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yes, early Mythic feats are rough, as you dont really have much to choose from. but yeah, if that is everyone I will be writing up the first post when i have time :P expect that soon.

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well, I havent Closed Recruitment Offically, I might give it a few more days if people are truely interested but just didnt see the recruitment

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

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Female Human
Str-2 Agl-5(2) Fgt-5(2) Sta-1 Dex-5(2) Int-2 Pre-2
Anti-Hero 死 狐
Dodge:15(7) Parry:18(10) Fortitute:3 Toughness:2 Will:6

well, I cant find a good example of what exactly She looks like but her mask is very similar to the one shown here

andSomething like this, least for her general outfit, although longer robes with alot less Embroidery.

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Albion, The Eye wrote:
Just triple checking - starting wealth is 1000gp, correct?

yes, but you will be stripped and your equipment will be.... actually i wont spoil it- just know you wont have it at the start

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Hah, yes that indeed is, I suppose Rolling 2d100 for alignment is possible if you can't really decide.


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This is Kobold Klan here, This is Verrek- A rough and tough Blue Kobold who is slow but strong, Hes big- angry: and hates Birds

Build-Wize: he's a Brawler Shield Master who will be carrying around a pair of Heavy shields(Yes two of them) and a Tail Mace. All bull rushes, Trips, and "Kobold Style" fighting by getting atop enemies and bashing them to death.

Will have his stats and a detailed background up soon

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Its also implied that the Hist trees where calling the Argonians back to the black Marsh, Where they where becoming bigger and stronger for some unknown reason(Probably the Hist's doing.

It is implied the Hist might have been aware that dragons where returning and had decided to prepare for the events, It's also possible the Hist decided to attack the dark elves and free what slaves they could while the dunmmer where Havi their issues..
Man I feel bad for the dark elves... At least until they start calling me names and treating me like s#%+ because I'm an outlander

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HOWDY one and all, After a quick Intrest check I've dedicated myself to the conversion of Pathfinder into the Elder scrolls world :P
Now I've been a long time fan, And have played all the elder scrolls ... No I never beat Daggerfall- that game is just so utterly massive you get easily lost....
But I can assure you I know quite alot about the lore and setting! Enough for me to confidently create a game based in the Central Province and probably get it right ;P now- Onto the rules!

Classes- We will be using The Spheres of power/Spheres of might rulesets, so I recremend using one of those classes: You don't have to as magic in tamriel is pretty... Varried

Races- I'll have some spoilers below detailing the Racial stats for each of the races in Tamriel below

Starting level and Gold- Level 1 and 0: You'll be starting like any good TES game: in jail wearing a commoner's outfit

Starting stats: This will be a 20 point build

Other rules: Other than spheres we will be using ultimate horror rules for fear and sainity, As well as Piecemail armor: however most sets of armor are gonna be intact save for those found on monsters or bandits, Aditionally- most mosnters will have diffrent stats than those listed in the books, so those of you wishing to summon, Please run it by me- I'm gonna have to approve it all...

Also- Languages will be a thing, although most probably won't come up unless you go dungeon Delving

Birthsigns- if you're familiar with them, I'd like you to pick one. I won't state their immediate effect but I will reassure you: they will be based on the games lore.

The High Elf(Altimer):

In the games Altimer have always been the tallest of the races, But besides this stature they are overall not know for their toughness- rather they are more known for their skull and tallent with magic!

Type: Humanoid(Mer, Altmer)

Size: Medium

Speed: 30ft

Ability Modifier: +2 Int, +2 Cha, -2 Con -- The Altimer are known for their skilled diplomats and Mages.

Languages: Mer and Common, Altimer with high intelligence may learn these languages: Nord, Khajiit, Ancient Ayleid, Goblin, Draconic, Sylvan, Ancient Dwemer, Daedric,

Emissary: Once per day, members of this race can roll twice when making a Bluff or Diplomacy check and take the better roll.

Gifted Mages: Altimer are so skilled with magic, Most have grown up studying it from a young age. At lvl 1, 8, and 16 a High Elf can Select a Spell Focus feat while ignoreing the prerequisites, At lvl 8 they may choose a Greater spell focus instead- but they must meet the prerequisites.

Arcane Focus (1 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on concentration checks made to cast arcane spells defensively.

Elfborn: Altimer have the amazing ability to call Apon their blood to renew their magics: 1/day Amtimer may regain spellpoints equal to their Intelligence modifier without resting as a Swift action.

