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These are dividers that help keep your PACG cards organized within the box. I created them before seeing that other players had created similar divider files, but I've made mine available because they are slightly different from those that others have made.

First, they are "no frills" designs - simply having a 1/2" color bar at top with block text, matching the colors/text of the cards used in the game. The cards are otherwise all white, with the exceptions of one or more lines at the bottom (allowing you to customize the height of the card - for those of you that don't store your cards within the stock box) and the character cards having a logo or text indicating which base set/class deck the character is from (so that you know you're using Kyra from Wrath of the Righteous and not from Rise of the Runelords or the class deck ;) ).

Second, these include dividers for cards with base set numbers (1-6) as well as Basic and Elite (if you want to store those cards separately when you remove them from play). For example, there are dividers for Weapon, Weapon - Basic, Weapon - Elite, Weapon - 1, Weapon - 2, etc. I've probably created more than people will use - there are a few that I don't use, but I figured other players might want to organize their cards differently so I tried to cover a variety of options.

There are currently four files. The PACG Base Sets file has the dividers used in every base set. The files named for the actual adventure paths (e.g., Rise of the Runelords) are the dividers specific to those APs. For example, the Skull & Shackles file includes dividers for each of the characters in that base set as well as Ships, including the level dividers for the ships.

PACG Base Sets
Rise of the Runelords
Skull & Shackles
Wrath of the Righteous

You'll need to download the PACG Base Sets file and the files for each of the base sets you own in order to have a complete set of dividers for any base set.

I print these on cardstock, laminate them, and then cut them to size. You can easily use these in a number of alternate applications, however.

You can see these dividers in use in this picture, which shows them in both the stock insert as well as The Broken Token's PACG Organizer (I store my cards in front of the corresponding divider - you can store them behind if you want to, though. ;) ). Since I keep my cards in the base set box, the height of my dividers is limited to that box - I'm contemplating moving them to a deeper cabinet so that I can make dividers whose text you can actually read above the cards.

I'm working on similar cards for the class decks, though those will come in both vertical and horizontal varieties since players aren't necessarily constrained to the base set boxes for their class decks. When I get those finished, I'll post links to the file locations here.

If you see any errors or omissions, or if you have suggestions for improvements, please let me know.

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Vertical dividers for the current range of class decks:

Bard | Cleric | Druid | Fighter | Monk | Paladin | Ranger | Rogue | Sorcerer | Wizard

These provide two basic options for card organization: by card level (e.g., B, 1, 2, etc.) or by card type (e.g., weapon, spell, armor, etc.). You can further break them down by card type and level. Character dividers include the class deck name (similarly to how the character cards in the AP divider files had the AP logos).

I've included the last two digits of Paizo's product code (e.g., the Bard CD product code is PZO6801, so "01") in the file name for each. This is just in case Paizo ever produces additional class decks for each/any CD, so that the files for the various CDs can be distinguished from each other.

Horizontal dividers for the class decks will come soon, as well as divider files as additional class decks are released.

Again, if you see any errors or omissions, or if you have suggestions for improvements, please let me know.

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Even if others have done this already, I for one appreciate your efforts. They look very nice. We should all spend more time accessorizing our PACG collections!

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I echo Hawkmoon's comment; Accessories like these that keep everything organized are a big help to OCD guys like myself.

Thanks for sharing your work!

Adventure Card Game Designer

These are lovely. Thank you for sharing!

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I appreciate everyone's feedback and hope the dividers are useful to someone. :)

Something I'm considering is creating "tabbed" versions of the various level cards. So the main card for that type (e.g., Weapon) would have the text/color bar extending the complete width of the divider while each level number/color would take up a fraction of the horizontal width, with each one offset horizontally so that it would be easy to tell at a glance which level divider is which for speedier access. The Basic and Elite cards would be similarly offset (each probably taking up 1/2 the width).

I would do this for each of the files presented so far, providing them as alternate (not replacement) versions. First, though, I need to finish the horizontal dividers for the class decks.

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All of the files except Rise of the Runelords and the Druid and Monk CDs have been updated based on feedback.

"B", "In Use", and "Removed from Game" dividers have been added. The "In Use" divider was a duh moment for me. For those players that want to store their removed cards (i.e., the cards with the Basic and Elite traits at certain points in the APs) by card level, the "B" card is useful. The "Removed from Game" divider is an alternative to both the "B" as well as the "Basic" and "Elite" options.

The Wrath of the Righteous file also has a "Removed from Game" divider for Cohorts.

The Skull & Shackles file removes the "Basic" and "Elite" dividers for ships (didn't need those - what was I thinking?) and adds a ship stand that you can use to indicate either the acting character or the location at which the ship is anchored.

The class decks all have an added "frills" version of the class deck divider that can be used in place of the plain version or which can be used to lay on top of the cards or affix to the outside of your storage container to readily indicate the cards inside. The only exceptions are the Druid and Monk class decks (I'm just waiting for the images of the characters to be uploaded to the community use file ;) ). These were inspired in part by this discussion.

All links above remain the same (look for the files uploaded on 24 January 2016).

Excellent job! The updated "frills" divider is exactly what I had in mind. To me this excellent set you've worked to make has become perfect. Thanks for all the work.

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Barbarian class deck dividers added (no "frills" version until the images become available)

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Oracle class deck dividers added (no "frills" version until the images become available)

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Alchemist class deck dividers added (no "frills" version until the images become available)

How does everyone make their dividers? I printed mine out on card stock. I wanted to affix them to some BCW white card dividers but nothing seems to really hold them together well. I have tried covering them with penny sleeves but the dividers are a little too big. I also tried scrap-booking tape too but it just came off.

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I've found that simply laminating the dividers, whether printed on cardstock (my preference) or paper, is sufficient for my purposes. I use a heat laminator, but the the adhesive lamination sheets should work as well.

