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About GM Brunoreturns

Core Philosophy:

I'm not perfect, and neither are you. As long as we both realize this, we can have a lot of fun.

Why are we here?:

I want the players to succeed. I want them to overcome adversity and to experience the story with them. By setting the stage and providing a challenging experience, I hope to allow you to help tell that story.

I am not here to tell the story myself. For everyone to have fun requires full participation.

You are here to help tell a story and to have fun with a group of other players. Surely you have other goals as well, and I hope that I can help you to achieve those goals.

Botting Philosophy:
Inside of combat, if it is your turn for more than 24 hours and you have not announced an absence, you will be botted. This timeframe will be extended to 48 hours over a weekend.

If you provide a botting policy, I will attempt to follow it. Otherwise, I will take whatever action makes the most sense for your character.