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Gale Force Nine is coming out with a collector's series of D&D minis; estimated to release in December. First releases will be:
1.) Large Eye Tyrant
2.) Purple Worm
3.) Illithid Raiding party (Illithid Mage, Illithid Warrior, Gnoll, Duergar, and Brain Eater)
4.) Drow War Party (Mage, Priestess, Archer, Warrior and Rogue), Priestess not yet sculpted.
5.) Lolth in human form.

Pics here:




Unfortunately, I must cancel my Pathfinder subscription for a while. When things pick up again, I'll renew it.



Bumping for no response.

I preordered the new Order of the Stick book back in July (order #656380). I see that it's listed as available on the web site but I haven't received my copy yet. Is there a problem?