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I have Just decided to Poke everyone about this because i am likely to run this game

Howdy! now I want to be very clear Up front I am Just poking to Gauge interest in this setting, I Recently got myself the Humblewood Setting Book From Deck of, and am super interested in the setting. of course since this is online that's gonna limit my party to anyone who Payed the $30-40 for the Book. HOWEVER!!! I will Happily Provide access to a PDF(one you cant copy) to anyone interested in the setting but who is also Poor like many of my friends are.

For anyone not Familiar with Humblewood- it is a D&D 5e setting Based in a World where instead of elves, dwarves and such- there are instead Sentient animals Via the secret of Nym or something similar.

for the most part.... this is just an Intrest check.... that i really want to Run.... but with some very big things i need to adress:

1) I am currently in 2 games on here, as well as one on D20. meaning i have 3 games ongoing at this time. this means i might not have the time to Run a game like this(as a DM)

2)This is D&D 5e, which compared to my Knowledge of Pathfinder, is very limited(I have only played in 5e games and never DM'd one)

3)I am actually throwing this out more as a "Please will someone else run this for me and let me be a player" because i actually want to be a PLAYER more than a DM of this setting

SO! with that said! I am tossing this out into the Void in the hopes that someone else will see it and agree to run it....
if that doesnt work, I will of course try to run it myself! because the only way to get more familiar with a setting is to run it

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Discussion dot

First off, i like to see most folks choose good as their alignment, That makes me picking a team that blends well super easy as well as giving me plenty of room to TRULY BE EVIL with my bad guys. as the planescape is a very Grey area on the chart of good and bad, it's more a game of law versus chaos setting, because the line between law and chaos is alot less grey than the line between good and evil.

but because most folks are Good, i can easily play with the good vs. Evil aspect- but here are my choices and why i choose them:

Bonehead @Origami Dog- 1) I love kobolds{yeah i am biased :P} 2) your background has a lot in it that i like, and when Picking a party A bard is an excellent place to start.

Believer @blue Dove- 1) this character is a beautiful Archetype of tormented soul, the teifling struggling against nature with one of my Favorite gods as your patrion- perfect 2) Mechanically we don't have many Tank characters, and frankly I will very much like to see how this character develops both mechanically as well as storywise.

This Last choice (yeah im only choosing 3 of ya) is actually quite difficult, alot of the remaining characters are very simular mechanically, or in the case of our one arcane character- are the only option. thing is I struggled to choose because I didnt want to choose a character just because thye where the only option, and neither did i want to have too many characters who where simular, i mean we have a bard, a Paladin/oracle, then most of the other options where melee divine builds, or Bloodragers.

but I decided to go with-
Rorx @Albion the eye 1) out of the remaining characters you have a very interesting backstory with a mix of darkness and light that will give me plenty of room to mold you as we lay out the story and forge a path through the planescape- as you learn how to control your powers and gain your Divinity and place among the gods.

with that i will Officially open up the Discussion in a moment, and would like you folks to report there where we can Discuss your builds, round out some corners, as well as explain to you what's happening at the start of the game so that you are not quite surprised when i throw you into a starting scene where all the enemies are significantly more powerful than you

oh! sorry for the Delays, some stuff came UP IRL, i got invited into some games on here myself, as well as one over on Roll20, so my schedule suddenly filled up unexpectedly and this fell to the wayside, HOWEVER! i dont intend to let this die here without at least trying to get it going! so Im here to officially close recruitment and Review the Finished submissions.

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well, I havent Closed Recruitment Offically, I might give it a few more days if people are truely interested but just didnt see the recruitment

joker 27 wrote:
Also one question, Can we have crafted things for our starting equipment?

only if you don't craft them with a curse.

oh and also- it should be noted the more valuable the item would be to a player 3 levels higher than you the more likely it will be sold for gold and you have to get it back.

