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Great pacing!



The first half of this scenario, my table felt like it was moving slightly quickly, but still making progress and really contributing. I loved the longer timeframe for the first portion, since it allowed fast-moving groups a chance to reach and get as many accomplished as possible. Also, the addition of optional "harder" challenges correlated with sections where my table had time to get a success or two- this was awesome and helped my table finish up and report a success.

Most importantly- that big fight was amazing!

Room for Improvements
I felt there was still a bit too much squeezed into too little- this was super close but still had a few sections where my group felt like they had just gotten into a good position before it was time to move onward.

My favorite special I've run yet- thank you to the author, developers, and everyone who had a hand in this being released and run at GenCon 2017!

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Fun mystery with a tense finish


I played this at GenCon and GMed it for a group a few weeks ago. I enjoyed playing + running the initial encounters; there's lots of room for roleplaying and getting to know the different groups while doling out some more details about the overall mystery.

I still haven't quite figured out how to make the last encounter run well (when I played, the GM was a bit smoother than I ran it so we didn't realize it was a


little bit scripted). Next time I run this I might go slightly into the cut-scene route and have the rogue grapple + force the poison down, but that isn't as satisfying as having the players watch the cranky noble eat the poisoned fruit. My players were able to get the pair's attention relatively early, which meant I played up the noble's sense of disbelief that anyone would poison her, which didn't make her very endearing. If the setup had been a round or two more-advanced, then perhaps that would still give the sense of urgency this encounter really shines at.

The rogue being a single-bad-actor, for the most part, let off potential for a bigger tie-in with something else, so once the plot was foiled it felt a bit of a letdown

The Harrow mechanic was super fun and a cool way to tie in someone's fortune to the event.

I also enjoyed getting to interact with Zeeva Foxglove again; she's rad!

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Such a great session to run


This is still my favorite scenario I've ever run. I put in a bit of effort beforehand to hand paint a set of Goblin miniatures (and paint their bases as if it was snow) and came up with personalities for all of them. Just having a rough idea led to plenty of opportunity for myself, and most importantly, the players, to have a great time riffing on the spot.

There was a great balance between combat encounters as well as roleplaying opportunities, so don't hesitate to encourage your players to take advantage of the latter!

The only rough spot:

The last encounter was a little bit awkward, and I had a hard time explaining it was an ambush that was motivated by personal revenge as opposted to anything the characters (or the Society) had really asked for. Probably just my bad, as I should've led off with a warcry of "ALL BEASTS SHOULD DIE FOR WHAT THOSE GOBLINS DID TO MY FAMILY!" but hindsight is 20/20 and all.

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I've had this up on my wall for a long time now, and I absolutely love it. Wayne Reynolds is by far my favorite fantasy artist.

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A bit hard to read, but unique and totally lucky


I guarantee that no one else will have these dice. (Well, not really, but pretty much)

They're slick and high-quality, and particularly effective at representing the evil DM-- ... er, the evil villain of the campaign.

Fun and durable


I usually just keep this in my car when I'm not gaming with it. It's fun to bust out and throw at people when they're least expecting it :)

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Hilarious and obnoxious is all the right ways


I love Zogonia so much. Actually, I'm about to order my second key fob. Kev is such a total dork, but somehow completely lovable. :D