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I've got my fingers crossed for Skald or Bloodrager making a return. so much fun flavor, so much dumb stuff you could do. Really though, the best-case scenario is we get a barbarian instinct/feat chain that lets them cast spells while raging so you could take a spellcasting archetype. Although both warrior bard works for skald and magus probably works for bloodrager, at least conceptually, I'd love to have a good mechanical representation.

Alright, the nymph skitters out of the way at the last second, narrowly dodging the blow. Ulionestra's up next.

The cot could be pushed aside as a move action and a DC 13 Strength check. If the check fails, the ankheg nymph has cover.

Nature: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19
Attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7
For future reference, it's square brackets for the HTML
As the arrow flies through the air, Lanzellet identifies the creature as an ankheg nymph, the younger stage of the much larger, much more dangerous ankheg, a horse-sized ant capable of rending flesh and bone with grisly mandibles and corrosive acid. The nymphs cannot reliably survive on their own, so a full-grown ankheg must be close by. The nymph, however, skitters aside at the last second. As the arrow bounces of the dirt, the ankheg scuttles under one of the bunks and bites at Thackett, but the powerful mandibles cannot pierce the chains.
Thackett's up next

GM Screen:
Bite: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15

Alright, Lanzellet gets the first move.

GM screen:
Ankheg Nymph: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (18) + 1 = 19

Rifling through the bundles lends 321 silver pieces and 87 gold ones, as well as a small talisman and a multicoloured rod, but as you disturb the bundles, the dirt on the other side of the barracks begins to churn. From the churning dirt comes a dog-sized insect whose mandibles drip with a foaming liquid. It chitters once, then dives towards you. Roll iniative.

These two long, rectangular buildings are constructed entirely from planks on a wooden frame, with a pitched thatched roof. Each building has two doorframes on the side of the buildings opposite the palisade, but lacks doors. Four window frames open into either side of the long walls, a few of which have no cover and others only a canvas draped across the inside. A partial view of the interior is possible from the doorways. Inside, the floors are hard-packed earth, and along the walls are wooden bunk beds. Many of the pallet beds are covered with blankets that now gather dust. Those beds have sacks or tied bundles of clothes sitting at their feet.

Once again, sorry for the late reply.
Ness's tools do manage to stop it from twitching, but with more sparks and clanking than might be otherwise desirable.

Sorry for the late reply, but Ness manages to catch the spy with the coat. Unable to lift off, it flails around on the ground under the coat. Also yes it would be able to fit in that lockbox, though your knowledge of clockwork allows you to belive that you might be able to disable it with a successful Disable Device check.

So, the clockwork spy, unfortunately, manages to acertain your intentions, but even as it dashes for the window, buffeted on spindly wings, the coat falls over it, sending it tumbling to the ground.

Arcana: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15 Out of the corner of his eye, Indi manages to recognize the small creature as a clockwork spy. These spindly and discreet mechanical arachnids are ideal for surveillance and reconnaissance missions, and can be vital tools in political intrigues or illicit consortium tactics. Their retractable, insectile wings make the swift creatures even craftier foes than most would anticipate. As they are less combat-oriented than many other clockworks, if a clockwork spy is caught in the act of recording its target, escape is usually the most practical course of action for it. All the while, Ness manages to pick the lock, the door creaking open.

Inside the office, the four of them find a wooden coffer flung open, which contains a large number of logbooks and journals. The logbooks record various types of events, such as the sea journey to Ancorato, daily work details for construction and farming, a master tool inventory, records of the daily weather, and so on. This information is mostly pedestrian in nature. All of the books date back to approximately 1 month ago, whereupon the entries become sporadic and stop altogether a week later. One logbook details daily events in the colony since landfall and seems to have had the last four pages carefully cut out with something sharp, such as a razor or knife.

Poking through the building and the southern office, you find nothing of any real value, though the door to the northern office is locked. Throughout your searching, the spherical object continues to track you. As it approaches closer to you, you manage to get a closer look at it at its four spindly legs and one large eye.

Ah no sorry, I used those rolls to spot the small moving thing

This wooden-framed, mud brick structure is currently the colony’s only two-story building, as well as one of the largest structures. It has the appearance of a rural courthouse or city hall rather than that of a residence. The front features a small porch supported by rough log pillars, with double wooden doors facing west. Numerous window frames with shutters, some of them open, wrap around the building on both floors. The roof is not thatched, but has wooden shakes instead. The construction suggests this building was intended to be a source of community pride, but it still has a rough, unfinished appearance due to lack of paint and coarse materials. A few small shrubs have been planted around it. Through the main doors is a foyer opening to a large chamber that occupies most of the main floor. This room is open to the second floor, and two flights of stairs lead to a gallery that overlooks this space, supported by columns on the main level. At the rear of the chamber against the east wall is a raised desk, like a podium. Tables and chairs are arrayed in front of it like a courtroom. The gallery above has simple wooden chairs so that citizens can observe whatever business is conducted here. Doors at the north and south ends of the main floor lead to what appears to be separate offices. Out of the corner of your eyes, you spot something small and spherical moving amongst the crossbeams.