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Albion, The Eye wrote:
Just triple checking - starting wealth is 1000gp, correct?

yes, but you will be stripped and your equipment will be.... actually i wont spoil it- just know you wont have it at the start

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Flaws for her powers, my bad, Make them removeable and linked, as they are linked to her being possessed by a Spirit, if the spirit is removed than most of her powers are removed

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well, this is Black Fox so far, planning on doing some complications, so far all ihave is her powers and skills, and abilites, and advantages, I am planning on having her be a former Assassin imbued with the powers of a dark Fox Spirit, and will add some disadvanteges and such related to that to give me the power points i need to get her some equipment :P

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I think Im gonna Make My Black Fox then, An Anti-hero Shady Assassin type With a League of Shadows-esk origin

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WONDERFUL! although i might actually have my character be a Mix of magic and skill, like, they are super skilled but all the super-human stuff they do comes from Magic.

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well, it's more like this

Inherited(born with it, it's inate, you're superman and happen to be on earth)

Enhanced(you where normal before but aquired powers it from some outside source, i.e. you are spiderman, cyborg, ect)

An Augmented(you are still normal but have some outside force giving you powers, i.e. a power suit or magic book. i.e. you are Iron-man, Dr. strange, Blue Beatle, Green lantern, ect.)

(I believe that's how S.H.I.E.L.D> Categorizes them anyways)

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that would be random chance or made it yourself

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i'd Honestly like to hear your ideas, as my idea will likely be based on how powers are like, gained in the world

i know when it comes to powers there are generally 3 ways you get them:
1)Born with it
2)aquired it though Random chance
3)Trained for it/Made it yourself

(i personally will want to do a Dark Assassin type character, or an over the top showboater Warrior type character)

Male Red Dragon Wizard

oh hold on, are we all allowed to play then? if so i was gonna make myself a deadpool-esk Twin-sword wielding weapon build with heavy focus on Swords and Guns

this of course would work for a big city or a Superschool wither way, i do intend to have his main power be that is is super-soldier level of power, enhanced hearing, physical power, and speed, but average to low mental capacity, that kind of junk

of course you can always make yourself a weak normal person that can summon a super demon

hmm... I will work on this

edit, also nice nat 20

or my personal favorite: a Villan ran dystopia where the heroes fight to bring down the evil goverment

No mature content, Does that mean my Character can't be an Anti-Hero? Becuase I'm 90% sure most folks don't play M&M to be big blue boy-scouts, they play it to be the Batman. Because you can be whoever you want but if you can be Batman, always be batman

ah i have the 3e mutants and masterminds rules i believe, and a few ideas i have wanted to toss around in the system, but i have never really played M&M(my friends where never that interested in it) and i have always wanted to try something in it

Edit: derp. sticky keys don't like me, sorry i

Honestly, if I was to pick a race that is my favorite out of the core races- it is dwarf.

Yeah, I have a question! How is a dwarf gonna be attracted to anything without a beard ;P

MattZ wrote:

I have an Atomie archer idea I've always wanted to play. Would you have any problems with a 2 HD race?

Edit: and how should I do ability scores? Just use the base stats, or add 25 points on top?

Yes I would have a problem with a 2HD race, Although I would not be against a 0 HD race that is Tiny and not Diminutive using the race-maker rules, otherwise Up to you

(Should be noted they made Sahuagin a 0HD race despite actually haveingg like 3 or 4 HD if I remember correctly)

And @Ouach: if you got feats to burn, Then you must not be taking those feat taxes ;P
But yes you can Varient multiclass- I should have mentioned that at the start.

Hmm, I actually belive there is a first level feat that lets you do that, My friend used it to make a Demonic Aasimar with the maw/claw trait of a Teifling but still using Aasimar.
Otherwise I'm afraid I can't quite allow a Teifimar as that kinda Breaks some of the Rules of the universe. I mean, not against it but a half-teifling half Aasimar would have their traits either Canceled out and just be a Human, Or you'd be a ah.... The Teifling Equivalent for the Chaotic alignment, I forget what they are called.

Well, 2 six and 2 one average at 3 and 4 that accounts for the .5 and that's average. Sometimes the Dice god Nuffle smiles Apon you and Somtimes he just likes seeing average.

