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I will be there, plotting.

I laugh at the threat of your early morning session, Vaughan!

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I'm in the Friday session.
I'd prefer the geologist, comm, or engineer, but I'm flexible.

Looking forward to the game!

Best of luck, James.

I greatly enjoy your work, but what really impresses me is how generous you are in your interaction with fans. I was lucky enough to first meet you in 2008, and you've consistently been an incredibly positive person every time I've encountered you since. I'm glad now that I got to talk to you again at Gen Con, and convey how happy I am that Starfinder has been received so well.

Best wishes, Wes! I hope whatever awesomeness is coming up will still mean we cross paths at various conventions.

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Congrats, Tonya!!

I look forward to talking some org play stuff with you in the future.

It's great to see the campaign in the hands of an absolutely top-notch person.

Now, I believe you said your first priority was to find more work for Angus...

Best wishes, Mike.

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Scribbling Rambler wrote:
You know why I chose this alias.

Or this one.

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Anyone who actually met Sean (or even better, gamed/role-played/painted with him) knows what a great guy he really is.

Best of luck for now, and I look forward to seeing you somewhere down the road.

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

Carrion was just a word that has come up a couple of times in AP titles. Since Skull & Shackles and Shackled City (a while back for sure) Shackles is a particular word choice that might not be best to use in titles for a while.

That said, super excited to see this adventure :-)

I'm still holding out for "The Shackled Tons" ;)

Thanks All!

Not to worry, DarkWhite - I've got a mere million square km (just Ontario), so you are still well ahead with your 7 million.

My only geographical concern is the lack of a buffer zone with a certain 5-star GM [shudder][/shudder].

I even hear that he is planning to invade for HammerCon on November 6th! I will just have to retaliate by rocking U-Con on the 12th-14th.


It was an 8th level goblin.

Thanks for the kind words, and the fun sessions.

You know how it never rains until you wash your car?....

Thank YOU!

Hi Cos,

Can I please get the PF minis (Wave 2) spun out so the rest of my order can be sent?

From now on, I'll put them in their own order. :-/

I see from this thread that Customer Service Czarina Corey is leaving in the near future. While I may be early, I wanted to express my thanks and best wishes.

Corey was the first person that I talked to at Paizo, by phone and by email, and the great communication and trouble-shooting provided by both Corey and Cos was the impetus to me dropping a big chunk-o-change on Paizo products (of course, the quality kept me coming back).

All the best to you, Corey, in your future endeavors! You will be missed here.

It's combo guy again.

Could I please get 842911 & 913 combined?

Spaseba/Thanks (shudder), depending on who is answering today.

Corey Young wrote:
The Other Shackleton wrote:

Hi Cos/Corey,

Could I please combine my (pre)orders 842905 and 842911?


No problem! Your orders have been combined, and a new confirmation email has been sent. Please let us know if I missed anything!

Spaseba, Czarina Corey!

I long-range pre-ordered a bunch of items when I first signed on, without considering the shipping consequences. This is the last of them.

Hi Cos/Corey,

Could I please combine my (pre)orders 842905 and 842911?


2 problems that I found answers for on other threads.

"Hookmaw"'s stats given as Gragavan in encounter B30. JJ said "Hookmaw" is another standard ogre.

Lucrecia's Wisdom drain is given as 1d6, while Bestiary in PF2 says 2d4. Same problem as in PF2. JJ said in that case it should be 2d4.

Do we get to hunt him down in a mansion? And only attack him when the rest of the party can't see us?

One thing that I would like to see in these products, if it's not to late, is phonetic pronunciation things like place names, deities, maybe even the names of the iconics if they are included. It's a nit-picky thing, but it's nice to know that you are pronouncing things the way they were intended by the writers.

For example: I assume that Lamashtu is lah-MAHSH-too, but it also sounds good as lahmahsh-TOO (best I can do without symbols for long and short vowels).

Thanks very much!! I greatly appreciate it.