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Perhaps a high-cost vanity would work? Something like "Ally of the Catfolk" where you spent 16 prestige on one character to unlock the boon. It would be something to work toward for players really invested in playing a certain race, but the high cost would prevent an avalanche of rare race characters. Convention attendees would still get a unique benefit, but everyone would have access overall.

The Frostfur Captives is one of my favorite scenarios, partly because it's mostly outdoors and spans several days. What are some other scenarios with a similar feel?

Well drat. It's rather odd to mention something is legal for play if it technically isn't :(.

Pathfinder Society Additional Resources, August 13, 2013 wrote:

Pathfinder Player Companion: Varisia, Birthplace of Legends

Roles: Duskwarden, Frontier Defender, Magnimarian Warden, Professional Gambler, Sable Company Marine, Sczarni Tough, Shingles Dweller, Shoanti Outrider, Shoanti Totem Shaman, Sky Magistrate, Varisian Bravo, and Welcome Wanderer are legal for play.

So I just noticed that Sable Company Marines are legal in PFS. Anyone currently playing one? How has your playing experience been? What direction have you taken your hippogriff rider's build?

If you fail the Fly check after taking damage and have your altitude reduced by 10', if you're within 10' of the ground, is it immediate falling damage, or do you get another roll to avoid falling damage?

Also, if you're on a flying mount and fall, do you both take falling damage or is some absorbed by your steed, if you remain mounted?

I just GM'ed a Tier 1-5 scenario at the 4-5 subtier. Can I apply the credit to a level 2 character? If so, I take the 1-2 subtier gold without any out-of-tier adjustment, correct?

Glad you could make it Sensuna. Chronicle sheets have been sent out and the session has been logged. Thanks for joining, everyone!

Yup, I sent you a PM with the links to the game and hangout.

Great, adding you.

1. W. Price, Druid 4
2. A. Giorgi, Barbarian 3 or Bard 5
3. M. Hill, Cleric 4
4. M. Hutchins, TBD 4
5. mellyerxs, Ninja 4


I've got a Tier 1-5 adventure that is starting soon. Send me a PM if you're interested.

You can find all the pregens in the PFS Player Resources section:

Forrest Pope wrote:
Can I join up? I'd have to use a pre-gen as well. My PFS character is lvl 1, but with one more xp, he'll be stepping up to lvl2. If that sounds alright and there's room let me know!

Yup! Here's the current roster, if that helps in choosing your pregen.

1. W. Price, Druid 4
2. A. Giorgi, Barbarian 3 or Bard 5
3. M. Hill, Cleric 4
4. M. Hutchins, TBD 4


Great! You can download her sheet under the Player Resources section on this site.

1. W. Price, Druid 4
2. Tal Qirat, Ranger 5
3. A. Giorgi, TBD 4 or 5
4. M. Hill, Cleric 4


"Pathfinder Lugizar Trantos recently returned from the Mwangi Expanse with haunted eyes and a pack full of strange idols. Absalom's famed Blakros Museum purchased his pieces and Lugizar vanished. The strange monkey idols he pulled from the misty jungles of Mwangi carry with them a fell curse, and now their power has laid claim to the museum. Can the Pathfinder Society uncover the source of the curse in time, or will the Blackros Museum be forever lost to the mists of Mwangi?"

Since people sometimes check email rather than Google Groups directly, the muster order often gets mixed up. So this time, I'm going to try mustering here instead. The adventure is Tier 1-5, but I'll be running the 4-5 subtier.

1. W. Price, Druid 4
2. Tal Qirat, Ranger 5
3. A. Giorgi, TBD 4 or 5


Once you've added yourself to the list, please send me a PM with the following information:

Player Name
Character Name

Thanks :)!

"Tasked with escorting a group of goblin prisoners from their camp to civilization for interrogation by the Pathfinder Society, you must protect them not only from the beasts and hazards of the wilderness, but themselves."

Mustering over on the PFSOC Google Group. Please sign up there:!topic/pathfinder-society-online-collectiv e/-rTO3TXDWLQ

I'm running the first scenario of Season "Zero." It's Tier 1-5, but I'm going to run Subtier 1-2. We're mustering over on the PFSOC Google Group, so leave all replies there, not here, thanks :).!topic/pathfinder-society-online-collectiv e/6m4RVTb6Y1A

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This combination seems rather powerful for mounted warriors. If I'm reading this correctly, it means as long as you're riding, you're sharing a space with your mount and thus both of you no longer provoke attacks of opportunity while moving. Is this really as good as it sounds or am I missing something?