GM Screen:
Stealth: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (1) + 11 = 12

This watch is a strange curiosity indeed. Powered by the clockwork the Azlanti knew so much about and were so skilled with, this watch was likely a status symbol even in that long-gone age. The Shattered Continent on which you now stand was broken and sunk more than 7000 years ago by the cataclysm known as Earthfall, which spelled the end of the Age of Legend and destroyed Azlant and Thassalon both. For this watch to survive so many long and cataclysmic years and end up still functioning between the cushions of a governor of a new colony is nothing short of a miracle. The watch would've had to be preserved in one of the still-standing ruins, though most of the complex, non-magical devices found within have fallen to ruins after so many years without maintenance.

It requires a bit of effort, but you manage to force the door open. The only door was latched, but not barred. The inside of the house stands in contrast to most of the other buildings in the settlement in that it is relatively organized and tidy, though you can tell it hasn't seen activity for 3-4 weeks. It contains plain wooden furniture, with simple amenities such as wall racks for weapons and armor, a modest dining table and chairs, and a sitting chair with a makeshift cushion and footstool. A separate bedroom features a wooden bed frame and pallet mattress, a boot rack, and a large unlocked chest of folded clothes and other personal items. As you search through the house, you notice a folded up sheet of parchment on a crossbeam nine feet in the air. Upon closer examination, it is actually four sheets of parchments folded and creased together. The sheets are a charter of each colonist that came aboard the Liberty's Herald, as well as a declaration of each of their responsibilities, and sealed signatures from the People's Council of Andoran, the representatives of the Bountiful Venture Company, and each colonist aboard the charter. It also declares Thalmandor's Bounty to be under the control of the great nation of Andoran. Before you departed, you signed a similar document, though with far more names. Oddly, many of the names have tiny checkmarks beside them, though few of the colony official's names do. Stuffed beside the cushions of one of the chairs is an ornate silver pocketwatch. Rare in the Inner Sea region, this is truly a great find that you would not expect from a governor of a new colony. Indeed, upon a more detailed examination, the mystery grows ever deeper, as Indi recognizes the symbols upon the face as Azlanti numbers. After a few more minutes, you stumble across a leather bound spellbook shoved under the mattress of the house's bed.

Knowledge: Local DC 10:
You recall that Rayland was not a millitary man, and had no arcane talent

Etched with magical power upon the inside cover is the name "Hendrake".


1st Level: Charm Person, Endure Elements, Feather Fall, Glitterdust, Protection From Evil, Sleep, Summon Monster I, Unseen Servant
2nd Level: Darkvision, Eagle's Splendor, Fox's Cunning, Glitterdust, Gust Of Wind, Communal Mount, Pouncing Fury, Pyrotechnics, See Invisibility

The name “Arkley” is carved into a wooden sign nailed next to the doorframe of this log cabin. A single, closed door faces northwest, and the structure has two wooden-shuttered windows. The architecture is otherwise the same as many of the other buildings. You remember that Arkley was the governor, Rayland's, last name.

The gate sits in the middle of the only finished part of the palisade fence. It can be barred from the inside, but it is currently thrown open, and the large wooden bar rests against the fence.

Shirt: None, it is supernaturally light.

Okay so they shouldn't have a home or handy haversack, that's a holddo er from the default. Potions wiegh 1/2 pound each. Incense is also 1/3 pound, and the diamond dust has a negligible wieght. What else do you think you have?

The small chest contains five bags, each of
which holds 5 pounds of powdered silver (worth 25 gp
each), four blocks of incense (worth 25 gp each), and a
pouch with 100 gp worth of diamond dust.

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Upon closer examination, the tracks reveal themselves to actually be two different tracks: a set of star-shaped tracks, lagging behind a long, flat track, almost as if a big wheel-like object had been rolled somewhere. Indi thinks back to what he knows about monkey goblins, and concludes that this sort of behavior would be strange, even for how erratic they normally are. Monkey goblins, like their green-skined relatives, value all things shiny very highly.

Okay, Thackett is unable to pry open the metal coffer. Here, do you want to take 20 to disable device? You'd be able to do that.

The lock proves too difficult to pick, though Thackett's great strength may be able to break into it.

Simple wooden furniture is in disarray throughout this residence. Tables and chairs are knocked over and pushed aside, though none appear willfully broken. Articles of clothing and household items are scattered across the floor as if they were examined briefly and discarded. A large pallet bed is visible in a separate room through an open interior door. A third room with no windows is next to the bedroom but is completely empty. As you search the bedroom, you find a small metal box is shoved against the wall, the latch secured with a lock, and the empty room, Lanzellet notices large bare circles where dust has not gathered. She also notices faint tracks leading into the road.

This long, rectangular building appears to be a home, though
larger than many beyond the palisade to the south. It has three
windows, all covered with wooden shutters, and a single door
facing northwest, which is unbarred and slightly ajar.

The second smaller altar also seems to be devoted to Erastril, but is otherwise devoid of any objects of value.

