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Ok, so it seems that the consensus is that if badies are relatively intelligent they might ransom or torture pcs but not kill.

for things that are driven by more base desires T-rex, shambling mound, bullette, or in this case goblins...

they would boil and eat the downed party (who were stable but left behind). so lots of meat and a side of leshy for veg and fiber.

alright, noted.
thanks all

Scarab Sages

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Merisiel, i am sure you have been asked before. however do you currently have a favorite city? if you do then would you please let me know if you have an apartment there? id love to have you for dinner. I am Dranik Dwin'tryn, a rogue within the scarab sages, i have much interest in lore and lost ledgends ::speaks in ancient azlanti complimenting your eyes:: i would love to get to know you better. would i be able to meet with you more in private that we might better get to know each other?

I do. Magnimar. Best city in the Inner Sea Region AND BEYOND!

Have you secured a permanent residence there? I'm thinking of purchasing a second manorhouse there, what district would you recommend? I'd prefer a location with a good view.
Nope. Permanent residences are too... umm... permanent. You never know when you might need to move. For reasons.
Yes, but do you have a postage box?
Nope. I do maintain several dead drops though.
::coughs a small amount into a white cloth and his eyes dazzle in the early sunrise:: i am sorry about my absense. i have been on an errand for the society. sadly one i am unable to elaborate more upon. ::coughs again into the cloth:: i am still wishing to have you for dinner. i will be visiting Magnimar in the very near future. ::smiles brightly:: perhaps we can speak together upon my last outing for the society. i would love to be able to share an elven wine with you and perhaps loose myself in the depth of your eyes over conversation of your favorite outings and your best "stabbity" moments. ::coughs into his cloth:: oh. and dont mind this...im not contagious. it just however is a niusence. i am hoping the society sends me back to my last location that i may find the reason for this horrid cough. (SPOILERS IF ASKED ABOUT THE COUGH)

::quickdraws my +1 shocking battle poi and sets them alight. tossing 100gp to Lem for a tune. upbeat and fast, asking him to use audible glamour to enhance the performance for that 'techno' type sound.(perform check) staring into your eyes i begin to sway and whirl the glowing orbs about me to thw music. the hues of electric blue, purple, and white mingle with the bright reds soft oranges and yellows of the flames. dancing with the orbs passing around myself they pass over head bumping each other. a flash of spark and fireflies from the flames fall about me as i gaze into your eyes with the light of my weapons glowing deeply within my own. i speak softly just for you to hear:: sadly dazzling performance is outlawed by the society. so i will have to just rely on my charm and wit. ::a smile passes my lips:: if you meet with me, i promise you will not be disapointed...