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I’d love to talk about the story, but that artwork mid way through is just so good I can’t tnjnk of anything else

Are we then assuming the answer to the first question is simply add proficiency? Str+instinct isn’t very much damage at all if Prof is not included

Hi guys,

Quick couple of questions regarding Thrash

Requirements You have a foe grabbed.
You thrash the grabbed foe around. It takes bludgeoning damage equal to your Strength modifier plus your ferocious specialization damage plus your Rage damage. The foe must attempt a basic Fortitude save against your class DC.

1) it says add “ferocious specialisation” but I can’t find anything by that name in the book. Even tried search function on PDF and comes up with nothing. Do we know what extra damage it refers to?

2) it says at the end the foe must attempt a basic fort save, but without specifying that it’s against the damage. Is there meant to be a secondary effect? As you can still attack with your free hand during combat, unless the enemy has a silly high AC, I can’t see the reason to use it for a barb, as damage would be less than a good hit in the face with a one handed weapon.

This has to be building towards new iconics with the new classes from the play test being finalised.

Claxon wrote:

What I would like to see is a Soldier fighting style that involves shields that let you do it as part of other actions to do things or makes the benefit last longer so you don't have to spend the action each turn.

This works for me. Like a Sci-fi Phalanx archetype.

As it stands for me, shields seem to be a joy for casters who just need to cast and little else.

Quick thought, does this make the haste circuit even better as it allows a full attack and then raise a shield?

The_Hidden_GM wrote:
I feel this thread has become relavent again, due to the new shield rules in the playtest. How do you all feel about them?

Initially like them, but I fear the 4 armed creatures having long arms/sniper rifles/two handed melee and a decent shield negating the “can’t wield a weapon in that hand”

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I think your looking at the feats too mechanically, and not thematically enough for a horror campaign.

Indirect Retreat: isn’t for getting into cover, it’s for legging it from the Xenomorph/Jason/Kruger that will 100% kill you. Winding corridors and obsticables that would slow your down are a classic trope of Horror and this feat works with that perfectly

Craven Ploy: your playing Burke from Aliens. You’ll sacrifice the guy in front of you to not get hit. Sadly the consent bit means you’ll need a good aligned character that wants the keep you safe to make it effective. Although the RP potential for a scene after you use it constantly could be interesting.

Startled Scream: again a classic horror trope of the person with an ear piercing wail the second anything slightly scary happens. I don’t even think using it should be optional once taken. It’s just a quirk of personality. Makes once again for good role play.

The other feats, spells and theme are similar. I loved it from a role playing perspective for the thematic feel of a horror campaign. The overall use of it in other campaigns hadn’t really occurred to me. I am a huge horror film/game fan and love the opportunity’s in game for decent role playing and scene building a lot of these updates give.

My only complaint is that these “personally” feats come in a lvl7 campaign where these quirks should be already established.

Doesn’t Monk in legacy rules use Trick attack damage in the place of flurry? I guess claws could work with it that way?

*Mortal Kombat voice”


I imagine they know not to. The book that reveals secrets throughout time, in the armoury F’s you up if you try and look up the gap. Can’t even imagine what happens if you end up there.

Also who says they haven’t and just did not come back.

Use legendary conversion for a bard with performance cooking? Instead of sight or hearing based, it’s all off smell.

Portable stove in a glove of storing & ingredient bandolier full of herbs & spices. The aromas you create buff your allies or debuff your opponents.

any characters have any family or friends on Absalom? Classic mobster move to attack/kidnap someone. The ol’ “meet me at dock 34 at 2:00 or I blast your friend out the airlock” would make for an easy showdown. The two come alone as she doesn’t want to draw the gangs attention to the fact the Homebase was invaded and guards killed on her watch, avoiding what they may consider weakeness. Besides, she has the upper hand. Villains always think they have already won.

Maybe have the villain start the depressurisation of the airlock when negotiations inevitably fail. Put a timer on how long they have to deactivate the process, throwing a sub-objective into the brawl.

Solarion, but choose that intelligent Ooze race in the back of AP5. I just love the idea of you chopping stuff with solar weapon and all the food you have eaten visibly floating around inside of you

If your going Ramsey though, you gotta go Half-orc Envoy. Skill focus intimidate, first talent dispiriting taunt

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I’d take an equivalent Advanced Players guide. Couple of classes to play with, some extras for existing, archetypes.

Other than that some Veskarium info would be great as others said.