Horsemaster's Saddle
This ornate military saddle, tooled with an elaborate equine motif, grants the mount a +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks and the mount's rider a +5 competence bonus on Ride checks. In addition, the mount gains the benefits of any teamwork feats possessed by the rider.

Escape Route (Combat, Teamwork)
You have trained to watch your allies’ backs, covering them as they make tactical withdraws.

Prerequisite: none

Benefit: An ally who also has this feat provokes no attacks of opportunity for moving through squares adjacent to you or within your space.

Ah, thanks for the info!

With the Extra Item Slot feat from Animal Archive, I'm considering giving my cavalier's wolf mount Feather Step Slippers. As far as I can tell, this is legal for PFS play, but has anyone heard otherwise?

Animal Archive wrote:

Extra Item Slot

You are able to wear magic items more easily than other creatures of your kind.

Prerequisites: Non-humanoid body shape.

Benefit: Choose one magic item slot not normally available to creatures with your shape. You can now use magic items in that slot.

Ultimate Equipment wrote:

Slippers, Feather Step

These fine silken slippers allow their wearer to ignore the adverse movement effects of difficult terrain as if subject to the feather step spell, including granting the ability to take 5-foot steps in difficult terrain.

For fluff, I'd just reskin it as a set of magical tassels tied to each leg.

Awesome, thanks!

What would be a good scenario to run for a level 1-2 party of half-orcs (mostly barbarian and barbarian dips)? I'm looking for something challenging combat-wise. Bonus if it has lore that specifically engages half-orcs.

Good point, Nargrakhan. It's really popular to say, "vegetarians kill lots of plants," without going further into that equation. What many people don't realize is that vegetarians, on average, need less plants overall than meat-eaters. Ditto with other resources, like water.

Don't forget something that will allow you to breathe underwater. From drowning traps to underground lakes, I now carry a potion of underwater breathing at all times. Definitely learn the Air Bubble spell or an equivalent if you can.

As an alternative, I might just roll the younger brother of the main character.

If I have a friend with a level 1 character, is there anything against the rules with making a level 1 version of my higher level character to adventure with him? I've made a lot of alts, but I'd really just prefer to stick with my main character, if only in name & concept. Is it legal to have two characters with the same name and class, as long as they have completely separate PFS#s and chronicles?

I PFS because home games always get bogged down by scheduling conflicts.

Let's just say I don't fear playing max subtier in PFS games when there's a summoner in the party! There's a summoner with an eidolon named "Fluffy" that quite a few people in the VTT community are familiar with. When that eidolon gets a full attack on something, the foe usually disappears in an explosion of gore. I don't even remember the summoner's name, but I'll never forget Fluffy!

Danger Ward (Ex): At 2nd level, the cavalier can ready his allies for impending danger. As a standard action, he can ready all allies within 30 feet of the danger ahead, granting a bonus on a single type of saving throw (Fortitude, Reflex or Will) that he chooses when he grants this boon. At any point in the next minute, when these allies fail a saving throw of that type, they can choose to reroll the saving throw with a +4 competence bonus as an immediate action, but must take the results of the reroll even if it is worse. He can use this ability up to three times per day, once for each type of saving throw.

Since each use targets a different save, I can stack all three effects if I want, right? 3 standard actions, but there have been several times where the party has had time right before the final door where it would be ideal.

You'll often see muster announcements over at the PFS Google Group:!forum/pathfinder-society-online-collectiv e

Welcome to PFS online!

I was in a party with a Syrio the other day, though I believe he was a bard. The fact that he did the accent and everything was great. Maybe I'd feel differently if I saw tons of Syrios all the time, but I don't get too bothered when people try their hand at adapting fantasy characters from other sources for Pathfinder. What matters most for me is how friendly and team-oriented a player is. The rest is gravy.

Perfect, thanks!

Is there a feat that an animal companion can take that will allow it to treat Medium Barding like Light in terms of movement?

Zog of Deadwood wrote:
Incidentally, this is off-topic, but you mentioned your wolf had regular leather armor. As somethng your half-dryad might consider for the future, masterwork studded leather armor...

Well, it's certainly more on-topic than 50% of the thread ;).