The Imperials:

Some may think The Imperials are big standard humans, But that wouldn't be exactly True. While Imperials don't appear to be anything greater than normal human- they have proven unique from the other humans in their ability to influence others wirh shear personality!

Type: Humanoid(Human, Imperial)

Size: Medium

Speed: 30ft

Ability modifiers: +2Cha, +2Str -- Imperials have always been known for their great leaders- From valiant emperor to low Leigates- the Empire has always stood proud of it's people

Languages: Common- imperials woth high int may learn any Non-ancient languages.

Eternal Hope: Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against fear and despair effects. Also, once per day, after a natural roll of 1 on a d20 roll, members of this race may reroll and use the second result.

Gregarious: When members of this race successfully use Diplomacy to win over an individual, that creature takes a –2 penalty on attempts to resist any of the member’s Charisma-based skills for the next 24 hours.

Voice of the Empire: Once per day an Imperial can call Apon their heritage and command enemies to not attack them. 1/day an Imperial may Cast Sanctuary on themselves, Alternatively they may pick one Target within 30ft. That target is put under the effect of Sanctuary instead.

The Dark Elves(Dunmer):

The Dark elves are known for their strength, Stealth, and skill with magic. Their ability to survive on the Island of Vardenfell with it's alien wildlife and harsh environment gives them an advantage no other race had.

Type: Humanoid(Mer, Dunmer)


Speed: 30ft

Ability modifiers: +2Dex, +2Int, -2cha, Dunmer have been known for their great graceful warriors and Mages, But are not known for Diplomacy. Their methods quite often include violence over talking.

Languages: Mer, Common -- Dunmer with high Intelligence may learn the following languages: Nord, Argonians, Khajiit, Redgaurd, Goblin, Daedric, Ancient Dwemer

Defensive Training: Members of this race gain a +4 dodge bonus to AC against Ash Monstrosities- those beasts that Inhabit the Ashland's of Vardenfell

Flame Resistant: Dunmer are Naturally resistent to Flames and intense heat. They gain Fire Resistance 5, additionally they get a +4 to saves against Exhaustion caused by heat.

Ansestor Spirit: Dunmer put great emphasis on their ansestors, and can call Apon the power of their ansestors to protect them! 1/day a Dunmer may Cast Fire Shield(Hot only) on themselves. The CL is equal to the Summer's Hitdice.

Weapon Familiarity: Dunmer are all known for their warrior lifestyle, and most learn how to fight from a young age- Dunmer begin play knowing how to use Bows, Longswords, Shortswords, and Scimitar

The Redgaurds:

The Men of Hammerfell, The Redgaurds are known for their Quick, Swift tactics and power- Havi easily taken Hammerfell in the earliest ages. The Redgaurd where one of the few contries who established Independence from the empire after the White gold Concord

Type: Humanoid(Human, Redgaurd)

Size- Medium

Speed: 30ft

Ability Modifiers: +2Str,+2Cha,-2Wis: the Redgaurd are strong and have powerful Sorcerers, however they often lack the organization of the other races and are more suited to hit and run tactics over getting in rank and file.

Languages: Redgaurd, Common- Redgaurd with high Int may learn the following languages: Mer, Breton, Nord, Sylvan, Khajiit, Goblin, Giant, Draconic, Orc

Cornered Fury: Whenever a member of this race is reduced to half its hit points or fewer and has no conscious ally within 30 feet, it gains a +2 racial bonus on melee attack rolls and to Armor Class.

Child of Hammerfell: Redgaurds begin play with the Endurance Feat, Additionally they get a +2 to Ride and Handle animal checks when dealing with horses. Redgaurd are known for their strong horses and Calvary charges.

Adrenaline Rush: Redgaurd are known for their speed and Furosity in battle. 1/day Redgaurd may Cast haste on themselves, The caster level for this is equal ro their Hitdice. They care the only ones effected by this, this is an extraordinary ability and cannot be dispelled, however after using this The Redgaurd are Exaused for 1 round per round the adrenaline rush lasted. You may end your rush early as an immediate action

Weapon Familiarity: All Redgaurd learn from a young age how to use their homelands weapons. Redgaurd begin play knowing how to use Scimitar and Falshon

The Orc(Orsimer):

The Orcs, Always known for their savage nature, great Smithing skills, and their Honor based society.