I'm curious about how others have used the dividers and how well those methods have worked.

I made dividers for my class decks as well. I print them on cardstock and fold the label part back to keep them inside the box. They're plenty durable without lamination or anything.

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The "frills" versions of the Alchemist and Oracle class deck dividers have been added (follow the links above).

I'm also working on getting V3 of the dividers uploaded - the update in the latest version being the addition of the class deck icon to the character name dividers (similar to how the adventure path versions have the logo of the adventure path).

Unfortunately, the updated community use packages for the class deck characters didn't include the images for the barbarians, druids, or monks, so those are still in the queue.

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The V3 dividers for all of the decks above (except barbarians, druids, and monks) have been added (the exceptions are pending the addition of the character images to the community use package. Use the same links as those previously provided.

Dividers for the Inquisitors class deck have been added, straight to V3 (images for all of the characters and for the class deck were available).

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My hard drive crashed awhile back, and the divider files were among those that I had not backed up. It took me some time to get the gumption to re-create them, but I’ve finally completed that task and they are now available through the Board Game Geek. I’ve made some minor tweaks, so these are all v4.

There are two main changes with v4.

First is the addition of labels. These are basically the color-coded portion of the dividers, allowing those that have some other divider material (such as plasticard or balsa wood or whatever) to simply print out the labels and affix them to their dividers without wasting too much paper.

Second is the addition of larger standees (in addition of the smaller standees that were previously included). The small standees are .4” x 1.25” and the large standees are 1” x 1.8”.

Another change was the splitting of the class deck dividers. As with the AP dividers, there is a file for the dividers that are common to all class/character/add-on decks (e.g., WEAPON, WEAPON – 1, ITEM, ITEM – 3, etc.). The dividers for each deck, meanwhile, are only those for the characters and any support cards that are in that deck (e.g., COHORT in the Witch Class Deck, REDEMPTION in the Hell’s Vengeance Character Deck 1). This made the various deck files smaller.

There are a few sets for which all of the images of the characters haven’t yet been made available via the CUP. These include some of the Mummy’s Mask characters as well as the Summoner, Warpriest, and Magus characters (other than the iconics). With the exception of the Magus Class Deck, I’ve made the files available for download with a note that the images aren’t included on the standees and that the files will be updated when the images become available. This really won’t matter to most unless they plan on using the standees (which I know many of you won’t be doing because you already have your own alternatives to the tokens). The only exception is that I haven’t uploaded the Magus Class Deck file yet because neither the class deck icon nor the character images have been made available, so it would seem like a waste to print up either/both (dividers, standees) and then re-print them when the images become available later.

Links to all of the files that are currently available:

Dividers common to all APs/base sets
Rise of the Runelords AP
Skull & Shackles AP
Wrath of the Righteous AP
Mummy’s Mask AP

Dividers common to all class/character/add-on decks
Alchemist CD
Barbarian CD
Bard CD
Cleric CD
Druid CD
Fighter CD
Goblins Burn! CD
Goblins Fight! CD
Gunslinger CD
Hell’s Vengeance CD 1
Inquisitor CD
Monk CD
Oracle CD
Paladin CD
Pathfinder Tales CD
Ranger CD
Rogue CD
Sorcerer CD
Summoner CD
Warpriest CD
Witch CD
Wizard CD

The other dividers/standees haven't changed from previous versions, so there's no need to download files you downloaded previously unless you want one of the new features.

As before, if you see any errors or omissions, or if you have any suggestions for improvements, please let me know.

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Hell's Vengeance CD 2 added

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The dividers/standees for the Summoner and Warpriest Class Decks have been updated, now including images for all three characters in each deck.

The dividers/standees for the Magus and Hunter Class Decks have been added.

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Occult Adventures CD 1
Occult Adventures CD 2
Ultimate Combat AOD

I was holding off on the Occult Adventures dividers in hopes that the Occult Adventures logo would be added to the CU file. It hasn't, so these dividers don't include the logo (which appears on some of the dividers below the colored label, so not much of a loss). Similarly, I doubt that the "Ultimate" logos will ever be added to the CU file, so I don't see much point in waiting for those. If any of these logos are ever added, I'll post revised versions of the applicable dividers.

Wow thank you so much this really helps!

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Ultimate Magic AOD

I forgot to remove the Cohort dividers from the (templated) file before uploading it. If/when the dividers are ever updated (e.g., if the Ultimate Magic logo is ever added to the community use logos), I'll remove the cohort dividers at that time.

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Ultimate Intrigue AOD

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Ultimate Equipment AOD

Shadow Lodge

Dotting in.

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Wow! Awesome! Thank you for sharing!!

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Ultimate Wilderness AOD

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I've updated the dividers for the Core Set, Curse of the Crimson Throne, and (hopefully) any future character decks and APs that might be released. I adjusted the dimensions to more closely match those of the dividers in the Core Set, and the colors have been adjusted to match (based on color swatches from card images shown in blog posts). I also revised the card heights, decreasing the heights of the labels at the top and providing two basic heights - the taller ones for main dividers (like Weapons and Monsters) and the shorter ones for sub-dividers (like Weapon 2 and Monster 5), the difference in height being the height of the labels (3/8" of an inch now vice the 1/2" on the old cards). I've also removed the standees since those are now provided in the APs (the character deck dividers will probably have standees if those aren't included with the decks).

Both files can be found at the Board Game Geek:

Core Set
Curse of the Crimson Throne AP

As before, if you see anything that you think can be fixed/improved, please let me know.

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I finally got around to sleeving my Curse of the Crimson Throne AP cards, so I've updated/finalized the dividers file for that set (I removed any dividers that aren't needed for the set):

Curse of the Crimson Throne AP v 2

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