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Good day, I was hoping to cancel my AP subscription now that Giantslayer has ended. Thank you.

Hi all so I'm wrapping up a Carrion Crown and JR campaigns and looking to take a break from PF. One of the ideas thats picked up some traction from the group as a next campaign is a Greek style campaign. Basic idea is the PCs are establishing a colony in Thrace. Magic, monsters and all that good stuff. I have been looking at M&M as a potential system rather than PF but was wondering what were people's actual experiences at the table running this system. There are a few odd things that I'm not sure about such as gender restrictions for the classes (even though I can understand the authors intent they strike me as off-putting to players). So wondering if anyone had any thoughts about actual play using M&M?

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Hi all thought I would throw this out on the forum. So as per some other threads here and my own thoughts I've been making some changes to aspects of CC.

-The party has had a chance to meet and adventure with various NPCs that made up Petros' old adventuring party (Adivon, a halfing bard and aristocrat, a now disgraced paladin) and work with Kendra.
-Adivon is an adviser to the Prince (on supernatural, magical matters) and is well established in the royal court.

-I've played up Vrood's role to the point where the party considers him the chief antagonist of the campaign. The party has some idea that the components are for a powerful ritual possibly related to the Tyrant himself.

-My idea with Feldgrau is that it is actually a showdown b/w Vrood and Adivon. Vrood is planning on usurping Adivon and has rounded up several high ranking WW figures who might be a threat to his rule. By making a fiendish pact Vrood hopes to take charge of the WW and dispose of Adivon. Except that Adivon has realized this and is in fact directing the party to their confrontation with Vrood. Meanwhile Adivon is in town to ensure he snakes the ritual components from under Vrood's nose while everyone else is fighting in town.

So essentially the plan is the party will hunt down Vrood as in the module and dispose of him. Now I can leave it that the ritual components are mysteriously stolen (signs of a clever B & E, garrotted cultists etc.) and leave the party in the dark or have Adivon unmask himself arrogantly thanking the party for their help.

I would prefer the latter option as its good for a campaign to have a clear villain but I would think that the party knowing where Adivon is based would go straight to Caliphas after Broken Moon. Though I am thinking of having Adivon use his influence to make the party members wanted fugitives. Curious as to thoughts/suggestions. Thanks!

Hi all, an odd request but I thought I'd put it out on the boards. Putting a group together and we've more or less agreed on Carrion Crown. However, I ran the first book before and one of the players has also Gmed that adventure. I quite like Harrowstone and might just run it again (the player has no problems doing that either and I would change things up enough to keep him on his toes) but I would be curious to hear any suggestions for adventures I could use to replace Harrowstone? Even a PFS scenario(s). The only thing is I still want to incorporate Lorrimor and the funeral as the hook to tie the group together. Any thoughts?

That or suggestions as to how to put Lorrimor into Trial of the Beast?

Thought I'd punt this out there and see what folks think and if anyone has any other elements they'd suggest adding.

So my group just started Hungry Storm and I think have enjoyed the first two books. Coming to Katyiana I felt it was not really connected to the AP storyline so my first thought was to change her up a bit. The general idea was that as the Five Storms had also been corrupting the royal families maybe they had had some success with one of the Amatatsu. So I have thought that perhaps Rokuro had a sister, Kaori. Kaori a young woman had impetuosly fallen for a charming samurai who was in truth one of the Five Storms. Over time Kaori became corrupted by the oni or at least made into an unwitting pawn. Kaori was whisked away with her family but on the journey had been attempting to use divination magic to send a message to her lover. On the Crown of the World Rokuro stumbled on her in the midst of this. Assuming the worst Rokuro using Suishen cut her down where she fell into a glacial crevasse. She survived though her body broken and her mind frayed. In the deep ice her pain and anguish attracted the attention of Sithud his presence lingering in the area. Over the decades she has grown in power and been transformed into essentially the same creature and role as Katiyana. But now instead of facing an unrelated evil they are dealing with an insane, vengeful and demonic relative eager to wreak her revenge on the family that abandoned her.

The other thought I had is if Kaori back in Minkai had concealed a pregnancy and that the child of her union with this oni was in fact the Jade Regent (his oni heritage providing him with longevity) providing him with some claim to the throne by blood (though superseded by Ameiko due to the unnatural and baseborn union).

Thought I'd put that out there and see if anyone else had any thoughts about adding to this backstory, I thought it might work to strengthen/unify some of the elements of the campaign's background.

I did scan through threads on sunder but did not come across this. Basicially I'm building a graveknight samurai with improved sunder and one of his annoying tricks will be to sunder weapons before he goes in for the kill. My question is does a cavalier's challenge apply to damage on sunder or only direct physical attacks against the target? I feel it might be the latter but was wondering if I missed anything.

On a related topic from my reading it sounds like the official ruling is you can sunder in a charge (and I would assume spirited charge would double that damage) just can't use vital strike.

Been thinking about changing the Improved Feint in my JR campaign changing the move action to a swift action. I thought there might be a feat like Improved Greater Feint that did this but doesn't appear to be. What are folks thoughts on this change? This is mainly to give the rogue a bit of a leg up (and of course the evil ninjas the party is fighting, heh heh heh). I don't see any big consequences aside from making the feat a bit more useful.

Hi all so had my first fatality in the JR campaign I'm running last session. It was a pretty minor encounter in the adventure pretty close to a random encounter really. So we've been using hero points in the campaign thus far in lieu of XP (just levelling up when appropriate). So the player used his hero points to cheat death (later found out that he needed 2 when he only had 1 but that was my fault and didn't realize until well after the fact but that was my fault).
It worked fine I'm just not sure how I feel about cheat death especially as in JR they have access to the

Amatatsu Seal which can do ressurection once a month
. I like having death be a possibility in the campaign. So was wondering how people who use hero points have found the use of cheat death to be?

So my group has just started Night of Frozen Shadows. Looking forward to Kalsgard, vikings and ninjas and the investigation but not liking the dungeon crawl of Ravenscraeg especially after Brinewall.
My main ideas is I want to make Ravenscraeg a climactic assault, storming the mountain lair of the evil guy preferably with a group of hardened Vikings and Varki. Given the Rimerunner's influence and the fact that they're controlled by Kimandatsu I was thinking the PCs could work to recruit rivals and those that have been wronged by the Rimerunners. Convince a few or have Fynn use some contacts and plan a full scale assault on the stronghold. Also they might have to use some diplomacy to keep Sveinn Blood-eagle from getting involved. Was wondering if anyone had done something similar in running this AP or if folks had ideas how to make it more of an assault than a full on crawl?

Hi all, so it looks I'll be starting a Jade Regent campaign this weekend. One thing led to another and it looks we'll be a group of nine. Moreover, while I know 3 of the players, six are new to me (but longtime players from what I've been told). Now I've GMed since 2e days and have had groups of six-seven in 3.5 but nine still seems a big jump from seven. That said I'm looking forward to it and throwing myself into it but wondering if folks who have Gmed larger groups have any advice, tricks they used to streamline play? Of course if you have any ideas specific to JR too that's great.