I’d also settle for Ultimate Campaign, but only because I want Kingmaker IN SPACE!

Intentionally unknown. The gap could have been any length of time.

Regardless of if i’m for or against shields, it does appear that no one is bringing up that shields from PF used to come with an armour check penalty.

That should 100% be a factor no matter on what style people land on for stats.

Xoshak4545 wrote:
Okay lets try this again because this is not a hard one... all checks that use your dex, are dex based checks ...if its listed under pg8 as a check (like initiative) its a check ..... so.. it's a dex based check ....it's does not need to be a ability check ....ability checks, dex based skill checks and initiative checks are ALL dex based checks ... ranged attack rolls and saves are not, because they are not checks

From this let’s says there are 3 types of dice attempts

1) checks
2) rolls
3) saves

Break down

1) ability checks, skill checks, initiative checks,
2) melee & ranged attack rolls
3) easy one, fort, will, refl

Dex based checks are everything under 1)

Pantshandshake wrote:

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 8

A check is a d20 roll that may or may not be modified by your character’s statistics or another value. The most common types are skill checks and ability checks (which determine whether you successfully perform a task), and initiative checks (which determine when you act in combat).

An initiative check is listed separately from an ability check, which means the -5 to strength and dex (which are abilities) would not apply.

Seriously, I don't know how to make it more clear that an initiative check is not the same thing as a dexterity check at this point.

I think your issue is you seem to believe Dex “based” checks are only in relation to straight Ability checks. This is the issue. Acrobatics is a Dex based Skill check, just in the same was a initiative is.

If it only applied to ability checks it would say a -5 to str and Dex ability checks.

See i’m still very much of the mind that the ability score is affected so the initiative check is too. Your ability to react faster than others has been altered.

The wording for encumbered says dex based checks. Initiative checks are by definition a check and are 90% based off dex.

Angrid Axeflail wrote:

It was in Pathfinder:

An initiative check is a d20 roll to which a character adds her Dexterity modifier plus any other modifiers from feats, spells, and other effects.

I'm asking because the Encumbered condition gives you a –5 penalty on Dexterity-based checks, and it makes sense that an encumbered character would be slower to react to danger, but perhaps not so in Starfinder.

Wouldn’t Encumbered come under “other effects” at the end of the explanation of the check?

Ravingdork wrote:
Xeall wrote:

I’m inclined to agree that it bypasses the original limit, as it’s no longer you doing the additional jumping, but the thrusters.

I’d also agree the original DC stands, with the jets doubling the distance achieved.

Thrusters? Jets?

Jet dash is a feat. There's no tech mentioned in the discussion here.

Apologies, one of my players took the armour upgrade (jump jets) and the feat at the same time. Clearly confused me.

I’m still inclined to believe that you can go the extra distance as the feat does expand movement in other areas

I’m inclined to agree that it bypasses the original limit, as it’s no longer you doing the additional jumping, but the thrusters.

I’d also agree the original DC stands, with the jets doubling the distance achieved.

If it suits your campaign, isn’t OP, and everyone is happy, always make a change to suit the game over rules.

However the drone does get better with levels to show the mechanics ability increasing, eventually getting its own full set of actions, and this would negate that level up.

As for carrying it, it depends on the type of drone. I allow my mechanic to keep his Hover drone on a clip on his belt, drawing it like a weapon when he wants to release it.

The larger drones I would encourage the players to consider using as a fallback point in this circumstance as they know from
the off it’s not fast, and is a drawback of the design. Just like how taking animal companions into every situation in PF is t entirely appropriate.

However, my first paragraph is more important than that ramble. Do what’s good for your table

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
I'm inclined to agree with you. So would it make more sense for this character I'm designing to BE the Swarm War vet themselves, or have their mom be the vet? I just wonder how they'd survive that conflict and still only be a first level character...

Level = background has always been an odd one. I’d roll with it and ignore the mechanical side of things. SF levels quickly and the character will fit before it becomes jarring.

Remember levelled characters are the extraordinary people, there are plenty of lvl 1-3 vets out there

New question: shades on page 29 have a reference of page 58. These are the CR8 versions of the shades not the CR5 ones found on page 9.

The previous time you encounter the shades again on page 23 it does send you to page 9.

Just want to make sure it’s a typo and I should still use the weaker CR5 versions

Ravingdork wrote:
This is why I take Enhanced Resistance (physical) and equip an electrostatic field, sonic dampener, and thermal capacitor on all my characters. Uses up hardly any resources and makes you damn hard to kill.

