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Basic Adventure Outline

- Lord Maxwell Conner is in need of adventurers to deal with a Thieves Guild that has started to cause problems for his beloved fiancee, Lady Abagail Wincroft.
while unsure of the abilities of most adventurers he has sent a few of his men to seek out a group that might be able to nip the "start of a great problem should it be left to fester"
While he does hope the Players can catch the would-be Thieves Guild before it takes root in the city he lives and hopes to wed in (a secret to no one should people listen to him more
then 5 minutes) to Lady Abagail Wincroft (whom incidentally has a family that runs many wealthy trade routes in the merchant quarter and would reward heroes amazingly)
He offers the group a reward of 500 GP each for getting rid of the problem before it becomes too great, and even sweetens the pot by letting them know other wealth on the thieves is also
allowed as other merchants would consider it a reward to remove the thieves guild before it takes root as well.

Part one of the Adventure Encounters/Traps- (Level one Party, group size 4-5 Players)

6 CR 2 Traps - Poisoned Bolt Traps
{Type- Mechanical, Perception/Disable DC 20, Trigger- Location, Reset- Manual, Effect: +10 ranged Attack 1d6+4 Damage Plus Black Adder Poison}

2 CR 3 Traps - Poisoned Spiked Pit Traps
{type- Mechanical, Perception/Disable DC 20, trigger- Location, reset- Manual, Effect: 10' Deep Pit (1d6 Falling Damage), Pit Spikes ( +10 Attack Melee, 1d4 Spikes per Target for 1d4+2 Damage Plus Black Adder Poison)
reflex Save DC 20 Avoids, Multitarget in a 10' Area}

8 CR 1/2 or 2 Groups of 3 thieves (CR 3)

NPC Rogues:

City Thief CR 1/2
Human, NE, Rogue 2
Initiative: +2 , Senses: Perception +4
AC: 14 Touch: 12 Flat-Footed: 12 (+2 Armor, +2 Dex)
HP: 11 (HD 2d8+2)
Fortitude +1 Reflex +5 Will -1
SD: Evasion
Melee: Cold-Iron Dagger +1 (1d4/19-20 P)
Ranged: Darts +3 (1d4/x2 20ft Range p)
SA: Sneak Attack +1d6
Str 11 Dex 15 Con 12 Int 10 Wis 8 Cha 9
BA: +1 CMB: +1 CMD: 13
Deft Hands, Skill Focus [Disable Device]
Appraise +5, Climb +5, Craft- Trapmaking+5, Craft- Alchemy +5,
Disable Device +12 (+13 Versus Traps), Escape Artist +7,
Intimidate +4, KS- Local +5, Perception +4 (+5 Versus Traps),
Sleight of Hand +9, Stealth +7

SQ- Trapfinding, Rogue Talent (Quick Disable)

Cold-Iron Dagger, 8 Darts, Leather Armor, Rogue kit, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
2PP, 1 GP, 9 SP, 10 CP

1 CR 4

Guild Master:

Guild Master
Human, NE, Rogue 5
Initiative: +7, Senses: Perception +7
AC: 17 touch: 13 Flat-Footed 14
HP 43 (5d8+15)
Fortitude +4 Reflex +7 (+8 Vs Traps) Will +0
SD: Trap Sense +1, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, 101 Pt's of Protection from Magic Missile
Melee: MWK Cold-Iron Dagger +5 (1d4+1/19-20 P)
Ranged: Darts +6 (1d4+1/x2 P 20ft range)
SA: Sneak Attack +3d6
Str 13 Dex 16 Con 16 Int 10 Wis 8 Cha 12
Bab +3 CMB +4 CMD 17
Deft Hands, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Skill Focus (Disable Device)

Appraise +8, Craft- Alchemy +8, Craft- Trapmaking +8, Disable Device +16 (+18 vs traps)
Escape Artist +11, Intimidate +9, KS- Local +8, Perception +7 (+9 Versus traps)
Sleight of Hand +13, Stealth +11

Rogue talents- Quick Disable, Fast Stealth

Mithril Shirt, MWK Cold Iron Dagger, Broach of Shielding, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, 2 Potion's of Vanish, Rogue's Kit
6 PP, 11 GP, 9 SP, 10 CP

GM Notes/Spoiler:
You can use almost any map you'd like for the "Thieves Guild", which is actually a splinter group that had just started breaking away from the
real Thieves Guild, The current Guild Master of this group has notes about them and where they can actually be found, and while she knows they have a guild Master of Their own
she has no idea whom they actually are and got tired of working for an unknown, no matter how good she had it, and found like-minded thieves that wanted out.

The Layout of the traps you can decide on, Generally, I have one group of thieves attempt to attack the party in town and another in the Thieves guild during their break
in. The Total Experience Point for a party of 4-5 Players would be 2,000 and enough to level the group to level two and yes Ultimately Lord Maxwell Conner is the main villain and wants to hire outside
his actual thieves guild so he doesn't draw attention to his operations.

This is the start for a game to bring the players together, this first Scenario part brings them from level one to level two, if people want I'll post the rest of the notes of what I call
Barebones adventure building, right now I have written in a notebook enough adventure to bring them all the way from level 1 to level 4 (like most Adventure Paths)

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Alice was a good girl since the day she came into this world, her father made her from the remains of his dying daughter's soul, she had been bad, Alice was sure of that. Adventuring and leaving her father alone...Although Alice would protect their father now, she wasn't like old Alice...well not much, she lacked the money to buy food for her father, when he got too involved in his experiments. So she would take it, people would come to try and take or demand money. She would make them go missing. With her father on his death bed now, she must truly protect her father and all his things from strangers entering the house. some say they work for the city or that they were Adventurers hired by the same. She knew that was false, Father's memories told her he had paid for their home in full and he was still alive. So they were thieves, all of them.

So they all have to die

To protect daddy

Because she was the better Alice.


Dread Soulbound Doll
NE, Tiny Construct, Rogue 3
Init: +8, Senses: Darkvision 60ft, Low-Light Vision, Perception +11
AC 19 Touch 16 Flat-Footed 15 (+4 DEX, +3 Nat, +2 Size)
HP 43 (3d10+3d8+6)
Fortitude +2 Reflex +7 Will +2
SD: DR2/Magic, Immune- Construct Traits, Evasion, Trap sense +1
Weakness: Susceptible to Mind-Affecting Effects
Speed: 20ft
Melee: Dagger +7 (1d2/19-20 P/S)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 6th, Concentration +8)
3/DY- Light, Mage Hand, Open/Close, Prestigitation
1/DY- Levitate, Inflict Serious Wounds (Will DC 15-Half)
SA- Sneak Attack +2d6
ST 11 DX 18 CN - IT 15 WS 14 CH 14
BA +5 CMB +3 CMD 17
Improved Initiative, Toughness, Skill Focus {Stealth}

SQ- Telepathic Bond (ex), Rogue Talent (Fast Stealth), Trapfinding (ex) +2
Soul Focus (su)

Language- Common, Dwarven, Halfling

Acrobatics +10, Climb +6, Craft- Trapmaking +11, Diplomacy +8
Disable Device +13, KS- Local +8, Perception +11, Sense motive +11
Stealth +24

Susceptible to Mind-Affecting Effects
(Ex) The weakened conviction of a soulbound doll’s soul makes it
susceptible to mind-affecting effects, despite the fact that it is a construct.

Telepathic Bond (Ex): The construct has a constant telepathic bond with its creator. The Construct is
constantly aware of all of its creator's thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams, and desires. It can see
through its creator's eyes and always knows its creator's location. It can also "speak" telepathically
to its creator. This ability has unlimited range and cannot be blocked by any means magical or

The Construct's deep bond with its creator invariably leads to hatred and contempt. The Construct
acutely senses any anger or disappointment the creator feels toward the Construct and knows its
creator's darkest and most humiliating secrets. No creator can maintain the loyalty of the Construct in
the face of this intrusive intimacy. This is a one-way power only.
The creator has no such bond with her creation.

Soul Focus (Su) The soul bound to the doll lives within a focus
integrated into the doll or its apparel, typically one of the
doll’s eyes or a gem embedded into its neck or chest. As
long as this soul focus remains intact, it can be used to
animate another doll, using the same cost as creating a
new construct. Once bound into the soul focus, the soul
continues to learn, and so if later it is put into a new doll
body, the soul retains its personality and memories from its
previous body or bodies. A soul focus has hardness 8, 12 hit
points, and a break DC of 20.

Challenge Rating 6

Hope others get some enjoyment and use out of this built Encounter

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I am still in the starting area of running a Horror Campaign and trying to keep it slow and smooth. (Generally, my favorite style of Horror, where it is slow to get to the creep Factor and then hit with the full horror)

I'm going to try and keep this vague just in case any of my players happen to come to the board.

I'm running a Psychological Horror and the Baron of the land has the ability to re-write the memories of the people within his domain that are linger there too long. The Start of the campaign has the group joining the local Adventurer's Guild that is backed by the Baron and opposed by other nobles the region is at war with a Core Race which becomes off-limits to the PC's at character creation.

I'm planning on a cursed magical item that will block the Baron's powers of altering memories to start the ball rolling with that character starting to notice things since they will not be able to have their memories altered.

I'd like to give the characters the effect of questioning if they truly are who they think they are.

So any advice for slow to boil Horror Campaigns.

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1st edition pathfinder (which still feels weird to say)

Just moved into the area and I am looking to create a group of players or find some that already know how to play.

I generally run plot-heavy games but I can create basic hack and slash "dungeon of the month" type games as well.

Planning on running weekend games at the local game shop by the name of 'Nerd Rager' (nicely put together store with upstairs tables dedicated to tabletop games.)

Reach me here or contact the store.

While I will likely not run Society Adventures, I do accept Society style built characters without any complaint

-Sorry if this seems like a double post, the first one seemed to lack any real information on re-reading.

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Moving into the city next month, and I'm looking to create some contacts for starting a group there.

