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"Carl? did you get whacked in the head in the dungeon or did you just forgit I was with yer party in the beginning....name is Varl!" he growls. "I'm sure Nib will be able to guide you to the proper vendor." he whacks the anvil with his hammer as he fixes another dent from Grung's armor.

Remember Varl and Nib were players in the very beginning of the campaign. When the players dropped out, I made their characters NPCs in the town. They opened the Varl's Smithy Shop with their dungeering fortune."

Grungsdi wrote:

First thing Grung does is go and find the enchanter, that fine fellow

Hey brother. I find myself with a need to be able to sleep in my armor in the field. Having to put it on before a fight almost cost us lives out there.

comfort enchat

The dwarf pours a few tankards of ale. "Sleepin' in yer armor...yea, I can do that. Leave the gear, it'll be read in the mornin'" He whistles as he inspects Grung's armor, "Dang something gouged you guud...a few times."

The smithy shop has grown since your last visit, and they have few more smiths and assistants around. "We'll clean it up guud and pound out the dents."

A clerk scurries around refilling tankards.

Varl makes room for Karnog to hammer out a few items at his shop. the sound of hammer on anvil soothes the dwarf's nerves. "I've made a few basic tool fer them in Orc Town, Nib says their goats have good milk. Nib's been able to parlay that into tidy profit with the cheese maker. Better Nib trade wit 'em than me, orc and hobgobos still make me uneasy." he thumbs his head, "He's got brains that one....business sense." Varl examines the holy symbol Karnog has created. He nods approvingly.

Before Grung leaves to get his helm and then go the Sly Wink.

Varl laughs, "spoken like dwarf." As he clinks his freshly filled tankard to Grung's, "Besides helms make fine tankards too."

At this point up to +2 enchantments on armor or shield, and certain +1 special abilities.

"Whatcha looking for with your enchantments, we've a new spellcaster that may be able to give y'bump. He's sort of finicky at time's" The dwarf gulps down the next tankard of ale., then releases a huge belch followed by a rear toot. "Guud stuff th't is." He pounds on his chest reasing a bit more air. "Yeah, he comes around to enchant some of me blades."

"Aye brother there is nice shield over there, thought about nabbing it meself."

"Well met me friends" the dwarf stops his hammering and does a firm warrior grasp, then promptly proceeds to down his tankard. "Damn woman makes a fine ale. Her mead is just as tasty!" He wipes the froth off his beard.