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They seem to be actively fixing stuff on OP now.

Granted since that time, I've found using OneNote and sharing it with people to be a great way to do an campaign that is available online and offline.

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No problem. It is usually easy enough to turn it off on most TVs. You just need to know what each individual manufacturer calls their version of motion interpolation.

Hitachi – Reel120
Insignia – DCM Plus, for Digital Clear Motion 120 Hz, or Insignia Motion 120 Hz
Kogan – MotionMax 100 Hz, 200 Hz
LG – TruMotion 120 Hz, 240 Hz, 480 Hz
AOC – Motion Boost 120 Hz
Bose – VideoWave III 120 Hz (Not named)
Loewe – Digital Movie Mode (DMM)
Mitsubishi – Smooth 120 Hz
Panasonic – Intelligent Frame Creation (IFC) 24p Smooth Film (24p material only)
Philips – HD Digital Natural Motion, Perfect Motion Rate
Samsung – Auto Motion Plus 120 Hz,[6] 240 Hz, Clear Motion Rate 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 400 Hz, 500 Hz, 600 Hz, 800 Hz; (PAL video system), Clear Motion Rate 120 Hz, 240 Hz, 480 Hz, 600 Hz, 720 Hz, 960 Hz (NTSC video system)
Sharp – Fine Motion Enhanced, AquoMotion 240 Hz, AquoMotion Pro
Sony – MotionFlow 100 Hz, 100 Hz PRO (XBR series, Australia), 120 Hz, 200 Hz, 240 Hz, 400 Hz, 480 Hz, 800 Hz, 960 Hz.
Toshiba – ClearScan 120 Hz, 240 Hz
Vizio – SmoothMotion
Sceptre – MEMC (Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation)
Hisense – Ultra Smooth Motion Rate SMR 120

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Yeah, I'm so looking forward to the XCom 2.

I started an XCOM RPG campaign (using Shadowrun rules, players research bioware, cyberware, various other tech) from aliens captured and items retrieved.

I'm having it span pre alien invasion, the actual invasion (that will be done using the XCOM Boardgame on expert difficulty to insure a loss) and XCOM 2 (after the invasion)

My guess by the words bad soap opera, you are talking about TV's with motion interpolation settings turned on. Different TV's call their motion interpolation different things.

You can read about it here. opera-effect

That's weird the post keeps putting a space in the URL.

soap-opera should not have a space.

Yeah Aranna, they changed quite a bit from the books. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it might work better for a TV show.

In the book, Dagda Mor sends the Reaper to kill all the Chosen, and the Changeling to act as a spy for the demons within the Elven city

They seemed to have combined the main antagonist from Book 1, Brona (the Warlock Lord), a former Druid with Dagda Mor. In the books Dagda Mor is the King of all Demons in the Forbidding, not a former Druid.

The winged demons Dagda Mor sends out seems sort of similar to the Skull Bearers that Brona sent out back in the first book.

You could always do a conversion. Buy a werewolf or gnoll figure and add angel wings.

for wings ($3.50 to $6.81)

for werewolf/gnoll ($5+)

There is really no reason why you can't have multiple Rushlight Tournaments. They are a yearly thing if I remember the AP correctly, it is just that the PCs kingdoms aren't taken seriously enough to have been invited to earlier tournaments.

I remember when I ran it I had the player's learn that a tournament was going on with invitations sent out to all the Kingdoms. Sorry all REAL kingdoms.

My personal favorite has been Kingmaker AP, but I'd suggest Council of Thieves to start off. I'm currently running a melded Council of Thieves/Second Darkness adventure path (with Second Darkness taking place in Westcrown instead of Riddleport) and my players are having a blast. They especially have loved every portion of the second module of Council of Thieves.

Has solid social interaction/role playing opportunities:

social interaction:

In the first module, the interaction with the various members of The Children of Westcrown. The gnomish pimp trying to get the female members of the party to work for her was great fun.

But it is the second module of the adventure path that really stands out. The PCs become actors in a lawful evil Shakespearean death play called the Six Trials of Larazod. I printed out 6 copies of the script for the play and had the players read out their lines. they loved it, each act basically ends with the PCs engaging in some dangerous trial or combat on the stage)

Then attend a party with the nobility of Westcrown and try and gather information/rumors from them.

Has puzzle solving, Mysteries, or some system where creativity is rewarded?
Yes, there are various mysteries to be solved throughout the AP. Who is the Council of Theives? What is the cause of the shadow beasts prowling Westcrown's streets at night.

