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Best. Set. Ever.


I received my case today. From the previews I felt this might be the best set ever, and the case did not disappoint! Excellent paint jobs over all, and no botched faces.

I did have one of my four City Watch Commanders missing her bow. One of the Pious Guards and Fieya popped off their bases, but Superglue fixed that. The paint jobs on Fieya and the King's faces were better, but it is obvious that the sculpts lack detail and that even though the paint jobs are the best that can be done on the minis, the detail on the faces is shallow, so paint only goes so far in fixing the problem.

The dungeon dressing is great. I got two beds, two crates, and one of each of the rest. The bar incentive is very cool, but we need more tables and stools!

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Great sculpts with mediocre paint jobs


First, the good: these are great sculpts and I like the way they scale next to each other (although Drizzt is a bit too tall for a drow). The paint jobs are for the most part simple but adequate. However, as with some of the recent Pathfinder Battles minis, the paint jobs on the faces leave much to be desired. In my set, Drizzt had the best face. The Elf Wizard had too little paint applied to her face, leaving it splotchy. The Dwarf Cleric had too little paint applied to her chin making it look like she had a short beard. And the Halfling, Fighter, and Ranger had too thick a coat applied to their faces, obscuring any detail. This blobby paint job is especially bad on the Halfling. If not for the poor jobs on the faces, I would have given this set a 5 star rating.

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What happened to the face?


See that nice, detailed face in the picture of the Janni? That's not what it looks like when you get one from a booster. Mine came out looking like too much paint was applied and then the painter tried to thin it out with water/paint thinner but made things worse. I ended up cutting off the head from an extra Anakin Solo Star Wars mini to replace the Janni's head to salvage the mini. This mini was a disappointment especially because the rest of the figure was perfectly painted.

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The incredible melting face!


I've seen three minis of this figure besides the one from my case. All of them have paint globbed on to the figure so heavily that all facial detail is lost. On my mini, the flesh color does not bleed over onto the hair, but on the others I've seen, most of the hair is flesh colored. I can do a repaint to fix color where it is not supposed to be, but I don't know how to strip the thick glop off the mini's face to restore the facial detail. This is a horrible excuse for a rare.

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What happened with the head?


I was really looking forward to this figure but the product in hand is a disappointment. Though well-painted, it is somewhat smaller than the figures released in the Beginner Box Heroes. However, my main complaint is that Seelah's head is simply a ball without any features; no nose, no mouth, no cheeks, with eyes and hair painted on it. This is a not only a rare but an iconic; it should be better than this.

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Great tile set!


Like the previous map pack, the Graveyard set is top notch with nice, heavy cardstock and great artwork. I can't wait until my players wander through a necropolis so I can use these tiles!

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Excellent product!


This is the cadillac of tile sets with great artwork and superb color on each tile. Worth the price for the tavern alone!