Type: Humanoid(Mer, Orc)



Ability modifiers: +4 Str, -2Int, -2Cha Orcs are known only for their strength, They lack any skill in conversation, and don't take too well to learning magic or anything for that matter...

Languages: Orc, Common -- Orcs with High Int may learn teh following: Goblin, Giant, Nord, Aklo, Deadric

Fearless: Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear effects.

Stubborn: Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on Will saving throws to resist spells and spell-like abilities of the enchantment (charm) and enchantment (compulsion) subschools. In addition, if a member of this race fails such a save, it receives another save 1 round later to prematurely end the effect (assuming the spell or spell-like ability has a duration greater than 1 round). This second save is made at the same DC as the first. If the member of the race has a similar ability from another source (such as a rogue’s slippery mind class feature), it can only use one of these abilities per round, but can try the other on the second round if the first reroll ability fails.

Berzerker Rage: Orcs, Like the tales tell, Are known for flying into such powerful rages that nothing can stand in their way.
Orcs have the Furosity monster trait, aditionally they can survive 2 times their constitution score beyond 0 HP before dieing. And finally- If an Orc acquires a Rage feature from anywhere- they treat their Constitution as 2 higher to determine The duriation of rage

Weapon familiarity: Orcs train their entire lives to fight, Orcs begin play knowing how to use greataxes, Battle axes, and any Weapon with "Orc" in it's name is treated as a Martial Weapon

Master Smith: Orcs begin play with Skill Focus in either Craft(Weapons), Craft(Armor), Or Craft(Smithing)

the Wood Elves(Bosmer):

The spry wood elves and thier Green pact, These carnivorous hunters are known as the best archers in the land. They are the shortest of the races, But have control of what seems like nature itself

Type: Humanoid(Mer, Bosmer)


Speed: 30ft

Ability modifier: +2Dex, +2Wiz, -2Cha. Wood Elves are swift, and Quite perceptive- However they have been known to be quite annoying, clingly, and wild tempered.

Languages: mer, Common -- Bosmer with High Int may learn the following: Aklo, Khajiit, Argonian, Sylvan, Impish, Goblin, Giant, Orc,

Born of the wild: wood elves get a +2 to AC when in a Jungle or Forest Terrain, Their natural abilites steaming from thw green pact allowing them to easily fight amongst the trees

Command of Nature: Bosmer have such skill with animals that they can come the woods to fight for them! Bosmer may Cast Summon Nature's Ally 1 1/day, aditionally they receive a +4 to handle animal to calm wild animals. A Bosmer with 13 or more Wis may Cast Charm Animal 1/day

Poison Resistance: Due to their exposure to many venomous animals in their homeland- Bosmer have attained a natural Resistence to poison- Getting a +4 to resist Non-magical Poisons, but only a +2 to resist magical poisons.

Weapon familiarity: Bosmer begin play Proficient with all Bows and Shortswords. Exotic bows and Crossbows are treated as Martial weapons,

The Argonians:

The mysterious Blackmarsh and its harsh lands Possess much unknown to the outside world... One thing the Argonians wish to keep that way.

Type: Humanoid(Beast, Argonian)


Speed:30ft, Swim 30ft

Ability modifiers: +2Dex +2Con -2Cha, Argonians are known for their resilience, However they are often quite primitive compared to the other races- and their raspy voices and rough attitudes don't often help them in social situations.

Languages: Argonian, Common. Argonians with high int may learn the following: Mer, Khajiit, Deadric, Ancient Dwemer, Hist.

Histskin: Argonians have a thick Scaly hide, Giving them a +1 Natural armor bonus to AC, Aditionally the Hist that guides much of their race let's them heal an additional 1 point of HP her Hitdice from rests, Healing spells, and potions.

Waterborne: Argonians Can hold their breath for a number of minutes equal to 2 times their Con score- aditionally they don't make saves to resist drowning every round but rather every minute

Hist Born: Argonians are Immune to poisons and Non-magical diseases, however they are still effected by Magical poisons and disease- receiving a +4 to save against them.

Low light vision: Argonians can see Two as far as man or Mer in darkness

Hatred: Argonians have a distaste for Dunmer, the race who enslaved many of their people for over 1000 years, and gain a +1 to attack and damage against Dark elves.


The Dragon blooded men of the North, Some say these are all that remains if the Highland elves, But their true nature is relitivly unknown. The Breton of highrock are great mages, Known for their great Resistence fo spells.