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Hi all as per the thread title was wondering if there were any folks that care to share their experience with this AP (assuming you have ran/played through most or all of it). I have all the volumes and after a move am considering running this for a group that I have gamed with before. Regarding the group:

1. Casual gamers, not big into rules, optimization etc. Hoping to play 2x a month.

2. Prefer heroic, swashbuckle style

3. I plan to ignore the caravan subsystem

4. I plan to ignore the whole relationship points and just RP it.

Jade Regent seems a better fit for this group than say CC and I've never ran an oriental campaign before. Though I am tempted to take a look at LEgacy of Fire since its on sale. So feel free to share any overall comments regarding the AP, any areas that needed reworking?

A situation came up with a session I ran yesterday and was wondering if in fact there were any rulings in this sort of situation. So to sum up a 5th level ranger had fallen under the sway of a succubus' charm monster compulsion. The sucubus commands the ranger to restrain the wizard as this is all a misunderstading. The party's wizard then cast charm person on the same ranger. The ranger failed his will save. Who has control of the ranger?

My feeling is that charm person is a lower level spell than charm monster and shouldn't take precedent. At the time to keep the game going and to somewhat reward the player for thinking I ruled the ranger was stunned for 1d8 rounds. In hindsight, perhaps I should've just allowed the ranger another save against the succubus and left it at that. But curious as to thoughts of what should've been the proper way to handle this?

Just a thought and apologies if this has been brought up in other threads. Has there ever been an attempt to circumnavigate Golarion in recent history? If so when, who? It would seem likely that with the level of civilizations and of course magic someone may have tried this (and more than likely failed in grisly circumstances). Part of me think this could be a great campaign almost in a Star Trek structure (i.e. each adventure they bump into some kind of problem, seeking out new life, new civilizations etc.).

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Port-a-Lucine. A beacon of culture, sophistication and civility on the coast of the Sea of Sorrows. A gleaming jewel all alone in the night. Sure it looks pretty. The handsome opera stars, the well-heeled merchants, courteous nobles, studious scholars, musicians, painters.
Its all very civil.
From a distance.
It doesn't take long to see the dirt under the nails though. Most have little pleasure from these cultivated pursuits. The longshoreman grunting under his heavy load, the family with little to eat, the desperate gambler, or the feverish anarchist wandering the streets. Surviving each day is enough.
Surviving, well, that might be enough for the sans-culotte. But not for you. Not for a DeSuis.

You remember the strange missive you received. Decorated with hellish symbols and grinning imps was an invitation to the grand re-opening of the old gambling house, the Golden Goblin, only a stone's throw from the old territory by the docks. The invitation declared the event to be called Cheat the Devil and proclaims, "win not only soul back but also take the devil's treasure! But beware, only the strong of heart need venture forth!" Below it in a cramped but legible handwriting is another message;

"Come to the opening. I would like to discuss an important business opportunity."

-Kind Regards,

Helene duSuis

Helene duSuis. Recently nominated to the Council of Brilliance, the ruling body of advisors under the Governor General Marcel Guignol. Even in the salad days, the DuSuis weren't on the Council. She's now heading up public works. You're not sure what the story was how she survived the Night of the Knives. You recall something. Caught in a fire but escaped. There were many lives lost that night, hard to keep track of them all.

Impelled you have arrived for the gala evening.

Just inside the main doors, two sultry beauties scantily clad and wearing faux bat wings, devil horns, and tails play the part of alluring succubi. Both are employees of the Gold Goblin, and they cheerfully register contestants for the tournament and process entry fees. Armed guards stand nearby to either side of an immense treasure chest into which each patron’s entry fee is added. The guards are on hand to not only protect the money, but to prevent any overzealous admirers from trying to dare the infamous touch of a succubus.
Beyond the registration table is the hall’s game floor. Dozens of gamblers, waitresses dressed as succubi, and bouncers mill about the room, wandering amid tables offering various games while dealers shuffle cards, roll dice, and spin wheels. Moving through this throng are a dozen more of the barely clad, bat- winged vixens serving drinks and batting coal-black eyelashes flirtatiously for tips. In the center of the chamber is a short podium atop which sits a massive gold chest affixed to the floor by similarly gaudy chains. On either side of it stands a bare- chested bouncer in the exotic garb of some foreign sultan’s court. Each stands with muscled arms crossed over his chest and with a naked scimitar of prodigious size tucked through his waistband. High above them, from the hall’s cloth-draped ceiling, hangs a brass birdcage within which crouches a small, bat-winged, pointy-tailed devilish creature that sulks as it gazes over the room and occasionally rattles the bars threateningly.

Hi all, am setting up a Ravenloft pbp set in the Port-a-Lucine, the capital of Dementlieu and we're looking for up to 2 more players. Pathfinder ruleset.

So a little bit about the campaign.

The DuSuis Family had it all. Rising from humble roots on the docks, the DuSuis family seized control of much of Dementlieu's merchant shipping. Shrewd businessmen that also knew how to blackmail, intimidate and eliminate those that opposed them. The DuSuis, over three generations had gained money, power, and influence.
In one night that was taken away. The family was framed for treason, its ships sunk, members gunned down and knifed in the streets.
3 years later, some members of the family and their entourage are reuniting in Port-a-Lucine and is looking to even the score.

In a nutshell its a mobster/gothic horror urban campaign. Evil is definitely an option but subtle, controlled evil (Michael Corleone is a good example, does evil things mainly to protect his position, family not because he likes to go on shooting rampages). The party still needs to work together. Of course you're familiar with Ravenloft evil has a tendency to get noticed. So looking to play that grey zone of morality and the temptations of power

Characters should either be a member of the DuSuis family or some loyal retainer. Currently we have a wizard/gadget guy, a fighter/enforcer type, another player whose concept is undeclared (though was leaning towards rogue)

Starting level is choose one NPC level (e.g. aristo, expert) as your level 1 and then take 1 level of a PC class of your choice.

Dementlieu is fairly high-tech so guns (muskets, blunderbusses) are readily available.

For further info check out the discussion thread which is char gen info, background etc.

Ghouls and Gangsters discussion

To Whom It May Concern,

Please cancel my AP subscription. The pirate AP looks great but have b/w Carrion Crown and Jade Regent my gaming for the next year or so is covered. Thanks!

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Ok guys so I know this is rough but to get it out there so if folks want to start generating characters. Hope to get started by the coming weekend.

