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Assume and you make an...


As other have said this scenario thinks a lot of low level parties and their ability to handle certain threats. I have run this 4 times now for both low and high level and both groups had issues with a number of enemies in this scenario.

There were some issues with the final fight that stems from the common conceptions that 'Hitting = Winning' in PFS but a creative group could resolve the issue.

There's also a ton of wasted space in this scenario. Groups can spend a good chunk of time looking at supply closets.

The fact that the map is changed up from the old terrible Blakros layout keeps this from being a 1 star review.

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History repeats itself


As a whole this 'scenario' fails. What we really have here is something that wanted to be many smaller missions or perhaps "quests" but was decided it would be thrown together and called a full scenario. It is the awkwardness of First Steps combined with the murder hobo aspect of many early scenarios.

Your team is tasked with taking on 3 of 7 missions for no reason more then you are told to by some faction leader. Once you complete your nonsensical mission they begin to spit a block of text at you in the same vein of awkwardness that they did in First Steps.

This should have been made into multiple smaller quests where players decide which one to play based on the faction they would like to join and after they finish they make the decision to move into that faction or look into a different one.

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Wish I could give this 0 stars


I am not sure how this has yet to be retired. The basic idea is "Beat up an old man, a foreigner, an innocent man, and another guy to find a bunch of stupid statues."

I understand this introduces Torch and he is a plot device through many mods but this thing is just terrible. Please do players and GMs a favor and file this one away.

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Good but needs some adjusting


I did like to run this as the setting and enemies were very nice but some of the setup and numbers were kind of awkward. May be some spoilers ahead.

The first fight expects you to throw something like 6-8 enemies at the players when on a 3 square wide bridge. A movement nightmare that makes it so half the feats and abilities of the enemies just cant work. Then all the enemies have maybe some of the worst ACs for an NPC of their level that I've seen.

Then they expect the players to unmask a gorgon. This was rough to run RP wise and the ensuing fight doesn't last long since all the other enemy NPCs are caged and arrive to the fight late.

Then the fight with the leader of the mantis group was a joke in my opinion. This amazing rouge is expected to fight alone? all of his strength is in his sneak attack and other tricks which you kind of cant do if its a 6V1. He gets 6 way stomped like the bug he is.

The final "encounter" has lost its luster since all the shadow lodge info has come out. Its a big reveal that has already been revealed to all the players. I think it can still shock the players but I skipped setting it up and merely explained it to the players box text style.

If I ran this again I would definitely fix some of these encounters. Bump the ACs a few points and throw in a few more goons. My group was balanced and they walked through this thing, so Im sure a little bump could be handled.