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On 10/06/08, I received an email confirmation that Paizo Order #1053685 would be shipping shortly and to expect it in 4 to 8 days. To date, I haven't received it. Could you please check on what happened to my order? I've already received my Pathfinder subscription and another order both of which shipped after this purchase.


Vernon Fults

Bumping for no response.

Paizo Employee Sales Associate

I apologize for the delayed response!

Your order shipped out on 10/6 via standard post, which is not a trackable shipping method. It should have arrived in 4 to 8 business days. Today would be business day 11, so it should definitely have arrived by now.

However, while it is definitely delayed, it is not yet so late that we should give up on it arriving altogether. It is most likely merely delayed a bit and should arrive any day now. Therefore, if you still have not seen it by the end of next week, let me know and I will get replacements shipped out to you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please let me know if it should show up, and I will let you know if it gets returned to us.


Good news, the package showed up this afternoon. The box was somewhat worse for wear but the contents were fine. Thanks!



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