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All three minis are fantastic!
I would have preferred the mounted Sable Company Marine from the Inner Sea Pawn Box though.

Jester David wrote:

Someday we'll get a landscape GM screen from Paizo... :(

While I'm being all wishful, a screen that's also covered with the flip map laminate would be cool, so I could make notes on it with wet/dry erasers.

Yeah... wouldn't landscape be easier on a GM when moving starship minis during battles?

It's great to see another preview so soon.

If you make drows, I hope we'll see some of the Second Darkness npcs in the bunch. Such great images in that path!
Mordant Spire elves, Ekujae wild elves and snowcaster elves would also be great to see.

I'd personally love seeing more uncommon races as other posters have already said, maybe a set featuring them? Or a Builder series box of them (one can hope!).
Miniature proxies for classical races and human like races are usually easy to find but good luck finding minis that look like wayangs, vanaras, ghorans, nagajis, gathlains, gripplis, kasathas, kitsunes, wyrwoods and wyvarans. So yes, any of those pretty please.

-Various shape changed skinwalkers or lycanthropes in hybrid forms would be great. One of my players created a female Coldborn(bear) skinwalker, it was a lot of converting work to create a suitable miniature since there's nothing of the like I could find anywhere.

-Plants, yes, please! I had to use the old metal Treant from Reaper that looks like a broccoli with legs for the yellow musk creeper in Emerald Spire. The humanity!

-More oozes too, they're just neat looking.

-Fey? Absolutely. There are some cool ones in the Bestiaries that need some miniature love.

-Devils, they pop up often enough in Adventure Paths and modules, if we could have all the classic ones done, it would be great.

-Deamons, Qulippoths, Aeons, Asuras, Divs, Demodands, Psychopomps, Inevitables, Proteans, Kytons and some of the missing Demons too.

-Good outsiders would also be handy for Hell's Vengeance, right?

-Bloatmages, what a fantastic idea. They could probably be used as obese ghouls in a pinch.

-With the new hellknights book, miniatures using the Orders' various armors style would be cool.

-Horror Adventures p.142... what? I could use an unmounted Dullahan.

-Would it be possible to include one monster from an Adventure Path (or any other books or modules with monsters) per set? A vote for the most popular could be fun, there are some real winners in those.

Anyway, just one last quick thanks for asking for our suggestions, Eric. It makes the sets even cooler in my opinion!

feytharn wrote:

I flagged your post, not because of something you did wrong, but because I think Paizo officials should see it :-(

Thanks, yep that's what I thought too.

Just saw this game on Steam, it seems... very familiar, somehow.

Here's the website:

Urath DM wrote:

My case will not be here until next week, but in the meantime, a dungeon dressing item that occurs to me is the Ebon Acolytus (from the Bestiaries of the Curse of the Crimson Throne AP) ... an animated altar that can serve as dressing or a creature.

Also, now that we have Allevrah the Elf General, I'd like to see her other form done as well. :)

Heck yes!

Out of all the Paths I've DMed, Second Darkness is the only one that did not have at least one miniature of its final bad guys/gals available.

Cool idea and the suggestions so far are all good ones. I'll add Hobgoblins as something I'd like to see more of.

viresium wrote:
Polaris13 wrote:
Do we know when will this be available?
I'd also like to know! She's such an awesome character.

While I don't have any date I can tell you that Adowyn (and her wolf), Hakon, Shardra and Zadim were available during ReaperCon (April 30-May 3rd) so they are done and should be available soon.

Charles Scholz wrote:

Its beem almost a year. Any word yet?

No news on this set, except for a brief mention on their facebook page about having run into an issue with it.

On the plus side though, the Wrath of the Righteous and the Reign of Winter sets are available in their eBay store.

doc the grey wrote:

Shondo and Bonnie are in my to 3 to survive to the end. Patrick is my number 2 between Shondo and Bonnie since he is very for but also seems to have a lot of the heart and conviction of the other 2. Andrew is 4th. And I'm with you on how honest and into it a lot of the contestants have been and how it seems better designed to promote that. Like the final elimination that forces you to stand behind who you want to continue and face both that choice and those who you are sending home. Also solid use of more practical effects rather than blue screen work which would have looked so fake to watch the paladins react off of.

That being said I do have some complaints (like how they have a solid narrative angle that drives this thing yet use a lot of confessionals which is a little unnecessary) but overall it is a solid first effort and they've managed to pull a lot of my friend base into a TV genre that we are usually not interested in.

Andrew and Patrick are great too and have a good chance to get to end, yep.

Lina might be worth watching too, she was very determined in the last episode (and was the first with two medals).

Agreed on the confessionals, although Shondo's comment are usually pretty darn funny, his comment after Sir Ansgar's fight made me chuckle.

I also got some of my gaming friends into the show after they saw a couple of minutes during a break in our regular thursday game. Discussing the latest episode has been a fun warming up before Pathfinder sessions.

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I'm enjoying it as well, though I was skeptical when I first heard about it.
What I dig the most is that the paladins are really into it(how could they not?) and are there for the experience rather than just a cash prize like other reality shows.

Bonnie and Shondo are my favorite cast members so far, but they've all been cool at one point or another.

Got any favorite?

Fair enough, though I still find those two a bit too small, varying size or not.

