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The Witcher 3 made over $207 Million in sales in its first two weeks on the market selling 4 million copies. When developers put out a great product consumers will back them up (just like they do Paizo).

CD PROJEKT RED co founder Marcin Iwiński's open letter to their fan base.

What is your honest opinion of the Pathfinder MMO?

Do you still hate me?

LazarX wrote:
Set wrote:

by the end, Star Wars had that 'only in it for the money'

You mean Alec Guiness? Oh... I thought you were talking about the actors. :)


James Jacobs wrote:

Mike McArtor created Shelyn.

I miss Mike's whimsy and his dragon avatar.

I know Mike is focusing on other things now but does he get get to roll dice at the gaming table with you even a few odd times a year.

gbonehead wrote:
Really, only 9 years? I could have sworn Paizo was around earlier than that doing Star Wars Insider ....

Although young still Paizo is, much promise has it shown.

Is "by James Jacobs" a placeholder ?

The Globsterlope ???!

Where's my blog pic ??!

Don't I have some iconic pedigree ?!

I left something on the stove.

It was my axe I needed to grind.

Why are you up so late James ?

Do you still have a picture of me at the office ?

edit: I misread my watch its not even 2 am there, still early!

How's Seattle's newest resident?

Best of luck Mark, do us proud!

Tax spoiler

Remember you can right off up to $5,000 in 'moving/relocation expenses' - maybe more, depends on the state.

By your command.

So do I !!

Master Yoda, in the right thread, are we ?

James Jacobs wrote:

It's the same with Star Wars for me, honestly; I'm a HUGE fan of sci-fi and space operas and all that, but I'm not a big fan of Star Wars...

I would mention something about ‘recognizing your foul stench’ but instead:


To the last, I will grapple with thee... from Hell's heart, I stab at thee! For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!

I mostly joking. But you really hurt Deadline Monster with those words.

Mother is that you ?

Deadline Monster wrote:
Me and Starpanda in our Cult of Two Lonely Unloved Monsters

Thier loss brother, THEIR LOSS !

Immortalize me James. IMMORTALIZE ME !!

Immortalize me James. IMMORTALIZE ME !!