I would like you to not be so famous that they'd send an adventuring party after you, Or at least Not be tied to people who would come after you. I essentially want you to be lost to the world, You are the shards of Hope that where stolen from your worlds for nefarious reasons I will not spoil.

If somone is willing to come after you to save you(Esspecially early on in the game) then it would be alot harder for those that stole you away to do what they want- having to kill your old friends and family because they are annoying ;P

I don't know how too explain it that well- basically I would like it if You didn't have too much of an investment in your individual world is what I'm really trying to say

*Sees the Kobold's stats and wonders how they got 3 18 and a 20 out of a 25 pt build*

Hmmm, Well I actually Tie the motivations of the BBEG based on how the players gain their Mythic status, As that's kinda his entire motivation, but both of those sound like great ideas, Infact a little Diversity like that is exactly what I was hoping for when I have y'all freedom to create your own Background.

Otherwise- I would preffer you don't get too Overpowered. I started y'all at lvl 3 so y'all can have some experience and have some room to flex and give yourself something to have as a background, But not too much so you can't have done something that you'll be missed in your world with... Or maybe you will

Like I do want you to have that freedom, Just try not to Have a Background that would require me to bend too many rules

@Trevor: as long as you Use My Custom Version of the dragonborn I have Labeled up in the first post that would work fine, And as for 3rd party Content, I'm gonna have to say No- it's not something I'm familiar with so I would have no idea what adding that content would do and I'd prefer to stick to what I know.

Well, Theros itself is based on Greek Mythology, It doesn't use Greek Mythology, Opting to replace many of the gods with their own and even having their own Version of the Underworld, Multiple Death gods, And an entire Diffrent way that Undead work.

Infact I belive the world's Version of Zeus (Kranatos or something like that) is actually also the god of Knowledge

It's more designed to emphasize the system's 6 Mana colors(Counting Colorless) more than Actually be accurate to Greek myth

*sees MTG and one of the better settings* oh yes, I will be highly interested in this kind of Game, Although i wonder if you'd allow for somthing like a Custom Satyr, Since in Theros they are kinda the World's version of elves.

id be interested in playing a Satyr of some sort of Melee build if possible, I wanna be a Xenagos (red/green) worshiper. Possibly be a barbarian or Skald to Emphasize that

Galahad0430 wrote:
Since no one asked yet, normal feat rules or are you using the Elephant in the Room feat tax changes?

while i agree that feat taxes suck, i am not using those rules mostly because I personally don't wanna have to deal with going through every monster who has improved trip, grapple, ect. and giving them new feats because those ones now don't exist.

and @Ouach: you didn't have to roll for alignment, but i do appreciate the attempt at randomness. I am more using the numbers to help decide when and if any alignment changes happen, as it turns out, you'll probably be dealing with the alignment based planes than the inner planes. and when dealing with planes saturated with your opposing alignment it gets real muddy real fast.

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Hah, yes that indeed is, I suppose Rolling 2d100 for alignment is possible if you can't really decide.


Boggart: I would preffer you Play it as is, If there is a trait that lets you swap that out(like in the case of Kitsune) then sure but if not, Then sorry

Drow Noble: I will 100% pick a Normal drow over a Drow Noble any day in favor of balance. Like if two people made the exact same Character and one just used Drow Noble instead of Drow... I would pick the normal one.
Try not to pick races for powergaming reasons

For the alignment numbers the exact on the line numbers are 33 and 66 but because we can't have numbers like 3.33333... then I have made just rounded it up a little to account for the 0 also being a Number. So there are really 101 numbers with 50 being exact center. Then rather than take the easy route and do 25 and 75 as the break off- I felt that didn't represent it well enough and neutral took up way too much of the scale. So I changed it to 1/3 instead of 1/4 ratio with 1/2 of it being Neutral. It's wonky, But it's mostly for Show. The Numbers just represent how close you are to shifting. I will not really be changing them unless you do something that is worth noting, or are influenced by an outer force.

