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Ravening wrote:

I’m putting out feelers for who would be interested in a Druidic / ‘defenders of the natural world’ type chartered company (not sure if this is the correct terminology).

Chartered Company
Name: The Viridian Circle
Alignment: Neutral
Members Alignments: N, NG, NE, CN

  • Protectors of the natural world
  • Enemies of aberrations & undead
  • Keepers of the Balance

Less of a settlement and more of a group of like minded characters who share information and support. I could see the Viridian Circle with operatives throughout the River Kingdoms, who provide information on settlements, groups and organizations that act recklessly (particularly if it affects the natural world), or expands to rapidly. I could see operatives doing some of the following activities

  • Attacking aberrations/undead escalation cycles
  • Destroying Aberrations
  • Destroying Undead and those who create/use them
  • Advancing escalation cycles that threaten settlements that are expanding too quickly or acting recklessly
  • Setting up a Sanctuary (for wild animals, fey creatures etc.) and policing its borders

In structure operatives would act fairly autonomously. Each Settlement would have an Archdruid that observes it and the surrounding area, Archdruid’s would form a council of peers and from among them would be selected a Grand Druid. The Grand Druid would be chosen in a similar manner as outlined in the Green Faith Acolyte prestige class. Archdruids would co-ordinate the activities of the operatives in the area and police the activities of individual members.

"You shall have my cooperation when I am not aiding those that I am allied to. I look forward to accompanying you in the smiting of the things that should not be."

"I am Amaziah Hadithi, call on me when you need to bring the sun with you and I shall bring the light of the Dawnflower to chase away the shadows to aid your cause. I may not be a druid, but I hope to be of some use as plants need the sun to grow, and the sun needs plants to find use in its healing growing light"

"May the sun shine down upon us all"

"Me, I am here on my family quest. One that we all have been practicing since the days we were Paladins of Osiris. One to see the world and spread good on our travels. Experience is always the best teacher my ancestors believed, so I continue my familial tradition"

"As far as for Adventure or Treasure I come across what I come across, though I have no need of that sort of treasure. The treasure for me is finding those I can help like this little one here in my arms, and meeting many interesting people in my travels like you wise mother"

"Such things for me are far more valuable than gems and gold. Gems and gold can be stolen, sold or lost. Good memories will be with you forever and last far longer than the sheen of any ancient coin found in some dark place"

*He warmly smiles as he looks down at the kitten who is sprawled over his hand and forearm*

"All the treasure I need is moments such as these wise mother, I have found it here with this little one and with you, along with the others I have met on my pilgrimage"

Balgin wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
Ashiel wrote:
Are there any Irish/German/Cherokee hybrid gods? >_>
Erastil and his CG counterpart Cerunnos are both vaguely Celtic gods.
That would be because Cernunnos was a Celtic god.

Problems? Asking if the psuedo "black/african" nations have any gods that look directly like them on the level of Iomede is a problem?

Please explain

"Perhaps, but if that is so I am confident in our abilities to deal with it wise mother, though I do not think it is the musician"

*He gives a playful smile as he continues to feed the cat

Mikaze wrote:

There are a number of Empyreal Lords on the good side of things. Jalaijatali is probably the most well known at the moment. Most of the rest don't have much info, though they're based on RW African deities(Oro for example).

Hopefully, if Shimye-Magalla gets fleshed out more, she'll lean good.

Isn't she just a Mwangi-ized version of that Elven goddess? (her name escapes me at the moment)

And it would have been nice to see something based on the Yoruba pantheon with its many many gods and demigods.

And a kingdom based on Songhai

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It bothers me immensely that it seems like many are reaching for straws on this. I'm also not a fan of Nethys looking more like some anime Elf than a Garundi.

With a race that plays such a prominent part in the world one should not have to dig deep into obscurity to find examples of gods that look like them directly, and not be able to find any good ones at all, and especially no males.

Thanks for your help though everyone

*Feels proud of himself for ressurrecting this thread*

Amaziah turns to look out one of the windows as if he felt he was being watched, he smiles as he sees the figure and what looked to be a small animal. He gives a small wave and smile and gives an invite with his free hand after his wave of his hand.

"Such interesting meetings indeed, I am in your gratitude Goddess"

*Amaziah looks at the scorpion and names the species as soon as he sees it*

"Ah a potent anti venom you shall have if that is what you are creating, and as far as your work I must give honor where it is due"

*Amaziah stands up and bows to the old woman a for her work against the coven, he shows his respect, the kitten still in arm as he also gives blessings to the old woman for her work*

"Thank you, thank you so much for your deed, I wish I could do more for your service but I shall at least do this"

*Amaziah proceeds to order three bottles of mead for the woman*

"So you can sate your love of mead on your travels wise mother, this is the least I can do to show gratitude for your deed"

Amaziah charmed by the woman smiles and replies to her question

"Perhaps there is evil perhaps there is not, I merely sate my wanderlust and travel where the sun shines wise mother. And no the little friend here was found in an alley not too far from here. I found him nearly dead and healed his wounds. Perhaps his mother was killed, either way we came across each other and now I am here meeting you. What brings you here wise mother besides the call for mead?"

Amaziah turns to the woman who just took a seat at the bar, he gives a playful laugh and smile as well as a warm introduction.

"Let me pay for your mead, I am sure your travels were arduous, besides you seem as if you can tell quite the story. Amaziah Hadithi, and this is a new friend I hold here in my arms"

*Amaziah puts down the coin for the old woman's mead with a warm smile, he continues to feed the kitten who now sits up just a little to look at the homely woman. Amaziah smiles down at the kitten before looking back to the newest arrival*

"Yes indeed, the Sun goddess always provides me with most interesting encounters. May the sun continue to shine down upon us all little one"

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Aet Kard Warstein wrote:


I was referring to a fine pint of Warstein Ale! While your outside is gettin' all girly, your insides should be filled with fury! Let the fire of Warstein Ale make something that would normally be viewed as 'elfish' into a roaring good time!

Order a keg today!

(Okay I can totally see these two being hilarious in their encounters)

"It serves me right for thinking that you could have been talking about anything else but beer. Perhaps I shall have a keg"

*Gives a playful laugh and soft nod*

I'm running with Ozem but I can easily see Brighthaven being a second home.

*Bows to you all*

"May the Sun shine down upon you all, you shall indeed have my blade if you require it if I am free from my other duties*

T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
Amaziah, check out Forgeholm.

Thanks for sharing this!

Hell I'd run an Osirani satellite if I knew we could make their buildings

Ah well..

Shane Gifford of Fidelis wrote:
We used to forum RP. Once long ago, before the second landrush was a thing...

Well I really hope that starts back up again