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A white haired witch can deliver the charges with its hair - not hands.

I'm going to be playing a Magus in the mythic AP and wanted someone advice as to which mythic powers to take.

I'm a hex Magus, would I be able to take the hex power?

Anyone else with some insight?

But if the target is highlighted (the images wouldn't be) surely the images are negated?

What about Glitterdust, would that bypass the images or would they all now look glittery?

Would faerie fire stop mirror images working?

What about damage, do you add 1.5 x on just the bite?

Oh yeah! D'oh.


When under the effect of this spell are the granted attacks all at your full BAB? Or do they work like they do for dragons ie bite/tail full and claws/wings at -5?

Thanks in advance.

At low levels that might work out but mid tiers and up it could cause some problems. How do you challenge them without their new buddies just crushing their challenge?

So if you've got mythic PC's and one dies how do you bring in a replacement with mythic tiers already?
All of a sudden the world have wandering mythic dudes looking for a job?

If you start them unmythic, or should that be immythic?, they will be considerably weaker and face the issue of dying more frequently.

COURAGEOUS weapon ability.

This special ability can only be added to a melee weapon. A courageous weapon fortifies the wielder's courage and morale in battle. The wielder gains a morale bonus on saving throws against fear equal to the weapon's enhancement bonus. In addition, any morale bonus the wielder gains from any other source is increased by half the weapon's enhancement bonus (minimum 1)

So is the bolded part the numerical bonus or the complete bonus (including stuff like frost, keen, vorpal or holy) ??

Do any of you guys offer your players stat array's?

If so, what are they?

I was considering using them with a built in 'reward' for choosing a more balanced ones, to discourage min/max-ing. Maybe the more balanced ones being of a higher point value. Is that a bad idea?

I want to ensure that players are not put off mad classes.


Thanks for everyones insight, I think I'll direct my player here to read this thread, it better explains why I'm not allowing the summoner in my game!

I have a player than wants to play a summoner and before I say yes or no I want some feedback from the Paizo comunity.

I've read a lot of posts saying it's overpowered and some go as far as to say it's broken. However I've also read post saying it's ok.

I get the feeling that the "it's ok" group maybe those who are playing one and don't want to admit it's problems as it's harder to do that than it is to cry broken when it's someone elses character. I may be totally wrong on this and that is why I'm asking for feedback.

Is the Summoner overpowered? if so how so?

If you feel it's fine as is then why do you feel that?

Also, some DM's may have house-ruled Summoners to allow them in their games, if you have I'd also like to hear what you have done and whether it has been successful.

To clarify then...

Can a Fighter using a Greatsword pick up and use a large Greatsword, yes or no? If yes, at what penalty?

you cant use many shot with crossbows

Feats needed...

Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Rapid Reload
Rapid Shot [assuming it works]
Deadly Aim
Focused Shot [if Int is at least +2]
Exotic Weapon Pro Repeating Crossbow [if extra shots not available via rapid/many]

Rapid Reload and Deadly could be free feats from combat style that still leaves 5 more feats to take as soon as possible.
If a Human you can take 2 at level 1, then take one at level 3 and one at level 5.

Spells needed...

Gravity Bow [level 4 up]
Instant Enemy [level 10 up]

Talk about a Feat tax just to be able to fire a Crossbow.

Is thre a way to fire a Heavy Crossbow multiple times during a full round action?

Rapid Reload says the reload time is reduced to a move action and only says that light crossbows can be used for the full round attack [bab 6+].

[edit] Also, what about Rapid Shot? would that work with a Heavy Crossbow, and if so, how? I can't fire it twice with bab 6/1 but can with bab 1?

Thanks guys, those are some good ideas.

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How do you add damage to a crossbow if you take it as your favoured combat style?

I know Focused Shot adds Int to damage as a standard action but what happens once you get a 2nd/3rd attack?

A Fighter can go down with Specialization and Weapon Training but the Ranger doesn't have those options.

Would it be better to go Fighter if you fancy playing a Crossbow user, or is it just a sub-optimal option period?


Any other Feat/Items/Spells that could help out?

Gauss wrote:

Forge Fist Amulet (13000gp) and Frost Fist Amulet (10000gp) on UE p258.

- Gauss

Thanks for that!.

So the obvious question is while wearing those items are your attacks considered magic as well?

Lord Phrofet wrote:
There are some items in Ultimate Equipment that can make your natural attacks either Flame & Adamantine or Frost and Cold Iron (I think that is the combo...) plus some other good items that might be useful for you.

Do you have names for those? Or a price?

Ghostbane Dirge requires the target to fail a Will save. That requires high Wisdom and with Clerics being MAD, their save DC's are usually -average- at best.

[I'm looking for ways to by-pass Cold Iron, Adamantine and Alignment DR when using Natural weapons - and not having much success!]

Looking ahead at say Level 12...

I'll probably only have a Strength of about 20, or 26 with greater Rage.