Dementlieu Campaign
Player friendly overview of Dementlieu http://ravenloftsd.wikispaces.com/Dementlieu
Player friendly overview of Port-a-Lucine http://ravenloftsd.wikispaces.com/Port-a-Lucine
Map of Port-a-Lucine
Map of Ravenloft (so-so)

Setting Notes – I’ve added more countries, ports of call to the Sea of Sorrows. Liffe, Vechor and Zherisia are found to the west. The sea extends down the coast to the southern cape of Nova Vaassa where it joins the Nocturnal Sea.
De Suis Family History
The story of the DeSuis family is in Dementlieu, an unlikely one. A family of crude dockhands, longshoremen turned to shrewd if ruthless merchants and quartermasters. Over the course of three generations they became one of the more powerful mercantile companies in Dementlieu controlling trade routes to neighbouring Lamordia, Mordent and to the island nations of Liffe, Blaustein, and Ghastria. The family’s control was dependant on corruption, intimidation and even piracy but they were careful to keep their hands clean as respectable businessmen.
Twenty years ago, for valiant service in the Falkovnian invasion, the DeSuis were even elevated to the ranks of the nobility. The house prospered and flourished. The family fortune and their power continued to grow even in the shadow of their unsavoury business practices. The DeSuis were often the targets of disdain from many of the old families and there was always the long and hateful rivalry with the Renier family. Despite these obstacles, the DeSuis seemed untouchable. But then, quite suddenly a court scandal and an a coordinated series of raids, and assassinations brought the family to their knees. Their wealth was all but stripped and many of the family’s holdings confiscated or stolen. The DuSuis’ noble title was suspended by the Council of Brilliance and the surviving members were once again faced with hard life on the streets of Port-a-Lucine.

Anton DuSuis is credited as the founder of the house. DuSuis was not from Dementlieu but arrived on a ship from an unknown land across the Sea of Sorrows. He spoke of unimagined lands beyond the mists. Some even hinted he possessed arcane powers. At first he was but a tough but canny dockhand that began organzing and rigging games of chance. Anton quickly established himself as an entrepreneur and began DeSuis Trading Company. Recruing dock toughs, Anton began to establish a profitable control of the docks until running afoul of the Renier clan. The Renier were a family originally from Richemulot. They are distantly related to the ruling Renier family but seem to have little or no support from the relations. The Renier gang attempted to move in on the DuSuis territory but were rebuffed. Anton murdered one of the Reniers stabbing him in a gambling hall brawl. Ever since, the families have clashed with increasing hatred.
Anton passed away and control of the family passed through three successive generations. The DuSuis control of shipping and trade grew only rivaled by a few other companies including the Renier and Sturmanddrang companies. During the Falkovnian invasion, Claude DuSuis led troops against the Talons, Drakov’s elite forces and succeeded in a series of decesvie victories. Impressed by his deeds, the Governor-General granted title to the family.
After Claude’s death, the family was headed by Jean-Paul DuSuis, his eldest son and champion fencer. Under Jean-Paul’s leadership the family reached its height of wealth and power. The DuSuis shipping grew in profits, the DuSuis established a colony on the island of Markovia, lavish art commissions for the opera and artists were given. Invitations to the Governor-General and theD’Honaire estates were regularly given. The DuSuis name was on everyone’s lips. Jean-Paul had a reputation for derring-do and was considered to be a ladies man. In its success the family may have sown its own seeds of destruction. The old families became resentful of this nouveau-riche clan of upstarts. The Renier clan remained a visible threat and thorn to the family.
After two years there is still much mystery around the Night of the Long Knives. Jean-Paul was arrested in the Governor-General’s chambers with the Lord’s wife. He was accused of seducing her in part of a larger effort to unseat the Governor General. At the same time, a series of brazen robberies and assassinations were carried out. Ships were lost at sea and contact was lost with the Markovia Colony. Jean-Paul’s trial had only started when he fell ill with Sri Raji fever and died in his jail cell. Within a week, the DuSuis title was revoked and most of the family fortune seized by the Council of Brilliance. Jean-Paul’s wife, Lenora hung herself in the family manor. The surviving members of the DuSuis family left the country or went into hiding in Dementlieu. A few remained defiant and set about to rebuild the DuSuis shipping company and swore to clear the family name. The family suspects the Renier played a hand in their downfall and certainly the Renier fortunes have steadily improved with the removal of the DuSuis. Yet, many talk that such a campaign is beyond the ability and resources of the Renier that there was a silent partner behind the scenes pulling the strings. The DuSuis estate remains unsold and empty and within the past year it has acquired a haunted reputation.
Last year, after the unfortunate drowning death of Justine Malken in Parrault Bay, a surprise nomination to the Council of Brilliance was announced. Helene duSuis, one of the leading members of the family was appointed. Helene’s position as advisor have not reinstated the family but it does provide a toehold. A few whisper that Dominic D’Honaire, the Governor-General’s Prime Minister has expressed great interest in her and the two are often seen together.

Character Generation
Your character can either be a member of the DuSuis family or a loyal retainer of some kind (perhaps your family has served/worked with the DuSuis for generations). The DuSuis are human though some speak of elven blood in some part of the family.
Pathfinder 15 point buy
Each character takes a level of Aristo, Warrior or Expert.
Races: Any (see above re family, retainers)
Classes: Any (Core, UM, UC, APG)
Ones that fit the campaign well would Rogue, Alchemist, Oracle, Witch, Bard, Fighter, Cleric, Sorceror, Wizard, Gunslinger
Traits: Pick one social trait from http://www.d20pfsrd.com/traits
Campaign Notes:
-mostly urban but with some seafaring.
-will emphasize social, investigation more than combat (but there will of course be that too)
-Your mobsters with a grudge in a fancy decadent city.
-Alignment obviously tends to the scoundrel. Evil can work but within reason (your still a party, and the Dark Powers are watching)

So finished HoH the other night and we concluded with the encounter against Splatterman. Just wondering what other GMs experiences were. The party took him down with seemingly little risk it took awhile but it didn't feel very dramatic. The party had dealt with four other encounters (gray ooze, ectos, crawling hands, and the maiden) so they didn't come in with all resources to bear. The thing is I thought this would be a deadly encounter and while it can be with Splatter's corrupting touch if he holds back and uses the tactics (e.g. dire rats, centipedes and magic missiles). He did kill an NPC (2nd level fighter that was being used as the Sheriff) but only because he used the corrupting touch. The party wasn't uber or all that unusual (cleric, magus, barbarian 3rd level with aforementioned 2nd level fighter).
Anyways just wondering how others found this battle?

To Whom It May Concern,

It appears that my sub skipped over this issue. I received Brinewall and I see that Forest shipped yesterday. I know that I had to update my CC info after having misplaced it. Can Hungry Storm be shipped with the next issue of the Jade Regent (#5 that is)?


Brendan Wiklund

Hi there, I recently moved to the Battlefords here in SK. Thought I'd post here and see if there are any folks interested in gaming. 30 yrs old with a gf that also games. Looking to meet people, roll some dice, and have a good time. I usually DM but enjoy playing as well. Prefer PF/D&D (any edition). Also enjoy CoC, Savage Worlds, Rifts and non rpg games (Settlers, Dominion, Carcossone etc.) Drop me a line if you're in the Battlefords area.

Hi all, so as we're just about at the end of CC I thought would pose a question about something that has been bothering me as I've been reading through the APs to date.

Firstly, I renewed by sub for this AP having been a long-time player and fan of Ravenloft back in the 2e days and other horror rpgs CoC and Kult.

I acknowledge and even like that each adventure is pretty self-contained (e.g. here's the Frankenstein adventure, the ghost-busting adventure, the werewolf adventure etc.)