That would be all your armour upgrade slots though. While it certainly decreases incoming damage, you lose some versatility.

Classic vampires. As far as I know we don’t have them yet.

More dragons. I wanna ancient dragon as a space encounter!


And who doesn’t need a space owlbear? A spowlbear?

Metaphysician wrote:

Here's a thought, though. Most undead form out of dead bodies in which the soul is either trapped, or recently gone, but other way, its the soul of the decedent. However, a dead android naturally draws a new soul, as part of the respawning process.

So, you could entirely have varieties of undead androids wherein they possess a trapped, tormented soul. . . but the *new* one, not the original decedent.

I’m under the impression androids undergo a process in which they pass on in order for a new soul to inhabit the body. It had to be willing. Pretty certain death is death. Otherwise someone torn in half would die from shock and a new person would spawn with no legs bleeding out.

I guess if you could rebuild the body after you could try to urge a new soul in.

Side note: I guess you could do an awesome new form of undead by having someone create undead in the moment the process of swapping over occurs. One new soul unaware of what’s happening & another angrily trapped in its own dead body with its, socially speaking, child.

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Metaphysician wrote:

4. Advertising useful spell effects without disclosing major restrictions ( ie, claiming a full strength healing spell which will work on androids, and charging for such, despite it only working half strength on constructs)

FAQ: When determining what abilities affect an android, and how, replace the first sentence of the constructed ability with the following. "For effects targeting creatures by type, androids count as both constructs and humanoids (whichever type allows an ability to affect them for abilities that affect only one type, and whichever is worse for abilities that affect both types)."

Heal spells work fine on androids.

Pretty sure there is one in one of the books. They have souls and while the flesh may be synthetic, it’s still flesh.

In real life there is a small percentage chance of medical procedures not working. With magic that percentage goes way up, so I imagine the promises made are not the same in general. Malpractice when magic just doesn’t take is an unlikely circumstance to exist.

I’d make it an RP experience.

Helpful Sam’s spells and things: halfling who offers 10% discount on return customers, but no guarantees of success.

Professor Versal: half-elf professional who has a clinic that only works for the wealthy and elite. You’ll have to be introduced if you wish to seek his services. You may have to wait a day or two if your not willing to pay the fee to skip the queue, but he guarantees success.

HWalsh wrote:

Our group didn't have a chance to buy anything since maybe the end of book 4. This also meant that we were forced to scavenge for resources and were well underprepared.

This. Sucked. Hard. For me as a Solarian, especially as I didn't get a decent crystal drop until the last dungeon/ship/thing.

I had by players run into a before arriving in book 5, a Drow Noble ship which had engine issues. For fixing it he offered wares that were “above board. He could also set his “voluntary free workers” on adjusting the Sunrise Maiden as “the Starfinder will foot the cost I give them”.

The man is not nice, and is out here to avoid the matriarchy of home, being ruder to female players to subtly express his frustration at his role in life.

However, he is exactly what the party need.

GM Rednal wrote:
Honestly, I feel like split-damage gear is weaker for enemies. XD If players are paying attention and looking at the weapons - and their acid bits should definitely be described - they may be able to conjure up some sort of energy resistance. Blocking physical damage that way tends to be harder.

Would be true if not for the electrical gauntlets they have too. Additionally, it’s just the start of a very very long slog in which wasting energy resistance to acid would be a mistake. Every type of damage comes up with next to no time to rest get spells back

Price is usually minimum caster level required. Depends on disposition, availability and alignment though. Lawful evil might charge extra for “skilled hands” while “chaotic good” might bring the price down for the right cause.
- caster level and spell level are different. A mystic has to be caster lvl 7 before they can cast lvl3 spells.
- lastly up to you. This is where paying for a top end caster might be benificial if you change the cost. If the group suits a game where fixing it is a 100% guarantee then do that, but in my games even professionals can mess up. Of course you could then question how their reputation might fare if this got public or perhaps demand a refund.

Failure should lead to more RP, not the end of it

Thanks people. The Corpsefolk are indeed from an AP, and carry 2 split damage weapons. Think my party is going to struggle. Looking forward to the ramp up at lvl 11-12 which seems to be significant in both enemy damage and tactics.

Hey guy and gals,

Spotted that the corpsefolk have an acid dart rifle that does Acid and Peircing damage.

