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Gothic Heroes is FULL of AWESOMESAUCE and WIN!


I actually GM'ed the "Gothic Horror" Adventure Path (also known as Carrion Crown) and got to the third chapter ... due to time and other real-life responsibilities I had to pass on continuing this AP. And it makes me sad that I had to.

Should I ever have the chance to GM this adventure path again, and my players are at a loss for character concepts, these pregenerated characters will prove to be an invaluable resource. (Fun Fact: I actually had a PC very similar to the alchemist pregen, although he wasn't from the "far east" ... he was an old man). ;)

Each and every character in this PDF is well thought out, and a very capable character (and this supplement and its "sibling" Imperial Heroes has me reconsidering the point buy system. I think I'll default to 20 point buy from now on).

Even if you aren't going to GM "Carrion Crown" this PDF is well worth your time and money (at $5 it is a true gem, and Hugo's illustrations are just gorgeous). Download it now, c'mon you know you want to. Oh and they're written up/conceived by Neil Spicer ... and we all know he's a genius ... on so many levels. :)

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Imperial Heroes is Incredibly Good!


I've been itching to GM the "Far East" Adventure Path (aka Jade Regent) and actually did a one-on-one of the 1st chapter with a good friend of mine ... if I had had these pregens ... I may have found an excuse to continue the one-on-one game. ( Although honestly, time, and new work commitments make it difficult at best).

Anyway, enough about that, these pregen characters really shine, they all have such great backgrounds and personalities I almost wish APs were intended to be played with 8 PCs, as I would want each of these characters to continue and advance throughout the campaign.

I will begin Jade Regent again, in time, and when I do ... if any of my players do not have a "solid" character concept ... then I'll present these Pregens as viable options.

It may be a tad expensive at $6 ... but the fantastic write-ups, not to mention the beautiful illustrations (full of AWESOME ... thank you Tanyaporn Sangsnit, Frank Hessefort, and Colby Stevenson ... well done) more than make up for the price. What are you waiting for, download it now, go on click it, click it now! (Even if you aren't gonna GM Jade Regent, these are top-notch Pregenerated Characters for any game or campaign).

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A single of Warchief Ripnugget truly delivers!


I was in need of Warchief Ripnugget ... my players were going to be facing him soon ... in fact I thought this last Sunday would be that encounter. (It just didn't happen).

But, I was concerned how the single mini would be shipped ... and I needn't have been ... Wizkids must have given Paizo these handy, AWESOME little trays just for single minis. Ripnugget arrived in perfect shape.

So, if you need a single mini (or a few singles) but have hesitated for one reason or another, let this review put your mind at ease.

Oh, and Chief Ripnugget himself ... is just as awesome as the pictures or the artwork make him appear.


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My Rise of the Runelords booster experience.


I'll also mention that I am running RotR for my Sunday group (really only 2 sessions into it) and while I had to drop out of the case subscription, I found myself with the ability (and money) to buy 3 standard boosters and 3 huge boosters ... and I'm not sorry I did. :)

Let me quickly add in here SPOILER ALERT!!!! (and perhaps this next behind a spoiler tag)

I was really happy to have gotten not only Ameiko Kaijitsu, but Tsuto Kaijitsu as well. It's very likely that my next session will have the Glassworks Encounter ... so it's super awesome to have the Kaijitsu siblings (I have PLENTY of goblins thanks to Heroes & Battles).
Other goodness includes a goblin dog, a yeti, a faceless stalker, a goblin commando and a redcap. For my HUGES I got the storm giant and the lamia harridan, as well as
the Karzoug Statue.
The other two larges I got (for those keeping count) I think I'll "spoiler" tag 'em as well, they are important "big bads" in later parts of the AP.
Jaagrath Kreeg and Mokmurian. Speaking of big bads, I also got the skinsaw man and vraxeris.
So, all in all very, very pleased with what I got. If I can afford more boosters in the near future (or somehow afford the case bundle) I will take the plunge. Maybe even buy a few singles of a few "key" villains of chapter 1 that I didn't get. ;) ***And before someone kindly points it out that I may not have a lot of time before I can still "subscribe" to this set ... due to limited premium Rune Giant "miniatures" ... it's a risk I'll have to take.***


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Think this is a PERFECT Black Dragon of (Huge) size.


