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Vexies wrote:
Super excited by this but wish it was coming to consoles as well. Yes I know its heresy to say so lol. I used to be a hardcore PC gamer then tempered into a couch console gamer as I got older. Wont stop me from picking this up however.

Nah I think it's legit wish, lots of similar games have eventually come to console. But it'll come down to sales and time and I vaguely remember owlcats touching on this but their focus is computer release. I'm just happy they included a Mac version :-)

wkover wrote:

Tough to tell, but it seems like Paizo's online services are jumbled and confused. If so, it could be related to the recent crashes/updates over the past few weeks. Or perhaps all of Paizo's efforts are invested in the RPG playtest in the short term.

The Tapestry's Tides entry has been incorrect for over a month (listing the wrong content), and I've had a customer service request that hasn't been answered in a few weeks (despite multiple emails).

Whatever the issue, hopefully a fix is on the way. I remain optimistic. :)

Well it was quite enjoyable at GenCon, I believe there were things to update/fix but I was hoping to have seen back out by now. Here's hoping sooner then later.

Curious as to any word yet when it's releasing?

You know at GenCon they had a nifty 2sided info sheet for the character decks that were categorized that helped new players pick a deck. I'm not sure where they got it but it was at every table. It was really helpful.

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I noticed at GenCon a lot players grabbing location cards as they are hard to read (we were using the mat and everyone was seated around the table) and remember "While at this location" effect. Maybe enlarging just the location deck so anyone at the table can read it would be nice.

I'm working on a demo page and should have something ready by tomorrow night to give a better idea of what I'm doing.

The goal is simple and geared to new players, ultimate decks I'm leaving out as I have yet to see them or play them and typically I don't expect those decks to be picked by new players.

I was thinking of starting a project where the characters from the class decks are rated on ease of play for new players. E.G. John Smith
I'm thinking of the mechanics of the character and how well some play with other characters. Primarily it's a rating system for new players.
But alas i have yet to play every character, I really would love community input. I'm trying to get this ready for GenCon as well for a neat binder I'm creating.

Easy: simple to play, abilities are simple overall good for all most scenarios.
Medium: requires some forthought on play, abilities might require some light strategy.
Hard: challenge to play requires great understanding of menchiacs and requires quite a bit of Strategy.

All feedback is appreciated!

Bob Jonquet wrote:

Update. All volunteer applicants through today have been notified of their status. We will not be processing any new applicants for a couple of weeks so we can focus on responding to registration.

We will begin distributing volunteer block schedules tonight so watch your inbox. We strongly encourage volunteers to build wishlists. We can obtain an event report based on the wishlists which will help us identify demand and perhaps shift/add tickets before registration goes live on Sunday.

Remember, we have tables held in reserve so we can more quickly add availability to the highest demand tickets. So, if you see something fill up, you may want to check back periodically the first few days after registration opens as more tickets may become available.

Some volunteers have started to see the badge dropped into their Gen Con account. You should receive an email directly from Gen Con when this happens. The rest will be distributed ASAP so watch for it. When that process is complete, we will post a notification so you can alert us if you did not receive it. Please do not send email requests regarding missing badges until we let you know the process is complete. We anticipate having the process complete before registration goes live on Sunday.

Can you elaborate (I'm new) on the wish-list, for what exactly?

Thank you

So I'm looking to start pathfinder, I'm familiar with the card game and would like to try the pen and paper verison. Recommended to try online (better for my Sched) so I'm total newb (very open to learn) would love a beginners session or GM's who are good with newbies lol thanks :-)

I'm curious about online play as it looks like I can't make any local sessions due to Sched. Could anyone point me in the right direction and brief overview how it works lol sorry total newb

I would not want to be on the receiving end of that icecicle swarm BRRRRRR

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
WaterScorpion wrote:
So I'm fairly to new to the pen and paper version of pathfinder ( few years of the card game ) but I'm wanting to create a character, but unsure which class. I'm a big fan of... the whips, daggers... and also of magic.... Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I do have access to almost every major book, but not sure where to start. Thanks
I have a funny thought. If you really want to develop Whip, and you want to cast spells. Consider being a Warpriest and make your Sacred Weapon a Whip. You get to cast Spells. Your Whip will do Sacred Weapon Damage instead of the low damage for Whip, and there are a lot of cool feats that go with Whip, things that will give you like a 15' Reach, make you awesome at Tripping and Disarming, lots of neat tricks, and like I said before, since you will be a Warpriest, your Damage will be respectable.

Which Deity favored weapon is whip by chance?

Curious as to what classes you're playing as?

Yes, it be nice for Organized Play.

Slayer: Not quite what I am looking for but def feathering that cap
Archaeologist Bard: I am doing more reading on bards in general first
Bard: Intriguing though the performance is iffy for me but see above class.
Elderitch Scoundrel: there was only a short bit in arcane anthology but I am not sure, I do prefer innate spellcasting vs wizard prep.
Unchained Rogue: This one i need more time with but I tend to agree it might be a bit too advanced for me starting.
Investigator: I was thinking along this lines earlier as I'm a fan of alchemist not sure.

I really do apperciate everyone's input

Ooooh ultimate decks!!!

Wow thank you everyone! I have some reading up to do tonight!

Does the the investigator fit the rogue/magic fit?

Heather 540 wrote:
Well, if you want a spellcasting rogue, you could play as an archaeologist bard. You have all the spells of the bard with a few more weapon choices than a Rogue and the ability to wear a shield without penalty. You lose the magical Performances like Inspire Courage, but gain a Luck bonus to rolls and several Rogue Class Features, including Rogue Talents every 4 levels.

I guess I overlooked bards as I have a somewhat negative preconceived idea, they are just mixed bag not great at anyone thing but ok at lots. But I'll look into for sure.

So I'm fairly to new to the pen and paper version of pathfinder ( few years of the card game ) but I'm wanting to create a character, but unsure which class. I'm a big fan of rogues (with the whips, daggers, and treasure seeking) and also of magic in the way of sorcerers innate ability to cast And harrowers . Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I do have access to almost every major book, but not sure where to start. Thanks

Wow thank you so much this really helps!

Mike Selinker wrote:
We do indeed intend to do Quinn, Kess, and Hakon.

Just made my day :-)

Any chance we ever get a Quinn the investigator character? I'd imagine he'd be very suited for trigger cards. Anyone's thoughts on how he'd play as a character?