Friday evening, 2019

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Depths of Despair

Friday evening, 8:00–11:59 pm, 2019 • Cascade 3

The crew of a prototype deep-sea research vessel must make use of every resource at their disposal to survive when their equipment begins to malfunction at 250 fathoms.

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Event # 2693548
When PaizoCon 2019:
Where PaizoCon 2019
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Cascade 3
18740 International Blvd.
Seattle, WA 98188
Contact Paizo Inc
Category Basic Roleplaying System Game
Game Master Brian Bauman, Erik Keith
Age Rating 13+
Complexity Easy
Experience Required Beginner/Novice
Character Players will use pre-generated characters provided by Game Master

Paizo Employee Software Developer


What this is:

This adventure may be tense and unsettling. It may include some sound effects, music, lights, interactive props, and moving between physical spaces as the scenario unfolds. Parts of the descriptions are intentionally vague to preserve some of the mystery of what precisely you will be experiencing. If that sounds fun to you, great! If you are interested, but require additional details to be comfortable, please feel free to privately message Erik and me.

The following 8 roles are present onboard the prototype submarine. A full game will see all these characters controlled by players.

- Chief Engineer/Project Leader
- Pilot/Navigator
- Second Pilot/Engineer
- Communications/Sonar Operations
- Computer Specialist
- Dive Chief/Biologist
- Oceanographer/Geologist
- Medic

If possible, we would like for each of these roles to be claimed in advance by players - feel free to discuss and claim roles in the comments. This is especially important because...

Character customization:
As this adventure is set in the modern day, Erik and I were hoping to customize character sheets and a few props/keepsakes with players' personal information, for anyone who's comfortable with that. If you would like to partake, please email Erik and me the following:

- Your first and last name (nicknames are fine)
- Age
- A business/yearbook-style headshot.

What to bring:
We'll have all the supplies you'll need, but lucky dice, pencils, and water are always good to bring!

If you have any questions, post them here or message Erik or me directly.

Thanks - we're really looking forward to this!

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I'm in the Friday session.
I'd prefer the geologist, comm, or engineer, but I'm flexible.

Looking forward to the game!

Sovereign Court Wayfinder, PaizoCon Founder

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I too am in the Friday session. I have to be the biologist. ;-)

I'd be down for the computer specialist. (friday evening)

Paizo Employee Software Developer

We're coming up on PaizoCon! We could still use players claiming roles. If you want to take part in the custom props/sheets, now's the time to send those emails with your headshot/info. See you folks at 250 fathoms!

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