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Shattered Star Maps


Shattered Star Maps

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Shattered Star Maps

A "brief" note on character creation guidelines.

This is my first time GMing, so go easy on me. I know that you are all very experienced and ready to help. I appreciate any tips as we go along.

-Background Skills are IN.
-Unchained Classes are preferred (Required for Summoner).
-Standard 2 traits, or 3 and a drawback. One trait needs to be a campaign trait.
- Traits should be incorporated into your backstory and roleplayed (especially drawbacks).
-Other options may be allowed on a case by case basis, just ask.

-Occult Adventures and Technology Guide are not allowed.

Non-core races will be allowed, but remember that you need to be able to function in human society. A party of goblins or strix are going to have a VERY hard time getting anything done in town, and if races like that are included in your group, Diplomacy DCs will be adjusted accordingly.

-Other Allowed Content
- I don't have a lot of supplemental material, so the best bet is to keep it close to core
- If the book is in the PRD, there is a good bet that I either have it or am willing to get it.
- Other currently owned content: Adventurer's Armory, Faiths of Balance, Familiar Folio, Inner Sea Gods, Inner Sea Guide.
- If the rule has a link on d20pfsrd, post the link when you ask if it will be allowed, I may allow it.

Shattered Star assumes that your characters are new Pathfinder Society agents or prospective agents. If you want to create a character that will not be affiliated with the Society, you will need to provide a STRONG justification why VC Heidmarch would be sending you on a mission.

I noticed in the Player's Guide that Fame was mentioned and even that it will be awarded at a rate of 8 per book. That didn't happen in my FtF group, but it seems like a great idea.

Since everything revolves around PFS, let's just use PFS creation guidelines. Content disallowed by PFS may be allowed on a case by case basis, just ask.

A note on power builds: I'm not a fan, but if that is your thing, I won't argue with you. Please roleplay your selections though, especially if you are picking a trait that says you are a devout follower of a specific religion.

The Exchange

The PFS character represented by this alias (#227345-3) was mistakenly created with a CORE tag.

I have no intention of playing a CORE character at this time, and would like to remove the CORE tag. However, I can find no way to make that change myself.

PFS rules allow for a character to switch from Core to Classic (but not the other way around). Even if they didn't, I have not yet played a game with the character.

How can I remove the Core tag?