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True! I will go ahead and start an alias for the character.


Do you yourself do art commissions, Lilith? If so, can you PM me?

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Okay, so this thread has two purposes.

The first, and most obvious, is that I want to know what the range of prices are for commissioned artwork. I know that it varies, but just in general, full-color pieces? Is it set prices or percentages?

My second purpose is putting out some 'feelers' for either established or yet-to-be-discovered artists who can supply artwork for a book that I am planning on getting a license from Paizo to publish as a 3rd party book.

I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination and, since my first product is planned on being free on Paizo and pay-what-you-want on Drivethrurpg, I hope that I can get some quality pieces relatively cheap.

Once I get my name out there with my free/PWYW product, I will probably allow myself a larger art budget.

Sample things that would need illustrating:
To avoid spoiling content, I will list the commission names rather vaguely. The descriptions are concisely worded to save space, since it is an art commission and not a monster entry.

Fiendish vampire- A relatively simple piece of a very pale noblewoman in a lacy gothic ballgown with her hair elaborately done and the pupils and irises of her eyes glowing the color of fire. Her face, on another woman, would be almost innocent in countenance. She would have a sly, knowing smirk on her ruby lips. One of her delicately manicured hands would be subtly shifting into a demonic claw. Stance to be discussed, possibly standing in front of a mirror which shows the fiendish spirit entwined with hers. If the above, the image would be a fiendish version of her with batlike wings, inhuman-tinted scaled flesh, a fanged maw, and such. The mirror image would NOT be a reflection of her, but staring in the same direction she is (Towards the viewer, perhaps?).

Frostfire colossus- The creature is a massive humanoid creature, perhaps 200-300 foot tall and made out of faceted ice covering a core of molten lava, which flows from cracks in its body. Its body is roughly formed, like an elemental and is fairly wide and thick (Not as much as a dwarf!). Its face is a simple affair, with glowing orbs of flame for eyes and a relatively large gash for a mouth that lava drips from. The creature appears to be letting out a rageful roar in the middle of a frozen wasteland.

Since you are welcoming me to your RotRL game, I will cede the position for these fine fellows. ^_^

So I just pick a dragon as a wyrmling to start, since you said no classes, right? Are stats going to be by-the-book?

Hey GM, any word on the Promethean Alchemist?

Hello! Any idea on how the combat-to-roleplay ratio will look?

All this talk about rules, balance, and such is just speculation at this point. If a GM comes forward, it might cement expectations for such things.

That said, I know it would be a tremendous undertaking to bring a suitably challenging campaign and keep the storyline from feeling contrived. As such, I am merely going to choose to watch the thread occasionally and see if a pro GM bites on the proverbial hook.

I would run it myself, but I have no experience with PBP GMing and would like to get some experience as a player before I choose to GM, considering how the medium of play is different from a face-to-face game.

Dragons raised in draconic society, yes. These would obviously not be as such.

As I said, this was a spur-of-the-moment thought because 'dragon PC' sounds amazing.

Heck, maybe the reason that the prophecy starts coming true and stuff starts going apocalypse is because they DO act.

Besides, look at what dragons did to Xendrik. Giants turned on them and they razed the entire continent, wiping out untold numbers of giants. Doesn't seem quite like nonintervention to me. :P

Okay, so I had a super cool idea, likely because being hopped up on caffeine tends to do that. Now, I have no experience GMing on PBPs, so I would like someone else to take up the reigns of this campaign.

I want to play in a gestalt campaign where the players start out as baby dragons in Eberron, stolen from their parents by some pompous noble to give to one of the Five Nations rulers in an attempt to curry favor (Biased towards Thrane or Aundaire!).

We would basically all start out as wyrmlings, just hatched from our eggs and knowing no world other than the one that we were born into. We would be raised as loyal, if quite willful, subjects of the nation and would likely be some sort of 'elite unit' after we prove ourselves.

The campaign would take place over our dragons lifetimes, gaining an age advancement and some class levels at the end of each scenario.

Things that I think would be cool are: our blood being used to make the ruler immortal, us discovering the unfortunate circumstances of how we came to be in service to said nation (And the resulting opportunity to turn traitor to the nation!), crazed cultists, the Lords of Dust, some tie-in to the Draconic Prophecy, and agents from Argonessen.