The adventures thus far have some great stuff, Trial of the Beast and the whole scenario of defending the Flesh Golem in court, great. The Lovecraft blender in Wake, fun stuff. Real sort of Hammer Horror approach on the whole. So, I am looking forward to running this AP.

However, my main issue with the AP is how the adventures are connected. Each adventure essentially starts with following the Whispering Way cultists as they go about picking up their ingredients for their evil ritual. And each adventure is so far essentially cleaning up the mess they left behind in obtaining said items and ending with an 'aww we missed them again'. Sure you catch up with Vrood at the end of Broken Moon which give some satisfaction for players that they get their man.
In a way its that classic rod of seven parts trope in reverse. Where the villains are getting all the pieces needed and the heroes are trying to stop them.

I realize the challenge is that to have the big climax at the end of the campaign the bad guys need to have obtained the ingredients so this is perhaps the reason for the linking structure. I don't mind using it once or twice but in reading through the campaign it feels very repetitive and I would imagine a bit frustrating for players. So my question to folks is can we think of ways to tweak the connecting hooks to give the players some variety and hopefully the feeling that they are acting rather than reacting. I feel that the connection b/w Harrowstone and Trial is fine but certainly leading into Broken Moon and Wake and Ashes could use some adjusting.
That or if you think i'm overly concerned about this.

Hey all I thought I'd solicit some advice from those that have played or ran thru Kingmaker. I'm thinking of picking up this path as the whole establishing a kingdom, sandbox thing appeals to me. That and after running CoCT, Savage Tide I'm looking for an AP that is not about stopping the resurrection of some god, evil dark lord etc. or world-shattering ritual. I had been thinking of renewing my sub for Carrion Crown but given that is exactly what's it about I'm looking for other options.

So while I've glanced over the reviews for the individual volumes I was curious to hear from those that have played through the path.

-Good things

-Bad things, issues

-What type of players would this appeal to?

-Kingdom building rules in play - good or just sort of more paperwork?

-Suitable for beginning players? (its likely I'll have a few players who either have not gamed before or only a little)

-The Guide to the River Kingdoms - needed?

Any comments, suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

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Well the other day I happened to be walking by a used bookstore sadly closing up so like a vulture I descended into the stacks. Picked up quite a bit including one or two books by Brackett. Just finished The Big Jump which was quite enjoyable and started to wonder if there might be any plans to publish further Planet Stories featuring her work. Failing that anyone know any good sources to locate more of her stuff?

Dark Archive

All right so my party is coming up to the confrontation with the final villain in the campaign. Many of this villain's powers are rooted in enchantment compulsion, mind-affecting stuff. The party is more than likely going to have protection from evil up on each of them in addition to other buffs.

So my question is, the way the rules are written can the villain select for Protection From Evil to be the effect dispelled or does it need to start with the highest level buffs (say stoneskin or the like)?

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Hey all, so my group is perhaps two sessions away from the final showdown with Ileosa. They're still in the castle and have yet to face Togomor and Sermignatto. I changed things around a little bit allowing them the opportunity to find Venster's body and retrieve the Harrow Deck of Many Things. It seemed a good way to end the last session.

Luckily, no campaign shattering things came up. Quite the contrary I now have 4 evil clones of the party's thief running about unbeknownst to them.

However, one card did come up: the paladin (Which basically gives the party member a holy avenger that they can use once to summon a paladin 2 levels higher then themselves to aid them in one encoutner).

While I'm not going to change anything I am somewhat concerned about the last battle with Ileosa. Its already a six person party. While not all characters are crazy tough, a few are, particularly the fighter (two-handed weapon specialist, power attack and a few other feats like Leap Attack). The fighter single handedly mows through encounters with Serithtial. Which is fine at this level that is what they're supposed to do and I can usually still give them challenging encounters.

However, with now 7 characters on the good guys side that last encounter is not looking so good. My thought is to save Sermignatto until this battle. Though I wonder if that might be compensating too much? Fo folks who ran the final battle how deadly, challenging is it?

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Hey all a question for those who ran/played thru Scarwall. My group of six is on the cusp of wrapping up Ashes but I am a bit concerned about adding Laori, Sial and his Asyra to the party creating a group of nine. High level combat is already becoming somewhat of a headache as we go around the table.
However, they're fun NPCs and they do have a role to play. The players quite enjoyed Laori in Escape and were suitably distrustful of Sial when they encountered him in the Acropolis (even if his chain devil aided the party against the Mantis).
So the question is how to include them but not always have to deal with nine party members in all combats? My general feeling is that Laori, Sial and Asyra will go with the party to Scarwall and once inside split up but remain reachable through magic in case the party really does have a need for them. Of course this might also mean they call the party if they need them.

Any other ideas?

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Next session, the party in my campaign should be ready to seek out the Cindermaw. Just curious to see if folks had interesting, colourful stories. I've got a bit more time before the next session so I'm hoping to have time to come up with ways to heighten the drama of it.

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So just ran thru a good chunk of the hospice and the temple to Urgathoa. The party had a hard time of it after they set off just about all the possible alarms. They barrelled straight on ahead to the blood veil vats where Rolth, Davalaus and minions were waiting with a welcoming party. The party was definitely on the ropes but managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, finish off the minions and nailed Rolth just before he cast dimension door to escape. A rather wounded Davalaus fled into the room behind with the Leukodaemon and is waiting to unleash that beastie when the party follows. That's where we left off. However, I think there's a sizeable chance they might decide to get out. Certainly with Dav, the Leukodaemon and Lady Andaisan (not to mention Ramoska) there's several chances they all might get offed.
So was wondering if anyone else had a party tuck tail and run half way thru the temple? From the villain's point of view they'd probably lock down the place with more Gray Maidens and seek out the party responsible (Davalaus can readily identify them as they have spoke on a few occassions). They have Dav's notes but haven't obtained the notes from Ramoska or Rolth's lab (but they know of their existence through Dav's references to their works, subtle DM hint).

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Hey all now I know much metaphorical ink has been spilled over this section of the AP but I wanted to garner some group's experiences re this. I'm currently running a CoCT campaign and they're just about to wind up Seven Days and start Escape from Old Korvosa so I'm looking ahead.
Now I may be in the minority but I actually overall liked the shift to regions outside of the city. The party has been knee-deep in chaos and intrigue and a chance to get out in the wild seems like a good idea giving them an opportunity to stretch their legs.
So from people who ran/played this far what were some of the primary issues in getting the party to get out of the city? Right now I'm not sure how my players will react to the idea. They all have built characters with a stake in the city, family, friends etc. A few of them have sent their families out of the city during Seven Days just before the quarantine of Old Korvosa hit (they had some hints this was blowing in the wind) so hopefully that will help.

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Hey all was hoping some fine sages may be able to clarify a question. On pg. 207 of the Pathfinder Core it states:

"To complete the action, you must then cast an appropriate spell. As a general rule, a spell can only counter itself. If you are able to cast the same spell and you have it prepared (or have a slot of the appropriate level available), you cast it, creating a counterspell effect."

I'm a little confused by the comment in the parentheses. Does this mean that as long as you have say a 3rd level spell prepared you can in essence jettison it to counter a 3rd level spell? Doesn't seem right but not sure how else to interpret that comment.