Type: Humanoid(Human, Breton)


Speed: 30ft

Ability modifier: +2 to any stat, Breton are known for their diversity as well as their natural skill with magic.

Languages: Breton, Common, Breton woth high int may learn the following: Mer, Draconic, Nord, Redgaurd, Daedric, Ancient Ayleid

Dragonskin: Breton Are known for their great Resistence to magic, and have spell resistance equal to 6+ their Hit dice. Aditionally Breton with 12 or more Cha may Cast Mage Armor 1/day

Briarblood: Many Breton have ties ro the hagraven and their strange witch-like magics. Breton treat their Cha as 2 higher when determining the DC of powers granted by ANY sorcerer bloodline

Acedemic: Breton begin play with a Skill Focus of their choice- Many Breton attending schools at young ages.

Multitalented: Breton may choose two classes as their favored classes, and aquire the Favored class bonuses from either of them


Khajiit, Born into special forms based on the phases of the moons, These beastfolk are the strangest of the natives to Tamriel- their orgins ultimately unknown
(Due to mechanical reasons the variety presented her is the Cathay/Cathay-Rhat. Of you'd like to play a different Variety- ask and I'll work with you on that)

Type: Humanoid(Beast, Khajiit)

Size: medium

Speed: 40ft

Ability modifier: +2Dex, +2 Wiz, -2Cha Khajiit are quite perceptive, and Fast, However the Cathay-Rhat is not known for their ability to convince others, Often times Unable to talk their way out of anything

Languages: Khajiit, Common, Khajiit with high int may learn the following: Argonian, Mer, Sylvan, Ancient Ayleid, Sylvan.

Desert Born: The Cathay-Rhat are known to inhabit much of the desertland in Elswyr and get a +4 to resist fatigue caused by heat and marching in a desert. Aditionally they suffer no penalty to move through sand- not treating it as rough terrain.

Claws- Cathay-Rhat are clawed: giving them 2 claw attacks that deal 1d4 damage.

Nimble body: Cathay-Rhat get a +2 on acrobatics and slight of hand checks.

Cat's Eye: Khajiit gain Darkvision 60ft and Low-Light vision.

Eye of Fear: 1/day Khajiit may cause enemies around them to Flee as a Supernatural Ability. They can effect 1 Creature with 1d4+ Khajiit Hitdice for 1 minute. The DC for this effect is 10+ the khajiit's Hitdie+ Cha modifier.
Aditionally Khajiit receive a +2 to Intimidate checks to demoralize targets

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Righto, First things first that I'd like to explain:

My Sigil differs majorly in this way: ALL SETTINGS EXIST. ALL SETTINGS ARE CONNECTED. everything is explained by interconnecting worlds and planes, every different world is just that- a different world, Infinity means infinity. Beyond the edge of every universe is a vast infinite space separating other universes, therefore you can encounter basically anything... Be aware of that

Gives me a reason to use Pathfinder stats and explain it off...

Plus it let's me plant some Easter eggs...

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One thing I'd like to state- It took some digging to find alot of your alignments- I'd like it to be a bit easier for me to find that information- as unlike other games something like that is gonna come into play alot more often.

The selected:

Yigbex The Imp!

"Shella" the Dreagloth.

Telin kingfisher arial elf,... Air elf, whatever

Tak Starscale- the drakobold

Sparrow- what I can only describe as Celestial.

Eleven The gunslinger robot

Zazriel The Drider,

Shedinn Delmirev Undead knight

Haile- The ogre Mul,

Gilly Geitmenn because it would be a crime to deny a background like that

Aaaand that's 10...

Hmm so many good applications!
And yes... I do realize the selections are unbalanced party wize... But the fun part comes from the challenge provided and how you overcome it, even with your Weaknesses.

Please report to the discussion and I'll answer any last second questions and we can begin working on where you are in Sigil, why your being brought together, and who's doing the gathering.

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Belabras wrote:
Sons of Mercy are the current incarnation of law in Sigil (in as much as the city guard is aligned with a faction). And Dakon's nominal faction.

Well, That faction represents what I believe should be a palidan: See good in all but don't force good apon those not seeking it...

Anyways, Sorry for the delay on my posts, My internet provider decided yesterday was a great day to just stop working.

I'm gonna go over submissions so far, Evaluate if it would be worth running two tables, And decide who will be in the game ^-^

I might actually run two mixed tables, Or allow you to decide the tables yourself... Who knows, I'm still pondering.

