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Setting up the campaign, don't mind me! _Z6OyOdE/edit?usp=sharing

I'm trying to balance this bad boy for a single encounter with 6 level 20 PC's. I don't know if he is too weak or too tough or what, I just want help.

I LOVE automatic weapons. They are cool, powerful, yet suck because you use ammo faster than anyone in the party. So I've come up with a solution. Instead of using all the remaining ammunition in the gun and taking two shots worth of ammo for every target, you only use the ammo you attack a target with, but shooting at each target takes 3X the ammo. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I want to know the pros and cons of each. I am running a small group of three players and I want to see which would be preferable.

I've made some rules for making turns near walls and crashing:
Crashing and Ramming: If a ship moves into a hex or hex edge that is made of a barrier that the ship cannot move through, the ship takes Hull Point damage equal to 10X the number of hexes the ship moved before it crashed. In addition, pilots gain a new stunt: Ram.

Ram: The starship moves into the space of another starship, dealing 5X the number of the number of hexes the starship moved before hitting the other ship to itself, and dealing 10X the number of the number of hexes the starship moved before hitting the other ship to the targeted ship and pushing the targeted ship 1 hex directly away from the ramming ship. To succeed on this stunt, the ship must beat the target’s TL by 5.

Making Tight Corners: If a starship makes a turn and the side of the hex it was facing before a turn was a barrier and would have caused the ship to crash, to not crash the pilot must succeed on a Piloting check (DC 15 + 2 x your ship’s mass number). If you fail, you crash into the barrier as normal and cannot move again until the next round.

Mass Numbers:
Tiny: 1
Small: 3
Medium: 5
Large: 7
Huge: 10
Gargantuan: 14
Colossal: 18

The question's in the title, I just don't get it. It's such a great system that I don't under stand why they didn't use it, even if just for narrative effect. Can someone explain?

Correct me if am wrong, but I can't find a way to make small arms automatic. Why is this? Is there some balance issue with having automatic small arms? If I was to make a homebrewed automatic small arm, what would the pricing be for that?

RAW, I can't find a way to make taking a hostage viable or dangerous. Most creatures can survive a single shot, and even if they can't they wont be of much value inn that case. Due to this in my games we play that if you can place a gun or other weapon in a place that a single attack could kill them, such as through a grapple, you can as a reaction when another creature takes an action, coup de grace the creature. I know that this could theoretically 1-shot the boss, but there's a reason why they have so much protection then. Any feedback on this mechanic would be great!

What is the APL for a single level 5 character? Me and my friends are just getting into the game and I wanted to run a solo session for each of them to learn the rules. Also, is there any particular guidelines I should follow when making a solo encounter (number of enemies or size of battlefield or anything like that?