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Hi there all I just recently moved down to Burquitlam area from the Yukon. 28 years old going back to school for a year at SFU. After unpacking and getting out to see the area also looking to meetup with a gaming group. I usually DM but I wouldn't mind playing either. Interested in just about anything. D&D either 3.5/PF. I do have 4e core books haven't had a chance to play that system yet though. Otherwise also interested in getting a Call of Cthulhu campaign going or well whatever else piques peoples interest.

So if you're in the area and looking to game let me know.

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Anyone seen this? Thoughts/reviews? A slavic fantasy epic could be good.

Wolfhound/Volkodaz iz roda Serykh Psov

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Hello all was wondering if people here have had tried out any of the Savage Worlds games. Specifically any thoughts on the system itself? I've seen a few of their setting books like Solomon Kane and Ragnarok (which I'm tempted to pick up just for the heck of it. Nazis brought about Ragnarok, the Jorumungand serpent wipes out a good chunk of Europe and Africa, 1950s post-apocalypse. Got my attention). Do you need a Core book or does each of their settings come with the needed rules?

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Hi all thought I'd post a query here. Getting a new gaming group together and still on the fence as to whether to run 4e or 3.5/PF. I picked up the 4e core books when they came out last year but still have not run them. Despite my reservations I'm still curious to give it a try. So am toying with trying 4e out bearing in mind that all the players except one are entirely new to rpg can anyone recommend a good 1st level adventure?

And by good I mean not just a hack and slash dungeon crawl (which is what I've heard said of Keep on the Shadowfell). I read over Rescue at Rivenroar and with some work it might be all right but I wasn't too impressed either. Does anyone knows of a decent wilderness or urban adventure for starting levels?

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Hi all, thought I'd post this query here and elicit any sage opinions.

I've been working on a campaign modeled on early 19th century russia though still borrowing liberally from folklore and earlier eras (lots of backwater areas where the 'old ways' persist). Wondering what if any D&D slavic stuff is out there that anyone is aware of. Also other horror rpgs such as Call of Cthulhu, Ravenloft Masque of the Red Death etc.

Last anyone can recommend any good books on slavic mythology/folklore? cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg or random russian places (Arkangel, Northeast Passage expeditions) I've garnered some stuff thru wikipedia, project gutenburg but a physical book w illustrations would probably help for inspiration.

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Hello all, we're looking for one to two new players to join an existing pbp as one of the players has dropped. Feel free to take a look at the current thread or the discussion thread

A brief description of the concept. The campaign is low-magic set on an island nation in the North akin to Viking Iceland. The island is in the midst of a civil war following the argued succession of the king. The party had started in the frontier town of Raudurfoss threatened by an unknown pestilence (they've just finished a modified version of Hollow's Last Hope). The party consists of a cleric, barbarian and knight. (druid dropped out). I'm hoping to move the campaign to a little more improv, sand-box style than premade adventures (ie bouncing off player's ideas/goals than any preset campaign arc). The setting is fairly low-magic though supernatural forces are strong influences on the land. The flavour is a bit inspired from REH, Bernard Cornwell (particularly the Uhtred novels) and of course the Icelandic Sagas. Other than that the name says it all Vikings and Vampires together at last.

The game is 3.5 with a few elements from Iron Heroes thrown in.

If you're interest is piqued let me know.

The setting writeup is as follows: (if you like I can email you the version with fancy pictures)

The Island of Norvanbard

At the edge of the world high in the northern waters of the Scouring Seas lays the bleak island nation of Norvanbard.
It is a harsh and unforgiving land. The northern winters and the long darkness can test even the hardiest man’s will. During these days of darkness the eerie lights of the aurora borealis shimmer in the wind-tossed sky. The settlers of Norvanbard believe these ‘witchlights’ to be ravenous spirits on the prowl for souls. In the warm season the sun provides nearly constant illumination and the land suddenly blooms to life.

The vast island has been forged by fire and ice. Deep under the earth powerful forces sometimes shake the foundations of the island by tremors and churning plumes of ashen smoke rise from the snow-wreathed peaks of the Twin volcanoes, Valka and Jotur. The landscape is littered by strange twisted shapes of black volcanic rock that rise from the grassy plains or jut like teeth from the jagged coastline.

INCLUDEPICTURE "http://photos.si.edu/earthquakes/krafla500.jpg" \* MERGEFORMATINET

While the fires rage below, the heights are ruled by frost and ice. The centre of the island is dominated by the Blackstone Mountains, a vast tract of mountain ranges riven by deep wide trenches. From these high peaks, immense glaciers and crevasse-filled icefields snake their way down into the deep mountain valleys. The mountains and ice form a formidable maze. Stretching out from the mountain ranges lays a rolling landscape of taiga forests or barren tundra criss-crossed by plummeting white rivers and lakes.

Human settlement is sparse and nearly completely confined to two coastal regions or fiefs. The oldest settlements are on the northwestern peninsula of Vesturmark and the more recently established are found in the forested lands near the southwestern bay of Mosfell. The Vesturmark peninsula is low arable farmland with many sheltered bays and inlets ideal for making port. It boasts the largest city, Stromsund, of the island.
The settlements that line the bay of Mosfell are varied and largely independent of each other. The lands near the coast are densely forested providing ready lumber and many of the hills are rich in iron and even gold.

The interior is bereft of human settlement but it is not uninhabited. Deep in the mountains are said to be the halls of the mysterious Frost Giants and their icy servitors. Prowling the barrens and the forests of the taiga are said to be all manner of beasts and monsters. Tales tell of savage goblins, cunning trolls and capricious fey that lurk in these empty places. Old moss-covered megaliths dot the island from an unimagined eldritch epoch. Folk speak in whispers of the men that lived on the island in ages past; they were known as the sceadugenga , shadow-walkers or sometimes referred to as the Shadow Kings. Their kingdom, Symorga sank below the waves, in ages past and mercifully little remains of their baneful influence. The folk of the isle fervently shun these ruins believing all such places to be cursed.
INCLUDEPICTURE "http://www.skiraware.de/Wandern/Schottland/CallanishStandingStones.jpg" \* MERGEFORMATINET

Recent History

The island of Norvanbard has only recently been settled in the past two centuries. The earliest inhabitants in recent times were ascetic monks and a few hermits that had braved the cold waters of the sea to find solitude here at the western edge of the world. Some conclaves still remain hidden in the wilderness. After some decades they were followed by sailors in search of walrus tusks, whales or the horns of the narwhal. The ivory trade was so successful that colonists began to arrive to settle. Others were attracted by the means of escaping debts or past crimes back home and thus came to Norvanbard seeking a new life.
The populaces of the island were governed by their individual lords who were typically renowned war-chiefs or wise elders that had the greatest influence over their own town or villages. An althing was convened once a year in the spring to discuss political matters or redress grievances. Over time however the lord of the largest city Stromsund came to exercise greater and greater influence until the lord of Stromsund came to be considered the King of Norvanbard.
The most recent ruler was King Thorvann Haraldson who ruled the island for the last ten years. Thorvann was a renowned warrior and feared raider but he mellowed in his latter years. His rule was tough but fair and even his foes gave him grudging respect as an honest and honourable king. He was supported by his two lieutenants, his old friend and comrade in arms, Halfdeane and Sihtric, a young ambitious warrior and reckoned to be the greatest swordsman of the island.
Three winters ago Thorvann died on the Winter’s Solstice or the Night of the Dead. Reports vary but most agree that he was in his great hall when a shadow descended from the ceiling and engulfed him. He was found stone dead covered with an icy black frost. Following Thorvann’s mysterious death, his two lieutenants fell to bickering and their animosities that had long festered under the surface broke out. Inevitably open conflict erupted between the two factions.
Many battles followed but eventually Sihtric emerged as the victor seizing control of Stromsund and the fiefs of Vesturmark. He also captured Thorvann’s only son and his two daughters whom he now holds under lock and key. Halfdeane’s ships were routed on the ocean and his forces beat a retreat to the fiefs of Mosfell. For two winters despite many skirmishes and raids a bitter stalemate exists between the two sworn enemies.