I am a Game Master/Storyteller with roughly 10+ years of experience with First Edition Pathfinder (not a big fan of 2nd or 5th edition D&D)

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Nobility Support Build - Bard
Bab - Medium
Good Saves - Reflex & Will
Hit Dice: d8
Skill Points: 6+Int Bonus

Feat's (General)
1- Noble Scion (Scion of the Arts)
3- Toughness
5- Skill Focus (Perform - Oratory)
7- Persuasion
9- Alertness

Campaign Trait of Choice

(Social)- Rich Parents: You were born into a rich family, perhaps
even the nobility, and even though you turned to a life
of adventure, you enjoy a one-time benefit to your initial
finances—your starting wealth increases to 900 gp.

(Faith)- Focused Disciple: When weaker wills falter, you keep
a clear mind. You gain a +2 trait bonus on saving throws
against charm and compulsion effects.

Weakness Trait
Family Ties: Your family is extremely important to you,
and you feel disheartened when you can’t do what
they ask. When a family member makes a request
of you, you must fulfill that request or take a –2 penalty on
all Wisdom- and Charisma-based ability checks and skill
checks until you either do what was requested or
succeed at a DC 20 Will saving throw,
which you can attempt once per day at the
start of each day. You can’t take this drawback if
you have no family. If you ever lose your family or lose
contact with your family, exchange this drawback for the
Doubt drawback.

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So reviewing old notes and items I did when I ran the Mummy Mask and found an item that I placed in the Merchant Household as an item for resell (as I didn't think the group would want to keep it)

Unique Magical Ring - Ring of Appraisal
[CL 7th, Aura- Moderate Divination, Market Cost: 14,900GP, Craft Cost: 7,450GP]
Grants a +3 Competence Bonus to the Appraise Skill and Grants the Constant Ability to Detect Magic (per Spell)

It was popular enough to put two PC's behind gold & Equipment wise because they thought it would be a major boon.... and me being a DM, I didn't have the heart to tell them it was a pricy throw away item. (Group had a Cleric & Sorcerer, and one of the Fighters had the Appraise Skill)

I've noticed that a lot of players like to hold onto Unique items, in a few games I've done other horrid items [Most Cursed] Like the Ring of Three Delusional Wishes (Where failed will-saves result in those hearing the wish believe it was granted)

Just wondering, how many other DM/GM have also created Unique or Joke magical items that the group became strangely attached too?


The Fluff of the Ring of Appraisal was so Merchants in Ancient times could see magical items and appraise if they where indeed valuable or just someone having cast Magic Aura on a worthless trinket

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I think I mentioned them in the Forums under those whom had died and those that died due to changes I made to the adventure.

:3 Thought I'd post the character builds, I thought they where pretty good (although the sorcerer was not exactly a sniper as the player had thought about, they where good at giving themselves protection)

Reprint- Total Party wipe with the battle of NEBTA-KHUFRE. Had him cast Disruptive Slow on the group. The hasted Zombies beat the casters of the group in the first few rounds, The warriors that failed the will save where treated as Staggered and didn't deal with the zombies very effectively with scorching rays and zombies hitting them, and no range attackers to take out the necromancer after the casters had been killed.

(all this from trading out Ray of Exhaustion for Slow)

Now to the builds, comments always welcome as well as questions.

Brute Fighter
N Male Human (Keleshite) Fighter 6
Init: +1, Senses: Perception +9
AC 19 Touch 11 Flat-Footed 18 (+1 DX, +8 AR)
HP: 70 (HD 6d10+30)
Fortitude +11 Reflex +5 Will +3
DA: Bravery +2
Melee: +1 Earth Breaker +13/+8 (2d6+10/x3 B)
or Power Attack/Vital Strike +1 Earth Breaker +11 (4d6+16/x3 B)
SA: Weapon Training (Hammers +1)
ST 18 DX 13 CN 16 IT 12 WS 8 CH 10
BA +6/+1 CMB +10 CMD 21
Great Fortitude, Weapon Focus{Earth Breaker}, Toughness
Power Attack, Endurance, Weapon Specialization {Earth Breaker}
Die Hard, Vital Strike
Intimidate +9, KS- Engineering +12, Perception +9 (+10 Secret Doors in Ancient Osirian Structures)
, Survival +8

Languages- Common, Gnoll, Kelish

SQ- Armor Training (EX)+1
Inquisitive Archaeologist: You have studied the
architectural styles of nations throughout the Inner Sea
region, but none have fascinated you like the architecture
of Ancient Osirion. Hearing that the famed necropolis of
Wati has finally been opened for exploration, you’ve come
to that city to get firsthand experience with the lost secrets
of Ancient Osirion’s master builders. You gain a +2 trait
bonus on Knowledge (engineering) checks, and that skill is
always a class skill for you. In addition, you gain a +2 trait
bonus on Perception checks to find concealed or secret
doors in structures built in the style of Ancient Osirion.

Seeker: You are always on the lookout for reward and
danger. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Perception checks,
and Perception is always a class skill for you.

+1 Earth Breaker, +2 Breast Plate, Cloak Of Resistance +2,
Bag Of Holding (type I), Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2,
Potion of Lesser Restoration x2, Potion of Remove Curse,
Potion of Remove Paralysis x2, AntiToxin x2, AntiPlague x2
50 Gold Pieces

Sword & Board
CN Female Human (Keleshite) Fighter 6
Init: +5, Senses: Perception -1
AC 22 Touch 16 Flat-Footed 16 (+5 DX, +1 Dodge, +4 AR, +2 Shld)
HP 58 (6d10+18)
Fortitude +8 Reflex +9 Will +1
DA: Bravery +2, +4 Dodge to AC against Attacks of Opportunity,
20% concealment with Move Action
Melee: +1 Rapier +14/+9 (1d6+4/18-20 P)
SA: Weapon Training (Light Blades +1)
ST 12 DX 20 CN 16 IT 13 WS 8 CH 10
Bab +6/+1 CMB +7 CMD 21
Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Finesse
Weapon Focus {Rapier}, Weapon Specialization {Rapier}
Lightning Reflexes, Wind Stance

Appraise +10*, Intimidate +9, KS- Dungeoneering +10, PS- Clerk +8,
Survival +9

Languages- Common, Gnoll, Kelish

SQ- Armor Training (EX)+1

Mummy-Cursed: One of your ancestors ran afoul of a
mummy’s curse while exploring an ancient tomb. This
curse was passed down to later generations of your family,
but over time, your line has become more resistant to
curses. You’ve come to Wati to explore its untouched
necropolis, and while you hope you won’t have to face
a real undead mummy, at least you have some defense
if you do. You gain a +2 trait bonus on saving throws
against curses and curse effects (including mummy rot
and spells with the curse descriptor) and a +2 trait bonus
on saving throws against a mummy’s aura of despair.

Poverty-Stricken: Your childhood was tough, and your
parents always had to make every copper piece count.
Hunger was your constant companion, and you often had to
live off the land or sleep in the wild. You gain a +1 bonus on
Survival checks, and Survival is always a class skill for you.

+1 Rapier, +1 Studded Leather, +1 Buckler, Belt Of Incredible Dexterity +2,
Bag Of Holding (type I), Ring of Appraisal, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2,
Potion of Lesser Restoration x2, Potion of Remove Curse, Potion of Remove Blindness/Deafness,
Potion of Remove Paralysis x2, AntiToxin x2, AntiPlague x2
50 Gold Pieces

Unique Magical Ring - Ring of Appraisal
[CL 7th, Aura- Moderate Divination, Market Cost: 14,900GP, Craft Cost: 7,450GP]
Grants a +3 Competence Bonus to the Appraise Skill and Grants the Constant Ability to Detect Magic (per Spell)
{GM Note: This item I put into the game as something extra the group could sell, but they ended up keeping it}

Cleric Of Calistria
CN Female Catfolk Crusader (Cleric) 6
Init: +7,Senses: Low-Light Vision,
AC 17 Touch 14 Flat-Footed 14(+3 DX, +3 AR, +1 Deflection)
HP 35 (HD: 6d8+12)
Fortitude +7 Reflex +5 Will +7 ;+2 Trait Bonus against Fear
DA: Cat's Luck (EX) 1/DY
Melee: +1 Whip +6 (1d3+1/x2 S) or 2 Claws +4 (1d4/x2 S)
SA: Channel Negative Energy 3d6 (Will DC 16,4/DY), Malign Eye (su) 5/DY
Cleric Spells (Concentration +8 )
1+1 3rd Level- Bestow Curse, Cure Serious Wounds
3+1 2nd Level- Aid, Cure Moderate Wounds x2, Find Traps
3+1 1st Level- Bane, Cure Light Wounds x2, Summon Monster I
3 Orisons- Create Water, Light, Detect Poison
ST 10 DX 16 CN 14 IT 12 WS 15 CH 12
Bab +4 CMB +4 CMD 17
EWP[Whip], Channel Smite, Improved Initiative, Skill Focus {Diplomacy}
Improved Channel, Weapon Focus {Whip}

Bluff +2, Diplomacy +13 (+14 Gather Information), KS-Local +11, KS- Religion +10,
Sense Motive +3, Spellcraft +10

Languages: Catfolk, Common, Kelish

SQ- Aura(Chaotic), Reduced Spellcasting, Domain [Cursed Subdomain -Luck],
Good Fortune (EX) 1/DY, Orisons, Sprinter (Ex)

Wati Native: You were born and raised in the city
of Wati, and you know its streets and secrets well.
Although it’s frowned upon by the city’s authorities, you
have sneaked into the necropolis on multiple occasions
to wander its dusty, abandoned streets. Out of respect
for the deceased, you’ve never actually entered one ofthe necropolis’s silent tombs, but you have no fear of
what might lie inside. You gain a +2 trait bonus on saves
against fear effects. In addition, your knowledge of the
city grants you a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (local)
checks, and that skill is always a class skill for you.

Calistrian Courtesan (Calistria): You worked in one of
Calistria’s temples as a sacred courtesan, and you know
how to flatter, please, and (most of all) listen. You gain
a +1 trait bonus on Sense Motive checks and Diplomacy
checks to gather information, and one of these skills
(your choice) is always a class skill for you.