I would add Seelah to the list, she's barely taller than Harsk and the other iconics tower over her.
The redcap is another one I'd add, the mini looks tiny sized rather than small, it should be the same size as a goblin.

Erik Mona said wrote:

Because running this line is a huge amount of work (albeit fun work, but work none the less), I like to give myself one figure per set that I decide to do simply because power isn't power unless it's abused a little bit. There's no way most right-thinking people would do figures of the Wolliped, Gibrileth Demon, or Seaweed Siren, so I decided to make each of those for the simple reason that I think they look neat, and I felt I deserved at least one personal choice per set.

Now that we're doing 10 fewer sculpts per set, I've got to be a little more careful with this sort of thing, for reasons several critics have already posted in this thread. And thus a little joy dies from my world, but if it means better sales for the figures, I can deal with it.

Killing that little joy from your world is not cool. Your "power abuse" picks are always great fun and nice additions in each pack, so please, if you can, keep doing it.

Anyway, looking at the set, I'm wondering if some pieces should really be in a set named after an adventure path.

1. The 2 ice trolls, even if both are really great, well, we're basically getting the same monster twice (probably more, at uncommon rarity). Yes variety among the same sort of monster is great on the table but it's a bit puzzling when the set has 10 less original sculpts.

2. The animals, yes those are great additions BUT that's 5 more picks out of 45 (not counting the fox/Daji) that could have been used for NPCs or monsters that are more connected to the path.

3. The iconic, there's only one this time? That's kinda disappointing as I was looking forward to finding out who was the second one of the set, but it's understandable with the minus 10 per set thing.

Now having said that, would it be possible (or worth it) to create "add-on" sets, sharing the same name of the main set (in this case Reign of Winter), that could work a bit like the builder sets? I really liked the idea of the two huge RoW minis and that is sort of what I am talking about.
For example, those add-on set(s) could be a Reign of Winter Animal pack, a RoW Bestiary pack or a RoW Ice Humanoids (filled with ice trolls and goblins).
Since they would be tied to Reign of Winter perhaps buyers would be more inclined to purchase them. Or complain, or both heh.

Another thing, would it be possible/diserable to lower the total of minis per case? Without lowering the chance of getting a complete set of course. Someone already mentioned feeling like they are paying the same price for less choice; I wouldn't mind getting less duplicates for a lower price.

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"Bloodrager - Male - Gnome - There isn't a male gnome yet and raging gnomes are funny"

Poor Balazar... maybe a Meet the Iconics entry would help this lonely, forgotten summoner Paizo. *hint*

Chad Brown wrote:
Would you prefer to see some overlap in characters, lots of overlap in characters, or no overlap in characters? (I realize that there are dozens of shades of grey here; I'm personally curious about the first-thoughts answer as well as the discussion.)

I'd prefer no overlap until all classes are out. Trying out new characters has been a lot of fun so far and a big replay factor for me.

As for which Path after S&S? I'd like to see them done in chronological order, so Crimson Throne, though Second Darkness might be good too, drow are kinda popular, or so I hear. ;)

Neat, I'm always happy to get another Second Darkness miniature, but I would have prefered getting Allevrah Azrinae first(before and after the Dark Fate) THEN getting the rest of the minion list.

We did get Karzoug and Ileosa before most npcs of their respective paths, is what I'm getting at.

Sounds interesting, I can't wait!

Something I'm wondering: will a character's race play some sort of role in the Mythic system and the 6 mythic paths?

Down Into Chaos

The Raging Hive

Warbringers of the Blight

Blades in the Swarm

Stygian Descent

The Buzzing Maw

The Bleeding Breach

Mendev's/Deskari's Folly

Dirge for the Destroyers

The Apocalypse Plague

AFTER the Skinsaw Murders? It probably will be easier to pick what to play thanks to Xanesha. ;)

My picks for your current party would be bard, oracle or witch, a little added buffing/debuffing will make some of the encounters on the mountain a little easier.

Hm, at first glance, it doesn't look like Bobby Jackson's best. Maybe it's just the angle of the picture that's not doing the mini justice.
It will probably look better when I see the mini itself.

Oooh! New races, lands to explore, gods, allies and enemies. Sold!

Quick question: will the Tian Xia Darklands be detailed or mentioned in the gazetteer?

Vic Wertz wrote:
I've added an image of the finished cover. Previews of tiles will be coming in the not-to-distant future, I should think....

Tasty, another must buy for me.

Not that I know of. Hopefully we'll get more info soon because I can't wait to get the Kyra mini.

Until Spider-Man joins the cast of Highschool Musical,

Make mine... Disney?

Yeah, I'm not feeling particularly excited about that bit of news either, but if my favorite titles gets changed to something I can't stomach anymore, I'll just stop buying them.
On a more positive note, if that happens my comics money will go toward Paizo and gaming related stuff.

James Jacobs wrote:
Yeah; folks who have played the witcher should understand why I'm so excited to see the alchemist base class appear in the upcoming "Advanced Player's Guide."

Ah! My first thought after reading the short preview of the alchemist class was that it sounded like the shenanigans of Geralt of Rivia.

Color me excited!

Paul Duggan wrote:
So now that Reaper is making these, can we get an update?

Check out Reaper's forums at reapermini.com, Paul. ReaperBryan posted a list of upcoming miniatures and the month they are expected.

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Wow nice!
Are the screen's panels set up horizontally (like 4e's screen) or vertically?