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Michael Sayre wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

What's the point of designing adventures around maps that you can't get hold of?

Rysky wrote:
Not really much to do there, it probably is cheaper to PDF + print.

I just hope they will reprint it soon so it becomes in stock through the usual outlets again. Doesn't make sense to base current adventures and campaigns around OOP products.

Rysky wrote:
Uh, all but 1 of the maps have copies for sale here on Paizo.

Yes, I saw that when looking around, but that's still 1 short from a full set needed. Also buying from the US for me, here in Sweden, absolutely sucks due to fees and shipping etc (it's possible, but is a hassle and costs a fortune).

It kinda sucks that brand new scenarios uses maps that aren't available or if found only at extortion prices ($50-70 for a single flip-mat). Been looking around and it doesn't seem possible to get all 4 maps unless you buy the pdf and have them printed.

graystone wrote:
Wadjet, Qi Zhong, Bolka, Winlas, Benorus and Dalenydra are all PF1 PFS legal Good gods that have a mace [light and/or heavy] as a favored weapon. As of now for PF2, the only god with a mace is Asmodeus. Torag [LG] uses a warhammer in PF2 and is PFS legal, so that might be an option for a weapon similar to a mace.

Thanks. The Warhammer is a martial weapon though and I'm aiming for a simple one (Deadly Simplicity feat).

Ubertron_X wrote:

Bolka (NG), daughter of Torag and Folgrit, is the dwarf goddess of love and beauty. Her domains where Charm, Good and Healing and her favorite weapon was the mace.

This would have been perfect for my good Dwarf Cleric, but I guess not legal for PF2e PFS since it's not in the Core Rule Book (mentioned by name once in Lost Omens World Guide).

Is it just me or is the prices of class kits a bit off in the new Core Rulebook?

Much of it seems based around the Adventurer's Pack that costs 0,7G and weight 2B (allegedly). If you add it up though the bulk is 1 and the cost of the items 1,67G, quite a discrepancy on both parts there.

Looking at class kits it seems to work out fairly close IF you use my numbers for the Adventurer's Pack, but not for the listed numbers.

If you add up the listed price of kits and what's supposed to remain it never matches up to 15G and is off by quite a bit. If you use my numbers for the Adventurer's Pack it comes close though (but can still differ as much as a gold from pricelist numbers, generally in the characters favor).

The stated bulks of class kits seems to be pretty much spot on IF you use my numbers for the Adventurer's Pack (i.e. 1B rather than 2B).


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Ah thank, you, will do. You live, you learn (Creating my first Cleric).

I have an idea and I'm curious about your thoughts.

As a Cleric, what if I paid the cost of a holy symbol to have a copy of my deity's favored weapon decorated with carvings and inlays to make it a holy symbol and work as the focus? I would just hold up the weapon in front of me and do my chants to cast spells. If I drop or lose that particular weapon I would lose my spellcasting ability until I got either focus components or another holy symbol.
Any issues with this idea? Legality?

Sidenote, is there any good deity with the mace as favored weapon (that would be usable for a PFS2e character)?

Christian Dragos wrote:
You simply wait until your PC hits 5th level. Report it now and wait. Doesn't matter when the game was reported. I like to wait with the higher tier chronicles because more money & loot.

So report the game with player IDs, but no character IDs? (I haven't registered/reported anything yet so I have no idea how the procedure works or looks).

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Oups... :)

Nothing to see here, move on...

If anyone knows, will the Bestiary pawn box when it arrives have enough pawns for the PFS Season 1 adventures?
Does it have what's needed for the Age of Ashes AP?

Christian Dragos wrote:

You can get credit twice for each scenario. Once for GMing and once as a player, but with different characters.

My advice with the 5th level pregen credit, save it until your PC reaches 5th level. Then apply it at that time.

Ok, have to ask how that is technically done. What's the reporting procedure if I play it now but don't want to apply until the character that should get the credit reaches lvl 5?