+1 Whip, +2 Silk Robes, Ring of Protection +1
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2, Potion of Lesser Restoration,
Antitoxin X2, Antiplague x2, 85 Gold Pieces

Sniper Sorcerer
NG Male Undine Sorcerer (Water Elemental) 6
Init: +7 ,Senses: Darkvision 60ft, Perception +3
AC 18 Touch 14 Flat 15 (+3DX, +4 Mage Armor, +1 Deflection)
HP 32 (6d6+6)
Fortitude +5 Reflex +7 Will +10 ; +2 save against Death-Effects
DA: Cold Resistance 10, Ranged DR10/Magic (60Pt's)
Speed: 30ft, Swim Speed: 30ft
Melee: Cold-Iron Dagger +2 (1d4-1/19-20 P/S)
Ranged: Elemental Ray +6 Ranged Touch (1d6+3 Cold/x2 30ft Ray)
Sorcerer Spells (Concentration +10 )
3rd Level (4/DY): Fireball (DC 17)
2nd Level (6/DY): Scorching Ray, Protection From Arrows, Resist Energy
1st Level (7/DY): Burning Hands (DC 15), Magic Missile (3d4+3), Mage Armor,
Detect Secret Doors, Arcane Pocket
0 Level: Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic, Dancing Lights,
Disrupt Undead, Prestigitation
ST 8 DX 16 CN 12 IT 10 WS 16 CH 16
Bab +3 CMB +2 CMD 15
Eschew Materials, Improved Initiative, Deceitful, Extend Spell

Bluff +14, Disguise +5 (+9 to Appear human), KS- Arcana +9, Spellcraft +9

Languages - Aquan, Common

SQ- Amphibious, Flesh Chameleon, Water Affinity

Resurrected: At some time in the recent past you
died, but you were brought back to life—whether
because of magic, a blessing of the gods, a destiny you
have to fulfill, or perhaps it just wasn’t your time to
die yet. Whatever the nature of your resurrection, your
experience gave you a fascination with death, and you
hope to find some insight into the nature of mortality
by exploring the tombs of Wati’s famous necropolis. You
gain a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against death
effects. In addition, you do not die until your hit points
drop to a negative amount equal to or lower than your
Constitution score + 4.

Sacred Touch: You were exposed to a potent source of
positive energy as a child, perhaps by being born under
the right cosmic sign, or maybe because one of your
parents was a gifted healer. As a standard action, you
may automatically stabilize a dying creature merely by
touching it.

Cold-Iron Dagger, Ring of Protection +1, Ring of Sustenance,
Cloak Of Resistance +2, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2,
Potion of Lesser Restoration, Antitoxin x2, Antiplague x2
73 Gold Pieces

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The first of many long winters and the warning signs are there and the call for heroes to go forth to end Fimbulwinter before it brings about Ragnarok. The White serpents, the grandchildren of Loki have started their plot to start Ragnarok by bringing a start with unending winter. Should three years come to pass in a row, now only will the world end.

To prevent this, heroes must journey out to kill with the White Dragons working together to bring this about.

Will they succeed?

Basic outline for a Norse based campaign
will need the old 3.5 Deities and Demigods book for Domains for the gods.

Enemies would include White Dragons, White Lizard-folk, white Kobolds (cold resistance is helpful), Frost Giants and Clerics of Loki (maybe a white witch of two)

So far it's homebrewed campaign me and a friend spent a few minutes brainstorming up a bit, but I figured sharing it would be welcomed.

It combines the classic Dragon Hunting Questline with Saving the world and the tropes could be quite amusing for people wanting to play Ulfen.

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I've seen quite a few after running games for awhile, but the one that stands out the most was the Barbarian that on a standard stat spread (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)

Human Barbarian ST 10 DX 8 CN 12 IT 13 WS 14 CH 17

and yet still wanted to do a lot of damage and was shocked creatures where able to kill him in a few hits. He wanted a High Charisma because he wanted to be 'good-looking' despite me saying many times over, Charisma was natural charm, not appearance.

and he didn't take -ANY- Social skills, not even Intimidate.

He was also the one with the highest charisma in the group, so he ended up through a few sessions became the group face, until he could get the group to let him die in battle and make a new character

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Looking to create a handful of Comical NPC's for the group during the game. Nothing very Dramatic.

The Campaign is for a Thieves Guild Campaign and I don't want to bog it down with just amazing treasure after amazing treasure.

so looking to input a bit of comedy to offset the Action & Drama that I have within it with some either Inept fellow thieves guild members that cause problems for the group.

[10pt NPC's with either 2 levels of Character Classes or 4 levels NPC classes] and a few magical trinkets and some laughable treasures.

A few other notes on the campaign
-Desert Campaign with some Dark Sun elements rolled in (The Halfling was told at Creation Halflings are known for eating other races that aren't Halflings)

-The main plot is that the Thieves guild that runs the city in secret has recently developed a Hag problem that has moved into the area and they are working to remove it without letting the common-folk know about it.

Player Characters are
-Sorcerer 5/Rogue 2 [Black Dragonborn, Built in Pathfinder]
-Invulnerable Rager 7 [White Tiger Catfolk- Heat/Fire Resistances]
-Burglar 7 [Human]
-Knife Master 7 [Halfing] {working on becoming an assassin}
-Rogue 7 [Gnome]

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Books most Game Masters will find useful in a Pathfinder Setting for a Desert campaign:

Bestiary's [Best to make your own custom list of desert dwelling creatures]

People Of the Sand [Really helpful for building up the setting]

Legacy Of Fire [Okay technically not a book, but has a great deal more on the desert hazards complete with Fort DC's for how long they're out in the desert before they start suffering for Water/Food and Heat]

QADIRA Jewel of the East & Osirion, Legacy Of Pharaohs {Both books have great adventure/campaign ideas and even ideas for cities/towns, and magical items for the desert (and survival within it)}

Dark Markets, Guide To Katapesh (specifically Page 50 - Adventure Just in case the other books didn't give enough ideas)

AP- Legacy Of Fire (will need to update it to pathfinder or add toughness to all the enemies)
AP- Mummy's Mask (No converting to Pathfinder needed)

So now that I've confirmed there's plenty of books on the campaign type.
Anyone else ever have that group, that some how, after you told them your running a desert Adventure Path.

Every player came in with a character that wouldn't normally survive being in the desert?

This is an old group and I likely will run the Mummy Mask again at some point, and I have to admit, Paizo has done a few bait and switch adventures, nothing horrible. Just a Surprise chapter or creature off the beaten trail, usually before going back to the main AP. Alot of fun, to throw in something your players aren't expecting. Like the Fire Immune creature in Reign of Winter.

This group created:
Merfolk Sea Witch
Aquatic Elf Pirate [Rogue]
Gillman Barbarian
Grippli Elemental Cleric [Toxic Skin Trait, and Domains: Protection & Water]

Seems one of them had told the others, that they had seen me days ago buying the Aqautic Adventures book and so, they figured I was going to throw a twist into the Adventure Path of my own.

I blame one of my players that always throws in Faeries into a game, even ones with a lack of reason to be there. [I felt really bad for the Redcap that was put into the Prison of Harrowstone]

It was a good laugh and we spent night making new characters.
This proved to me, always have a session 0 to build characters, anyone else have an amusing moment like this?

(we did do a bit of role playing that night, letting the Aquatic characters loose in the Mummy Mask game...and yes, things both went horrid and funny at the same time)

Feeling kinda reviewie on old games while I write another desert game to continue the Heist night (everyone loved it, and now I have to build on the Rogue campaign now XD )

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I wanted to see if I built these NPC's Well enough for a level 7 Campaign.

House Guard Captain CR7
Human, N, Fighter 8
Init: +2, Senses: Perception +16
AC 21 Touch 12 Flat 19
HP: 69
fort +10, Reflex +5, Will +3 (Bravery +2)
Speed: 30ft
Melee: +1 Scimitar +14/+9 (1d6+6/15-20 S)
Str 16 Dex 14 Con 16 Int 12 Wis 10 Cha 8
BAB +8/+3 CMB +11 CMD 23
Cosmopolitan (Perception & Sense Motive), Alertness, Shield Focus, Weapon Focus [Scimitar], Skill Focus [Perception], Weapon Specialization [Scimitar], Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm, Critical Focus, Improved Critical [Scimitar]
Intimidate +10, Knowledge [Engineering] +12, Perception +16, Sense Motive +13
+1 Scimitar, +1 Chain Shirt, +1 Heavy Wood Shield, Cloak Of Resistance +1, 3 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds, 3 Antiplague, 2 Antitoxin, 1 Tanglefoot Bag 1 tunderstone, 6 PP, 10 GP
SQ- Armor Training 2
Language- Common, Dwarven, Halfling, Orc

House Guard CR 3 [Groups of 3, Outdoor House Patrol which would be a CR 6]
Human, N, Warrior 5
Init: +1, Senses: Perception +13
AC 19 Touch 11 Flat-footed 18
HP 35
fortitude + 5 reflex +2 Will +1
Speed: 30ft
Melee: MWK Scimitar +7 (1d6 +1/18-20 S)
Str 12 Dex 12 Con 13 Int 11 Wis 10 Cha 8
BAB +5 CMB +6 CMD 17
Cosmopolitan (Perception & Sense Motive), Alertness, Skill focus (Perception), Shield focus
Intimidate +7, Perception +13, Sense Motive +10
+1 Chain Shirt, MWK Wooden Shield, Mwk Scimitar, 1 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, 1 Antiplague, 1 Antitoxin, 1 tanglefoot Bag, 1 Thunderstone, Everburning Torch, 4 PP, 10 GP
Languages- common, Dwarven, Halfling

Thunderstones are thrown to alert others of a break in, Likely something each throws on the 2nd round of combat to alert other patrols and/or the House Captain.

The Thieves Guild mission is to steal a painting and replace it with another with Stealth

Liberty's Edge

After reading the topic of a party all the same character class I thought it might be fun to write a short adventure that could be used to create such a group.

Character Creation
As members of the local thieves guild the following classes work best.
Fighters [Archetypes: Cad, Tactician]
Rogues [Archtypes: Chameleon, Counterfeit Mage, Heister, Phantom Thief, and Thug]

Starting the Adventure
The group is hired to work together to burgal a nobles house and steal a painting and replace it with another. The Unknown client (known to the Guild Master, but kept from the PC's chossen for the heist is the targets sister, whom is tired of her sibling gaining all the attention due to their celestial heritage and wants to take them down a peg.) The Heist can happen at the PC's pace to an extent, The painting is to be revealed within a weeks time and must be exchanged before that deadline (There should feel like a time crunch). The Client would prefer to avoid bloodshed, and the killing of servants completely. Thus the nature of it being a stealthy switch-a-roo mission.

