drakes and I don't want to hit them with the same trick twice in a row, the warden hydra meshes well with the dark folk and has a lot of unique abilities the party won't expect

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