Strömsund, the largest and oldest city of the island lies sheltered on the western end of the isle in the deep bay of Krakenvik. It is a small city compared to those on the mainland in the south. A great wooden palisade hewn of the thick and sturdy trunks of the Waleska trees rings the city. The avenues are earthen avenues are often muddy and heaps of midden choke the alleyways. The buildings are typically simple wood and thatch affairs though a few locations such as the temples and keep are splendid wooden buildings marked with ornate carvings and fantastic arches.
It is a rowdy city where a hasty word or the wrong look will be quickly followed by the clash of iron. The rule of law was once firmer but since the passing of King Thorvann and the rise of Lord Sihtric the character of the city has become increasingly lawless and violent. However, any perceived offense to Sihtric’s men is met with a heavy steel fist from his army.
In addition to his warriors Sihtric is assisted by Carloman a mysterious foreigner who acts as his adviser. Little is known about this man save rumour and gossip. Many believe the man is a warlock and he is known for an ill temper and the raspy tones of his speech the result of an injury to his throat. Rumour holds that Carloman commands a cabal of sorcerors and spies. His connection to Sihtric remains a mystery but some believe that Thorvann’s death was a result of this wizard’s treachery.

Outside of Stromsund, a network of fishing and farming communities stretch out around the city along the shores of the bay. Sihtric has placed his followers as vassal lords in these communities and executed or banished any loyal to Halfdeane. The towns struggle under their new lord’s harsh levies of supplies and men but none dare oppose the Lord’s Men.

INCLUDEPICTURE "http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/37/Godafoss_Iceland_ 2005.JPG/800px-Godafoss_Iceland_2005.JPG" \* MERGEFORMATINET


The southwestern bay of the island is dotted with the villages and towns that comprise the fiefs of Mosfell. The lords of Mosfell are a varied lot and are only held together by their opposition to the usurper Sihtric. Halfdeane boasts the greatest following but many lords have little care to see him as King either.
The settlements of the south are similar to those in the west. They are supported by the abundant fisheries, walrus tusks and farming. In addition, the lands are heavily forested providing a ready source of lumber including the doughty trunks of the great Waleska trees that are much sought after by shipwrights.
Numerous villages and hamlets dot the coast but most of the populace reside in the Three Sisters; the three largest towns of Mosfell. At the mouth of the great Anjor fjord lies Brattahlid, the stronghold of Halfdeane. Brattahlid is more of a fortress than a town. It is the only settlement that boasts stone battlements. As a fortress it is reckoned impregnable. The town boasts a substantial mine and is renowned for its skillful metalsmiths.
To the east lies the whaling town of Hvalursund, a windswept port but home to some of the finest sailors in Norvanbard. The last major town is Raudurfoss located inland near the foot of an immense waterfall and at the edge of the great Waleska forests. Raudurfoss is the settlement furthest in the interior of the island. The lumber is greatly sought after but the town must be on guard for goblin attacks and other threats.

Other Locales

The northern coast of Norvarbard is a cold inhospitable place. It is nearly completely devoid of inhabitants. The Albtraum is a great stretch of tidal marshes shunned by most. It is believed to be a haunted place ruled by an ancient hag known to most as the Marsh-Queen. Those few sailors that have been washed into the marshes and return have spoken of peculiar feelings and impressions in the Albtraum. A feeling that the marsh moved around them and a constant feeling of being watched by the very plants themselves. A few have spoken of catching glimpses of a high castle shrouded in the marsh-mist. Most dismiss such tales as mere fancy yet no one disputes the strange feelings of foreboding near the Albtraum.
Along the northeast coast lie a few remote settlements. The peoples that inhabit these places are known as the keleva. They are dour and xenophobic group that have little or no contact with the other settlements. Most reports tell of an unsettling appearance and unnvering mannerisms. Their largest community known as Dagov is a fishing and whaling village. They only accept outsiders for short periods for trade or if the sailors are in dire need. Little is known about them save that most believe they do not worship Odin or the other gods but rather stranger beings that live deep below the waters.

Religion and Myth

The peoples of Norvanbard share a deep connection to the land and the sea. Their gods are ever present forces in their life; giving boons to courageous warriors or sending doom to the prideful. The most worshipped gods of these people are wise Odin, powerful Thor, and courageous Tyr. Frigga, Odin’s consort and goddess of life is the most well respected of the female deities.
Other darker gods though less respected are nonetheless feared include Hel, the queen of the underworld or cunning Loki and the various giant-gods.
The warriors of Norvanbard believe their mettle is constantly tested by the gods so as to earn their place in Valhalla or the Corpse-Hall. The greatest fear for many is to die without their sword in hand for then they will be cast into the underworld to serve Hel.
Other forces also play a role in the lives of the Norvenbard. The Norn or the Wyrd are the spinners of fate that live in the base of the earth. Their threads determine the course and shape of those who live in Midgard. All mortals must eagerly hope for the kindness of these sisters.
The world of men is but one of many worlds. The wilderness and the sea have spirits of their own that must be respected or at least placated. The world of the fey lies very close in some places of Norvanbard and some who tread the shady groves or swim in the cold waters never return to this world. The Fey are associated with light and darkness. The Dark Fey grow string in the cold, sunless winter months. Their hatred for warm life and light drives them from the snowy wastes to hunt for men.
In the summer the Sun Fey roam the green hills of the tundra. Some give blessings others are found horribly burned that have given insult to these mercurial spirits.
Below the earth live many old spirits and the Dvergar or Dökkálfar (dark elves) inhabit the kingdom hidden away in the deep tunnels that twist and turn underneath the island. The Dvergar are master metalworkers but distrust the race of men. Others are said to hunt those who enter their kingdom for sport.

The Outside World

Many believe the island of Norvanbard lies at the end of the world. The veteran sailors of the great longships know otherwise.
Further west lies the mysterious land of Thule. Only a few intrepid explorers or unlucky sailors blown off course have seen its icy shores. The waters are inhabited by fierce serpents, spawn of the Jormungand or World-Serpent. Great mountains of ice flow past its cliff-ridden coast. Legends tell that even the Shadow Kings of sunken Symorga feared the alien rulers of Thule that lived in the blasted wastes beyond the mountains that ring the coast of this land. It is said that the sorcerers knew that rulers of Thule were not of the earth but denizens from the furthest realms of space and that they were old beyond measure.