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Ssssooooo from thebtop:
1) I Ultimately have goals I want for the game. Your goals give me meat and motivations for me to adapt to my game. I imagine your goals will change over time, so mostly I just want something to play with.

2) No- this is not by-the-book. It's more... Very close to Planescape but overall it's our world and there will be diffrences.

3)any template that doesn't completely make you imortal- and of it does: I will make sure you get to use that immortality often...
As for momsters- ask before applying a monster. I'll convert it into a palyable Race and apply any level changes or such as I see fit. For example- I counted the Imp as 2 levels because of the powerful spell-like abilites and poison.

4)you may reflavor Galorian specific classes/feats/or anything you wish. Hell, you can even just be from Galorian- Again this is our world and differences will happen. Your character can be from any setting, But please be aware sometimes themes clash a little ;P

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okay, i think now wouldbe a good time to anounce when I'm closing recruitment: I'll be closing the 28th. the party will be choosen then on the 1'st and I'll get us started in the great City of Doors

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Ellioti wrote:
The skeletal champion template gives 2 hitdice as undead. When do I get these? Undead 2 / cavalier 4 or cavalier 4 / undead 2 or something in between?

you do not get any hit dice from templates, If the template says it gives hit dice- It doesn't ..

As for two tables- I may run two tables that have the chance to tie in later and end up on opposite sides of the conflict.
One good, one evil, both seeking the same thing for different reasons, with different people behind the scenes...

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Gramork wrote:

4d6 6

4d6 15
4d6 13
4d6 8
4d6 13
4d6 13

Ah that's a tempting lineup. Make a really weak character, not good at anything at all yet the greatest Bard on existence: with ABP this lineup is very playable... Of course only if you build a caster :P

For those interested these are my Spellscale and Dragonborn races:

Dragonborn(Forgotten Realms):
Dragonborn as seen in the Forgotten Realms

Type: Humanoid(Dragonborn)(0rp): Dragonborn are Humanoids with the Dragonborn subtype

Size: Medium(0rp): Dragonborn are medium and gain no size modifiers

Speed: 30ft(0rp): Dragonborn are normal speed

Ability Modifiers: +2Str +2Cha -2dex(0rp): Dragonborn are physically strong and as naturally charming as dragons, However they lack finesse.

Language: Dragonborn begin speaking Draconic and Common, with high Int they can learn the following languages- Elven, Dwarf, Goblin, Orc, Giant, Aklo, Gnome, Halfling.(0rp)

Draconic Heritage:(2RP)Dragonborn choose a Chomatic or Metalic dragon type at creation. They base all their energy resistance and breath weapon on this type. Additionally Dragonborn are Immune to paralysis and gain a +2 to saves against Enchantments-(Addapted from Elven immunities):Note- this does not count as a Draconic bloodline however Dragonborn must choose the same color if they ever choose a Draconic bloodline in the future

Natural armor:(2rp) Dragonborn. Have hard scales, granting them a +1 natural armor bonus to AC.

Energy Resistance:(1RP) Dragonborn Have 5 Energy resistance based on the dragon type choosen with Draconic Heritage

Breath Weapon:(1+1RP) Dragonborn start the game with a a breath weapon. This breath weapon uses the same shape and energy type as Draconic Heritage. They start with a breath that deals 2d6 damage with a DC of 10+Constitution modifier. This can be used 1+ your con modifier times a day. This can be made stronger through feats(See below)

Claws:(2RP) Dragonborn have 2 claw attacks that deal 1d4 damage each. These count as primary attacks unless used in conjunction with a manufactured weapon.

Low light vision(1RP): Dragonborn can see 2 times as far in dark.

Special Feats:

Improved Breath weapon
Prereq: Dragonborn, lvl 5
Description: your Breath weapon now scales with your level: Treating you as a Sorcerer with the Draconic bloodline -2 levels. The DC to save also becomes 10+ your Con mod+ 1/2 your Hit dice.
This does not stack with breath weapons gained from other sources

Alternative Racial traits:

Replaces breath weapon:
Elemental Assult: you may sheathe your weapons in the energy of your Draconic Bloodline! For 1+your con modifier rounds per day you may apply 1d6 of your choosen element to your weapon. This Otherwise stack with energy gained from other sources.


