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So I thought it might be nice to start a thread to talk about the factions. I am looking at the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide, and was wondering if it is mandatory to be aligned with the factions at all. I know it would mean loosing the boon slot, but not every character wants to interact with all the factions, and some don't want to bother with any of them. So, during character creation, are we required to select faction affiliations?

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So I recently was thumbing through my books, looking for character concepts, when I spotted something in Animal Archive that gave me pause. Now I understand why mount selection for cavaliers and paladins was restricted to the mounts mentioned in the class descriptions, as it would be chaos if people could select anything they wanted, or it was left to Table GM control.

However, Animal Archives has a list of Racially appropriate mounts, animal companions, familiars, and battle pets on page 5. I would like to suggest that Animal Archive's Additional Resources be update to allow Mount selection from that list as an approved resource. These could remain racial selections increasing some variety in mounts; additionally it would provide some use for certain races on Undersized Mount from the Advanced Class Guide, as one or two of these options are small enough to use that feat.

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I came to today to do some forum reading and learnings, and to check additional resources. Lo, and behold a new link appeared on the left side of my screen. What's this?


Tell me more.

So I look at the brief advertisement for Starfinder, due out next August. And I find meself thinking:

Will there be a Society for the new Starfinder Setting/rules Supplement. I doubt we will see as much content. (Scenarios are pretty hard to increase production rate without a loss of quality.)

Still... I see potential.

Are we gonna have a Starfinder Society?

Would anyone play a Society for that setting/rules element?

Since it will have Adventure Paths of its own, will said APs be legalized for normal Society play?


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Looking at the thread Evergreen Desert, I decided to start a new thread to talk about the faction storylines and where they might be headed. If you want to check out the original thread it is here:
Evergreen Desert

Scarab Sages has a nice Epic storyline. Nothing else to really say here.

Liberties' Edge has a kind of epic line going, but I feel its storyline is a bit polarizing when it comes to setting a table. With such a strong anti-slavery theme, as well as the society being set in an area where slavery is legal and there being viable methods to have slaves, that could cause some unwelcome friction at play tables; this is something I am sure Paizo is considering when deciding how such a storyline would work. I am confident that they will find an appropriate direction for the faction to head.

Exchange really does need some love as far as storylines go to set themselves apart. As it stands I really question the background reasoning for their continued association with the Society. The Idea of a economic war sandbox/roleplay scenario to hurt the Aspis is super in my opinion.

Dark Archive is in a similar state sadly. This faction seems like a natural fit to the Society along with the Scarab Sages. The Sages are about lore, and the Archive is about the artifacts. But without a story (not a one off go get this thing quest) they are just kind of moldering.

Sovereign Court... I want to like the Sovereign Court. I have several characters in the Sovereign Court, but most of the time I forget they even exist.

Give something to each of the other factions too...

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I am rapidly approaching my 5th Star Evaluation. I am looking for a game to run that is a blast. As an example, when I ran my 100th table, I ran Dawn of The Scarlet Sun, and me and my players couldn't stop laughing. I would like a 3-7 or 5-9 that is reasonably fast and a bunch of fun to play. Anyone have any idea what I should prep?

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Hey, I was just in my local shop doing shop stuff and grabbed one of these guys, and was just wondering if this will be added to the reroll list. It is an official Paizo product, so it seems as legit as the T-Shirt etc for rerolls.