Amongst the islands near Thule are reports of giants but unlike the aloof and haughty frost giants are savage, deformed creatures that cry in gibbous tones and attack in frenzied bloodthirst.
To the southeast of Norvanbard lies the mainland and the rich kingdoms of civilized man. The old homelands of Jutland and Geatland dominate the north. The strife-ridden islands of Albion or the rich pastures and villages of Frankia invite raiders in search of loot and plunder or rich trade. The eastern lands of the continent are dominated by the kingdoms of the Rus, feuding warlords that wage battle for control of the forests and steppes of the vast land. In the far south are the luxuriant kingdoms of the Inner Sea that beckon with their alluring wealth and the soft decadence of crumbling empires.


The adventure begins in the small inland town of Raudurfoss, one of the Mosfell Fiefs. The town is situated on the banks of the twisting River Wend and is a day’s journey by boat to the coast. It is governed by Earl Thorolf, an old man who had once sailed on many great raids in far southern lands but after an injury lamed his leg he came to this town to retire. He has governed for the past ten years and is a highly respected leader despite his brash manners and quick temper. His age is telling though and his health has been wracked by pains and ague in the past year. His son Egil despite a strong skill in combat and courage is not well regarded due to his over weaning pride and high-handed manner.
The town primarily relies on the lumber garnered from the Waleska Forests that dominate the outlying countryside. &#8232;


1st level start
Abilities &#8232;Ability scores would be via a 24 point buy system save that scores start at 10 and that each point above 15 costs 2. For each point above 17 it costs 4. Scores cannot exceed 18 at 1st level. &#8232;Alternatively, you can pick one score as a weakness which drops to 8 and cannot be improved at the beginning. In return you gain 2 bonus points to spend.
Races: The setting is almost entirely human. Half-orcs are known and grudgingly accepted in Norvanbard society due to their warrior nature. In other lands half-orcs would be regarded with much more fear.
The other races dwarves, elves, half-elves are available though these would be almost entirely unique in the realms of man. Those that did could pass themselves off as a bit strange but still human if they took care to conceal their true nature. In Norvanbard their presence would not necessarily elicit violence but would inspire awe, reverence and possibly fear. A member of this race could have been exiled by her kindred or somehow got lost in the realms of Midgard and uncertain how to return. Dwarves and elves are part of a magical world that is for the most part veiled to humanity.
I would prefer to simply keep Halflings and gnomes out of the mix but I am amenable to suggestions if you wish to play any of these races.
Classes: All core are available. No multi-classing xp penalties (though acquiring a new class should make some logical sense; training, experience gained in last adventures etc.).Outside that let me know your idea.
Re spellcasting classes, as the original idea was to use either Conan or Iron Heroes as I think the notion was to emulate a more ‘sword and sorcery’ style or a historical with a dash of fantasy. Magical items are essentially unique creations. Potions and scrolls may exist but are still quite rare things. I’m inclined to make only Brew Potion and Scribe Scroll available as regular feats. Other item creation feats could be earned but through story goals rather than feat progression.
Also note the use of magic openly is likely to get a response from the locals. Again like the demihuman races this may not necessarily be a violent ‘burn the witch’ response but it is certainly going to raise your profile (and if you’re animating dead bodies it is likely to obtain the burn the witch response).

Skills: Essentially add 2 per level (so a Barbarian would instead of 4+Int be 6+Int per level). All skills are considered class skills. &#8232;At 1st level characters gain 4 bonus skill points that can be used for the Craft, Profession and Knowledge skills. The peoples of Norvanbard have learned the need to be self-sufficient and thus acquire numerous skills (ie sailor, smith, navigator, fletcher etc.).
Equipment: Max gp per class.
Feats: One extra background feat (will post list in the evening). Feats are gained on even levels (2,4,6,8)
Background Feat List
Pick 1 from any of the +2 to 2 skill feats (e.g. Self-Sufficient, Diligent, Investigator etc.) in the PHB.
Ability Score increases: standard
hp: max 1st level. Additional levels 1d4=1d2+2, 1d6=1d3+3, 1d8=1d4+4, 1d10=1d4+6, 1d12=1d6+6.
Reserve Point System (from Iron Heroes)
Reserve points represent your resiliency, toughness and willpower. You can rally your strength quickly if you have time to rest. Reserve points represent your capacity to shrug off injuries and keep going.
You have reserve points equal to your maximum hit points. Whenever you engage in nonstrenuos activity you may choose to convert 1 reserve point to heal 1 hit point per minute. During this time you catch your breath, the pain from a twisted ankle fades, or blood starts to coagulate. You do not gain reserve-point healing while engaged in combat or other strenuous activities (climbing, running etc.). If you have suffered nonlethal damage 1 reserve point will heal 4 nonlethal points of damage per minute.
A successful Heal skill check to treat wounds as described in Chapter Four restores a number of reserve points to your pool equal to the healer’s number of ranks in Heal. After a successful Heal check to offer long-term care, you recover reserve points at twice the normal rate.
You may regain reserve points via rest. If you rest eight hours straight during a day you regain reserve points equal to your Con score + level. If you spend a full day doing nothing but convalescing this amount becomes your Con score x2 + level.

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Was wondering if anyone knew what this location is? Its in the Bandu Hills (mwangi). I've googled to see if Dio was perhaps some geographical formation or something similar but all I've turned up is stuff related to the character from Last Exile, a place in italy and the band Dio. Now its possible that this is where the band has made its lair while they plot their foul schemes but... So does anyone know? Ruins? Weird geographical formation? Now I don't think there's any info in Pathfinder but if anyone has a notion as to what it could be given the name. Thanks in advance.

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Hello all thought I'd post my proposal for the PFS 21 scenario (Eternal Obelisk). Any thoughts, input would be greatly appreciated. Trying to sharpen up for the next one. Thanks.


“The Eternal Obelisk” or “Inferno” Outline

For years, the Eyes of Rubadah, a band of deadly assassins and thieves, struck fear in the hearts of powerful sheiks and merchants along the Silken Road. However, a month ago Sheik Osman struck a fatal blow against the sinister murderers, storming their mountain fortress and reputedly slaying their leader, a veiled sorceress. The surviving members were sentenced to spend their lives toiling in the mine pits of the Golden Foundry. However, this was all staged according to the Sorceress’s design…

The Golden Foundry is the finest forger of weapons and metalwork in all of Qadira. The foundry lies in the Zho Mountains at the foot of the volcano, Mount Iblis. In the heart of the mountain lies the Eternal Obelisk, an artifact that holds the volcano’s fury in check. This allows the foundry to mine and use the volcanic heat in their crafting. It has long supplied the Pathfinder Society with many exquisitely crafted weapons and armour. The Ten have received a plea for help from Al-Hallaj, the Steward of the foundry and a former member. Al-Hallaj suspects sabotage and does not trust his own people. The Steward insists upon absolute secrecy. The party is sent undercover as bodyguards to Sheik Osman and Lady Kafira, a noble couple touring the foundry. Inside, the adventurers must uncover a deadly conspiracy before it is too late.

