So Who / What Was Your Favorite Character You Ever Played As In Pathfinder?

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So who(or what) was your favorite character you have ever played as in Pathfinder?

My Favorite

Name: Aliel
Class: Kineticist(Aether)
Race: Human
Sex: F
Age: 12
Hair: Black
Eyes: Right(Green)Left(Violet)
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 97LBs
Deity: Onos

Alternate Racial Traits
Dimdweller and Focused Study.

Blood of Dragons(Low-light vision)
Trap Finder
World Traveler(Diplomacy)

Guilty Fraud

Name: Hbob
Classes (gestalt): Cleric/unMonk
Race: Kobold
Sex: M
Age: 20
Scales : Black (w/ red stripes)
Eyes: glossy black (always twinkling with the reflections of flames)
Height: 3'0"
Weight: 27LBs
Deity: Ra

Alternate Racial Traits
Day Raider, Dragonmaw, Wild Forest Kobold.

Adopted (Halfling: Helpful),
Holy Tattoo,
Sacred Conduit


Kraaj, 17, male half-orc, CN
alternate racials: sacred tattoo, chain fighter
traits: birthmark, reactionary
description: green skin, black eyes, black hair, very big, very scary, over 300 lbs before gear, has the holy text of his faith tattooed across his upper body.

Inquisitor of Desna
exploration subdomain

notable feats: power attack, furious focus, quick draw, improved initiative
favored combat setup: quickdraw light darkwood shield and adamantine heavy pick or heavy flail
other notable gear: lesser metamagic rods of extend spell x2, metamagic rod of extend spell, +1 adaptive composite longbow, hip flask with 8 potions of cure serious wounds, cloak of arachnida, mithral breastplate, pre-nerf jingasa of the fortunate soldier, featherstep slippers, sleeves of many garments, eyes of the eagle

combat spells: blistering invective, litany of sloth, greater invisibility, cure critical wounds, dispel magic
extended spells almost always going: see invisibility, greater magic weapon, magic vestment x2, freedom of movement, heroism

The tank of the team, he would grab attention from foes by teleporting into the middle of their formations and swearing so ferociously that they would catch fire. Or just set up flanking for the dual-wielding rogue. Once there, the party witch would use the slumber hex to its fullest, and he would always be right there with a coup-de-grace. Between his self-buffs and judgement, he could adapt to just about any situation.

His life's mission was to try to live up to the teachings of Desna, trying to better himself and earn that G in his alignment while taking out monsters that would use the cover of night to threaten the innocent. Of course, he reveled in the slaughter a bit too much, which is why he was still solidly in the N section of the alignment chart.

After the adventure he was going to "settle down", raise the black wyrmling he'd "acquired" during that time, maybe train some apprentices or go visit his mother and/or siblings.

Forgot to mention this character was in the Mummy's Mask AP and I played as her from 7th to 17th level. We used the optional rules from Pathfinder Unchained to get bonuses based on level. So I spend my money on skill boosting items, wands, ring of freedom of movement , and a ring of evasion. At 17th level I had Acrobatics(+27), Diplomacy(+34), Disable Device(+32), Intimidate(+23), K(Engineering)(+25), K(Planes)(+23), Linguistics(+21), Perception(+41), Sleight of Hand(+22), Spellcraft(+19), Stealth(+27), and UMD(+25).

Grand Lodge

"Anna" (short for a Elven name she regards as annoying long). A gnomish pei zin practitioner oracle of life with an tendency to be perpetually high on her own 'herbal remedies'.

I figured out the combination of Greater Grapple + Expert Captor, and had a character that could Grapple and Tie Up a character in 1 Round. I almost figured out how to add True Strike to her Grapple Mod before I sort of stopped playing with her.

I had a character (can't recall his actual name), who used a modified fumble chart. Rolls of 20-6 were treated as normal, rolls of 5-2 were a fumble of a minor variety, and rolls of 1 were a critical fumble. He was a paladin who started off normally, but by the second adventure, people called him "fumbles." This was because his beautiful full-plate armor was covered with pink paint after he fumbled into a painter's cart. He was eventually blinded by rolling a 1 and had to be helped around. He had a limp after falling off a cliff, and much much more.

Each time he would fail, people in the group would feel so horrible because they knew he would be all the more messed up. They formed an ultra-protective bond with him to keep him safe, but he was really fun to play.

