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*Throws bacon covered cats into the thread.*

I'm waving my dick in the wind
waving my dick in the wind
if it all goes right, I'll be in your arms tonight
but I'm wavin' my dick in the wind

I'm lost in the sauce once again
I'm lost in the sauce once again
If I make it through the night
everything will be alright
but I'm lost in the sauce once again

Its been 97 days since i've laid my head beside you
and a million miles of highway in between
there's some red and blue lights that are shinin' right behind me
and that pig's a pretty mean bastard

You should have seen old Jimmy Wilson dance
you should have seen old Jimmy Wilson dance
give that boy a dime and you could have a chance
to see old Jimmy Wilson dance
dance Jimmy...

I've got a real good feelin bout' old Jimmy Wilson
sho' nuff' he's got what it takes
do another number for me please won't ya Jimmy
cause you're a really good dancer...

Im wavin my dick in the wind....

taig wrote:
I thought that was the litter box. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was empty.

Any one going to eat those chocolates?

*Starts Juggling poodles and lapping up the yellow rain that ensues.*

Anarchy Rules!

Smurfs Yellowdingo long and hard, twice.

Unwashed crotch smell

Request to look at my junk.

*stresses to force vomit*

*Craps pants instead*

Someone put s*$@ in pants!!!

Feels like peanut butter...

Llamafrog wrote:

Is almost friday... and it feels like monday already!

*chases own tail*


*Humps Llamafrog.*

*Exhales sardine and coffee halitosis breath.*

One day I hope to as noxious as the Barf-man.

*pulls down pants and rubs ass all over your chair.*

I haven't washed my junk in years! There smelling kinda sweet.

Piddles on the floor.

Callous Jack wrote:
taig wrote:
Callous Jack wrote:
taig wrote:

What were we discussing?

Something about you. I think a part of it wasn't too mean either.

Meh. Whatever.


Show me on the the bear where the badger touchéd you.

I brush my teeth with cheddar cheese and rinse with buttermilk.

I'm so badass I piss DHMO.

Yeh, that's the joke. Lame I know but I been up all night on Coke mixed with crystal DHMO and I'm a bit shagged out.