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Yes, it really is ALL here!


I've read the threads and the other reviews, and many suggest that there is so much material in this book, one could do an entire adventure in Sandpoint alone! Well, actually, it's 100% true. How do I know? I was in one. THE ONE.

I had the extremely good fortune of being one of the players in James's The Shadow Under Sandpoint . All the things detailed in this book...they were there. The Old Light? Yes. Chopper's Rock, and the ghost of Jervis Stoot? OH YES. Paupers' Graves? Yep! Even Goblin Squash Stables and Hosk's big pickled goblin in a jar (first thing I looked for, actually). The Pixie's Kitten? Ah,

And all the characters, from Ameiko to Pillbug Pokider, Kanker (damn him), the Red Bishop. Plus MORE. There are lots of people and places that are even new to me (and some that I really wish we could have interacted with now that I see them!).

I am thrilled to get to read this, and I am equally thrilled that everyone else does now too! To have James pull back the curtain on such a great setting has been a real treat for me. Reading through the book has brought a smile to my face as I remember some wonderful roleplaying moments that I will treasure forever. I hope that the content of this book provides all of you with similar roleplaying experiences in the years to come. THANK YOU, JAMES.