Lore: Spellscale are the Children to Two sorcerer with the Draconic bloodline. Only 1/10 children of two Draconic sorcerer are Spellscales, Making them even rarer than sorcerer themselves. Almost all of them are Sorcerer- and each has an innate knowledge of the magic that flows within them. While most take up the mantle of sorcerer, some delve into the blood that fuels their magic- becoming Draconic exemplar, or devoting themselves to a Draconic deity.

Type: humanoid(Human, Draconic*)

Ability score:(1RP)+2Cha, +2Int, -2Con- Spellscale are Naturally beautiful and extremely analytical, but their bodies are suited more for magic than battle

Languages:(1rp)Spellscale begin knowing Common and Draconic, and those with high Int can learn any language

Blood Of Dragons:(2RP)Spellscale Have such innate ties to dragons that their Cha score is considered 2 higher when determining the abilites of the Draconic bloodline.

Highly Analytical:(2RP) Spellscale are Naturally tallented with magic, and their innate ability with it gives them an edge: +1 to Spellcraft and Knowledge(arcana)

Sorcerer Prodegy:(~2RP) Spellscales have such innate ability that any Spellscale with Cha 11 or greater have access to the following spell-like abilities 1/day:Identify, Magic Missle

Draconic Resistance:(~2RP)Although not true dragons, Spellscale have a natural resistance to the same magics Dragons do- +2 Saves vs. Sleep and Paralysis

Darkvision 60ft- Spellscales have Keen vision able to see in the dark

Total RP= ~10

*The Draconic subtype: A creature with the Draconic subtype isn't a dragon, However they are treated as a dragon for the purposes of applying for feats, being targeted by spells, And using magic items only useable by dragons- may apply this to Dragonborn

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Skorn wrote:

Very interesting. I love the Dark Sun setting and will pick something from there. Would a race from this world start with a psionic talent as usual?

I am tempted to roll stats BUT I am also reasonably good at math and so will gladly take the generous 25 points. :)

You did not mention any criteria for selection or deadline for submittal?

I do believe I said there would be no wild talent gift, due to being disconnected from Athas.

as for a deadline: I dont have one yet, I will close Recruitment when i feel it has been allowed to brew long enough.

as for the criteria: make a character- have a backstory- don't be a murder hobo.

also yes... 25 is quite generous, so Rolling is a bigger risk than boon in the end...

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I want to state before it's too late: KOBOLDS WILL NOT RECEIVE A -4 TO STR, INSTEAD THEY ONLY HAVE A -2 TO STR, AND GAIN A +2 TO CHA. this balances out the curious Reptiles- they are so weak it seems almost cruel to leave them so mangled.

The reason for the +2 Cha- Kobolds are crafty and witty, After all Dragons keep them around despite their weakness. They are often described as Sorcerers or Bards and this fits them well.

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Ah, So comes the inherit risk of rolling.
Some folks are tempted by the hopes of a high roll... If the dice gods smile apon them... And rather than take the path they know will give them what they need, They risk a gamble... And loose what they could have had...

Poor luck my friend- thankfully you can always plaster a Template on your character and add a small bit of edge to your stats.

I can already hear the lvl 3 Liches and Vampires Creeping up the path... Little do they know, the darkenss is not their friend

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Official Recruitment is up

Those of you interested in this game may now apply Here Where I will be awaiting your responses... Patiently

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Welcome to Sigil. Located at the top of the spire in the very center of the Outlands- This City is an Icon to all planiars, and a Mystery to all Primes. In this City a mortal man might converse with an Astral Deva and a Terrible Pit Fiend, On the same day! Perhaps even at the same table.
It's been decades since the Faction wars, Leaving some lost to history, and others struggling to Survive.
But the politics Of Sigil mean little too you, A simple adventurer. Your out to fight for glory, redemption... Perhaps you seek something more. Some way to remove a curse, or enact vengeance apon a rival. In the end only the work of an Adventurer has given you any leads.

Rumors have been whispered in Sigil, the City of Doors. Roumors that doors are begining to close. Portals that once led to powerful worlds, Lost kingdoms, and rich cities have began to shut. Portals no longer able to reach such worlds. Any Primes from those worlds are cut off from returning, unknown magic preventing them from going back. Some folks are worried, others figure if such things where a threat to Sigil or any of their planes, it would be a long time before they would be effected...

Hello everyone, I am The lone DM, Your Guide to the City of Doors. those of you new here can become easily lost in the winding streets and dark corridors filled with Demons and Angels alike. If you are not careful, One can get seriously hurt...

