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I would like to see a creature like the "Dark Overlord of the Universe" in the "Howard the Duck" movie.

I would like to see a creature that turns people into super villains(evil vigilante archetype). Also the people have no memory/knowledge of there evil alter ego.

I would like another playable fey race.

I would Chichevache the thin human-headed cow monster.

But without Bicorn or the true myth attached.

I like Chichevache as cattle of the Horseman of Famine. It's gaze attack will make victims loose their taste and appetite so they starve themselves to death.

Many Gashadokuro are created when Chichevache come to crowded towns.

To hold a bit true to their myth, the Chichevache rarely eats itself, preferring only to eat the loyal and honest souls that are pure of heart, but those are rare.

They are pretty rare on Golarion, but they thrive in fields where the Daemons live.

The human face resembles the face of their last victim they ate.

And can someone tell me if this creature is real or another Kaster? An untrue made-up myth.

Bebok- Slavic myth: a little furry creature with venomous fangs and skinny legs in which to climb on their prey to bite their neck.

Could be a cool aggressive upgrade for my Keukegen, but I can't find much info on Google about this creature, so I need to know if this is a legit myth.

I also learned that the Japanese Jubokko Tree is probably a hoax Yokai, made up by a guy that made a book about Yokai.

Jubokko is my favorite yokai, so that is just harsh!

For me Jubokko stays a true myth! So I still want a Vampire Tree in pathfinder!

I would also like to see more fey based playable races.

A whose blood is infused with positive energy and deals damage to undead based on it's HD/LV.

I would like to see creatures whose blood act as holy water(plus other alignment variants).

I thought the Bebok was real. Who told you the Jubokko wasn't?

From Wiki


Folklore scholars such as Kunio Yanagita and Iwao Hino, who wrote works such as "Youkai Stories" and "Vocabulary of Changes in Japanese Youkai", respectively, state in written works about folklore youkai that there is no youkai that became the origin of the Jubokko.[3][4] A group of experts from a group called To Scholar Conference (と学会), which Youkai scholars Natsuhiko Kyogoku and Tada Natsumi, writer Murakami Kenji, and SF writer Yamamoto Hiroshi run as presidents, stated that there is no source of appearance for this youkai tree and that it can be theorized that this youkai is a fictional creature of Mizuki.[5][6][7] Mizuki stated that he has created around 30 different youkai in his comic book GeGeGe no Kitaro, but he did not specify which among the youkai he created in his work are fictional.[8]

It could, however, be a fictional amalgam of kodama, onryo, kyonshi, obake, tsukumogami, and (perhaps, to a lesser extent) kosenjobi and/or furutsubaki-no-rei.

And can you link me to a VALID source for the Bebok? All I get is Pinterest pictures, Deviant Artwork, and some cartoon character from Poland.

So that's why I thought Bebok was a fake creature, just like that Kaster, Deviant's People favorite mythology creature. (which 100% is a fake, still the creator tells everyone it is real)

Silver Crusade

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You folks are really arguing whether some creatures are ... just fake, or fake fake? XD

I would like the Chichevache and Bicorne to be two sexes of the same species of monster, but different enough in terms of abilities and behavior that they get separate entries. I'd honestly like more significantly dimorphic monster species in general.

Gorbacz wrote:
You folks are really arguing whether some creatures are ... just fake, or fake fake? XD

Fake in the sense of not from long-ago-made-up mythology stories, made up by modern people, so not worth being real mythological/folklore creatures, in the case of Kaster it is an arrogant artist who just wants attention for example.

In many other cases they are just Harry Potter monsters (Lethifold and Clampert) but in the case of Bebok i'm not sure.

Jubokko is an exception, I still count it as Yokai, just because it is my favorite yokai and it is an pretty old lie.

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I like both fake creatures and fake, fake creatures;)

Modern Youkai=Pokemon :)

I hate Humon, so I hate Kaster. Simple as that.