Gilly Geitmenn wrote:

Let me ask again cause I'm getting mixed messages.

You're saying yes to post-faction war because the lore for post-faction war is garbage?

IIRC post-faction war the Godsmen and the Signers merged. My first thought was to play someone close to achieving those faction's stated goals. Ascending as a deity/being the One.

Oh! It's pre faction war, Sorry

I just misunderstood what you where asking, sorry
Like I read it as somthing Diffrent, blame my Dyslexia

Well, Yes because The lore on post faction-war is (And pardon my major Bias) Absolute garbage.

But I won't say no to A Planiar in my game, But as for the powers and factions and such- Due to you being Mythic.... You eventually will get to the point where your closeness to Godhood will not allow you to enter Sigil due to the Lady not liking you. So it would be pretty hard to join a Faction when you can't even enter the Cage.

As above, That's How you can tell :P

I mostly just Want y'all to be Some primes that don't know who the lady of pain is and get confused by all the Slang that Sigilites use :P

As well as be unaware of some of the Rules regarding the Cage as you are godlings... And there are some very important rules in sigil about gods.

TheWaskally wrote:

K Klan, do we need to include getting our mythic rank in our backstory, or is that something we get to experience as a group?

I would like you to have gained your first rank before the game, As it is the trigger as to why you are where you are at. The start of the game.

I knew I forgot somthing! I would ask you to start with 1000gp but be aware you are a Prisoner and have all your equipment stripped at the start of the game because they can't have you attacking people now can they?

Yeah, Who wants to be a Divine caster? They are just the most powerful classes in the game not like their spells do stupid damage and completely ignore the fact that they also are wearing Full plate.

I mean seriously? Who wants all 9 spell Levels and an animal Companion as well as 75% of all the best Buffing spells that can turn you virtually invincible.

Sounds boring to me

Nooooo, When it comes to the planes, The Prime material plane, Feywild, and The Shadow plane are all seperate planes, But one can only get to them through the prime material plane, Astral planes, Or Ethereal planes. In the Planescape they are pretty disconnected to the total Planescape as they are more reflections of the Prime than any real plane of existence.

The Fey/shadow planes are to the Prime material plane what the Astral and Ethereal Planes are to the Planescape. They are connected to everything in it but not to each other.

You wanna get somewhere fast in the Planescape? Use the Astral/Ethereal planes. You wanna get somewhere fast on the prime? Use the Shadow/Feywild. Of course a good Gate spell can always Get you anywhere on the prime. In the planes of you are in the Elemental plane of fire and want to get to The nine hells you have to go through the Astral plane first because The Planes are not connected. I have a map somewhere it's pretty complex

And I mean pretty Complex because if you can read this map you have a good idea

Probably The 31st, I'm planning on giving y'all plenty of time(9-10 days seems enough to me) to get your characters made plus my Birthday is this month and it gives me time to do that before I have investments in a game

Dotting in, This is very much a Game I have wanted to get I to but have never had the Chance to, So I'm gonna probably Make up my character and Apply Somthing For this-(I've had an idea for this game for a long long time)

I have now posted a Full Recruitment Thread! Titled "Gods Among Mortals".

And @Oauch- No they are not a bad choice I would allow that, I just Would much rather you take advantage of the freedom that choosing any world you want to make gives you over having a Generic Fire Genasi from the plane of fire

It's Cold ... Or is it? Hard to tell as you wake up, The Room spinning as light folks your eyes, The gentle Creeling of wood and metal filling your ears...

Welcome! this is the Offical Recruitment Thread for my Planescape Mythic Game.
For those of you who didn't read my initial Interest check here are my Rules for character Creation, As well as a few Rules I Also had in mind

Character Creation:

Stats/HP: Max 1st level, Then Take average every level after, and 25pt build, 1 Rank Mythic

Race: Any (Although I Preffer you to be from the prime material plane- I will not say no to you being a Planiar) I will also allow most monsterous Races within reason and with a Compelling enough background or concept and evidence that they are clearly not just for powergaming.

