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Old low-level favorites like
Entropic Shield

Magic Circle against <alignment>, as well as the Protection from spells (in case of dispells).

Shield of Fortification

Visualization of the Body, for more hit points

Things like Stunning Barrier/Greater Stunning Barrier

Invisibility Purge! No invis for Party!

Blood blaze *on an allied creature*

Utility spells like WeaponWand, to let you have a wand "equipped" as needed.

Get rid of those pesky summoned creatures: Final Sacrifice

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Lobolusk wrote:

my brain fart is what the heck is the 1+1 mean? is that just 2 first level spells or 1 1st level spell and +1 domain spell?

The latter. They have X number of spells per day per spell level, plus 1 domain slot to fill. You'll note that every spell level has +1 on it.

Hope that helps. :)

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For the most part, I think there aren't going to be many worth it, given the general lack of high level spells for paladins (remember, they cap out at 4th level spells). That means the best you'll be able to do is a MMF that's +3 to the level.

That being said....extend is probably your best bet. There aren't a lot of paladin spells that do direct damage, so things like Furious spell, Maximize, Intensify, etc aren't very useful...which means that things like Merciful aren't super applicable either. Piercing spell might be useful, allowing you to penetrate spell resistance easier, which can be quite handy, but honestly, extend is probably the best.

At least as far as my understanding of paladin spells and MM feats work together.

Good luck!

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Headfirst wrote:
How about letting the player roll up a new character at the same level as the rest of the party, but give it the exact gear and good the dead character had. Then let the player keep or sell all that stuff to outfit the new character. Maybe offer full price for old gear?

The problem with that method, and it is a problem that can be dealt with to be sure, is that it quickly overpowers PC's. Suddenly, they have a surfeit of items they can sell to get things that enhance their characters, without having to make a sacrifice of selling something that they already have (and use) to make up the difference (i.e. upgrading a weapon or armor to have a special ability, for example). Not an insurmountable issue, but it's one that some people don't care to deal with regularly.

Not to mention the issue where you roll up a new mage...and suddenly he has all the gear of your old fighter....

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In the past, I have had players bring in characters of the same level, but with the WBL of a level below. That way, the character was equipped in a reasonable "I'm an adventurer, I've gotten some loot, I've survived this far" but not so much that they may over-gear other players who may not have had good luck with treasure (though I do try to place treasure semi-regularly that fits with the party rather than just complete random).

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Evilserran wrote:
These are/were all very good suggestions, i wanted to add one myself that ijust recently discovered. muleback cords. Great if your mount isnt quite strong enough to carry the rider, or your smallcharacter has trouble carrying any heavy gear.

Out of curiosity, what are you trying to ride that can't carry you?

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Thirdhorseman wrote:

Anyone know of a location within a reasonable distance of fenton MI that regularly plays PFS. I have a good bit of Pathfinder experience but have only played in PFS once (I Died, Barbarian x4 crit).

Thanks for any help

Archangel Games in Clio has PFS events Wednesday nights. (Note: They are closed until Monday due to the holiday).

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Phate wrote:
I think the title explanes it all, but basicaly what are your favorites? Im needing ideas for a new charactor and unable to think of anything fun to buy, My charactor is a Human Fighter, most likly going to with 2 weapon fighting so any ideas will be helpful.

My all time favorites, and in many ways even more effective under 3.x than they used to be, are figurines of wondrous power: golden lions.

Since, in 3.x, we now have rules for flanking and aid another, which actually make a DIFFERENCE, they're great. Esp. for rogues and the like.