He's probably faking that creature to be a real myth, but when Paizo or anyone other than him uses the Kaster, he will go berserk and cry about copyright.

Yeah, its that type of guy.

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Fake is a relative term. It is fascinating to me that a fake Mona Lisa is still sometimes a very valuable item. It depends on who faked it, the technique used, and when. Myths should be something similar.

Would like to see oozes from the positive energy plane, negative energy plane, dimension of time, and the dimension of dreams.

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Does it really matter? I don't see the difference in a presumably noncopyrighted yokai invented half a century ago or wherever, and stuff like mothman, gremlins, Peryton, etc, which also are of recent origin. "Invention" is really only a concern for a bestiary or similar product when it appears in something where the rights could be owned by someone else.

I mean...presumably at some point all the greek monsters had to be invented, and so on and so forth.

I found Kaster!

It's not a blurry picture either. l-6-x-2?pricode=WY236&utm_source=Bing&utm_medium=pla&utm_term=H -3322SQ3&utm_campaign=Material%2BHandling

You know, we don't have many wheel based monsters;)

It seems to be a mutant human with some sort of pearl Psoriasis. If removing those pearls hurt as much as I think they would, I would live alone deep in the forest and avoid people too. Silver pearls are worth 100GP, cause 1D6 real damage and double that subdual when removed. The one black pearl at a time grows on an artery, does double damage, double that subdual, and causes 1 bleed when removed.

Humon is probably a bi-sexual, that's why he wanted to lie about having some bi-sexual monster in Danish mythology (he is Danish) + he's a rude attention w-you-know-what that never talks to people that see him as God. (I'm not one of his victims, but I've seen it enough to know how arrogant he is.

I'm bleaking in comparison.

And I already told Warriors Of Myth that it is a fake monster, but that site is really bad, I mean he doesn't want to put in different dragons and hags, but he uses all the D&D werebeasts and orcs on his site... :-s

Going out from a different topic about what's your opinion on the B5 PC races, I was thinking that B6 should be a little less about those. Here's my opinion:

- I do not mind seeing reprints of new races. Ganzis, Kuru, Lashunta, Monkey Goblins, Munavris, Reborn Samsarans, Syrinxes and Triaxians can be presented in B6, for what I care. Ok, maybe not ALL of them, but still, 3 among those would suffise.

- I... only like to see 2 new races:
* a Giant-kin race; a human descendant of giants
* a Dragon-kin race; half-dragon descendants

That's it really...

Some rare Formians were supposed to be handsome. Perhaps so called half formians.

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Proteus(Old man of the sea) In Greek myth he is an early sea god but could make an interesting powerful fey or native outsider.

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This page has some information on Panama folklore. A few ghosts/spirits I hadn't seen before that could make interesting monsters

Panamanian Myths and Legends

I would like to see tiny intelligent robots that are immune/feed on electricity, can reproduce, and like to fix/repair anything/everything. Kind of like the ones from the movie "Batteries Not Included".


In the above link are some cool myth sea monsters, Found it because I was searching more info on the Pua Tu Tahi, a giant reef/clam monster with so many descriptions over the internet, that it doesn't seem to have a solid form.

I would suggest a giant clam or a cool living reef thing.

Nightterror wrote:

... found it because I was searching more info on the Pua Tu Tahi, a giant reef/clam monster with so many descriptions over the internet, that it doesn't seem to have a solid form.

I would suggest a giant clam or a cool living reef thing.

Giant Clam, I think I saw something like that in an episode of the 1960's Batman show.

A Giant Conch would be more dangerous;)

I don't think that people that want playable bunny-folk in pathfinder have any rights to call Pua Tu Tahi weak and stupid.

Though I rather see the Pua Tu Tahi end up like this creature myself. (of course with less purple and pink.)

We could use some alligator men type monsters. As monstrous humanoids or magical beast around CR5-7 range.