Encounters/Hazards for the group

Encounters based on an APL of 7 {CR's: Easy 6, Average 7, Challenging 8, Hard 9, Epic 10}

Guard Dogs {6 Creatures, CR 6, Advanced and Giant Template added to a CR 1/3 Dog }

House Guards {3 Creature Groups, CR 6 Total, Level 5 Human Warriors} x4 (Patrolling outside the house are four set's of three guards)

House Guard Captain {single Creature, CR 7, Level 8 Human Fighter}

House Noble {CR8, Aasimar[Muse-Touched] Wizard* 9}
*Haven't decided on a Specialty yet for the wizard

The Lastest Muse {CR8, Level 9 Rogue. *Working against the party is this pretty face that worked their way in, to rob the place and would have no problem turning in the other PC's as the actual criminals if it means she can get away with her Prize} *AKA the Surprise Twist

Vault/Shocking Floor Trap {CR 9- Type: Magical trap, Perception DC 16, Disable DC 30, Trigger: Alarm, Duration: 1d6 rounds, Reset: Automatic Reset (24 Hours), Effect: Spell Effect (Shocking Grasp +9 Melee touch 4d6 Electrical Damage, Multiple targets: 40ft Square Room)}
*Vault is easy to see and to tell it's trapped, put in the wrong combination however...and zap so traded an easier Perception roll for a harder to Disable DC.

Best of all it works with any map of a household a person has and can be modified as needed :D
I'm not sure what other kind of loot to have in the Vault as a possible reward yet if the group wants to steal anything other than the requested item.


Liberty's Edge

Magical Painting/Portrait {Aura: Strong (Necromancy), CL: 7th , Slot: Free, Price: 19,400GP , Weight: 2 Lb's}
Effect: Part Magical Item Part Trap, and very much created for a practical joke. Those that gaze upon this painting and fail a Will Save DC 17, Are afflicted with the form an appearance of the person in the portrait, abit, a fairly exaggerated version of said form that inspires lustful implusions from others that gaze upon them. (Will Save 15 not to fall under the effects of Unnatural Lust) The Portrait becomes lackluster for 24 Hours after afflicting someone with this effect, the target is under the effects until someone casts Remove Curse or 24 Hours, whichever comes first.
{Requirements: Bestow Curse, Disguise Self, Unnatural Lust Construction Cost: 9,700 GP}

Does this look about right, I think I have the math right for the item {I could very well be wrong} The effect seems to be a Mixture enough of the three spells, didn't want it to be permanent, But nor did it I want it to be a short lived effect. Could also use a better name than "Magical Painting/Portrait"

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An adventure I am putting together for some friends. Would like some feedback about how it looks and suggestions for other class archetypes (Paizo Inc Only) not sure what level I'm going to write the challenge level for. I'm thinking a Mid-tier, level 7 game with 6,000 GP in Equipment. (We usually start with the NPC heroic Wealth levels when starting at higher levels)

Character Creation
As members of the local thieves guild the following classes work best.
Fighters [Archetypes: Cad, Tactician]
Rogues [Archtypes: Chameleon, Counterfeit Mage, Heister, Phantom Thief, and Thug]

Starting the Adventure
The group is hired to work together to burgal a nobles house and steal a painting and replace it with another. The Unknown client (known to the Guild Master, but kept from the PC's chossen for the heist is the targets sister) The Heist can happen at the PC's speed and time to an extent, The painting is to be revealed within a weeks time and must be exchanged before that deadline. The Client would prefer to avoid bloodshed, and the killing of servants completely. Thus the nature of it being a stealthy switch-a-roo mission.

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When I get asked to play a cleric [Often because no one else wants to play a healer of any sort] I often play a Cleric of Abadar, I charge the characters for healing magic and other assorted needs I fill as they need them if they don't agree to equal share of all wealth found. Generally getting contracts filled and following the letter of the law.

Generally I play the cleric as Lawful Neutral. I've changed up the Domain Choices I a few times. But generally I go with Protection Domain pretty consistently.

I've also used the Church of Abadar in most campaigns I run as main source of healing for the cities. Only had two players that disliked it, mostly because in game, they didn't like a Group member charging for services and loved the idea of keeping any money & items for themselves.
they really didn't like it when they told my character they would outright refuse to pay him, that he in turn refused to heal them, even using Selective Channel to prevent their healing in a group. I had a decent enough AC to avoid getting hit.

[I will admit, I started this type of Cleric because of these two and now It's grown to be my favorite type of Cleric to play]

Now in campaigns I sit on, if those two are around, they dread no one playing the cleric :D Cause I'll chime in I have one.

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Without taking a Level dip into another class, how would you as a Sorcerer add spells like Create water, and Create Food and Water to your spell known List?

:3 I got half an answer to this, mostly to add Create Water would be a trait, but what about adding other spells without level dips into other classes?

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I'm sure this has been done before making a conversion, and then I thought...why Convert and not build a new one?

So I sat down and tried to combine 3.0 & 3.5 into a different build for the Dragon Born Race.

Wouldn't mind some feedback on it for play balance. For the Build I went with the Point Value found for a Tiefling.

Dragon Born
Type: Humanoid (Reptillian)
Size: Medium
Ability Scores: Flexibility (+2 Strength, +2 Constitution) {2RP}
Languages: Standard
-Common & Draconic
-Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Elven, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Undercommon
Racial Traits
-Draconic Immunities (Ex) - Immunity to magical sleep effects, and +2 Save against Paralysis spells & Effects {2RP}
-Greater Energy Resistance (EX) - Resist 10 to energy type based on coloration {3RP}
-Improved Natural Armor (EX) - Natural Armor Bonus +2 {3RP}
-Greed (EX) - +2 racial bonus to Appraise checks with precious metals {1RP}
-Draconic Sorcery (EX) - Dragon Bloodline Sorcerers treat their Charisma as two higher for all spells and class abilities. {1RP}
-Low-Light Vision (EX) - See twice as far as races with normal vision {1RP}
-Dark Vision (EX) - see in the dark up to 60 feet {2RP}

Dragon Born, male HT:6'4" +2d6" WT: 220 lb. HT bonus x5 lb.
Dragon Born, female HT:6'1" +2d6" WT: 180 lb. HT Bonus x5 lb

Middle Age: 150
Old: 250
Venerable: 350

Starting Age: 60 Intuitive: +4d6, Self-taught: +6d6, Trained: +8d6

This racial build just seems more draconic as a base race but as I said I wouldn't mind feedback at all. I have a player joining our group that has played 4th and 5th and hasn't played much Pathfinder. So this seem like a good Pathfinder version of a Dragonborn?

So been plotting an island game around an old character of mine from deviantart account. Veldrin Faer, Near-sighted Lecherous Elf. While he is a creationist wizard he also is a fair hand at Transmutation & Illusion

The scenario I am creating is an island village/small town that after 100 years with him being there and helping out, has flourished [Although they also believe they have a curse on the island, as the population is predominately female] Sailors enjoy the comforts of the island, and thanks to the local religion (a slightly skewed version of Calistria) helps the population, in it's own way.

I have an adventure for the first Session of what the island inhabitants believe is an old and cursed temple.

basically to make his Inn & Tavern a success on the island Veldrin has been creating 'Attractions' for adventurer's, because they have the most coin generally and I could use a bit of help to flesh the island out for adventure enough to get the group to level 4-5 before they head off into the world.

Since Veldrin is level 12, I don't want them to confront him and fight, He is doing this to help the islanders and himself in a hedonist sense.

Wondering if anyone can give me a few more ideas to fill out. Veldrin would certainly view the island as his own little training camp for adventurer's but keep the local population in the dark about it.

Debating adding the Dread Lord Template to him as a means of making him trapped to the island.

So 12th level Conjurer, that dabbles in Illusion and Transmutation, what are some of your ideas for traps and encounters?

Locals view Veldrin as the Elders-Elder of the island and treat him with respect as without him the best spellcaster on the island only has access to level two spells. Both of the chief's daughters view Veldrin as 'Grand-father' One being in charge of the shrine of the gods and the other is 'sheriff'

Greetings and Salutations fellow Scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells, I now call this meeting of Villain's Anonymous to order. I see some new faces, so allow me to introduce myself and explain our chapter house for new members.

I am Veldrin Faer, "cave-elf" Creationist Wizard and current owner of the island paradise you find yourself within. Where last we had our first chapter house the island was predominated by males of the human species, Do not drink the local waters here for longer than a month will be all I advise for those seeking to stay for an extended period.

Now, as some of you know, the Villain's Anonymous group was put together to thwart groups that wouldn't let ... people of our persuasions join them, and it allows to brainstorm ideas for assisting each other with nefarious plans and share cunning. I am myself am not just a member, but much of my success on the island from several years of plans have come about from fellow villain's such as yourself.

The island inhabitants believe their high number of women and low number of male births is from an evil spirit in the temple that me and my adventuring .... chums.. re-fitted with traps both mechanical and magical, with a healthy dose of Undead. Heroes have come to try and cleanse it, but they don't seem to make it very long, and now income has increased greatly, the islanders seem to all depend on me, and my island has a great many beauties...shame humans are so short lived.

But anyway I digress, You've come here to introduce yourselves and seek new ideas, as well as allies, as I'm sure, friends might be stretching it in some cases, but if that is what you seek.

So how can this humble wizard be of service to you, and I call this Meeting of Villain's Anonymous to order.

{Really liked this last time, but didn't want to necro a thread, so instead started a whole new round of fun. Evil PFS Style humor}

Liberty's Edge

So trying to build a Noble for PFS [not sure if I'll play it yet, but it is starting to come along nicely]

My Notes thus far.

