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April 18 1911

In response to a demand by U.S. President Taft, and the implied threat of an American invasion, Mexico's President Diaz informed Ambassador Wilson that his troops would avoid clashes with rebels near the border shared by the two nations. The agreement followed the deaths of two Americans in Douglas, Arizona, from fighting in Agua Prieta. Two days later, Diaz's formal note claimed that Americans had aided the rebels and had allowed shots to be fired from the U.S. side of the border.

Born: Maurice Goldhaber, Austrian physicist, in Lemberg, and Huntington Hartford, American heir and billionaire, in New York City.

Died: B.V. Matevich-Matsevich, Russian aviator, in a plane crash

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Clearly Leafar is a leafer or something of that sort, and its only a matter of time before he snaps and starts throwing dead people out of office buildings.

And I can say I helped.

Hiroshima Chuo Police Station TEL 082-224-0110

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633 to go

I've penalized 2 players, for not roleplaying their alignments, but this waswas back under 1.5 PH, DMG, MM, Unearthed Arcana, and Dieties and Demigods.

This was when Rangers had to of good alignment, and the party's ranger chased down a wolf that was trying to flee

The other was A neutral Evil Fighter who fled a fight the party had virtually won

April 17 1911

The record was set for the highest number of immigrants 11,745 being processed in a single day through the U.S. Bureau of Immigration station at Ellis Island.

The first public performance of "Alexander's Ragtime Band" was given, with the Irving Berlin tune being sung by Emma Carus as part of the Big Easter Vaudeville Carnival at the American Music Hall in Chicago.

The city of Palm Beach, Florida, was incorporated.

The Spanish steamer San Fernando, on its way from Huelva to Liverpool, sank off of Cape Finisterre. Four people were rescued by the Portimao, but 21 others drowned

April 16 1911

Elections, supervised by the United States, were held for the National Assembly of Nicaragua. With the assistance of the Army, General Luis Mena, the Minister of War, secured the election of many of his followers to the new legislature.



I invoke the law of me and a billion Chinamen don't care

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in Tiananmen Square

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Arguments are down the hall, we're giving getting hit in the head lessons in here.

Negotiation is futile, not everything can be negotiated.

Everything is however arguable.

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Gruumash . is banned because there aren't many boat avatars and the Nimitz class isn't one of them.



Gruumash. is banned because people have all different reasons for redshirting, but that doesn't mean I have to like any of them.

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Kajehase is banned for singing Woh-oh-oh-oooh to the tune of anything.

It's how overpaid STUPID stars learn to screw up the national anthem.

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The Romans mostly trench mined for their iron and other metals, they just dug a groove in the ground and dug out what they could take, they didn't tunnel unless they had to, my understanding is tunneling something hogoblins and other species do for building lairs. The metals the hobgoblins would want are the same ones the Romans mined for, Gold, Silver and Copper for trade, and Iron for weapons, the Hobgoblins would not however, want lead.

In the spirit of playing nice, and out of concern, people might be serious about not wanting replies to their threads, I have decided to repent and open this thread as a place to reply, where otherwise replies might not be welcome.


You either make your point or crap out.


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