What's the pros and cons of applying immediately (if you can) and waiting?

BigNorseWolf wrote:
You can both play and DM the same scenario, but if you have the same group of friends playing you won't be able to play the same adventure: since they can't play it twice. You dm they play , you go to play, one of your friends can DM.. but then you have no other players. You need a larger/different group to both play and dm

If all works out and we get it together there will be 8 people partaking on a regular basis. 6 will be "permanently" paired in two fixed groups of 3 and two (me and one other) will be part of both groups alternating who GM and who plays for each runthrough. I think this should work out (other than scheduling conflicts). Occasionally someone might have to sit in via webcam probably, but that shouldn't be a legality issue, right?

What about maps? I love how under each PFS product they always call out what flip-mat/tiles you need to play it. Is there something similar for the AP products or will they use custom map packs released later?

Christian Dragos wrote:

You can get credit twice for each scenario. Once for GMing and once as a player, but with different characters.

My advice with the 5th level pregen credit, save it until your PC reaches 5th level. Then apply it at that time.

Thank you. I am reading through it and I'm sure more of it will make sense once I get rolling.

I figured out I could both GM/Play the same scenario. When GMing do I just apply it to any char the same as if a player use a pregen (So GM gets all the same rewards as a player for one of his chars?).
You mention saving it and not applying it until lvl 5 which touches one thing that confused me, the part that you can credit the lvl 5 pregen play to any lower lvl char that person have, but you can't actually apply things until they reach that level? (basically credit for having done it at lvl 1, but get the rewards at lvl 5?)

(sorry If I'm coming across a bit daft, bit of a learning curve to start with here ;) ).

With the item rewards as I understand it each character taking part basically get a copy each of said item (as the group as a whole get access to it?)

Just curious.
I'm thinking of buying PDF's for the maps I need and print them out myself.
#1A uses Flip Mat Classics: Ancient Dungeon, but there's also GameMastery Flip-Mat: Ancient Dungeon that's an older out of print version. Is there any difference to the PDF versions of these products since the PDF for the older one is cheaper?

Looking around a bit to see if I can find answers to my own questions and not sure if I'm more or less confused :P

#1-00 uses 5th level pregens, and it does not have the repeatable tag.
I guess that means that if I GM it one of my characters can never play it?
If I understand correctly I play it with the pregens, but any rewards the pregens gets can get assigned to 1 registered character of a lower level? I guess this also prevents that character from doing this adventure (as non repeatable).
On the chronicles sheet, even though the pregens are used, do I record the character they want to assign stuff to as the character ID taking part? (basically as if that character was playing it?).
Do the selected get ALL the rewards from the adventure (gold, XP, fame, items, downtime etc) ?

I'm completely new as well and luring a few friends in to playing PF2e as PFS with me. Located in middle Sweden (northern Europe).
Will be all home games with a set party of people, but will need a lot of advice and guidance from the online community to do things correctly.


I'm new the PF and PFS but wants to go all in on this and have convinced some people to do so as well. So far I have gotten a few to set up accounts and joined OP. Plan is for 2 alternating GMs so everyone can play each adventure once (I assume a GM can't have his own character in an adventure? Does running an adventure as GM prevent you from doing it as a player?).

I've bought the CRB and Bestiary and will buy the Lost Omens world guide ASAP. Got the character sheet pack pdf (PFS uses the regular character sheets right?). I've also bought the first adventures we're going to try (#1-00 and #1A for now) and are about to create our characters.

My confusion around PFS is mainly about the bookkeeping and paperwork of things (at least so far). I'm guessing the "Wellcome to Pathfinder" thing isn't applicable for Season 1/PF2e play, right?

What about #1-00, how does it work, you're supposed to use the lvl 5 pregens so how do players register this? Do they take the pregens and list as one of their chars? What about the rewards (what's the point of handing out rewards to pregens if they are one time uses and doesn't grow like a regular chars).