15, 14, 13, 13, 12, 10
{Str 10 Dex 13 Con 12 Int 14 Wis 13 Cha 15}
Bard level one
+0 BAB Fort +0 Ref/Will +2 HD 1d8+2 Skill 6+
[Fort +1 Ref +3 Will +3 Starting HP: 10, +7 Per Level, Skill Points 10 Per Level]
Human {+2 Intelligence, Total Int 16}
H- Noble Scion [Scion Of Lore] (+2 KS-Nobility & +1 to all Knowledge Skills with one Rank Invested in them) - PFS legal
1- Noble Stipend (Receive 100 gp at the beginning of every week that you can spend only on services and nonmaterial goods.) - PFS Legal

Reactionary (+2 On Initiative Checks)
Ambitious (+4 on Diplomacy Checks to influence those with 5HD more than the Noble)

Skills (10 Points Per Level)
Diplmancy, KS- Engineering, History, Nobility, Religion, Linguistics, Perception, Perform [Oratory], Sense Motive, Spellcraft

This gives us a Noble that tried to talk their way out of trouble, but when they failed to convince, they where generally attacked, so they learned to run from danger. (reactionary feat) but never losing Ambition they kept trying to convince people to their way of thinking. (thus the Ambitious)


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So a friend of mine has taken over a campaign of reign of winter and everyone is level 20 plus 2 Mythic tiers and double Starting Wealth for new characters (Starting wealth is 1,760,000 GP)

My character that the original GM had me playing has retired (mostly cause it was a Spy that never got caught and left after the group killed whom he was trying to send them against for the king at the time)

So now, the group is wandering the area trying to stop an end of the world type of monster encounter. My new character is an Alchemist Archetypes: Chirurgeon and Vivisectionist since they don't cause issues together GM allowed the combo, and with Game Master Permission I also asked if I could build the character from another campaign. As if they went through that game from beginning to end. He said it was fine if it wasn't a campaign that happens after Reign of Winter.

My choice, Curse of the Crimson throne.

Now the advice I'd like is a bit odd I suppose and fun. He also wanted us to write a history and events that happened to our characters that where most memorable and maybe some child hood enemies.

CCT gives me that with Lamm, but one thing I was lacking was, who did I adventure with?

:-) So I was wondering with 20 Levels to work with, Who do you picturing working with a Lawful Evil Plague Doctor from Curse of the Crimson Thrones?
[even took leadership to have a nurse XD]

For those that Played Curse of the Crimson Throne, have fun with this one. I certainly did. :-)

My character is Doctor Franklin Foxwell whom's family was not all that honest and if not for him getting caught Franklin would have easily completely gone down the same path, His Campaign trait is: Reformed Criminal (although he is still straight forward and will break laws to save someones life, or torture to get information for similar purposes.)

During feat selections I took some Psychic feats (Psychic Sensitivity group and Eldritch Heritage Feats for Infernal Bloodline fun)

He's looking forward to these to build and play himself. So go nuts It should be very entertaining I think :)

Just wondering if anyone else out there ever tried the random character creation through music idea?

The idea being that everyone takes a turn in front of the GM and play a song set to Random with all music) to try and build a character based off the song played?

I did this about 5-6 years ago when I lived in Ketchikan.

Let's see If I remember properly the list of the five players went something like this.

1- Sexbomb (by Tom Jones)
-inspired a Male Bard (That was played by a Lady, easily the funnest character)
2- Snoopy Christmas (By royal guardsmen)
- Some how this inspired a Ranger
3- Doctor Who Opening (Electric Group, yeah this one surprised a lot of us)
- Wizard of Conjuration that was bad at Evocation
4- Far from the end of the World (By Masterplan)
- They came up with a Grizzled Paladin, was pretty Dramatic.
5- Daughters Of Darkness (By Halestorm)
- Half Drow Oracle that spoke in undercommon when stressed and some how kept us alive (Tongues Curse & Life)

So again, anyone else try this? was wondering what results that their group or they themselves had :)

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Her Father the king is dead, and Princess Eutropia has gone into hiding to seek out allies that might help her return Taldor to her from her brother whom has returned from not only from his studies abroad but with an Army of Golems, Undead and a fearsome white dragon that appears to be immune to fire and cold.

How he got past the patrols and the army itself is a mystery but Carrius II has taken over by force.


This is my attempt at reworking a campaign a few players have already played in trying a Count of Monte Cristo theme for it. In this varient, Carrius was born a varient Dhampir and was caught by his father giving into his darker heritage. Sent away to Absalom to study at the Arcanamirium in a form of exile as he could not bring himself to kill his child (he did kill Carrion's body guard however). Carrius has formed an Arcane society of his own, from fellow students that are races as long lived as himself to take Taldor for him/themself, believing in their own longevity as the answer to making them fit rulers.

I have worked out the basics of the Arcane Society created with Carrius,

1- Carrius II (Dhampir/M/LE/Arcane Bloodline Sorcerer 18)
[Spy Master, Dominator, Monster. These where the things that Carrius thought of himself as he grew into his power. Enchantments to bind the weak, Divination to destroy the strong, and his friends to remove
the whatever else remained in his way] *use of Divination and his Knowledge skills to best determine the best locations for military strikes.

2- Dorna Betony (Ifrit/F/LN/Summoner 12th - Dragon Based Eidolon)
[Originally Dorrin Betony, but between her genie blood and use of Mulibrous Tincture, she was sent away. She loves winter and Cold and takes many pains to adorn herself with such colors which
has created an interesting Eidolon that is Immune to Fire but whom's breath weapon is cold] *Dragon Provides aerial power

3- Zarishu (Oread/F/N/Promethean Alchemist 14th)
[While she was noble born, Zarishu could care less about revenge, she cares far more about maintaining the health and well being of all her friends within the society as
they are the only ones that age as slowly as she does.] *Provides Golem Support for the army

4- Vivianna Lemaris (Sylph/F/LE/Wizard-Abjuration 15th)
[A good defense is a good offense, would work best to describe Vivianna's use of magic, while specializing in Abjuration, she utilizes conjuration magic almost as often to create battlefield
conditions that work best for her and her allies] *Crafts items that create battlefields of Ice and Cold

5- Espeth Nicodemius (Tiefling/F/LN/Wizard-Illusionist 14th)
[Espeth loves to paint and is very creative, while weaving spells to make herself appear human she has opened a few businesses for the Society so that they might be able to fund themselves,
one such business is Phantasmal Delights, Part School for Illusion and part Tavern. Where one can stay anywhere they desire, and not be far from home.
{and in some darker corners, sleep with whomever, whatever they want}] *Provides safe houses for the Arcane Society Members

6- Hammel Valewood (Fetchling/M/NE/Wizard-Necromancer 13th)
(Halfling born and the 'youngest' founding member of the arcane society, Hammel's desire for personal power over death and his hatred for nobles that enslave the weak. He hopes for the day the society
takes over Taldor, so that their mighty Mage powered army might march upon Cheliax and gain freedom for all Halfling kind.] *Provides Undead forces for the army, occasionally creates greater undead to act as 'Generals'

7- Elphin Thornecastle (Undine/M/CN/Arcane Healer Bard 13th)
[Elphin was quite surprised when his ruse as an exiled noble was found out by Carrius, but far more surprised when asked if he wished to not only continue his ruse but with the help of others, many of whom where noble
born with aspirations creating a Society of Arcane Nobles. they'd need someone that could help smooth others feelings of them. To make them welcome them, as Elphin had done to others to make them welcome him.
How could he refuse? Of course he joined as it would likely be the most fun he'd have in years to come. Not to mention with others that could enjoy his sense of humor.]
*Uses his Bardic Abilities to sway the masses to believe in society to be their future rulers.


The Campaign started with the group being level 8, currently they are level 9 they are currently in book two, trying to fix a community and gather personal power to fight against the threat Carrius is, and put the Princess on the throne.

Could use some extra ideas for the other books to be altered this way.

I generally get a good beginning and ending but sometimes struggle with in betweens ^^;

so thoughts?

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The group starting off at level 8 [now 9th] Disrupted what appeared to be a plan of conquest from a Bordello of Wererat Sorcerer/Experts and the natural leading them that was a Cleric/Oracle. upon removing the last of them and making their way out of the sewers they learned of the Grand Princes death and as local heroes where summoned by the Princesses best friend and supporter to help rally support for the princess against her adopted brother taking the throne along with every crackpot noble that thought they stood a chance, they also learned there is a group of Nobles that are using their combined Arcane Knowledge on a path to take over, but not whom they are as of yet. But they where helping to start the Wererat population growth and take over of Oppara.
[based on the ideas of the Arcane Society and Taldor's love of Human mixed anything with noble blood, they are the 'displaced' children of nobles that others wanted out of the light of public spectacles]

Enter the equivalent of book two. Raised a few encounters CR's, but otherwise as is.
The group of six was almost taken out by an equal number of Ghouls (normal unmodded Ghouls)

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There has been an experiment I'd been debating of trying in other AP, my wife whom is running this campaign is debating it. However to find out if this idea has merit this requires more than one group to try, and she might not since it does require a bit more work than normal for the adventure on her part. So posting the experiment idea down for others to either go: Whoa, insanity in a nut shell or Whoa, this is an interesting idea, I might try it.

The group starts off at the end cap level of the adventure module, in this case level 17, NPC Hero Wealth by level and 25 points to buy stats (last part optional)

main enemy encounters would receive an increase in Hit Dice based on Race (Not Class levels) to the CR they where suppose to be. (IE/ if it was suppose be a CR+1 at level 2, then it would receive roughly +15 racial Hit Dice, more or less depending on abilities [this is the more work area])
Which would increase there abilities, but wouldn't give them new class features (other than feats & skill points) more importantly it gives them more Hit Points and higher to hit bonuses to keep them challenging.

There would be no Experience Point gain during the adventure, Just the rewards in game they find/sell/etc

I believe this should bring out more Role Playing over combat, Murderhobo's might not enjoy it in a campaign that has less killing more storytelling.

I also call this "Anime Slayers Style" of gaming, if anyone tries this I'd love feedback, if anyone has done this before, again love some feedback.

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So since it seems in the AP the Merosett's are not the wizardry powerhouses I'd thought them to be from the Knights of the Inner sea book, A character I considered for play would be from a house with several wizards (but be an Arcane bloodline Sorcerer himself, from the view point of so much magical potential in the family that magic came naturally attuned to him, The Naturally talented like a Mozart in social circles)

How would this alter the AP? I understand the Lotheed's seem to be important to the AP set. Just wondering if I should avoid this idea that I find fun, or steer away from it for another of my character ideas due to a GM that has a few module adventures [maybe around 4-5 of them] under their 'belt' so to speak.