Poly Valve
Any of several types of shape shifting clams. Most people don't notice diminutive or tiny clams who can hide by seemingly turning into rocks. Every 10 years, if all goes well, they eat voraciously and grow one size category. Some people consider them good luck and sacrifice moldy, hard, bread to them. They can pass as land animals such as humans, but have to return to the water to breath every 12 hours. Their skin is clammy and hard. AC is +6 natural armor what they seem to be.

This would make a hilarious bloodline. :)

Clam people! well we already have crab people, so why not.

I made my own Tumblr page, and my first project there is my Obscure Mythology creature Top 100.

You can find it here.

Many of the creatures in that top 100 are already in Pathfinder, but the ones that aren't are my biggest wishes to be pathfindernized.

Especially the Amhuluk, that awesome mutant lake serpent deserves more attention!


Also THIS would do great in Pathfinder. What a bizarre awesome creature is this! Looks like it came straight out of a Dead Space game!

A piñata based monster would awesome;)

Goth Guru wrote:
Some rare Formians were supposed to be handsome. Perhaps so called half formians.

Or just a weaker humanoid-like Formian, as a 0HD race. Then again, if Formians get this, then the Thriaes should have a bee-human hybrid too... well, more human than bee or thriae that is :P

I've seen this around for a while, but Yokais would be great additions, maybe as an opposing "group" to the kamis.

Hmm... templates haven't been discussed recently... How about something similar to the "evolved undead" template from Libris Mortis? Basically, take an undead creature and apply an enhancing template that can be layered/stacked upon multiple times.

I'd LOVE to get a Swarm template and a Troop template. There were Troop in Pathfinder #100, but as individual "creatures" and not as a template. I'm sorry, but I fail to understand that's so complicated about making a template that would make encounters soooooooooooo much easier...

A formian and thriae based 0HD races would be cool.

I would like to see a monster that uses skis/skates, maybe making them out of ice at will or just the strange design of there feet.

Kami already have an opposing group, there called oni. In fact oni are corrupted kami.

I don't know if anyone has thought about this but I would like to see a Worg based race like the Adlet. There are catfolk but no dogfolk or worgfolk.

Second Idea, think of a snapdragon flower the size of a town and when it opens it mouth it looks like a town on the inside. The plant allow people to live in it for a while until if get enough to make it worth eating and then BAM! It closes it mouth and eats them all. Now to make it even more terrifying make it a mobile plant creature that can go to other locations and reset its trap and make the eat process take time and not turns but a few days. When the creature shuts it mouth it expels a liquid that would have a save and if failed would cause the victim to be paralyzed.

Evil Treasure - this creature looks like a coin of metal be it copper silver gold or plat. each color gives it a different ability. It only goal it to consume other coins. If touched it will bite you if you are taking it away from its food. In combat it will extend 8 legs to move around and spit molten metal at the target. This creature eats about one coin a day and has some level intelligence and lay dormant if it thinks it can get to more food.

Sort of like . The Gold Bug
Here's 2D6 gold coins in a pile on the floor.
DM: 2 of the coins are actually parasitic beetles that can sleep for years looking just like coins. As soon as someone starts carrying them they will start sucking blood. The victim will have 1 constant damage from each beetle they suffer from. Their bite also causes gold fever. The sufferer must make a DC18 will save to resist grabbing any gold they see. As the bugs reproduce, the DC goes up as does the fever.

The good people at Paizo are free to adapt it however they wish.

Ouktazaun (Arabian) - Evil gold-skinned Djinn which induce extreme greed in their victims. They guard treasures with passion. Their lowerbody could be created from golden coins instead of mist like other Genie types.


That would be pretty epic, right?

I have been wanting more mimicking creatures for a while now such as bugs that look like gold coins, living swords, living armor, magical beast(metamorph) that can change into any object of about the same size, elementals that take the form of gems, parasitic clothing, etc.

I would love to see a creature like that salt draining monster from the original Star Trek series that had an ability to appear how people wished he/she/it to look like.

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I would like to see Namahage as Chaotic Good, but horrifying looking, Kami dedicated to scaring children away from dangerous areas and hunting those who hurt children.