The first actual, non-humorous, character would be my character Elann, who was rescued by the group I played with. She was just a sweet character who was essentially a commoner with seer-like abilities, caught up in this adventure of horror and dangers. It was mentally hard for her to deal with many of the things that the other characters were so easy seeing. For example, the party fought a choker beast, that knocked unconscious our monk, but after it was defeated, the party moved on like it was nothing. Elann, however, had nightmares of being choked for weeks. It made it fun for the party to keep her in mind, and because she was the healer, they really watched out for her mental state--oftentimes lying about potentially deadly things to keep her sane.

Though choice, but on the top of my head I had a lot of fun with Jo. She was cheeky, hypocritical liar neutral evil sorcerers.

I liked sling compulsion spells, but her overbold personality was my favorite thing.

Miss Nuts: squirrelfolk (modded ratfolk) ninja with an archetype that gave her spells. Was a total comic relief character who did things like shout "NINJA VANISH!" when she was about to go stealth and added "no-jutsu" to all her attacks.

Squirrelfolk from modded ratfolk, too bad we never got the Kercpa.

Also what AP, module, homebrew, etc were you in while playing your favorite character?

I've been playing P1 since 2012 and in that time I've played a grand total of three characters over the course of something like three months in total. Those characters don't really stand out so the best I can do is talk about the best characters my players have had.

Many of the support cast stand out because I loosened up on certain restrictions, allowing concepts that would not have been appropriate for the more important PCs. If you are disposable, you can be a bit lulzy.
From this we got Scarlett, the Heavens Oracle who was basically Battle Lover Scarlet, Didi who was basically Paladin from Bikini Warriors, the paladin who was basically Lollipop Chainsaw, and the kobold who transitioned to troll.
However fun these were, I think Schniff-Schnuff is the most memorable and fun. The derp-faced dog who started as a Cavalier's mount and became an animal companion. The patron saint of all good bois who've been abandoned and destroyer of anything he can get in his mouth. Schniff-Schnuff had more personality than his supposed masters, and was the party's darling.

It really comes down to the Big Three, and it is a bit hard to choose which of them is the best. They've been played for 8 years and each has a lot of history and fun moments that make them precious.

Othariel Ainamar, elf paladin 18, Ranger 2 of Mealiden (recently changed patron to Khoronus). A light-hearted and joyous elf who almost by accident got her own domain.

Arlynith Tirielle von der Drachenflamme - sorcerer 16-dragon disciple 4. Princess of a minor Alphatian kingdom, a haughty noble whose self-centered and highly aristocratic nature has slowly been softened through years of travel and set-backs.

Ranya Eliander - Cleric 20 of Valerias. A perky, seductive source of chaos. Her own interpretation of what is sensible and logical is often at odds with the rest of the world but she somehow manages to get through on her immense charm and ability for intrigue. Life is never dull with Ranya around.

I have two characters I love far above all others I have made.

The first one was Lee, The third child of a minor noble family, Always living in the shadows of his siblings so he turned to alchemy to try and recreate his brothers magic and his sisters strength, His father did not like it so he ran away from home, Swearing he'd return when he could show he was atleast as good as his siblings.

He meet the party on an airship, Where he also meet a drow noblewoman who he spent some time with due to their shared intrest in alchemy and after her guidance, He started hearing voices... No.. One specific voice, Further guiding him in his research, Which lead him into the path of the Master Chymist prestigue class resulting in the voice in his mind sometimes taking over, Causing Lee the Human to turn into raven the Half Elf.

They where super fun to play, And their interaction with eachother and the rest of the party made them my favorite.

Then we have closely behind, Mog, the Goblin Alchemist. Mog dosent have much to him, Mog found a dead alchemist in the swamp, And ate his formula book (Books are bad) And then started experimenting with the dead alchemists stuff, And eventualy discoverd how to make explosives! This was a great entertainment to the tribe, Untill Mog accidently blew up the chiefs hut, While the chief was inside it.. And so Mog was banished.

Mog dident have much to him, But he was just sooo fun to RP as, And the party loved him too. He was the first character I made a voice for and his antics always kept the party laughing.

Liberty's Edge

Flye The Red Kobold Sorcerer (Fire Elemental), sticks out in my head most.

Spell selection included lots of ice spell from people of the north (which he'd cast as Fire spells)

I was playing him in the Mummy Mask AP and traded out trap maker for Diplomacy and Perform (comedy). They didn't seem to realise his alignment until after he got the mask that allowed him to animate undead (and the gm had the mask change to fit him as well)

He also started summoning fire/ice monsters.

He one shot the adult blue dragon with a Snowball made of fire and intensified with empowered feats added to it, (it was the crit that did it) 30d6 range Touch Attack.

The game came an end some where around book four.