Sir Nicholas Of House Lotheed
Race: Human (Taldor)
Class: Sorcerer, Bloodline: Arcane [Likely to focus in Conjuration]
Feats: Noble Scion & Noble Stipend
traits: Ease Of Faith (Faith) Rich Parents (Social) Child of Oppara (Campaign) (Drawback): Family Ties
Concept: Bored Noble waiting for his chance to go on a grand quest that tries to help everyone in the family where he can.

My other idea is,

Race: Human (Taldor) or a Faceless-Kin (think Eberron Changeling)
*Alt. Human Racial Abilities: Silver-Tongued & Focused Study
Class: Bard [Archetype: Sound Striker] - Wordcaster
Feats: Alertness, Skill Focus [Diplomacy]
Traits: Charming (Social), Rising Star (Campaign)
Concept: Paid Paramour of the court, and spy for the right price

Which I would find equally fun, but might also cause issues as I don't know if his personality would mesh with other characters that my group normally creates.

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These are my rolls for a character Stat Rolls 17, 16, 15, 15, 14, 11

These are the bare bones of ideas I have for characters

Sir Nicholas Of House Merrosett
Race: Human (Taldor)
Class: Arcane Sorcerer
Feats: Noble Scion & Noble Stipend
traits: Ease Of Faith (Faith) Rich Parents (Social) Taldor Noble [works like the Hells Vengence trait: Chelish Noble pg 12]
(Drawback) Family Ties
Concept: Bored High Born waiting for his chance to go on a grand quest as a wizard-knight for House Merrosett

Race: Human (Taldor)
Alt. Racial Abilities: Silver-Tongued & Focused Study
Class: Bard [Archetype: Arcane Healer/Sound Striker] - Wordcasting?
Feats: Alertness, Skill Focus [Diplomacy]
Traits: Charming (Social)
Concept: Paid Paramour of the court

Toni Newell
Race: Human (Taldor) - Middle Aged
Class: Summoner
Eidolon: Genie Build
Feats: Spell focus [Conjuration], Skill Focus [Sense Motive]
Traits: Suspicious (Social)
Concept: minor noble explorer recently returned from Osirion’s borders, that came back with a little more than he's told others.
(Bonus quiz points that can guess his inspiration from a tv series)

Wystin Drakespur
Race: Human (Taldor)
Class: Fighter [Archetype: Archer]
Feats: Deadly Aim, Point-Blank Shot, Weapon Focus [Long Bow]
Traits: Seeker (Social)
Concept: Archery, a nobles pursuit, for Wynstin the best one.

Race: Human (Taldor)
Class: Rogue [Archetype: Spy]
Feats: Noble Impostor, Deceitful
Traits: Focused Disciple (Faith)
Concept: If playing the game means a full belly, then he'll play it better than others.

For those that have read up on the AP (and perhaps the adventure itself) do these seem like worthwhile characters for it, or should I start cooking up other ideas? Kinda leaning towards Nicholas since I maxed out his traits and still don't have room for a Campaign Trait (that I know of)

as for the Bard, in our groups you can have multiple archetypes together, so long as none of the abilities overlap or conflict.

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This is one of my attempts to see about helping others build characters for this AP. While an intrigue setting combat/casting/hell-breaking-loose will happen. Here is a list of books and ideas I have for some character concepts and builds that should help players build characters as well as feats to look into.

Pathfinder side books
1)-Knights of the Inner Sea (several knightly codes that will help LG in a revolution as they are)
2)- Heroes of the High Court
3)- Inner Sea World guide
4)- Taldor First Empire
5)- Taldor Echo Of Glory
6)- Inner Sea Races
- These will all help flesh out a character personality based from Taldor.

Class (Archetype) Ideas
Alchemist (Alchemical Sapper)
Bard (Arcane Duelist, Arcane Healer, Court Bard, Daredevil, Detective)
Cavalier (Courtly Knight, Musketeer)
Cleric (Crusader)
Druid (Fey Speaker, Pack Lord, Urban)
Fighter (Archer, Dragoon, tactician, Two-Weapon Master)
Gunslinger (Musket Master)
Inquisitor (Black Powder Inquisition, Preacher)
Magus (Soul Forger)
Paladin (Divine Defender, Holy Gun, Sacred Shield)
Ranger (Dandy, Trophy Hunter, Urban Ranger, Warden)
Rogue (Charlatan, Investigator, Rake, Snoop, Swashbuckler)
Swashbuckler (Daring Infiltrator, Inspired Blade, Noble fencer, Musketeer)
Vigilante (Gunmaster, Warlock)
Wizard (Schools: Evocation or Focused School: Admixture)

Sorcerer Bloodlines
Accursed, Arcane, Dreamspun, Fey, Imperious, Maestro, Serpentine, Verdant

Oracle Mysteries
Battle, Bones, Flame, Life, Lore, Nature, Shadow, Time

Curses: Tongues [Fey], Haunted and Shattered Mind [Iron Gods AP]

These are a few ideas I had when I started writing my own Taldor based Campaign. Was going for a Musketeer theme to it. But it looks like those notes might help a few other GM's for helping PC's with ideas.

It seems fate in all her cruelty has me traveling once again. From my island soon to be paradise (and after I got the old evil temple refitted, trapped and ready for suc-um heroic adventurers) I hadn't thought much of it at the time when I'd first met my adventuring 'companions' even when they created a pact to call on one another in case anything would happen.

Well it seems something had happened to that moronic holy paladin of what's her name (you know the one with the long sword) as it turns out I'm having to travel quite the distance, some place called 'Taldor'.

Teleport will be helpful on the return to the island paradise I'd set up after my business I need deal with up there is over.

That business you ask?

Apparently that buffoon wrote in his letter that I was to be some sort relative of his own seed, worse it caught some sort of plague (the Paladin which I could of sworn they where immune....) and needs me to take care of it, I swear humans just invent social issues to inflict them on there betters. At least it's human, shouldn't take too long to raise the little human, but I've been tasked with raising them to be a knight or something.

Have any of you had this indignity?

Sadly while I know of Taldor I have no desire to kill myself in a bungled teleport attempt so I am traveling from Sargava to there as we did in the past. (Although I did buy a wagon and horse for the trip as well)

So during my trip I will be doing some sight seeing, any good places other recommend for the trip? I imagine I will use this time to set up as others have told me a falsely good reputation with fixing country side areas with magical creations....and maybe add a bit of magical mischief to the country side as well.

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Remove all casters from the PC selection
(Bards, Clerics, Paladin's, Ranger's, Sorcerer and Wizard) add martial only classes from other books that have no spell casting abilities.
(such as Gun slinger, Samurai, Ninja, etc)

Limit monsters encounters to Animals, Humanoid, Monstrous Humanoid, plants and vermin (at least those without magical origin)

No Aberrations, Constructs, Dragons, Fey, Magical Beast's, ooze's, Outsiders and Undead

No magical items of any sort.

Alchemy should be fine, but not the Alchemist class.

Non-magical healing
1 HP per level for 8 Hours of Rest (twice this if under a character with the heal skill care)
2 HP per level for each full day of rest (again twice this if under care)
also heal back 1 Pt of ability recovery per 8 Hours or 2 per full day of rest (again double if under healer's care)

was wondering, how many others have played in such campaigns and how many enjoyed it?

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You start with the Game Master Guide NPC Generator. Mine was a Lecherous Near-sighted Elf left at the alter whom's goal was carrying on the family tradition of wizardry, whom secretly engages in secret transmutations of the local populace. (They found out he believes there are too many males in the world so he creates items and spell traps that 'fix' this)

But his prohibited schools where Evocation & Conjuration :-) which made for a silly battle of Bestow Curse, Reduce person (Reach Spell is a great feat for turning touch spells to a ranged spell :-) ) Group generally couldn't stop laughing at each other when they fell for his bad pun's & spells, ultimately he physically wasn't challenging, the clean up however was amusing.

So I was wondering how many other had similar fun moments with the random NPC tables when making 'memorable' characters for the group to meet that turned into Villains, Love Interests, etc.

:-) I tend to love using the same tables if I lack for an idea in a campaign. Keeps me on my gaming toes.

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Welcome fellow Miscreants, Hench persons and dare I say other villain's. It would appear my grand scheme to go out and make my mark in the world has not gone exactly as planned. First I got separated from my scouting party. I was primarily there to make sure they had some magical back-up, however being as I am a specialized wizard of Creation and prohibited against Conjuration & Evocation I doubt it would have been much, but I digress.

Shortly after my wandering aimlessly I was accosted by an annoying blue Kobold from some place called "kelepish"? Not sure I understood it too well at the time. Worse it was affiliated with a Warpriest some weird sword swinging lady of overzealousness whom forcefully told me I would repent of evil or be killed, Wisely I just chose to nod my head and smile. Lastly
a woman of half-elven nature that seemed to think I was some kind of 'Cave-elf'

Now here I am, I have gained a great deal of power over my time with the group, with a tavern to show for my troubles on an island in the middle of no where. Although, they are building a statue of us after saving them from ancient cult of storm worshiping idiots, Lizardfolk and cannibalistic halflings.

Now here I am telling you my story for a little support from fellow Villain's. Any advice? So far the only thing of worth it seems is the islanders seem to have no idea that I am anything other than a strangely dark skinned elf. I have been thinking of altering the population as it seems to have an overly large amount of males compared to females and wonder if any of you might have tried something similar, or should I start small and ease myself back into trying to be evil.... It just seems so hard these days, well thanks for listening, just good to have support groups these days. Of course I am also here to hear your woes of villainous failings and will offer what support I can to you as well.

[This is what happens when I guess I can't sleep and decide I had to much fun earlier with another poster XD, welcome to villain's anonymous where the idea is general conversation for helping people playing redeeming evil characters that still think they're evil.]

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The PC's include: Human Paladin of Iomedae 9, Android Nanite Sorcerer 2/Paladin of Iomedae 7, Human Warpriest of Iomedae 9, Human Inquisitor of Iomedae 9 and a Variant Goblin [Intelligent & Curious] Spellslinger 9

So APL is 10

So I'm thinking of building a Rival group that is a CR 13 Encounter
4 level 10's following the theme of the Technic League supporters.

