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Beautiful book, amazing content


Love this book! Paizo really is amazing at putting a book together. The art, the layout, the design elements all look amazing.

The breakdown of all the countries into 10 meta-regions was a great idea and is implemented very well here. It allows you to get a sense of what has been going on in the region as a whole rather than each country individually and independently.

The maps are gorgeous. I was hoping for a map of Golarion entirely but the Inner Sea map will have to do for now.

The backgrounds and archetypes are really flavourful and cool. I'm really enjoying how archetypes work in 2E and I'm intrigued to see more of them!

Overall a great addition to Paizo's lineup of products and a great introduction to the Lost Omens setting.

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Loved it!


*Disclaimer--have read the book, not ran the adventure

Loved Hellknight Hill. I found the story was engaging and intriguing, the encounters were interesting and varied and it just seemed like it would be really fun to run.

I really enjoyed the new format of the Adventures Toolkit--seems a much more natural grouping of information than the old system of (sometimes disparate) support articles.

I did have some qualms about some of the adventure elements (like the proximity of Citadel Altarein to Breachill, the abundance of monsters inside said Citadel and the number of "secret" entrances to the citadel seemed excessive). But those things were relatively minor and easy to change when I run it myself.

Also the art! Loved the new full-page art pieces in the adventure and the character art for Voz.
Look forward to reading the next one!