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16 posts. Alias of Gruumash ..


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I'm hiding in Your Closet is banned from all wooden enclosures after the coffin incident.

Alayern is banned for rocking out too hard.

"I banish thee fiend back to Hell. For vandalizing the sidewalk with LBO's blood.

CGP is banned for leaving his valued post in Night Vale.

CR500cricket is banned for his lack of initiative. One should always have a reason for banning others.

Spanky is banned for what he did to the High Pontiff's Hat.

MH is banned for blantly lying under oath and tarnishing the reputation of this thread.

Away with you chaotic beasts we will have order.

Tin Foil Yamakah you will need to come with me there are some grey men who wish to speak with you and conduct some ... er tests.

"You have nothing. You vandal leave those winnings behind to rightful winner."

APD is banned for throwing sand in Mulgar's face. That is not allowed in the rules.

SnowJade is banned for stealing others chocolate. Normally I handle vandals but in this case I must step in where I see any travesty done.

Spanky is banned for violating one too many morality laws.

Away with you vandal leprechaun.

Tirq is banned for saying hi to FuelDrop, he is a hostage in a very tense situation you should not be just saying hi.

"Ah Mr. Anklebiter, if you could come with us please we have a few questions we would like to ask you about something that happened in a high school years past. please come along quietly. Don't make it hard on yourself."