So feedback and Build ideas for them are welcome.

my ideas are
Heartless Swordsman: Android Fighter 10 [Sword & Board]
Cruel Artist: Tiefling Blight Druid 10 [Specializing in her Blight abilities]
Cold & Aloof: Human Cleric 2/ Oracle of bones 8 [Bleeding Burst aura]
Arrogant & Manipulative: Gnome Alchemist 10 (Not sure if I want to specialize them or not]

The Human Paladin has Exalted Feats from 3.5 So looking at the Blight Druid as their Rival.

Android Fighter is the Rival of the other Android and the Inquisitor.

Human Oracle of Bones/Cleric is the Rival of the Warpriest.

Gnome Versus White Goblin, Thinking bomb's Versus Gun's.

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our group is pretty fire heavy and my wife is looking to make an encounter in book 2 of the set with a young white dragon more challenging for everyone.

1 Aasimar Fire Kinetic
1 Kitsune Bard
1 Elf Druid with wolf
1 Sulis Mesmerist
and myself Ulfen Invulnerable Rager (Barbarian)
where all level 6 right now and in the clock tower.

So I am helping by drawing up an item for the big bad at the end encounter.
Young White Dragon.

just wondering if others can suggest some extra encounters for her to add or items to add to treasure troves to stand out to the group.

So the item I came up with instead of a Ring of straight out Fire resistance.

I came up with.

Amulet of Protection from Fire
[CL 5, Market Price: 6,000 GP, Craft Cost: 3,000 GP, Requires: Craft jewelry, Protection From Energy]
Per Day the Amulet provides 60 Points of protection against Fire.

So that'll give it an extra 60HP versus fire since it can already hit hard and breathe cold that should make this encounter pretty dangerous.

She specifically wants to add an item to the treasure horde for the mesmerist any suggestions?

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I was wondering if there was more information on house Merrosett of Taldor. My group is thinking of trying to make a group that are compatible as members of that house for upcoming campaigns as well as something to see if we can work well as a group in a few other single modules.

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Ring of Three Wishes
Curse: Delusional
Aura strong universal; CL 20th
Slot ring; Price ???? gp; Weight —


This ring is set with three rubies. Each ruby contains a delusional wish, when the wish is made a DC 30 will save is needed by everyone within ear shot [Including the wearer]. Failure causes everyone to believe the wish has been granted. When all the wishes are used, the ring becomes a non-magical item to the wearer and anyone else whom was around for all three wishes.


Forge Ring, miracle or wish; Cost ???? gp.

XD just noticed my typo, meant PAY for this item

Something I threw at my wife's friends on Thanksgiving. Was quite amusing to watch the Monk wish for the Gunslinger to come back to life, not revealing no one else outside the group could see him after they left the dungeon.

They also wished there enemy and all his minions where destroyed (Very watered down sapling Bodythief) and the small town was suddenly 'dead' to the PC's

The Final wish was used to help the Barbarian get over his fear of magical items by wishing all of his gear was magical. (ended up stripping and leaving the group back to home)

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The adventurer's find a lone Hobgoblin camping. As they stealthily approach unnoticed one rides instead on horse with lance tearing down the tent (missing the Hobgoblin amusingly enough). They have him surrounded looking at him closer they find out that the Evil aura the paladin saw was a venerable hobgoblin cleric of Abadar. The Paladin of Iomedae and the War Priest of Iomedae both stop there attacks at that moment.

The Dwarf Fighter wondering why they stopped attacking just because the Hobgoblin was a worshiper of 'friend of a god to their god' and paying the Hobgoblin when he reveal he was just camping and waiting to sell items from his tribe to a third party, but the person was late.

The Paladin and Warpriest pay for damages done to the Hobgoblin with a new tent after destroying his old one.

The dwarf however starts to argue and beg the Hobgoblin to attack him, even willing to pay him for such a task.

Hobgoblin: Will you give me the chance to spend the money?

Dwarf: No, I'll kill you and take it back.

Hobgoblin: That's a certainly a deal I wouldn't take, I'm old and frail in my 80th year, you are in your prime.

Dwarf: LIAR!! I'm 80 as well, so it's not so different! (and dwarf attacks and kills the low level Cleric as a surprise action)

[I tried to explain age differences out of character to the player, but he doesn't see how alternate aging works for other races and believes they're all the same 'age type' as a human.]

end scenario the Paladin & War Priest do nothing as the Dwarf is a party member and end up looting the travel chest the Hobgoblin had which
did end up having a few Iomedae magical items in it (Originally there to be sold to said characters as they don't have good chances in the campaign to rest in towns and cities)

When I brought up a change of Alignment everyone's response was that the Hobgoblin was an evil creature, the Dwarf's response was that Hobgoblin's always eat Babies so it was fine to kill the NPC.

What are your thoughts on this, and should I now curse the items since they they are unwilling to believe they did anything wrong?

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Female, Catfolk, CG, Cleric Of Calistria 1
Initiative: +2, Senses: Scent, Perception +2
AC 13 Touch 12 Flat 11
HP 8 (1d8)
Fortitude +2 Reflex +2 Will +4

Melee: Whip -1 (1d3-1 /x 2 - Nonlethal)

Str 8 Dex 14 Con 10 Int 12 Wis 15 Cha 16
BAB +0 CMB -1 CMD 11
Scent (ex), Cat's Luck (ex), Clever Cat (EX)
Sprinter (ex)

WP[All Simple Weapons], WP[Whip], AP[Light, Medium,
and all Shields except Tower], Selective Channel

Bluff (+5), Diplomacy 1r (+9/ +10 Gather Information), Know[Religion] 1r (+7),
Know[Nobility] (+2), Profession [Courtesan] 1r (+6), Sense Motive (+5),
Spellcraft 1r (+6)

Aura, Domains (Lust, Memory), Orisons
Channel Positive Energy 1d6 (6/DY, DC 14)
Wordly (for untrained skills 1/dy roll twice take best result)

Whip, Silken Ceremonial, Silver Holy Symbol (Calistria), Backpack,
Blanket, 10 candles, Flint & Steel, 50' of Rope, Grooming Kit, 4 Sunrods, trail rations (5 days),
Waterskin, 2 Alchemist Kindness, 1 Antitoxin, 3 PP, 5 GP, 9 SP, 10 CP

(Faith) Child of the Temple
(Religion) Calistrian Courtesan
(Social) Worldly
(drawback) Hedonistic

Something I built mostly because I have a member that loves Calistria and the Catfolk and trying to build them something that works with their two favorite's from Pathfinder, might draw them artwork to go with it.

Trouble is I don't play usually play clerics of Calistria.

So how's it look to the Cleric players? [Built for a city Campaign]

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Nicholas Hall of House Merrosett:

Nicholas Hall of House Merrosett
Human, LN, Arcane Bloodline Sorcerer 1
Initiative: +1 ,Senses: Perception +1
AC: 11 Touch: 11 Flat: 10
HP 11 (HD: 1d6+5 )
Fortitude +2 Reflex +1 Will +3

Melee: Cane [MWK Club] +1 (1d6, bludgeoning)

Str 11 Dex 13 Con 14 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 15
Bab +0 CMB +0 CMD 11
Eschew Materials, Noble Scion [Scion of Lore], Toughness

Diplomacy 1r (+7), Knowledge[Arcana] 1r (+7), Knowledge [History] 1r (+7),
Knowledge [Nobility] 1r (+9), Spellcraft 1r (+6), Use Magic Device 1r (+6)

Bonuses: +1 to Cha-Related skills when dealing with Taldorian Nobles

Ease Of Faith (Faith)
Rich Parents (Social)
Taldorion Noble (ALT. Campaign trait -PAP: HV)
(Drawback) Family Ties

Noble Outfit, Signet Ring, Cane (MWK Club), Arcane Bond [Amulet]

Nicholas Hall was born within the house of Merrosett, Famous for it's prestigious
and powerful wizard knight's, such power in fact, that it became part of the blood itself.
Thus he was thrust into Diplomatic parties, meetings, told how to act, whom to talk with
most his life. While the lies to him made it easier to use his magic, the constant attention
from family started to take it's toll in how he tried to live up to and help his house as best
he could, entering a state of melancholy when he couldn't do what his family asked of him.

As years went by his studies continued but he was far to precious to let go out an adventure
(no matter how much he asked) Oppara was his home and they'd brook no ill fate for such an important
member of the family. So he stayed, learned and continues to thrive within the city.

Help area's needed
Need help fleshing the character out more I have the earlier book on Taldor, and I'm more of an Artist than a writer, but I'm sure with other books out there (waiting for the new one as well) to hopefully flesh the history out more.

I'm trying to combine what the house is known for Conjuration and evocation, while not living up to the sickly aspect.
but not sure which way to go first or if I should just make him good at one or the other [Thoughts?]

Feats if I do both- (*Bloodline Feat)
3- Spell focus [Evocation]
5- Reach Spell
7- *Spell Focus [Conjuration]
7- Augment Summoning
9- Intensify Spell
11- Versatile Summon Monster (1 Rank added for certain of KS-Planes)
13- *Improved Initiative
13- Superior Summoning
15- Empower Spell

Feats if I do just Summoning- (*bloodline feat)
3- Spell Focus[Conjuration]
5- Augment Summoning
7- *Improved Initiative
7- Superior Summoning
9- Versatile Summon Monster (as above)
11- Craft Staff
13- *Iron Will or Spell Focus [necromancy]
13- Empower Spell / Skeletal Summoner
15- Versatile Summon Monster

Feats If I do just Evocation (*Bloodline Feat)
3- Spell Focus [Evocation]
5- Craft Wand
7- *Improved Initiative
7- Intensify Spell
9- Empower Spell
11- Elemental Spell [Fire]
13- *Combat Casting
13- Extend Spell
15- maximize Spell

O Level: Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic
1 Level: Mage Armor, and either Burning Hands or Unseen Servant

I also have about 800 GP remaining at level 1, I want to buy gear that is useful but also rather 'fompish'? {Is that the right word?} This is for a city based adventure
coming in the future and I am trying to build it with little to no headache induction, since my wife is fairly new to being a game master, so recommendations?

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So, a player in Hell's vengence is thinking about taking leadership with a cohort being a loyal halfling slave. It's a house rule that generally build the NPC's the only limit is I have to know what I'm making.

So they'd like me to make a halfling Oracle, just not sure what kind as the guy is a fighter Noble Scion fencer. So I was wondering which type of Oracle would be best match for 'wanting' to be a slave.

