What is Your Favorite Arcane Class?

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So what is your favorite arcane class?

My favorite is the Sorcerer.



It combines the best bits of wizard (I have just the right spell for this occasion) and the best bits of sorceror (I've found the right spell, now let's go to town with it) and on top of those has all those lovely, lovely exploits for messing things around.

Neriathale wrote:


It combines the best bits of wizard (I have just the right spell for this occasion) and the best bits of sorceror (I've found the right spell, now let's go to town with it) and on top of those has all those lovely, lovely exploits for messing things around.

I agree! I never played one, but even with delayed spellcasting, you're still full caster and the added flexibility is awesome.

You can spam whatever you need, and with the right archetype, it's a great class

Bard, most definitely. You could play an entire party of bards and not have them step on each other's toes.

Magus is also pretty fun. I like going against type and only use str maguses.

9th level: Arcanist
6th level: Skald, Magus
4th level: Bloodrager (specifically the older version of the enlightened bloodrager)

Magus. I'm a sucker for warrior-mages, and the magus combines those two more than any other class.

I'm not a huge fan of 9th level casters, so Bard/Bloodrager/Magus. If I had to pick one I'd probably say the Magus, but I like them all.

Bards are so good you can do just about anything with them, and as people said above you could make a full party of Bards so easily.

Magus is probably my favourite. I like being in the front-line and the spell-sword theme works for me. Even without focusing on that, I played a Magus in a Thieve's Guild themed game and managed to be a super utility caster while still having my sneaky and fighty elements.

Bloodrager isn't something I was super keen on, until I started playing one. I'm playing in an Iron Gods game as the only front-liner and I'm having a blast. I have to manage a spreadsheet's worth of variable buffs and really bring my A-Game tactically (when I get tired my character tends to go down), but I'm really enjoying being the (physically) strongest guy in the room.

(I haven't played a Skald, but Raging Song seems a little too niche for most parties. I have an idea for a Spell Warrior on the back-burner, but haven't gotten to it yet.)

9th- Sorcerer
6th- Bard
4th- Bloodrager

Spell Sage Wizard followed by Mongrel Mage Sorcerer :)

Definitely Witch.

Also like Bards and Sorcerers.

Much prefer Arcane to Divine, particularly for the 9th level casters.

Wiiiiiiiitch. They just need contingency and permanency, and they'd be perfect.

Runner-Ups: Bard and Magus.

Summoner. I love summoning in general, but the summoner also gives you an intelligent companion with a lot of potential versatility.

Melkiador, wich version of the Summoner, original or unchained?

Forgot Witches did not get contingency and permanency. I wish Bards got the Heal spell.

Both have the same spell like ability for monster summoning, which is one of the more important parts. I prefer the free-form eidolon design of the core summoner over the confusing and limiting subtypes vs base forms of unchained. The unchained summoner has a clearly worse spell list. The core spell list is a bit too good, but I think unchained dropped/nerfed too many thematically appropriate spells.

If I were to have to choose between the two, I'd prefer to take core 90% of the time. There are a few niche options for unchained that can be nice, but it's rare. The thing is that a lot of the time you won't have a choice about which one to use. And the unchained version can get the job done as well as core most of the time.

The subtype version of the Eidolon would have been better if they just granted you the full benefits of the creature subtype at level 1.

I really don’t think subtype and base form should have ever been linked. It’s bad design that you can’t make an angelic quadruped or serpentine. Subtypes would have worked better as archetypes for the eidolon. Options are fun. Restrictions are usually not.

I agree that base form should not have been linked to the subtype.

I've been itching to play my Godfrey Gloop, my Goblin Gunchemist! Exploding bullets are cool!

The Exchange

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Wait - what do you mean they aren't...

(Guards arrive to haul away the miscreant dwarf.)

Help! Help! I'm being repressed! ... (door slams)

Druid with Natural Spell. I am my own poke/digimon!

Really anything that lets me combine a critter with an elemental or magical theme. I've got a whole list. . . . I have a problem

My friends are trying to get me help.

Sorry. I'm dumb sometimes. Got excited by the casterishness of it all and missed the Arcane requirement.

So, Summoner for reasons similar to the Druid. Sorcerer for elemental builds. And wizard or witch for more abstract themes.


The flexibility is astounding.

Liberty's Edge

1- Sorcerer's. I can normally fill the nitch I want for a group quite easily depending on bloodline and spells taken.

2- Wizard's are good if I want more flexibility or to pull off something Dramatic. Abjuration Wizard that all feats and skills specializes in Evocation creates a worthwhile Battle mage.

3- Bard's They are great for support roles and are generally thrown into Face roles.

:3 Those are my three favorite Core Arcane classes in order.

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