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I would love the idea of an Evolutionist or Adaptable class that can evolve or adapt their body within a fight. Things like using a reaction after being hit with elemental damage to gain resistance to that type or spending actions to grow slashing claws or a bludgeoning tail. Being able to gain dark vision or even luminescent scales. Something like a monk in versatility just in a different approach and can still use weapons or armor, just with the option to forgo them. I think this could fulfill a lot of the body morph desires people want or can go into fully while still being an interesting class for people who aren't into that but want an interesting martial.

I'm also not married to the idea it'd be a naturey. While I think an evolutionist is a cool idea for a class I could also see it be a bit more occult flavored using dark or spirit power to fuel your transformations. Hell while I don't love the idea I could see it be a divine paragon esque class using divine favor to change ones physical form to better fight for your god.

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Hope we get that evolutionary class that was mentioned by the designers in another flood. A class all about adapting your body seems super cool and novel to me

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This is a problem I've seen not just in TTRPG's but pretty much all sorts of fiction from anime to videogames or fantasy novels and which I've started referring to as the 'Gimmick problem.' Basically someone comes up with one super original idea, but the rest just feels lackluster and like it's only interesting because of that one 'gimmick'.

I can't tell you how often someone recommends me an anime because "it has this super interesting power system!" or some novel "because of how amazing the world building is!" Only for me to find the most generic plot and boring characters and give up on it.

I don't think this is the biggest deal in TTRPG's because everyone kind of plays for their own reasons and it's not a job, but this gimmick burnout I've been having has definitely lead my last few characters to be very generic concepts, (I used try to play the weirdest/most interesting characters I could think of) that I focus on sculpting through actual play.

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AnimatedPaper wrote:

In theory, I think the Kineticist or Medium was supposed to fill this slot in PF1. The Medium did a fair job in my opinion, but the Kineticist's Scanners/Carrie/The Bone Clocks flavor (as introduced with the Burn mechanic) was overtaken by associations with AtLA and Captain Planet.

But yes, a horror themed martial would be great. There's lots of possible ways to go; perhaps the 5e Blood Hunter might be an interesting start point, and able to cover some of the vampire flavor you'd find interesting?

Yeah I completely agree with both points here where Kineticist became very ATLA and legend of the five ringsish flavor While the medium remained occult. I've never played 5e but the flavor of the blood hunter always seemed cool to me though I heard it wasn't very good. I'd love for a martial that was able to do things like sap hp from an enemy. Use focus points for things like invisibility or shadow magic (which I believe is coming in secrets of Magic!) or some beguiler stuff like charming opponents. A lot of people I talk to when I introduce them to PF2e want to play a character like a ghost rogue or shadow ranger which you can kind of do with the magus or archetypes, but I think would be really popular as a class on its own.

I think the think I want the most is a kind of 'dark monk' where the power isn't coming from my own skill or training with weapons or athleticism but some type of extra force. Instead of harnessing my own ki to move super fast I call upon my vampire abilities or instead of using my own rage to get temporary hp I call upon my curse to syphon it from you. As an example when I first read through the inventor playtest my first thought was to make a character divinely inspired to create their invention and when I got an upgrade it would come to me in a dream or something. Classes like the Witch and Oracle are my favorite and would love to see a martial that captures that flavor.

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One class concept I haven't really seen mentioned is that of a spooky martial. I think 2e has done a remarkable job of diversifying the martials up so as to have made a bunch of unique ones like Charismatic martial (swashbuckler) and Smart guy/Engineer martial (Investigator and Inventor) while still having interesting takes on the iconic classes. With that being said I think we are sorely missing a spooky flavored martial and something like a dark hunter, cursed warrior, slayer, or martial psionic would fill a gap I think we currently have. Even the shifter class could be tweaked to be more occult then primal and I think that would be a really interesting take on the martial chassis.

Personally, and I don't know how popular it would be, but I would like to throw my hat in the ring of a Vampire full Martial that makes ample use of the focus pool system. The vampire class is the only thing that's ever made me want to try 4e and would love to see Paizo's take on it.