The group was having a lot of fun playing this one, shame the gm never went back to it.

3 characters come to mind for me.

Cyrus Vance Morninglord of Lathander(10th level Cleric) was super fun to play in a Mistborn-themed game. He was a blend of super nice guy(Often just paid bandits when they tried to rob him and threw down 10,000 gold to save a girl from a life of slavery), super crazy zealot(MY FAITH IS MY SHIELD and charged headlong into certain danger/overwhelming odds), and insanely paranoid since he already died once.

Ellavaria Parvelon(Path of War Desperado Warlord 10) was my contribution to an evil campaign where we had all sold our souls for something and they got traded/picked up by a Contract Devil with a job for us. It was a game based in Cheliax and I sold my soul to become the matriarch of my minor noble house(by getting rid of everyone else). It had wonderful set piece moments like robbing a bank(and then burning it down) in a town with a team full of Vigilantes(While pretending to be villain Vigilantes). We unmasked one of them in front of a crowd and I coup de graced another with a musket. Another great(terrible) moment was going to an island in search of an artifact and enslaving the natives to guide/clear brush for us. (And then we killed their guardian entity but y'know that's just what happens.)

She had some silver crane maneuvers so there was some BDSM healing stuff that I bought a whip for.

Last character was probably my most mechanically fun. Kairos Sulyvahn was a Fetchling Umbral Escort Nomad(11th level) who teleported around and zapped people or tried to teleport gib them. He was in a relationship with the Dark Tapestry Blind-cursed Oracle of our group on our totally-not-spelljammer game as the ship Navigator. Highlights included crit disintegrating a Froghemoth and teleporting up a massive spiraling staircase to be sitting on the next step as everyone else had to walk them.

Never got to play as Veldrin, but he is my favorite NPC to throw at parties :-)

Can't pick one...

Kroldr Lukraraet was my character in Carrion Crown. Mechanically he was a half orc barbarian with natural attacks, but in reality he was bitten by a werewolf as a teen killing his loving father as a result. Then he became a wanderer to stay away from innocent people while trying to kill all the werewolves in the world, until the Old Ones (that his father used to worship) decided to grant him their favor: as a mature man Kroldr learned to dominate his curse (i roleplayed his rage as a partial/distorted wolf transformation) to use it for what he thought was the purpose of his life, killing monsters. Ironically, many saw him just like a monster like the ones he wanted to slay.
He died during the campaing (killed by another character), but i brought him back through a summoner devoted to the same Old Gods: he asked them for help to avenge his family, and they tied his life essence to the soul of Kroldr, bringing him back in an improved version.
Sadly we had to stop the campaign shortly after and never continued...

Captain Jones, a comic anti hero who became actually darker and darker in his quest to find his lost ship and the members of his crew. He had a collection of curses on himself and really just wanted to die to sail in the seas of the realm of death, but couldn't until his original crew was complete.
Mechanically he was a poorly optimized vivisectionist, but his only good bit was an incredible profession (sailor), which was almost all he needed to make incredible deeds

Darren Nine-Fingers, a violent inquisitor with an everlasting hate for arcane casters. Lethal with his bow, his bloodlust was more than enough to keep the enemies of his faith at a safe distance (literally), but he was also good with words, strategy and torture.

Ataros Lemnir started his life as a beggar but in about 50 years was able to become the richest man on earth... just to lose everything because of the betrayal of his closest friend. Paranoid and without a moral compass, Ataros is now trying to gain his wealth back through fragile alliances with devils and kings.
He started as a witch since his concept was entirely based on luck and unluck, but i rebuilt him as a summoner (with DM approval) to help out my party

I also made a Graveknight antipaladin in wrath of the righteous after the DM killed some of my characters in spectacular and stupid ways: i care about my characters since i spend a lot of time thinking about them, so i decided to make a character that couldn't die. He wasn't happy, but having a evil character made everything more interesting than the usual "good vs evil" theme of the campaign, while it lasted (wich, again, wasn't long. Same DM as carrion crown, you know...)
Anyway, he was the herald of a greater devil who didn't want demons to take over the world, but while he was evil he missed his mortality and was growing a strange kind of bond with his companions and with a special female NPC (no spoilers tho).
The campaign sadly stopped, but i love to imagine him blocking a bridge or something like that, fighting for decades alone an endless horde of demons by himself knowing that he's the only one who can buy some time for the mortals against the demon plague

Veldrin Faer, what class(and other info) was the character you wanted to play as?

Level 20 NPC, you have a lot of favorites.

Liberty's Edge

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