Ok, mind went a bit blank now, I'm sure I had more questions but I will have to come back to those as there's bound to be a lot more confusion before we get anywhere.

Today's session will be discussing how we want our parties to look and create at least 1 char each to register.

Jeff Alvarez wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:

I am guessing that we have 52 cards that actually show critical hit effects and three other cards that may or may not be counted for various purposes.

It's a 55-card deck that uses 2-3 of the cards for the OLG and credits and such. It was the same with the previous decks, we just listed all the cards in the box instead of differentiating between playable cards and non-playable cards.

Soo I hear you saying that they are NPC's and therefore doesn't count? ;)

Just curious, if you get this and the AP, can you combine them or is that a bad idea?

If I buy the PDF version to print, is it formatted for US Letter or A4 pages (being European there's always problems with US sized prints).

Is there a compiled list anywhere for every pawn/mini you need for every encounter (in this or any other AP) and in what sets they are available?

Looking to get this, but it seems impossible. Will it ever become available again?

Maybe later when I got all rules down better so I get a better flow on things, also going to try and recruit some players to play with as company is always more fun.

Yes, and I feel a bit stupid. It feels a bit like it seemed clear at first but the more you play the more confused you get about things. I was wondering when to use str or dex for combat but realized it's always str (melee) unless you use a weapon that switches it to dex. I've managed to take 2 chars through the first adventure now though (took a few reruns with Merile (sp?) and was a bit tight. A massive problem so early on is the lack of magic weapons so you have a hard time getting rid of some monsters and locations can be very hard to close unless Blackfang shows up so they autoclose.
I don't think it's illegal, but if your char deck is running low and a bad combat can kill you, it's legal to be a coward and just pass each turn until the blessings run out right?
I'm thinking of selecting two characters that work well together and run the adventure path, but not sure which ones to chose yet.

I've been having a quite easy time defeating combat checks so far and I'm starting to think I'm playing things all wrong making me too powerful. Some instances says add add die + dx, some just say add +dx which I think might have confused me.
The way I've been playing it for say a combat check is add the die used (say d10), then reveal weapon (whatever) that says add combat die + d8 and sum that up as 2d10+d8 making it fairly easy to roll high.
Starting to think when it says combat die it just means "whatever the base is" and add just the d8?? for a d10+d8.
Can't seem to find the specifics for this making it clear in the rules.

So, couldn't resist the urge to grab this game and today it arrived. quick unboxing and then dwelve quickly into the first adventure.
Selected Valeros and looked at locations. Woods looked toughest for him so decided to start there to get rid of it "before things got though".
Excited, a bit nervous with everything set up I flip the first blessing card and goes vigorously at my first explore, and get the villain...
Despite the debuff I spank him and he runs off embarrassed. New turn, move to new location and explore an item that I completely fail to get. next turn, explore and, guess what? villain again! Quick spank and send him running to the last location.
Apparently he thought better than to face me because now he used trickery and alleys to keep me at bay. Now things got interesting and it became a race against time suddenly as I had *2* Ghosts in the location deck (as it turned out) as well as skeleton hordes and those bloody ghosts just kept popping up (as I had no magic whatsoever to actually defeat them).
Eventually though I caught up with the villain again and proceeded to spank his henie as per previous encounters and game was won! Huzza!
I'm not sure I did everything 100% right, but who does first time around? But it was quite interesting and I plan to run Valeros and all the other 6 (for now) heros through this adventure before selecting a team to take on the full path. Fun was had and more will come!

Quick Q: The reward was a random item boon, the one I pulled was elite, am I allowed to keep that in my deck despite not being basic?

I must confess I'm quite intrigued by this game and I'm on the cusp of ordering the base set and character addon pack. As I see there will be a lot of deck rebuilding and shuffling going on I would like to sleeve all cards before starting to use them.
Now I wonder if anyone have the exact number of cards in the starter + add-on? Also, what card size is used for this game so I get the right size sleeves? (in mm).