Class/lvl: start at 3, Any Class- Except I limit Summoner to be Unchained only.

Alignment- I will be using special Rules for this(See below)

Background/Traits: 2 Traits with a Third if you take a Drawback.

Other Creation Rules: Background Skills, Hero/Anti-Hero Points, Ultimate Horror Fear rules,

Gun rules: There are Guns of almost every tec level in the Planescape, Although the most common ones are Flintlock weapons, As Most Smith in sigil are at least aware of how to make Bullets for them. Consider the Prices for them to be "Emerging Guns" in sigil but it will vary wildly depending on where you are

Alignment Rules:

In Planescape Alignment is alot more important than in most other settings. Because not only does it help guide your character's motivations and actions- it Influences the entirety big your soul and being. Because of this I'll be stealing a System From NWN and marking your alignment as a Number, or pair of them.

Your alignment is determined by two numbers between 0-100: one for Law/Chaos and one for Good/Evil. 0-35 Is Evil/Chaotic, 36-65 is Neutral, and 66-100 is Good/Lawful.

So When you pick your alignment please mark yourself as somthing like this: Lawful(75)Evil(25)

These Numbers will Change based on your actions in the game, And may even be altered Entirely by outside forces or actions so drastically unattuned with your alignment. However it also prevents things like Instant evil and helps me create a system to help determine when a paladin falls or a monk becomes unlawful, Or a Cleric Becomes too disjointed with their deity.

Other than That I Might be missing something... Let me know if you notice anything missing, But otherwise I do encourage you to do whatever you want.
You want your Sahuagin Druid lady from a Sea world? Go for it! You want your Good Drow from a World where elves and Drow Co-exist? Go for it! You want your space faring Scientist from a World where Technology has allowed for space travel? GO FOR IT!

Of course I will have you be aware that Despite the tec level of your World- Sigil and the Planescape is somewhere In the Renaissance Era with a little Steampunk and Pure Chaos slammed in for good measure.
Of course when it comes to magic you can never Have a Set Tec level

Custom Races:

Due to the nature of the Realms as well as the fact alot didn't get converted to Pathfinder I will allow the creation of some Custom Races as well as point out some Premade I approve of.

Warforged from this Site are approved

Other than that, Please PM me if you have a Custom Race you'd like to Apply- Otherwise Please ask if there is a race that I might be able to make for you

(Some Custom Races I made/Comverted)

Dragonborn(Forgotten Realms):
Dragonborn as seen in the Forgotten Realms

Type: Humanoid(Dragonborn)(0rp): Dragonborn are Humanoids with the Dragonborn subtype

Size: Medium(0rp): Dragonborn are medium and gain no size modifiers

Speed: 30ft(0rp): Dragonborn are normal speed

Ability Modifiers: +2Str +2Cha -2dex(0rp): Dragonborn are physically strong and as naturally charming as dragons, However they lack finesse.

Language: Dragonborn begin speaking Draconic and Common, with high Int they can learn the following languages- Elven, Dwarf, Goblin, Orc, Giant, Aklo, Gnome, Halfling.(0rp)

Draconic Heritage:(2RP)Dragonborn choose a Chomatic or Metalic dragon type at creation. They base all their energy resistance and breath weapon on this type. Additionally Dragonborn are Immune to paralysis and gain a +2 to saves against Enchantments-(Addapted from Elven immunities):Note- this does not count as a Draconic bloodline however Dragonborn must choose the same color if they ever choose a Draconic bloodline in the future

Natural armor:(2rp) Dragonborn. Have hard scales, granting them a +1 natural armor bonus to AC.

Energy Resistance:(1RP) Dragonborn Have 5 Energy resistance based on the dragon type choosen with Draconic Heritage

Breath Weapon:(1+1RP) Dragonborn start the game with a a breath weapon. This breath weapon uses the same shape and energy type as Draconic Heritage. They start with a breath that deals 2d6 damage with a DC of 10+Constitution modifier. This can be used 1+ your con modifier times a day. This can be made stronger through feats(See below)

Claws:(2RP) Dragonborn have 2 claw attacks that deal 1d4 damage each. These count as primary attacks unless used in conjunction with a manufactured weapon.