That's only giving me a +16 damage to my 1d3 bite and claws. Sure I'll have 4 attacks [+ gore] but that's not a lot of "Punch" for the DR issues.

Decent chance to hit though at around +20 Power Attacking and +15 with Dazing Assault.

Need to pump up that damage output or deal with the DR.

Any ideas?

Amulet would work me thinks but only with a huge amount of gold!

Why isn't there something for natural attack when dealing with cold iron, adamantine or alignment?

Punching through is a viable option I guess but when you need Dex for multiple AoO's and Con to survive all the minuses the Barbarian rage abilities impose on your AC, you're not looking all that amazing in the Strength department.

My starting stats are..
Str 17
Dex 15
Con 14
Int 7
Wis 14
Cha 7

Route goes something like..

Male Tengu Invulnerable Rager

1 Toughness
2 Fiend Totem, lesser
3 Power Attack
4 Superstition
5 Combat Reflexes
6 Reckless Abandon
7 Extra Rage Power - Knockdown
8 Inceased DR
9 Extra Rage Power - Increased DR
10 either Ghost Rager or Increased DR
11 Dazing Assault
12 Come and Get Me

Whether via the Beast Totem Feats or Tengu race, when playing a Barbarian that is exclusively using natural attacks, how does one go about dealing with Cold Iron/Silver/Adamantine/Alignment damage reduction?

Amulet of Mighty Fists can deal with DR/Magic... what about the rest?

If you did get extra attacks, that would be sick.

And if you do, can you choose which attack gets the extra hit? [I pick Gore(d8) and not Bite(d3)]

What would happen when you hit BAB 6/1?

Would you get a second attack with the bite??

How would a build using Natural Attacks deal with DR/Magic or cold iron or silver or adamantine or alignment?

darth_gator wrote:
Where's the Weed? wrote:

How can you think Charisma sucks?

No charisma = No role-playing.

Maybe you're thinking of 4E!

That's a complete fallacy. Just because you dump charisma, an in-game abstract, you are not limited in your rp ability--an out of game experience. If I'm playing a character with a dumped charisma, I can easily rp him as abrasive or otherwise socially awkward. You don't have to look at your character sheet and say, "Well, my Charisma is only 8, I guess I don't have any chance of role-playing this guy."

You misunderstand my point [or I poorly stated my point]

The whole Charisma mechanic is the role-playing part of the game in RAW. It represents all the interactive skills. I'm not saying you can't role-play a character if you dump charisma, of course you can.
What you can't do is interact within the given skill system effectively without charisma. This may well be a huge issue [as others have stated here] but it is true.
As gamers, we allow interaction through many means at the table but if you want to mechanically effect someone you need to use those social skills which all require charisma.

Unless someone comes up with an effective way to allow other skills to replace charisma we're not going to solve the issue.

It's like the guy who dumps Int and then comes up with intelligent ways of dealing with problems within the game. I hate it when players come to the table with their own heads after dumping Int.

How can you think Charisma sucks?

No charisma = No role-playing.

Maybe you're thinking of 4E!

I've just picked up some WizKids Pirate boosters and the ships are perfect for naval warfare.

Where's the Weed? wrote:

Anyone know what this would cost?

I don't see it listed anywhere.

Please and thank you.

Even more pleases!

Anyone know what this would cost?

I don't see it listed anywhere.

Please and thank you.

Grenouillebleue wrote:

In the meantime, your oracle has:

- Free quickcasting of healing spells for two slots

Where is this in the rulebook?

Cake for Keeperman... what flavour do you want?

Variant Mummy's

Just to clarify, if you think Savage Tides, you'll on the right lines, in other words, there aren't any magic shops around and you'll mostly have to make do with whatever the adventure gives out.

Forget defining "low magic" or "low wealth" and stick to the info above.

Would Pharasma have issues with her faithful casting spells like animate dead to use undead in battle, or would she see that as distasteful?

I was using general terms, sorry if that confused some.

I really mean a campaign like Savage Tide, or Serpents Skull, where the access to magic items is very limited until you can Teleport.

In a low Magic, or infrequent Magic Shop type Adventure which Classes deal with the lack of bling best?

Damage output/soak.
Arcane Caster.
plus anything else, Rogues are no longer required.

Is this AP any good?

Also, how much of the AP involves no "Ye old magic shops"


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Are the RAI so that you can heal with all your own channels assuming you're channelling to harm the enemy?

Would you also heal if channelling to harm outsiders or elemental?

Is RotRL being released as a all in one book? If so, where can I order it!?

I'm a player in this case, but I also DM and if I'm honest I wouldn't allow it!

Starglim wrote:
Where's the Weed? wrote:

If your II is a ring for example (something you're always wearing) would an ability like casting a spell with Personal as the Target effect you the wearer?

Mirror Image, for example.

A Personal spell would affect the caster of the spell, which would be the ring. Some Personal spells, such as teleport, also affect other creatures as specified in the spell description.

So that would make the ring have images and not my character, the wearer ? That seems a little harsh, or maybe just "balanced" !

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