Me as a DM:

I'd like to explain some basic Home rules I Have, as well as let you know how I play as a DM. I'm very lax as a Dungeon master, and Find RAW to be quite restrictive at times. And for me the rules should be the Arbitors of Fun. Therefore I tend to flex and bend the rules to better allow the freedom that comes with playing any role-playing game.

So- if you have any questions about Rules and how I view them, go ahead and ask. I do keep most rules, as Paizo does a good job of laying good framework, But if there are any contradictions or strange limits you think should be addressed, Please bring them up. For example- If a species cannot see but has a sense like Blindsense to see things- in my mind that doesn't make them completely blind beyond what their Blindsense allows.

Custom Races and how I play them:

Okay, First off let's lay down the ground rules- Custom races are gonna be allowed for thos game. However I'm gonna be quite the stickler for details, and if I sense any excessive use of RP I will be less likely to consider a race.

How to format a submission for a Custom race:
Okay, Above the traits I'd like you to explain the inspiration for the race, as well as give a short background on what your race is,What they look like, and the culture of your race.
After this I'd like a simple explanation of their opinions on other races- Just the core races no need to go over the 30 something races Paizo has

From here comes the traits and such.

I first want to state that I will be incorporating some changes to Type and Size RP: First- Being Tiny is only 2RP instead of 4, and being large is only 4RP instead of 7, and neither grants a stat bonus. Another thing I'd like to add-on The ability of flying no longer cost 4 RP but 2, however you may still pay 2 extra for the greater speed

And here is an example of the format of like for the traits and qualities:

Type: humanoid(Blurgle) -RP cost

Size: Normal -RP cost

Speed normal 30Ft -RP cost

Ability score bonus: +2 Blurg, +2 Gle, -2 Flabbernak,- RP cost

Language:Blurgleflaff- RP cost

Trait name: Blurlge are terrible creatures who have no stat binuses, are completely useless, and stink so much they are avoided at all cost.- RP cost

Total RP: Terrible

So- for each trait as well as the Ability modifiers, I'd like you to Explain how your race has these abilities rather than just copy/pasting from the race Builder page. This makes your race Unique and ties it up in a bow. Another thing of like to say- you may reflavor the names of each quality as long as you explain what they do and next to the RP cost explain what they where. You may also reflavor certain abilites with different ones.for example: Elven immunities make you immune to sleep spells and Grant a +2 to saves against enchantments. Well you may reflavor this to instead make you immune to Paralysis and Grant a +2 to saves again Necromancy spells.

You may also make your own traits- So long as they dont outdo any other trait and you give an estimate as to what the RP value would be in your opinion.

After you've applied a Custom race I will give my thumbs up or down as to whether you can use it or not ^-^
As for an RP Limit- 20 is your Limit- However you may go over so long as you understand that I may add Weaknesses as a result

Setting based Races:

Dark Sun: there was a Pathfinder Conversion from Dark sun made by Tony Denning and Timothy Brown called "The Athasian Pathfinder Conversion" I Remember finding a link to the PDF somewhere on this website. I really liked their conversions for the races from Dark Sun. I have the PDF On my drive-in However I can't exactly share that with everyone ;P
If someone can find me a link that would be nice, Otherwise Please ask- we will be using the Stats for standard play for any Races coming from Athas- so just ignore the Ability Changes on each race. As for the "Wild talent" ignore that as well- as being away from Athas has broken your natrual Psionic connection to the land

Eberron: there was a conversion I really liked found Here where I'll use the Rules For Warforged and eberron based Races for. You may use the alternative Racial Traits from this website as well so long as they don't Include any Psionics other than Occult Adventures.

Ravenloft: Unfortunately I can't seem to find a good enough conversion for anything Ravenloft related- However you may flavor yourself as being from any of the many lands of Ravenloft quite easily. The Dhampir and Skinwalker fitting in quite well.

Other Settings: Please ask before putting forward any setting specific races- however I will basically allow pretty much any setting so long as it doesn't clash with the theme of Planescape or D&D

Character Creation:

Here's the real meat!