Low light vision(1RP): Dragonborn can see 2 times as far in dark.

Special Feats:

Improved Breath weapon
Prereq: Dragonborn, lvl 5
Description: your Breath weapon now scales with your level: Treating you as a Sorcerer with the Draconic bloodline -2 levels. The DC to save also becomes 10+ your Con mod+ 1/2 your Hit dice.
This does not stack with breath weapons gained from other sources

Alternative Racial traits:

Replaces breath weapon:
Elemental Assult: you may sheathe your weapons in the energy of your Draconic Bloodline! For 1+your con modifier rounds per day you may apply 1d6 of your choosen element to your weapon. This does. Otherwise stack with energy gained from other sources.

The Kenku(D&D 5e-> Pathfinder):

Kenku, as from D&D 5e.

Type: Humanoid(Kenku): Kenku are humanoids with the Kenku subtype (They can also be a varient on Tnegu for Pathfinder)

Speed: 30 feet base

Size: Medium

Ability score mod:(2RP) +2 Dex, +2 Wiz

Language:(??rp) Mimicry(language): Kenku begin understanding Common- However they can only speak words they've heard before. Kenku Cannot speak unless they have heard something said before- Often times this leads to them making sentences our of many different voices. Kenku with High Int can learn to read and understand any language, However they cannot speak them unless they have had verbally heard them spoken.

Mimicry: Kenku can Mimmic any sound they have heard before, and automatically succeed all disguse checks to make their voice sound like another- so long as they repeat what they've heard. Additionally because of the way they speak, It is hard to read their true intentions and Kenku gain a +4 to bluff.

Ambusher: Kenku are natural ambushers, And gain a +2 Racial bonus to attacks against flat footed foes.

Bite: Kenku have a long hard beak and gain a Bite attack that deals 1d4 damage.


Lore: Spellscale are the Children to Two sorcerer with the Draconic bloodline. Only 1/10 children of two Draconic sorcerer are Spellscales, Making them even rarer than sorcerer themselves. Almost all of them are Sorcerer- and each has an innate knowledge of the magic that flows within them. While most take up the mantle of sorcerer, some delve into the blood that fuels their magic- becoming Draconic exemplar, or devoting themselves to a Draconic deity.

Type: humanoid(Human, Draconic*)

Ability score:(1RP)+2Cha, +2Int, -2Con- Spellscale are Naturally beautiful and extremely analytical, but their bodies are suited more for magic than battle

Languages:(1rp)Spellscale begin knowing Common and Draconic, and those with high Int can learn any language

Blood Of Dragons:(2RP)Spellscale Have such innate ties to dragons that their Cha score is considered 2 higher when determining the abilites of the Draconic bloodline.

Highly Analytical:(2RP) Spellscale are Naturally tallented with magic, and their innate ability with it gives them an edge: +1 to Spellcraft and Knowledge(arcana)

Sorcerer Prodegy:(~2RP) Spellscales have such innate ability that any Spellscale with Cha 11 or greater have access to the following spell-like abilities 1/day:Identify, Magic Missle

Draconic Resistance:(~2RP)Although not true dragons, Spellscale have a natural resistance to the same magics Dragons do- +2 Saves vs. Sleep and Paralysis

Total RP= ~10

*The Draconic subtype: A creature with the Draconic subtype isn't a dragon, However they are treated as a dragon for the purposes of applying for feats, being targeted by spells, And using magic items only useable by dragons- may apply this to Dragonborn

I'm gonna be Honest, I'm not the best person to ask about Sigil (because i would spend the next day typing up everything I love about it) and It wouldn't be productive to let me Rant like that ;P

But with the interest here I'll Collect what I have Written and Post a Legit Recruitment In the Morning-(it's 10 PM for me as I post this) and I will lay out more detailed Rules as well as an Opening Scene to give you an idea as to what you should expect

Ouachitonian wrote:
How are you doing stats? Point Buy, Rolled, etc?

