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Like I said, Khan, I prefer to keep instrumental music for my playlists but I know a number of people who've included bands like Alestorm and a few others to have a more rocking playlist for their pirate games or games in general :) Hell, for kicks I went and through some Dragonforce at my players in an encounter or two when I ran some fights against robots in Numeria in a previous game.

Goddity, I went to PotC last because I knew I'd find a lot of stuff in there worthwhile from all their films. There's a number of those in those playlists already, including a large chunk from AC: Black Flag, Black Sails, the Uncharted series and some Risen 2. I'm always looking out for new stuff I possibly haven't heard of (or thought of). As a side note, just stumbled onto some music from a show called Davinci's Demons and...some of that stuff has me pretty floored. So stealing one for a major encounter in Cheliax. Had I only known for Hell's Rebels! If you've got any other suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them as well, but thanks for the input though.

Hope these playlists will be of use to some folks :D

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I figured I'd share this plunder with you, mateys! I have a habit of making playlists for my tabletop games and have started running some of Skull & Shackles most recently. Feel free to offer up more musical choices to add to them, if you wish; I can always use more suggestions! I tend to stick to instrumental stuff for the most part. The only reason I don't have a sea shanties section is, well, frankly, one can simply look up Assassin's Creed: Black Flag for a whopping list of those lovelies!

Arrived to port?

Exploring a lost island!

Something's not quite right...Add a little suspense.

Full ahead, you scallywags! We sail!

Time for heroics and to buckle some swash!

Some bad juju in the air. Evil magic stirs...

We're in trouble!

That ship ain't going to board itself! Attack!

The Chelish! (Still very much in the works)

Not all days are happy ones. Even for pirates. For sad moments.

That being said, I've got Wrath of the Righteous game that I can make proper playlists for, as well as some stuff for Council of Thieves or Cheliax in general, if people are also interested. Feel free to PM me regarding those. If there's enough interest, I may start to make them like I did Skull & Shackles and go to those respective boards :)

Until next time, pirates and Pathfinders!

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 1 & 2 (Oscar Araujo)
Thor: The Dark World ost (Brian Tyler)
Ender's Game ost (Steve Jablonsky)
Warhammer 40k Space Marine ost (Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco)
Elizabeth: The Golden Age ost
Assassin's Creed Unity (Chris Tilton)
Snow White and the Huntsman (James Newton Howard)
Diablo 3 (Scott Brower)
The Order ost (Jason Graves)
Dead Space 1 & 2 (Jason Graves)
Dragon Age Inquisition (Trevor Morris)

And a good deal of others previously mentioned like Dishonored and Darksiders. There's also a good deal of individual pieces from Audiomachine, Two Steps From Hell and certain bits from the Starcraft 2 soundtracks (the more orchestral pieces, of course).

I tend to make playlists for moods in each game for things like suspense, combat, boss fights (with both a 'ohgodohgodohgod' intense playlist and a 'we're winning!' uplifting playlist), sad, downtime, etc. If there's an interest, I might start uploading them on youtube or perhaps 8tracks. Currently have some stuff for Kingmaker, Wrath fo the righteous, Council of Thieves and some of Iron Gods (we linked the last three modules to our Kingmaker game, long story ^.^).

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We also had some Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 1 & 2 for more intense and heroic music for our beleaguered heroes, atop of the other things Firegazer suggested.

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Rebel Mask
Aura faint divination and illusion (glamer) CL 3rd
Slot head Price 4320 gp Weight 1 lb.


Favored by law-defying citizens, rebels, and dissenters, the rebel mask proves useful against enforcers of rigid regimes. Once per day, when activated, this item grants the wearer invisibility as per the spell against creatures with the Lawful alignment descriptor.

These masks come in many variations, though they have often been called Larazod Masks. It is speculated that the original Larazod Mask was created by Wiscrani dissenters who sought to re-enact a subversive version of the play known as the Six Trials of Larazod. When an underground version of the play was disrupted by Hellknights, the masked actors scattered into the crowd, suddenly invisible to authoritarian eyes. Since then, rebel masks with other unique powers have begun appearing throughout Cheliax, each crafted to resemble characters from other famous operas and plays; almost all of them, however, retain the useful ability to suddenly vanish from the view of law-enforcers.

Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, detect law, invisibility Cost: 2,160 gp

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I had a dumb, it would seem, and did not manage to save a copy of my item, the Rebel Mask. If someone has a copy of it somewhere, I would greatly appreciate a pm with the item so I could post it for critiquing. Thank you very much, fellow Pathfinders!

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Vasher gives Bree-Bran a firm nod, molten eyes looking about for said drinks. He moves for them, shifting his pack onto his shoulder more comfortably as he pulls a cloth from his apron's pocket to wipe away at some of the soot from his face. The tiefling pours himself a tall mug of water before finding a spot for him near the gathered Crusaders, seating himself comfortably, listening in to their conversations, curiousity getting the better of his apprehension.

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"My father once told me," chimes another voice, this one quiet, deep, and with the faintest hint of dwarven brogue. "All souls are made of the same impurities. Evil beasts can be born, true. But true evil is a path forged, and one any willing soul can wander."

He is a a young tiefling, nearing two decades in age, red skinned with sweeping ridged horns more akin to Nisha than Augustine. His talons click against the stone floor, still six feet in height despite his reverse articulated legs. He wears a simple blacksmiths leathers and an apron, soot stained like his hands and face, which he fastidiously attempts to clean away with a rag produced from his pocket.

"One can respect your sense of loyalty, Mistress Nisha, and your good intentions. Evil can be overcome by many minor acts of kindness as they can by righteous armies of crusaders. Should the people of the North desire armor and other armaments, perhaps we could speak again." he says, seemingly embarrassed by how much he has spoken and turning inward. "Forgive me. Vasher, of Clan Steelhand. At your service."

He bows to Nisha, his tail twitching slightly.

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Talons click along the floor as a newcomer arrives, a pack slung over his shoulder. He wears the simple clothing a smith, his red-skinned flesh spotted with smears of soot, eyes the hue of molten steel shifting about the gathered Crusaders with quiet curiousity and wariness. His ebony hair is tied back from his face at the nape of his neck safe for a few rebellious locks that frame his face. He is tall, for a young man nearing two decades old, and fairly sturdily built.

"Hail, brothers and sister." he says quietly, the faintest hint of dwarven brogue in his voice, the corner of his mouth twitching as he attempts to smile. The tiefling's gaze flits towards the ground momentarily, finding great interest in his reverse articulated legs before looking upwards once more. "My name is Vasher. Vasher, of Clan Steelhand."

The young tiefling looks very ill at ease, as though expecting trouble, but he stands his ground and half bows at the waist. "At your service."