You think back to your voyage aboard the Peregrine, and remember that Rayland was the name of the temporary governor of the colony, who Ramona was sent to relieve.

So Indi's up, but,Thackett thinks that, based on the location of the body found, this angry spirit might be a poltergiest, an enraged spirt, trapped and twisted since it was unable to leave the site of its death.

Ah, well Ulionestra hurls the ashes into the air, but no form emerges as the grey flakes settle.
Thackett's up now!

An attack roll, I'd say?

Amidst the noise and confusion, even Lanzellet's keen elven sense fail to pluck the form of the vengeful spirit from the tapestry of chaos that surrounds you.

GM Screen:
Stealth: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (19) + 10 = 29

Ulionestra's up now

The room is filled with the rapping sounds of an angry spirit. You cannot currently see it, though its presence is definitely noticeable.

GM Screen:
Silas: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

Okay, as you slide open the hatch, a strange chill washes over you, a cold, dead wind flowing from the altar. Inside the altar lies the curled up corpse of a robed man. After a few seconds, strange thumping noises begin to ring out from the walls around you, and bits of rubbish and shattered wood begin to rise from the floor. There is a spirit here. And it is restless. Roll Iniative.

Do you not want to open the secret hatch? Did I not make it clear that you hadn't opened it? No passive aggression here, just not sure if that was clear

As you four scour the chapel, you notice the smell of rotting flesh filling the air. Examining around the altar, it appears to be less of a freestanding table, than a large box that upon closer inspection, reveals a hidden latch built into the back. A pile of ashes scattered across the floor is easily identifiable as burnt books, one leather cover reading Parables of Erastril

Religion DC 10:
This text once was a religious text common to the followers of the god of the hunt
. A number of religious adornments, chalices, and the like a scattered throughout the room. The longbow hung on the wall is slightly warm to the touch and Ulionesstra's residual magical sense clearly identifies the bow as magical.

Okay, make some perception and survival checks to search!

Indi recognizes this template as a place of worship devoted to the hunting god Erastril, though the place has most definitely seen conflict recently, objects strewn about and scattered.

The interior of this building suggests a modest place of worship—not quite a temple but more than a mere shrine. A table near the center of the west wall appears to serve as an altar, draped in a white but dusty cloth. Behind the table, a large wood carving of a humanoid figure with a stag’s head leans against the wall. Two rows of benches face the altar, although some have been knocked over and two piles of ashes
are visible in the aisle between them. Scattered throughout the room are assorted objects related to public worship, such as a chalice and a ceremonial rod. An ornately carved longbow hangs on the wall near the altar, as if on display. Against the north wall is a smaller shrine. Nearby is a wooden statue roughly three feet tall that depicts a male half-human and half-avian creature. One carved wing hangs partially broken from the statue.

As you approach this large, durably built building in a log cabin–style
construction with a thatched pitched roof and three gables. Its several open windows are uncovered, and the sole entrance on the east side of the building is bereft of a door. A small porch covered by a gable shelters this door, though the porch has not been swept and dirt and dust have started to accumulate, while one end of the gable is starting to sag from neglect.
It was 150xp each for the monkey goblins

It is, If you're hoping for her to identify things, next time you rest, you should have her prepare detect magic, since you can't otherwise

Does she have detect magic?

Indi, studying their bodies, recognizes the strange creatures as monkey goblins, jungle-dwelling relatives of the more common goblin, they are viscous and stronger than normal. Searching through the smithy also leads him to a small chest containing two machetes, a small darkwood buckler, which is slightly warm to the touch and has gathered no dust, and a chain shirt, all of which are of excellent craft.

The mighty blow sends the thing smprawling, blood coating its mangy fur. The smithy is sudenlly silent, the omni-present, smothering silence redescending upon the town.

The arrow soars true, slayling the beast. Its final comrade shrieks in rage, vaults back into the window, and rushes Thackett with its spear, but the blow goes wide.

GM screen:
Spear: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 81d4 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

Thackett's up

Both attacks go wide, the beast lashing out in retaliation at Thackett. Its spear slips through the chain armour covering the Oread, the crude weapon miraculously finding a gap in the chains.

GM Screen:
Ghosthater: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 201d4 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

Thackett takes 3 Damage, then it's Lanzellet's turn

The heavy pick crushes the beast's back, sending it stumbling, though it keeps its feet.

Beast 2
Beast 3

GM Screen:

Indi then Ulinoestra get to go

The arrow sprouts from the creature's neck with a sickening squelch, the body falling to the grass. Its comrade screeches in dismay and rushes Lanzellet with its spear, but the crude weapon goes wide.

GM Screen:
Spear: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 121d4 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

It missed, and now Thackett's up.

Thackett's pick goes wide, but Indi's whip connects with the side of the beast, leaving a nasty gash as it goes scurrying out the window.
Lanzellet's up now

While Indi's whip flies wide while Ulionestra's spell strikes unerringly, slamming into the beast's chest. The flanked beast attempts to tumble out of the way, but fails to avoid your blows.

GM Screen:
Acrobatics: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7

Thackett and Indi get an opportunity attack, I'll finish the turn later.

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