Well, This is a good Question, with my friends I usually allow Rolls, But With Strangers I tend to preffer point buy because it lets me know that you are using point buy because it is the only option and not because you just so happened to roll poorly and choose to forgo Rolling for a Better point buy.

But for the most part I aim for 25pt builds. This way I can know that you are pretty Average and can scale enemies to you (although I also Activiley suggest not power gaming, as the eaiser you defeat the enemies the less fun it is for the rest of us).

Other than that, Glad to see some interest in the setting ^-^ my own personal Introduction to the Planescape was unfortunately in a game that had nothing to do with it- Neverwinter Nights and it's 3rd expansion. Where youre chucked into the 9 hells and end up meeting a Shadow dragon in a tavern who is fed up with this prime Berk who knows nothing bothering them.

Since then I've been facinated with the setting (even went so far to ask my Nerdy Dad about it and he lent me his books on it)

As for finding a good home Plane: Here's one for ya! The prime material plane!(sarcasm, sorry I can't help it) yeah with Infinite worlds it gets a little overwhelming with what you want! It should also be noted some world's may be connected to other world's that are connected to the Planescape but they have their own planescapes(Like Ebberon which is connected to Faerun but has its own versions of the nine hells and Abyss, and Even some planes Like Kyber and Xoriat that are Ebberon Exclusive)

There is also like... One world that I can't allow folks from just because it breaks Rules (Ravenloft), Because you don't come from Ravenloft... You get Trapped By Ravenloft

A Quick Breakdown of the Planescape:

Higher planes: These are places like the alignment planes, Specifically the good ones

Inner planes: These are the Elemental Planes, And the Prime material

Lower Planes: More Alignment based planes, Specifically the evil ones,

Prime material plane: This is Your plane, The plane most things come from because it just happens to have the most things in it. The prime consists of "Worlds" and each world is Unique, and some may be connected to the planes more than the others. But each world is Unique and one can (in theory) travel between world's without traveling the planes by traveling through space (such as in spelljammer or your generic Sci-fi world) infact there might even be worlds that can do this.

All planes are infinite and therefore one world's hell might be the same hell as another's but in such vastly different places that they appear to be different.

The one place where there seems to be no limit to the amount of worlds it touches- Is Sigil the City of doors, Otherwise called the Birdcage.

As I said- It's an Infinite Plane with Infinite world's full of Infinite possibilities.

But yes this is very much a Planiar Adventure, Going around and exploring the various planes.

The Setting itself is. Really just the planes, With a Few Specific ones being the main area. It's like Picking The Forgotten realms and deciding to base your game in Cormyr instead of the Sword coast. Basically the same game except everyone has a Wierd Accent and there are some Diffrent monsters around.

Oh! There are also some Rules around Magic and not talking about a specific Person under the risk of being turned into a pile of mush.
The magic rules are really just "some magic works Diffrent depending on your plane" some typical common sense stuff. Like Fire is more fire on the fire plane(of course fire is almost useless in the fire plane despite being stronger)

Oh and ah.... Never Trust a Slaad

On the Question of Deities- Yes they exist(all of them), Yes they have power, And yes how they grant that power Varries and Ultimately is unknown. Somtimes they come down and mess with mortals, Somtimes they sit around their plane being pacifist.

I would like to Begin by saying that I'm coming back after a long break, And my Schedule is Kinda Chaotic so this game is more of a Test of Waters than an actual Recruitment or anything like that.

However Despite that I would Still like to Gauge interest as well as get some ideas from Folks to see if anyone would be interested in a Mythic Planescape Game where your characters are primes from Several Diffrent worlds kidnapped and Pulled into the Planescape for some Shenanigans and such.
This is an idea and a game I've been planning to play with friends but due to the pandemic I have been unable to run it so Instead I'm gonna try tossing it out here

Plot synopsis And Overview:

This is Gonna Ultimately Be an open ended game, I intend to Just Toss you into The Planescape with A goal, And from there evolve the Party Motivations and Goals as you go.