There's a lot I could say on the whole gender tangent, but in the interest of sticking to the original topic, I'll avoid that. If I had been in your party when you lost your animal companion, I definitely would've RP'ed with you. My cavalier is quite attached to his companion, too, so he would've empathized with your druid's loss. However, keep in mind that many people simply don't find animal companions as compelling or fun as we do. I think this is a matter of gauging the RP inclinations of your party members, as well as being cognizant of their attitude toward animal companions in general and your animal companion in particular.

I've been in parties where my cavalier's wolf was probably more popular than the cavalier. People would take the time to interact with the companion. The response to RP was favorable, like intimidation checks where it was technically the cavalier's roll, but seen as a halfling reluctantly holding back a much larger, hostile, and hungry wolf. On the other hand, I've been in parties where my wolf was pretty much a non-entity. It wasn't a malicious or unfriendly thing, just general ambivalence, which was totally fine. Different strokes for different folks and all that. Basically, any RP that includes my animal companion is commensurate with the overall interest from the party as a whole.

I think it's unfortunate that your other party members lost out on a golden RP opportunity. However, I think it's best to save such inspired work for people that you know will appreciate it. Best of luck with your future parties/games and I hope your druid finds a new companion that helps her recover from this loss.

Wiggz wrote:
You want to get a handle on archers? Track ammunition. That basic, common sensical approach in our campaign has turned archers from an ultra-specialized uber-maxxed artillery platform to the switch-hitters they probably should have been all along.

Agreed. In 2 recent games, my party's ranged PCs constantly switched weapons. It wasn't just to preserve ammunition, but to take advantage of various combat situations. All three had a very dynamic play style that was fun to watch. They weren't pure pew pew turrets :).

rknop wrote:
The situation is, right now we have GMs signing off only on the gold, experience, and prestige earned in a scenario, but not on purchases. Let's assume that that is all that we're ever going to be able to get GMs reliably to do. Thus, we have to remove the assumption that GMs are going to sign off on purchases.

I agree with Rob. Right now, I use blue lettering on my chronicle PDFs to clearly display my additions. I do this after I get the signed sheet, so the vast majority of my items haven't been initialed. However, I get verbal permission and keep good records so that all my purchases and gold can be tracked from chronicle to chronicle. I feel that an honest effort at accounting, even without an initial for each purchase should be enough.

Heheh, I like your logic! Thanks, all :).

The use of the word "determined" is odd! If I roll a 1 on an attack, the result has been determined. Though, I'm sure every GM out there would allow the reroll regardless ;).

Sniggevert wrote:
What if you just rolled a 1 on a can be a life saver.

But doesn't that mean that the result has already been determined?

Walter Sheppard wrote:
This reroll must happen before the original result is determined and the player must use the reroll result, even if it is lower.

Hmmm... definitely not as good as I thought. Unless you're a GM and get bonuses, I don't really see the benefit.

Ah, thanks!

I'm still relatively new to PFS. During last night's game, I found out that a party member's snazzy character folio granted him a reroll. That's pretty cool! I did a search on items that grant rerolls, but results popped up with in-game spells and traits. Is there a FAQ somewhere that lists all out-of-game items that grant rerolls? Do different items with this bonus stack, like a character folio and a t-shirt?

Thank you so much for giving us the chance to retrain after level 1!

That's what I thought, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks!

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I recently noticed the following in the FAQ:

Pathfinder Design Team, 05/24/13 wrote:
Power Attack: If I am using a two-handed weapon with one hand (such as a lance while mounted), do still I get the +50% damage for using a two-handed weapon?

In this case, lances wielded in one hand, while mounted, are given the same bonuses as lances wielded in two hands when not mounted. Is there an official ruling regarding STR bonuses? Do lances give a +50% STR bonus damage wielded in one hand, while mounted? I'm not referring to Charge (the 2x bonus), but rather the bonus given to all weapons from Strength. Lances seem to fall in a gray area, as the clarification with Power Attack demonstrates.

Awesome, thanks!

I see that we get to keep them, but are Fame and unspent PP actually changed in their affiliation along with the character?

I've played three adventures as Grand Lodge, but I'm thinking of switching to Andoran. I saw the following in the clarifications post:

Changing factions as part of a first level retrain does not cost PP

That's great! However, what happens to the Fame and Prestige that you keep? Are those also retconned similar to how class and race prior to level 2 can be completely transformed? Do my current Fame and Prestige points become Andoran, or do those remain Grand Lodge?

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