Would that work a bit like flamestrike in PF, where if you have resistance to fire, but not radiant you only reduce one half of the damage?

Example, my Solarian has DR=level and got hit. Would his DR only apply to half the damage?

Further question: does Null-9 not get Resolve points? Can’t see any on her entry. Useful for forcing that -4 for not in the face.

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Ultimate campaign style book. Cover colonisation rules for exploring planets, mapping them, resources to be mined or sold, building the colony, rules for running one.

Would love all of these to have variables as to who backs you too. Which brings me to book request 2: corporations book.

While current pact/Vesk/azlani is interesting, give me some of that sweet sweet corporate greed. I wanna know more about vampires on Eox and Ancient Dragons on Trixus building empires.

Disentergrate, LvL 6

14d20 damage.

Magic is not weaker.

So the book states when they come out of the drift there is a days travel until they hit the system proper. At which point the fight with the Singularity occurs.

1) if so they have 24 hours to get the stellar degenerator working when the corpse fleet arrive in book 6 and the encounter on the planet where the commandos break in is unlikely to occur unless the party sit around twiddling their thumbs.

2) when the jangly man sends for backup it’s going to take several days minimum to reach someone, then 5d6 days of drift travel for then to turn up. It just doesn’t seem an immediate threat to risk going on board for.

I’ve prelimarily written in an armada of 10 devourer cult ships waiting in the drift 6 hours away from the beacon point. The party have to sneak past (fly casual), but means they are aware of a devastating threat should that comm get off. Of course those 10 ships get devestated by the corpse fleet and are never really a threat.

I have also written out the days worth of travel needed so the fleet turn up immediatly, but kept the “drifting out is impossible”.

Is there any reason I should revert the above changes, or can someone explain why they would be required?

I’d love to know the answer. And also to get a campaign akin to Kingmaker with a star
System or something. Doing grid based planet exploration would be awesome.

Hey guys,

Picked up the pawns as my group digs visuals, and quiet frankly the art is superb. I especially love the elementals.

However, was wondering if anyone else got the misprinted peice on the last page? Modified robot one is named correctly, the second not so.

ModifiedMaBrainOoze is a great yockle term for an intelligence enhancement, but not so much for a security robot.

I’d put up a photo if I could, but alas not

While everyone has already answered the question, Trick Attack is not Sneak Attack from Pathfinder. It is using your skills to your advantage to create a chance to do more damage. If the creature has vibrations, the ghost uses a series of vibrations to confuse the slime as to their location and exposes a gap in the armoured shell

Any key survivors from the enemy side? The Shirren Sniper from Castrovel survived and escaped in our game. As it got interrogated before making its escape it got loads of details on the party, used the infoweb drift rock news reports to gather all the extra details it needed. Since heading into the vast in book 4, the PC’s have started getting reports that their friends and family have come under threat.

I’ve basically turned that side character into a full villain who has already started planning against them, seeking out antagonists from the backstories the party gave me when we started.

I’m likely going to have it leave the devourer as simply causing pain was the written Eason for joining, and it has found new purpose in this much more complicated plan to bring down the heroes of the pact.

Aside from that I am toying with the collapse of thegate opening planar portal idea, and having some of the forgotten gods of Golarion make waves. Gods like Goram and Erastil desperately clawing to be remembered in a larger regard like they once were, perhaps even in their attempts teaming up with evil gods after the same thing. Work in the Absalom first movement to support the return of “proper human” gods, and I got something to work with

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In my game I made players make rolls and encounter people that would make it very clear disease and poison is common within Castrovels jungles, so they could plan for such eventualities.

I know it’s frustrating as a player, but a good DM/GM should be able to make the circumstances you are in into a plot itself. Maybe have the enemies start coming down with it too, and signs that they sought a natural cure that you could pursue too. Would slow both parties down.

These modifiers need to remain a threat, and have a significant effect on the people afflicted. Part of traveling in space is encountering the unknown and the threats there in. Maybe have your character become overly nervous of such things and stick up on serums for every disease and poison out there.

My Vesk engineer got Radiaion poison and sickness in similar circumstances and I worked in a new social encounter which could result in cure for the right price. Due to everything his friends had to sacrifice for him, he now spends his time in the engi bay researching protections from radiation and seeking to never be a burden on his group again.

Failure doesn’t need to be the end of a story, but can be the beginning of a new one.