Ultimately- You are supposed to learn that you all have achieved some sort of power or something that Has Granted you a spark of Godhood. And there is some second party that wants to learn how you did, Or perhaps steal it from you (I actually Talor his Motivations to your characters). Ultimately you will achieve Mythic Rank 10, Or Maybe not! After all who knows what might happen

Other than That- I have a few Subplots(Generic ones) I have Written up, while I'm Talorong some Subplots to your characters.

Rules I've Established:

These are the rules I have Established beforehand, Somthing to give the players some ideas and such for the game as well as give you a good idea of what I want.

Level: Starting at 3

Mythic rank: 1 - And It should be noted that your Mythic trait Emerged before the start of the game, somthing happened to you that would have drawn the interest of my antagonist and kick-started my game and your kidnapping

Race: Most any(Within reason but yes I am allowing some monsterous races) If you are interested in playing somthing from the Planescape I will have to ask you to please refrain. I do wish you to be unfamiliar with the Planescape, And a Prime Berk is alot more fun to play in the Planescape than somone who knows how these things work

Classes: Any- Use unchained if you can although I will only restrict the Summoner to unchained. Also be noted that With Summoner- you are infact in the Planescape and your Summon may or may not have some issues.

Alignment: any although please be aware of the difference between real Evil and Storybook Evil, as well as the Difference between Chaotic and Stupid. This is the Planescape. If you do something that doesn't quite fit what you say, Then the consequences are not only that you have to write that change on your sheet, But that the planes begin to Notice it.

Background: You are a Prime from one of Various Worlds Connected to the Planescape, Or perhaps The Planescape managed to somhow Pull you away from your world. Somthing happened to you that Sparked Somthing within you and granted you some great power. One day- You wake up drugged out of your mind in a Cell with the other party members, The ground shaking. Other than that- Your history is all up to you

Other Rules: well I will be using the Horror Rules from Horror adventures (Just because I like them more), Background Skills, And I will probably Be using some Converted Weapons and Rules from 3.5 for some of the monsters because Beholders and Gith didn't convert

Some Background Ideas:

SO! I know that this is the Planescape and that it is an old setting with alot of lore, But the setting is Supposed to allow Infinite world's with Infinite possibilities because no matter where you go there is an infinite space you have yet to see.

Ultimately this allows for some interesting world's and such. I would very much love to see the ideas you guys have alone.

But- Some of My more Favorite ideas I've heard from friends will be posted here(These are just worlds they came from- not the characters)

1) Godless World- A World where the gods have "Died" or Forgotten- leaving a world without Divine magic (Think Dragonlance), Or maybe even all magic since there is no Weave either. Out of that dark Hopeless world Comes you- With the spark of Godhood and hope for the world.

2) A Greek/Mythic World where Mortals Complete for The Glory of the gods to be forever imortalized as Heroes in the world.

3) A world where some Evil acts (Such as Undead and raising the dead) are not viewed as Inheritly evil. The world being a More Neutral alignment overall, Where The good and evil are so Blurred that there is no real way to distinguish which is which

Well! I belive that's all for now.... If I get some Decent Interest here I'll definitely Send out an Actual Recruitment, I have a Good Portion of this planned out but it Ultimately is supposed to be a pretty open game, Allowing me to Improvise Some Side quests and such while I have a Main Plot Hanging over it that occasionally pokes it head in and says boss fight or Evil minion.

I've tried somthing Like that, It could work, But I'd rather have some way to use a map.

.... Plus Maptools has mysteriously went down, Alot of problems just came up at once :P

It's real odd

Based on how it is going, Looks like I might have to if I wanna run this

I don't Expect A Dedicated group.
Luckily Using discord allows us to ashuffle around the day we play, As we can communicate with each other and set up a new day in case of holidays or work, or other stuff that may come up

I'm in Mountain Time and I'm usually Available 4-9PM MT, so that means I'm 6-11 EST, if that helps folks with Time Zones

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