Without a doubt, this miniature is the "crown jewel" of the Pathfinder Battles: Heroes and Monsters set. I see that some folks think it's a tad "small" to be consider Huge ... and respectfully I disagree ... It's waaay bigger than a "large" dragon on a huge base. It is nearly equal of the huge green that WotC's line produced a few years ago.

I for one cannot wait to see more draconic goodness (badness) in the miniatures line.


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Very Pleased with the BBEG from Varnhold Vanishing.


Since it was a lucky happenstance that I had an order pending (and I was in the midst of running "Varnhold Vanishing" for my Sunday group) I decided to add Vordakai to my order and I am pleased that I did. I haven't unpacked him yet, and a friend of mine who is a mini painting enthusiast has agreed to provide advice/assistance this coming weekend. It is my sincere hope to have him put together and painted by the time they reach his "inner sanctum". I notice the previous reviewers have comments regarding the size of the mini and the base, and I agree with one of them who guessed it was done to illustrate the "atrophied" nature of this lich. I also see the attaching of the hands has a small issue mentioned, and I'll watch for that as well. I'm pleased overall with this mini, and will likely grab some of the other "unique" villains from "Kingmaker" to have during their respective parts/encounters.


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A Fantastic Tale.


I've actually never heard of Howard Andrew Jones before this novel. But I instantly LOVED his writing. I really enjoyed how he wove the past and the present into a cohesive, and engaging story. Throughout the beginning of the story I was "hating" and "damning" the villain, but as more background comes to light, I actually changed my mind about the 'obvious' villain, and began to empathize with him. This is the third in the Pathfinder Tales novels, but the first that actually features a true adventuring party. (One that could easily be any Game Master's group of players, chronicling their exploits and capturing their moods, behaviors, and personalities). This is very easily my favorite of the Pathfinder Tales novels (and its hard for me to say that, and not feel like I'm "dinging" Dave Gross or Elaine Cunningham... and believe me I'm not. This novel just resonated with me more than the first or second "Tales" novels). If you haven't read any of the Pathfinder Tales novels, you owe it to yourself to begin... with THIS one. It's really good, and I'm doing my best not to "SPOIL" any of the great moments in reading this story.

More from Howard Andrew Jones please. (With new characters and places, or revisit these characters if you have more story to tell).

~Dean; The_Minstrel_Wyrm

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The Crux of my Campaign


As my title may indicate, I used Crucible of Chaos to begin my weekly Monday night game (and the game group call themselves the Monday-Knights). This was one of those modules (like another reviewer had said) a few pages into it and you WANT to run it, it's that good. I had a slightly larger adventuring party (mostly 6, sometimes 7) players. I did kill about half of the original party at one point or another.

(The babaus,& the lightning trap were the culprits).
I would have enjoyed using the "return of the eaten" but my group wouldn't have gone for it. They plan to rebuild the city, and make it their own. (Of course they need to survive the last part of Legacy of Fire first). If they do, it's on to the Ruins of Kho, find any parts that can help rebuild Ulduvai, and get back in one piece. I also LOVED the Derhii, and I WANT a miniature of one SO badly. An Awesome module! Highest recommendation possible.

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Another Job Well Done


I have really enjoyed reading and looking through this latest in the "revisited" series of books for Paizo's Pathfinder Chronicles line. I especially enjoyed the variant abilities, the sample monsters, and the opening from Ailson Kindler (a sort of female Van Helsing I gather).

I would recommend this to any Fantasy RPG gamer, not just a Pathfinder player or v.3.5 player. This is great stuff.

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