As everyone says depends on party makeup. With no long arms and no magic in the group I run they got absolutely stuck fighting the writher swarm (10 rounds), but can rush through other stuff, killing book 2’s boss in 2 rounds.

Average I find is 2 to 3 rounds. Attrition is the name of the game in SF with Stamina a limited to refills and HP much harder to maintain. Short quick combats which whittle away the teams resolve (hence the name of the points) rather than the usual challenge of DPS versus healing in PF.

Dead Suns is especially good for this is you, after the point hits home, point out that they are on a time limit. While it doesn’t mechanically effect the game, I have implied to my players it does to encourage them narratively treating it right. This stops them from bedding down to keep resolve up

Like others I found ship combat could drag, so I made round order cheat sheets for each players position on the crew, with all their actions and DC’s on the laminated sheet. Sped things up significantly. No need to keep finding references and players are able to quickly figure out their actions before their turn even comes round.

DC50 to readjust literally some of the greatest suit of armour in the galaxy sounds about right. The complicated and advanced nature of the equipment should have a factor. Sucks, but thematically it makes sense.

Jason Keeley wrote:
Berggen wrote:
Xeall wrote:
I was wondering about the building collapse. It seems deadly as hell, which is fine, but there is no XP reward at the end of it.
Collapse is a CR 9 encounter, and as such should reward 6400 XP (to a party of four).
Indeed, that should have a story award of 6,400 XP.

Thank you muchly. Felt mean not to reward the players last session when it happens. Especially as the Vesk Mechanic failed his last check to leave, got his leg trapped in the collapsing building and the Solarian knowing he didn’t have the time or serums to keep him going, took the radical decision to remove his leg and haul him out.

Dracomicron wrote:
Xeall wrote:

However, say they stayed in the null space for the entire dungeon and one PC simply had to make Skull checks to skip, say 10 encounters, until the boss, I don’t feel they should get the same XP as having defeated them all.

It’s boring for everyone involved, GM and the players that get to do nothing while one PC rolls skill checks for 45 minutes of exploration.

If it's boring, then why are the players doing it? Why did the GM let it happen? The GM's job is to make sure everyone has fun. If the PCs thinking of something that would invalidate the fun of the whole group, the GM should think of a way to get them back on track.

Maybe something goes wrong in the null space, and they have to get out. Maybe the stealthy character steps through an area that automatically detects extradimensional activity and creates an alarm. There's a lot of complications the GM can throw at the party without invalidating any character's contribution or docking them XP.

Again I agree. Earlier comments suggested players should just be allowed to do it because essentially “dem the rules” and you shouldn’t mess with the usage.

I allowed the initial travel method in the original post as it’s a great work around a difficult situation. However, making sure the game is fun is as important as you say. Making sure circumstances change, sometimes throwing wrenches in plans.

To be fair I can trust my group 90% of the time. Hell they just chopped a party members leg off because it makes sense in character even though there were options in game to just pump him full of mess to keep the PC alive until they passed the strength test to free the crushing object.

Let them rework a device in Dead Suns book 4 to grow it back (no spoilers), because story is always more important than mechanics on both sides of the table.

Dracomicron wrote:

Now, if the PCs strike a deal with an NPC that has access that they don't have, say in the Bluerise Tower or an enemy base, and they sneak a null-space chamber with the PCs inside past the guards, then that should be celebrated! That's clever! XP for everyone!

See that’s fine. It’s a way in, infiltrating the security system while running serious risk if they are caught. Makes for a good story.

However, say they stayed in the null space for the entire dungeon and one PC simply had to make Skull checks to skip, say 10 encounters, until the boss, I don’t feel they should get the same XP as having defeated them all.

It’s boring for everyone involved, GM and the players that get to do nothing while one PC rolls skill checks for 45 minutes of exploration.

I’ll try and upload, but I have infosphere wiki like docs from the Starfinder archive on Castrovel and The Cult of the devoured, as well as turning the information uncovered at the end of book 4 into a confession. All of it is. Cherry picking and adding some flavour text/removing some stuff they shouldn’t know from info at the back of each campaign book.

The confession I found the most useful, as each test revealed the next step of Kishaleen history and how the Stellar Degenerator went from a worry, to being used, to the fear that would cause them to lock it away.

My RP group comes originally from Vampire where narrative and discussion is encouraged, so this slowly leaked into really worked to add changing views of the Kishaleen, and actually caused and arguement as to loathe or understand their actions.

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