Easy to run?
Yeah, fairly simple as long as you get a handle on the various NPCs. It is an urban adventure so not too heavy on the kicking down doors and charging into rooms.

tony gent wrote:

I know that there are clear rules for the cost of magic items but I've been thinking that items that would be in high demand like healing potions and wands of healing would demand a higher price as adventures have money to burn they could afford to pay more and merchants being merchants are going to try to pump the price a little

Your thoughts please

Taking the potion of healing as the example. You not only have merchants as those setting the price, you also have churches, some of whom have a divine mandate (healing domain), to get healing out into the hands of the public possibly reducing prices or preventing price fixing.

In my case I allowed each kingdom to enter in as many participants as the wished for each event. That allowed all players who wished to participate to participate and nobody sat around doing nothing. For the NPC kingdoms I just focused on the person in each kingdom most likely to win (so 1 hero from each NPC kingdom). That meant player vs player sometimes.

Those that didn't I played up the catching cheaters angle and had them those guys policing the contests making sure no foul play was happening. Also adding small wagers on the winners/losers of each contest kept players not directly involved at least interested on the outcome.

Unfortunately, it looks like I only have the file sizes that I have on my obsidian portal campaign site. I must have just downloaded the smaller images because of the display limitations I'd have on the webpage.

There are six images on the site not just five. I might have had one of them hidden when you originally looked as the players may not have acquired a copy of that page when you originally checked.

Anyway here is the starting page of Zuddiger's Picnic

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Mr. Grogg wrote:

I'm greatly ensaddened to have discovered this thread just after the blog went down. It looks like I missed the boat by just one month.

I did some Googling and found that five of Anthony's images are preserved on an Obsidian Portal campaign record.

Hey that's my campaign, Thorn of Thorns.

I pretty sure I've got the full sized originals around. I'll upload them and provide links later when I get back home.

BTW made the Zuds book a Book of Infinite Spells while on the First World (or within 100 ft of a bloom). Each spell is related to what is happening on the page.

I always viewed spell descriptors as affecting the target of the spell rather than the spell caster.

For example [Fire] spells typically release heat into the target of the spell, so an [Evil] spell would release "evil" energies into the target of the spell. If anyone is going to have a chance for an alignment change it would be the target of the spell rather than the caster as the infernal healing repairs the target's body but darkens their soul.

That's all fluff of course, but if alignment based spell descriptors actually had an effect that's how I'd see it.

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I agree with Odraude. Poop isn't food.

If you wouldn't used the adjectives spoiled, rotten, diseased, poisonous or contaminated to describe what you are trying to purify it doesn't work. An apple that is rotten is described as a rotten apple, an apple that has gone through your digestive system is called poop and is beyond the the powers of an orison.

Couple of things that can work, but

Introduce a miss chance:
entropic shield, blur, displacement, etc.

Remove visibility to the target:
Invisibility, Greater Invisibility, Blindness, Wall of Fire (really any wall) can block line of sight for the gunslinger.

Grapple Him:
Black Tentacles, or grappling creatures.

Most likely any will based saving throw (ranger and gun slinger have poor will saves). Hold person, Hideous Laughter, Suggestion, etc

Creatures with gaze attacks (especially will based ones) since the gunslinger likes to be relatively close.

Lunge with a Reach weapon. Tumbling

Dagesk Kingdomworthy wrote:

Right, but does it make any sense for the replacement and care cost for +1 swords for 100 people to be the same as buying 100 +1 swords? I submit that it does not, which is why I changed it in my model.

Definitely agree with that too, I think your changes are quite good. I only was providing reasons for why there would be ongoing consumption cost, not disagreeing with your assessment of what seems to be "out of wack."

Personally, the only change I'd make to your rules in my campaign is I'd double the consumption costs for magic weapons that you've proposed. Simply a cost ratio between masterwork and magic items, plus magic weapons can defeat DR/Magic and overcome your population limit. As mentioned this is more of a personal customization I'd do for my campaign than a change in your rules.

Kingmaker Plot:
You can simply make her weaker in the presence of the sword Briar. The more sharpness points Briar has the weaker she is in its presence.

I agree it doesn't make any sense for it to have the same cost to enchant a magic sword as it does to maintain a magic sword.

I don't see that the Consumption BP costs are going toward magical maintaince of the magical items. In part, those Consumption costs would go toward replacing any "lost" or stolen swords, armor or healing potions and/or toward proper security of those same items when in storage.

You've got a world with magical items, feel free to use them to provide your player's opporunities.

Magical rings/saddles/etc creating an armor spell that appears as real barding.

A magical saddle providing the stead proficiency feats with armor.

In fact you could make one of these saddles appear on your "random" magic item rolls for the kingdom or as a reward for one of the quests.