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Greetings and Salutations fellow Scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells, I now call this meeting of Villain's Anonymous to order. I see some new faces, so allow me to introduce myself and explain our chapter house for new members.

I am Veldrin Faer, "cave-elf" Creationist Wizard and current owner of the island paradise you find yourself within. Where last we had our first chapter house the island was predominated by males of the human species, Do not drink the local waters here for longer than a month will be all I advise for those seeking to stay for an extended period.

Now, as some of you know, the Villain's Anonymous group was put together to thwart groups that wouldn't let ... people of our persuasions join them, and it allows to brainstorm ideas for assisting each other with nefarious plans and share cunning. I am myself am not just a member, but much of my success on the island from several years of plans have come about from fellow villain's such as yourself.

The island inhabitants believe their high number of women and low number of male births is from an evil spirit in the temple that me and my adventuring .... chums.. re-fitted with traps both mechanical and magical, with a healthy dose of Undead. Heroes have come to try and cleanse it, but they don't seem to make it very long, and now income has increased greatly, the islanders seem to all depend on me, and my island has a great many beauties...shame humans are so short lived.

But anyway I digress, You've come here to introduce yourselves and seek new ideas, as well as allies, as I'm sure, friends might be stretching it in some cases, but if that is what you seek.

So how can this humble wizard be of service to you, and I call this Meeting of Villain's Anonymous to order.

{Really liked this last time, but didn't want to necro a thread, so instead started a whole new round of fun. Evil PFS Style humor}

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