Allowed Content: Official Paizo, and above listed Sources, you may ask about 3pp but don't expect too much.- no spheres of might/power, No Ultimate Psionics

Race:any, See Allowed settings above as well as custom races above.
Special Rule! as part of your race you must specify if you are a Planiar or a Prime. It must be listed under your race and will effect some in game aspects. Any race can be Planiar or Prime. For example- if I'm playing a Human. wizard born on Toril I will have my race listed as "Prime Human". If I'm a Human born in the Astral plane I will have my race listed "Planiar human"

Class: Any Paizo official- Unchained Preffered, however you may apply Vanilla Archetype to Unchained so long as you can replace The equivalent abilities at given levels.

Level: 5(see below for Special rules)

Starting gold: 3000gp

Traits: 2, +1 additional with a drawback

Special Rules: We will be using Background Traits, Background Skills, Automatic Bonus Progression, Unchained Skill unlocks, Occult Skill unlocks, and Varient Multiclassing.

Applying a Template to yourself!: yes! I am allowing you to apply templates to yourself with the increase to CR counting as a Level. You cannot add levels to yourself this way however and any templates that apply a -CR give you their bonuses(or penalties) but don't adjust your CR unless you already have a template. You can only have one positive Temple and one negative template. You must explain in your backstory how you gained these templates and will have to integrate them into your story. If there is a 3pp template you wish to use, Please pass it by me and I will give my approval or not.

Background: I would like you to explain your Characters, Not anything in depth, But a simple explanation as to who you are, where your from, and your motivations, with them I'd like you to apply a 5 minute background.shown here:

1)3 concepts that explain your character

2)2 secrets: one your character keeps from the party, one kept from your character

3)3-5 people with ties to your character (this one isn't needed as much- but you may apply as many or as few as you like)

4)1 goal you'd like your character to achieve, 1 goal you'd like the party to Achieve, and 1 goal you'd like to achieve as a player.

5)I'd like 1 Fear your character possesses as well as 1 Flaw and 1 Positive Trait

For any further questions please ask, I know I may have missed alot for there is quite alot to go over...

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Right oh, I don't typically do spheres of power/might- despite my players begging me to allow it. I do thing Automatic Bonus Progression is gonna apply here, because magic items are pretty common when walking the planes most of them will be Unique items or Wonderous items- giving you a little extra atop The basics.

Other than that I think I'll put an Official Recruitment up once I've pounded out the dents and details in character creation :P

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Well ultimately- Like the rule of 3- the game is made of 3 things: The Fluff, The Mechanics, and the Players.

Planescape is very heavy in fluff, and doesn't stray far from D&D in Mechanics. Ultimately the fluff and players are the most important parts- with little need to adapt systems to the setting as any system works pretty well... So long as it's D&D related.

I'm probably gonna allow Custom races now that I've thought of it- As well as our forward some I've adapted myself from D&D into Pathfinder.
And I'm gonna separate my players into either Plainers or Primes. The game will focus mostly on RP- since a majority of the mosnters you would normally be utterly destroyed by are just lounging about Sigil having casual conversations with outsiders.

I'm probably gonna start you guys off at around lvl 5 as that level gives you enough power to not have to worry about being squished by small buggers while still limiting your power to an acceptable level. I probably won't go too high level- after all at some point your gonna start drawing the attention of some less than savory Plainers.
The game will definitely not be going to the prime material plane- unless I feel the need to have someone summon one of your party :P

Other than that- Story size I feel like this is gonna be a little freeform and I'd like your characters to be like minded, or at least team players.

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Greetings folks, before we start I'd like to preface by saying that although this is my first post with this profile, I am actually quite familiar with the website.

This was an idea me and a few friends of mine wanted to do, But I'm unable to do it with them for reasons I'm not at liberty to say. Essentially we wanted to do a Starfinder- game where your characters lead an expedition to colonize a foreign planet. the idea being your characters are in a distant system that has been approved for terraformation and colonization.

Your party has been sent to scout the newly terraformed planet to determine a good landing site for the colony ship due a few weeks after your arrival.

Unfortunately: the method used for terraforming is highly experimental, and often results in hostile and dangerous wildlife. Your job is to catalogue the wildlife and determine if the planet is ready or still requires terraforming.

Character Creation
Starfinder system-

Races: Any- I will allow anything. I'll even allow you to put forward custom races or ask for me to make a race for you (One of my friends wanted to play an uplifted racoon for obvious reasons)

Classes:well there isn't anything but core: so just core I guess ;P

Ability score: 10 points like usual

Everything else: as your standard game- so long as your familiar with the rules

Please let me know if you want anything awnsered, or a race made :P