Any GM bold/crazy enough to make this a thing? Or do I need to lay off the caffeine? ;)

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Erinyes have too much of that angsty teenage black metal groupie vibe going on. Succubi are all-fun, all-the-time, even as they suck your... levels. Is that what kids call those these days?


That would be pretty epic, right?

Grook 'em in the dooker!

Using CoC ruleset, I presume? If so, which one? I have played many iterations of the system.

A few more questions, if you will indulge me. Is this Beyond the Mountains of Madness? What character archetypes are already in place? What is the post rate like? Are you already in Antarctica?

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Machine god for the win!

Any word on the Promethean Alchemist, GM?

Swiss Army Man which stars, of all people, DANIEL RADCLIFF (Harry Potter!).

The entire movie is about a crazy stranded guy talking to a dead body that twitched and farted nearly the entire movie and seemed to be sporting an erection at some points.

That's not a joking review either, that's pretty much the plot in a nutshell. Some indie movies like Swiss Army Man may have people that love them but, just like Old Yeller, need to be taken out back and shot for everyone's health and well-being!

Make H.P. Lovecraft! Give him tentacles somehow.

That sounds amazing! Loved d20 modern and this sounds like it was designed custom-fit for the setting!

Sounds awesome! One of my friends would probably love to get her daughter involved in Pathfinder.

Can you send me a message when it comes out?

One can assume that most alignment threads are as uncivil as serpentine mating habits, right?

I know that most alignment discussions with strangers tend to degenerate into much shrieking and poo-flinging. Curious George would be ashamed.

Amazing that the one mentioned above seems... civil!

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As Curse of the Crimson Throne was my very first AP set in Golarion to be played, since the GM ran book two of Rise of the Runelords as a stand-alone, I would LOVE to have the chance to re-explore my all-time favorite AP!


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This sounds amazing! When is the rest of the AP due?


Gamer girl right here! I was a part of a group for a good 12 1/2 years before life forced it to disband.

Apart from me picking up more sailor-vernacular than is probably considered couth for a young lady to know, I don't really feel like it was a super big deal for any party involved.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, apart from some juvenile delinquents with an IQ lower than the average bacteria on Call of Duty, my gaming experience has been rather typical and has had no stand-out moments of "OMG, GRAB THE TORCH! LET'S BURN THE WITCH!".

Hello! I'm a PBP newbie looking to get feet wet, figuratively speaking, with a PBP campaign. As a fan of all things magitech, I was pretty happy to see this as one of the first open recruitments.

If you're willing to take a chance on a newbie, I will probably stat up an idea that I have had for a while, an Alchemist with the Promethean Alchemist and Chirurgeon archetypes. I am unsure of what I may gestalt it with at the moment.

The character will offer (hopefully) a compelling backstory and a great deal of utility. While not a walking apocalypse by any means, the support that it can offer should more than make up for a lack of massive bursts of damage.

While I know that anything even resembling a Summoner is probably autobanned, based on outcry amongst many gamers against pet-centric classes since the early days, I hope that you do not mind the Promethean Alchemist. It is rather balanced as far as general power levels and has some great fluff for building a background upon.

I think I have everything figured out now. Thanks! :)

Okay, so hello everyone, my name is Desiree!

My home group of 12 1/2 years kind of disbanded after 2 members got deployed and another moved away for a job and I was told that this is the place for us 'groupless' to go.

I would very much like to place a PC or two in some games but need some more information before I proceed, so as to make sure my expectations match reality and that I do not make any embarassing gaffs or social faux pas.

I have read over a few recruitments and PBP games and have a few questions, if someone will indulge me.

1. How do you format text for spoilers and such? I'm probably just missing it but I don't see any kind of tutorials or anything.

2. What is gestalt? I have seen it a few times and have only heard of the it from a 3.5e D&D internet forum. Is it the same thing?

3. Do very many people allow 3rd party material in their games? I am mostly asking for stuff from Dreamscarred Press, like their psionics and path of war lines.

4. Are there any unspoken rules of etiquette other than post on time, no cheating, and don't be a disruptive, argumentative nuisance?

5. How long does a game take to complete? Based on the few APs that I have read up on and looked at, it seems like months to years. I have no problems with that, of course, but I was wondering if there was an average.

Thanks for any help you can offer!