I would like to see Cipactli as a Mythic level threat, or as a Behemoth.

I would like to see a race of magma-attributed jaguar demons based on Tezcatlipoca that serve as archrivals to the Coautls.

I would like to see an Asura species based on Bakasura.

I would like to see some of the African devourer monsters featured on A Book of Creatures.

I would like to see some of the innumerable types of vampires in European mythology interpreted as fey or fiends rather than undead.

I would like to see the Genbu as a scaled down Gamera expy.

I would like to see some Sasquatch variants as fey.

I would like Genies attributed to non-core elements, and more genie offshoots.

I would like to see Dire pangolins, tasmanian devils, honey badgers, armadillos, colugos, babirusas, leopard seals, lynxes, aardvarks, coatimundis, oryxes, gila monsters, otters, dolphins, and fennec foxes.

I would like to see an alien race based on the Baltans from Ultraman.

I would like to see the Taowu as a psychic beast that feeds on ignorant people.

I would like to see more plant monsters in the shapes of animals or humanoids.

I would like to see Leviathan as a massively powerful type of Behemoth.

I would like to see the Chenoo, Kiwakw, and Atshen interpreted in interesting ways.

I would like to see more species of Cyclops.

I would like to see creatures based on various animal trickster spirits like Anansi, Coyote, Raven, etc.

I would like to see "Hell Theropods" akin to Hell Hounds and Hell Cats.

I would like to see crocodile and hippopotamus-like humanoids.

I would like to see Dilophosaurus, Carnotaurus, Gastonia, and Amargasaurus as the next four dinosaurs.

I would like to see more titans taken from other world mythoses like the Fomorian and Danava were.

I'm honestly shocked we haven't received an Empusa yet. I want one.

I want to see some proto-mammals like Gorgonops and Estemmenosuchus.

I would like to see the dinosaurs of the First World.

I would like to see some monstrous variant griffins.

I would like to see more beast-shaped constructs.

I would like to see more creatures from Filipino mythology. That mythos is a monstrous gold mine.

I would like to see dragons for all nine outer planes, rather than a set of five.

I would like to see the remainder of the Gigases.

I would like to see the Anaye and the Kachinas as rival Outsider groups.

I would like to see more unusual oriental dragon types, like the Shen.

I would like to see more Heraldic chimeras.

I would like to see a Blemmyes. I'm really surprised we don't have one yet.

Same with the Nekomata.

I would like to see a creature based on the Enfield Horror.

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I would like to see most of what you wished for Wannabe Demon Lord.

Are there any beaver, otter, or squirrel based creatures from mythology?

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I would like to see the Children of Ana, i.e. a bunch of really uber-disgusting Romani demons, as well. Fair warning, this is honestly the most disturbing myth I think I've come across in recent memory. I think these things are vile enough to make good Sahkil.

Romani Abominations.

And there are tons of otter, beaver, and squirrel like creatures.

Off the top of my head, the Afanc and Wishpooshi are my default beaver monsters, Dobhar Chu, Teehooltsoodi, Lenapizka, and Atunkai in terms of otters, and Guiafario, Nodeppo, and possibly Ratatosk in terms of squirrels. Their are many others as well.

I know dragon78 ignores me anyway as I posted Afanc, Wishpoosi, Ratatoskr, Nodeppo, Dobhar-Chu, Atunkai and all those others a million, trillion times before, but i'm a cruel human so I still reply for my own goodness and because i'm marvelous.

Muscaliet is all those animals in one big happy fiery creature.

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Thanks for the Romani Abominations though, I think I can use Tculo (urchin) and Lilyi (Mythological Aboleth) for my project.

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The Romani abominations look like a cross between Lovecraftian horrors and pokemon;)

Thanks for the info Wannabe Demon Lord.

Somebody asked for an Oryx? I believe their is an oryx-like unicorn type of creature in starts with a K...Karadoun? Something along that line. Do not have it with me.

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