The party escorts the Sheik’s procession into the mountains. The Sheik is a charismatic but boastful warrior with a booming laugh. His wife, Lady Kafira remains aloof and unseen in her veiled litter. The party is ambushed when scouting ahead by bandits who cause a rock slide and then descend from the canyon sides to attack (Tier 5-7: (4) Human Rogue 4, Tier 8-9: (6) Human Rogue 4). After defeating their foes, the PCs discover tattoos upon the bandits revealing that they were Rubadah Assassins. It would almost seem that the assassins targeted the PCs rather than the convoy.
Arriving at the Golden Foundry, Al-Hallaj greets the retinue warmly. Also in attendance is the Guard Captain Achmed who is cold and distant. Lady Kafira retires straight to her quarters. Al-Hallaj leads a tour of the Foundry followed by an elegant feast. This tour provides the party an opportunity to learn of the recent events at the foundry such as several mining accidents and desertions by the guards. Additionally, they are shown the Vault of the Eternal Obelisk. During the dinner, one of the party members receives a note to rendezvous near the mine entrance at midnight.
The party arrives at the rendezvous to find the Steward petrified in rock and a mob of prisoners rushing to escape. An unshackled ettin is bearing down upon Achmed (Tier 5-7: (1) ettin, Tier 8-9: (2) ettin). The party must press through the mob (Str 14 check, difficult terrain) and come to the rescue of the Captain. As they battle, the foundations of the foundry shake with powerful tremors. The Obelisk has been disabled! Achmed exhorts the party to save the Obelisk. In only an hour the wrath of the volcano will be unleashed.
The party returns to the foundry level but their path is blocked by Sheik Osman and a band of Rubadah Assassins robbing the armory of its priceless hoard (Tier 5-7: (2) Human Rogue 4, (1) Human Rogue 5/Assassin 2), Tier 8-9: (3) Human Rogue 4, (1) Human Rogue 5/Assassin 2). The Sheik reveals his part in staging the destruction of the Assassin’s stronghold. He deceitfully offers a cut into the heist’s profits while his men move into position. The thieves tip tubs of molten metal and attack.
The party races to the vault and comes face to face with Rubadah, the medusa sorceress and leader of the Assassin Sect who had posed as Lady Kafira (Tier 5-7: Medusa Sorcerer 2, Tier 8-9: Medusa Sorcerer 4). The adventurers must stop her from finishing her sabotage. The DM rolls each round for random hazards such as falling rubble (Ref ½, 2d6 dam), blasts of gas, (Fort DC 15, stunned) or tremors (Balance DC 15, prone).

With luck, the party puts an end to the medusa and restores the obelisk to its proper place. In saving the Foundry the party will have exposed Osman’s perfidy and put an end to the Rubadah. As a gift, the party is presented with fine works of the forges. If the party fails the volcano will erupt destroying the Golden Foundry and devastating the valley.

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Hey there all thought I'd post this query and see if anyone knows of any info re these locations. I can't find any in the setting or gazeeter and am mulling the possibility of using these for the Pathfinder Society open call.

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Has anyone seen this? Thoughts/reviews? Ghenghis Khan movie can't really go wrong, can you? (well Ok there is that movie with John Wayne playing Khan so it is possible) Am thinking of ordering it (not really any place to rent movies where I live)

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Hopefully, this is not too late. I would like to cancel my Pathfinder sub with PF#12. I do not want the issue starting with Second Darkness (my group just started CoCT). Thanks.

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Quick question: maybe I missed it in the Guide to Korvosa but the area labeled Thief Camp outside of Eastshore -is there a write up for this part? Is it a Cerulean Society run place or just riff-raff from the country?

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Am preparing to run CoCT in the near future and having been mulling over the Queen issue. Bearing in mind, I haven't seen the next few installments one thing that has been bothering me a bit is the Queen. It might be from knowing roughly the arc of the path but she seems all too obvious as the real villain. Her reputation, history, attitude etc. makes her the #1 suspect for the king's death, and the troubles in the city. I'm thinking of ways to conceal her villainy, maybe even make her appear as a noble queen, or at least the damsel in distress. That way when she is revealed to be the demonic creature that she is it comes as a nice sharp twist. To quote Sanjuro "The worst one is beyond your imagination".
The principal problem is that the rioting begins as the citizens take umbrage to the idea of this gold-digger taking the throne. Also the framing of the painter is an all too obvious ruse and even the briefing given by the PCs by the Watch should set alarm bells ringing as to the Queen's role. So the principal problem is how to reframe those events without major surgery to the adventure? Any thoughts?

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So was looking forward to the start of a new season. That was until I watched Partners In Crime. I think this takes the cake for worst of the new Who (even surpassing my previous top loathe Love and Monsters). Unsurprisingly, Russell T. Davies penned this one as well. While I thank the man for bringing the series back, I just wish he'd stop writing scripts.

Re the episode the Doctor and Donna are reunited as they face up against the evils of a new diet pill.

Oh and the shot of that familiar face in the crowd near the end...

I liked Rose as a companion but seriously can this show move on? I can't wait for the lame reason that Davies will create for this one. Bad Wolf? Aaaarrgh!

Well the season can only get better from here. Pompeii, Sontorans are something to look forward to.

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Yeah another skill thread... Thought I'd put this concept in a thread of its own.

I was skeptical re the new skill system yet I have to admit when I sat down and made characters with it I did quite like it. However, what's been brought up by others is that this system doesn't consider multiclassing. The examples of people taking rogue at 1st level for the skill choices and then say moving onto a fighter so a rogue 1/fighter 10 has as many skills as an 11th level rogue.
This stems from skills are 'front-loaded' in Pathfinder. With the difference of 6 skills existing between classes it results in a wide gap (not that much more than 3.5 granted).

The difference in amount of skill choices could be lessened. So say all classes have at least 4 +Int modifier for choices. With the rogue, ranger and bard at 6 +Int modifier. (Or alternately all classes were at 6 + Int modifier with the 'skills' classes at 8 + Int modifier)A difference of 2 still gives those classes an 'edge' but really the fighter or cleric should be able to do more than 2 things even at 1st level. Not too many fighers are going to have a beefy Int modifier to help them out.

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One thought I've often had re skills, is why even bother with the idea of cross-class skills? For me I would like that concept jettisoned. With no cross-class skills characters are more customizable and allow you to play against 'type'. That said, a Fighter with Use Magic Device is not likely to better at it than the Rogue (by virtue of the rogue have on average more skills and higher Int). The change doesn't upset the apple cart that much but it does give more options to characters. Also I know Iron Heroes has no cross-class and I'm not sure but I believe Conan d20 also dropped that concept (could be wrong about the latter)... Anyways just was curious if anyone else felt this way?
(Side note: still not certain how I feel about dropping the point system)

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Curiousity anyone have any experience with this? Either as the game or as a source for oriental adventures?

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