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It seems fate in all her cruelty has me traveling once again. From my island soon to be paradise (and after I got the old evil temple refitted, trapped and ready for suc-um heroic adventurers) I hadn't thought much of it at the time when I'd first met my adventuring 'companions' even when they created a pact to call on one another in case anything would happen.

Well it seems something had happened to that moronic holy paladin of what's her name (you know the one with the long sword) as it turns out I'm having to travel quite the distance, some place called 'Taldor'.

Teleport will be helpful on the return to the island paradise I'd set up after my business I need deal with up there is over.

That business you ask?

Apparently that buffoon wrote in his letter that I was to be some sort relative of his own seed, worse it caught some sort of plague (the Paladin which I could of sworn they where immune....) and needs me to take care of it, I swear humans just invent social issues to inflict them on there betters. At least it's human, shouldn't take too long to raise the little human, but I've been tasked with raising them to be a knight or something.

Have any of you had this indignity?

Sadly while I know of Taldor I have no desire to kill myself in a bungled teleport attempt so I am traveling from Sargava to there as we did in the past. (Although I did buy a wagon and horse for the trip as well)

So during my trip I will be doing some sight seeing, any good places other recommend for the trip? I imagine I will use this time to set up as others have told me a falsely good reputation with fixing country side areas with magical creations....and maybe add a bit of magical mischief to the country side as well.

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