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I personally would like to see a continuation of the trait from Hells Rebels only called 'Child of Oppara' which if you take the Noble scion feat puts a PC into the heirs of Major nobility in the area, without the feat into minor nobility.

Not to mention like the altered feat in the Hells Rebels book with alternate abilities based on the families available to picked.

:-) seems like the best place to make a fine continuation of these since we are going with a James Bond/Game of Thrones feel for this AP.

Can make for some interesting backgrounds from the players. Since my wife has agree'd to run the AP [all I have to do is run Hell's Vengeance or Strange Aeons in turn, apparently I do horror and creepy well O_o]

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Just a playful thought, what do Game Masters think the players will play in this adventure path. I've always found it a good idea to try and get into my players head before I run a game, and have surprised myself more often than not when I find myself correct.

So for my group, if I sadly end up running the AP I wish to play in, I see them running this style of group with a little area for error on my part.
(Mine will include Traits & Drawbacks, as we normally take them so we can get a campaign trait as well)

1)- Human Fighter (Sword and Board knight)
Traits: Child of the Temple & Bastard, Drawback: Family ties

2)- Human Vigilante (and likely the half-sibling to the Fighter)
Traits: Ambitious & Focused Disciple, Drawback: Headstrong

3)- Catfolk Cleric of Calistria [maybe even the archetype: Champion]
traits: Courageous & Calistrian Courtesan, Drawback: Hedonistic
(further: Domains are likely Charm & Luck [or just luck], with the Alt. racial traits Scent & Curiosity)

4)- Fletching Knife master (rogue)
Traits: Canter & Resilient, Drawback: Avarice

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I've seen it talked about but I was wondering else had the same thought as me. Permanent Magical Items versus Limited or Single Use magical Items.

I understand Permanent Weapons & Armor, Blacksmiths showing great skill to attract customers. But in many cases Limited use items or things that need to be replaced over time are exceptionally useful. I armed an assassin with three items extra in the book to make for a scary encounter and it worked quite well for my group, two of which where home brewed items.

Cloak of Arrow Deflection (Dr 10 only versus Ranged Weapons, can absorb up to 100 DMG before falling apart. CL: 10, Market Cost: 1000 GP Craft Cost: 500 GP. Requirements: Craft Clothing, Protection From Arrows)

Robes of Stone Body (DR10/Adamantine, Can Absorb up to 100 DMG before falling apart. CL: 10, Market Cost: 3000 GP Craft Cost: 1500 GP Requires: Craft Clothing, Stoneskin )

and a Brooch of Shielding

It was when they killed him and went to the markets that I noticed I'd always seemed to favor non-permanent magical gear being available and a bit more cost effective (wands of healing are great for saving spells for the cleric to cast general logic) even my own characters that craft gear craft these temp items for fellow party members to buy (at market cost since I am a merchant or trade) That way they come back often to get new gear or get the current items repaired for a fee. do ya'll do this?

I was wondering, what other kinds of limited use items have others made that I might add to my Carrion Crown game. They just made it to Illmarsh and lost their Alchemist to Lycanthropy (whom will be returning as an enemy soon as well)

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Caedric has always done well by his family, even studying abroad to learn the arcane arts. His talents for it at an early age and his family wealth made getting into the school the easy part. But once there, that's when he found teachers that wouldn't just let him slide, others that had spurned him just because of families wealth and influence, especially when he strive'd and pulled ahead in his classes. Focusing on one school of magic certainly helped, Abjuration magic seemed to him far the easiest for him to grasp and learn, abandoning the arts of Enchantment & Necromancy as he lacked the desire and saw no reason to alter a persons perceptions (or make a walking dead servant) Coming out on top of the class at his young age helped impress others with his drive to protect others.
Now comes the starting trial for the final graduation, He must team up with other adventurers and retrieve an item from a deep labyrinth and return with it, will they make it, or will these other classmates be the death of him? (or maybe the monsters)

Caedric Ashwood
Human, NG, Wizard (Abjuration) 1
Init: +1, Senses: Perception +2
AC 17 Touch 13 Flat 16 (+1 Dex, +4 Mage Armor, +2 Prot. From Evil)
HP 7 (HD:1d6+1)
Fortitude +1 Reflex +1 Will +4 ; +2 against Charms & Compulsions
Special: Energy Resistance(ex): 5, Protective Ward (su): +1 [2 rounds Dur, 5 x Dy]
Melee: Staff [MWK Club] +1 (1d6/x2 B)

0 Level (at Will): Resistance, Detect Magic, Ray Of Frost, Read Magic
1 level : Protection From Evil, Mage Armor, Magic Missile (1d4+1)

Str: 11 Dex 13 Con 13 Int 15 Wis 14 Cha 13
BAB +0 CMB +0 CMD 11
Noble Scion (Magic), Noble Stipend, Scribe Scroll

Appraise +6, Craft: Alchemy +6, KS: Arcana +7, KS: Nobility +9, Linguistics +6, Spellcraft +8

*Common, Draconic, Shoanti, Thassilonian

Arcane Bond [Staff], Cantrips, Opposition Schools [Enchantment & Necromancy]

Focused Disciple (religion): +2 trait Bonus against Charm & Compulsion Effects
Rich Parents (Social): Starting Wealth is increased to 900GP
Family Ties (Drawback) [Freeing up a Trait area for possible campaign traits]

Masterwork Staff (Club), Backpack, Bedroll, Belt Pouch, Flint & Steel, Ink, an inkpen,
Mess Kit, Soap, Spell Component Pouch, Sunrods x2, Trail Rations (5 days), Waterskin
Antiplague x2, AntiToxin X2, Impact Foam x2, SmokeStick x5, Alchemist Fire x3,
Iron Grenades x2, Tanglefoot Bags x2, Potions of CLW x5
GP 16, SP 9, CP 10

0 Level - all
1 Level - Protection from Evil, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Arcane Pocket

Noble Stripend Feat
each week the character has 100 GP to spend only on Services & Nonmaterial goods
*Hiring Entertainers, Messangers, Mounts, Servants, transport, Workers and such is okay
*Spending on lifestyle quality
*Paying of Lodging, Stabling, Taxes, and tolls

(So going with Monthly, we come to roughly 400 GP a Month)
Valet- Warrior/Body guard (30GP/Month)
Hireling- Cook (9GP/Month)
Footman (15 GP/ Month)
Housing- Wealthy (100GP/Month)
Leaving 246GP left in a month to use on needs as they happen (including spending on spellcasting needs, clerics can get

A character I created due to insomnia this morning using a new feat I found in Heroes of the High Court, have to say I'm really liking this character build for a level one. Not over powered, Very nice anime feel to the character.

so with 20 pt's for stats anyone want to have fun building an anime style extra to harass Caedric?

Otherwise I guess I'm wondering what do ya'll think overall of the character would you let it into your games and what kind of evil would you GM's throw at him?

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Recently players have asked to try and combine my dark game as we called it (Evil has won, players dealing with a world that has several issues) with the region of Geb. Which is kinda my whole game world, made much smaller (nation Sized) so the clerics my group hated so much I tried to revamp for the nation of Geb and would like some feedback to see if these Clerics would work for such a nation in your minds eye.

Clerics Of Blood
{Specialty: Undead Healer, Nercomantic Mages}

Class Options
Class: Cleric; Class Features: Channel Negative Energy, Domains (Death, Law, Healing, Protection)
Class: Cleric; Class Archetype: Crusader; Class Features: Domain (Death), Bonus feats For Sword & Board style combat.
Class: Oracle; Class Feature: Ancestors, Bones, Shadows; Curses [Haunted, Wasting]
Class: Sorcerer; Class Features: Undead Bloodline
Class: Wizard; Class Features: Necromancy, Arcane Bond [item]

Preferred Options
Skills: Diplomancy, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge- Religion, Profession- Farmer, Spellcraft

Feats: Command Undead (core), False Focus (ISM), Selective Channel, Skeleton Summoner (UM)
Spell Focus [Necromancy] (core)

Charged with keeping health between the living and the undead, the clerics of blood have become something
akin to the worshippers of the living god Razmir, however the order of blood is a mixture of belief of
Urgathoa-ism and the Whispering Way. They heal the living just as much as the undead, They control undead
to keep crops growing to feed the living, They take collections of blood to feed the undead. They act in all
ways as the keepers and enforcers of the law.

Persona- Dedicated to preserving all types of life of Geb while also being the stern and iron fist against
those that threaten their way of life.

Preferred Equipment- Holy Symbol (Badge of office), Holy Water, Wands of Healing, Robes

Preferred Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Liberty's Edge

Recently players have asked to try and combine my dark game as we called it (Evil has won, players dealing with a world that has several issues) with the region of Geb. Which is kinda my whole game world, made much smaller (nation Sized) so the clerics my group hated so much I tried to revamp for the nation of Geb and would like some feedback to see if these Clerics would work for such a nation in your minds eye.

Clerics Of Blood
{Specialty: Undead Healer, Nercomantic Mages}

Class Options
Class: Cleric; Class Features: Channel Negative Energy, Domains (Death, Law, Healing, Protection)
Class: Cleric; Class Archetype: Crusader; Class Features: Domain (Death), Bonus feats For Sword & Board style combat.
Class: Oracle; Class Feature: Ancestors, Bones, Shadows; Curses [Haunted, Wasting]
Class: Sorcerer; Class Features: Undead Bloodline
Class: Wizard; Class Features: Necromancy, Arcane Bond [item]

Preferred Options
Skills: Diplomancy, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge- Religion, Profession- Farmer, Spellcraft

Feats: Command Undead (core), False Focus (ISM), Selective Channel, Skeleton Summoner (UM)
Spell Focus [Necromancy] (core)

Charged with keeping health between the living and the undead, the clerics of blood have become something
akin to the worshippers of the living god Razmir, however the order of blood is a mixture of belief of
Urgathoa-ism and the Whispering Way. They heal the living just as much as the undead, They control undead
to keep crops growing to feed the living, They take collections of blood to feed the undead. They act in all
ways as the keepers and enforcers of the law.

Persona- Dedicated to preserving all types of life of Geb while also being the stern and iron fist against
those that threaten their way of life.

Preferred Equipment- Holy Symbol (Badge of office), Holy Water, Wands of Healing, Robes

Preferred Alignment: Lawful Neutral

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