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Al'rqyq mn Al'kwabys wrote:
"I suppose you find this amusing?" He says flying up to a non-trapped branch. "Next time I let you fall."

"such a quaint threat"

Al'rqyq mn Al'kwabys wrote:
Wearer of Masks wrote:
Al'rqyq mn Al'kwabys wrote:

Dives after him, hopefully catching him before he lands...

please make 1 will save for me...

Your hands snatch at his flailing cloak and...
Will 1d20+18

You realize upon touching the figure that the person you had been attempting to catch was an illusion...

your eyes flit back up to your roost and the "real?" person is leaning against the tree... smirking down at you

Vague representation (without bow)

Lyere Callidus wrote:
"That would explain why I haven't seen others save for the one's eating before"

OR... People have all been raised but its only 6 o'clock

icehawk333 wrote:
Damiani wrote:

My bad, I guess I read that he was in the Forest, per the post of the player in question.

Then again, forest /could/ literally be two feet outside the school. Vague abilities drive me batty-- distance and how they work, Willsaves, etc. are handy in these cases.

That's just me though. :)


Think of emotions for him like you would hear sound, except no object blocks it, only distance.

You radiate emotion, and he picks up on it- and is eating tiny bits of it at the same time.

What about psychic walls?

Grim Jr. wrote:

let me rephrase... how should I go about tracking them

and what should I find when I do.

Lynora, as primary DM and knowledgeable in all things involving Death

could you give us a hand

::is handed a literal hand::

Thank you but not what we need


Damiani wrote:
The Assasin wrote:
Damiani wrote:

Is "The Assasin" a Champion or able to pick up telepathic messages sent to others?

In no, consider this my delicate and kindly written correction that Professor Sunwake's telepathy about the situation might not have been sent public, per what I read, in a format requested earlier in our discussion.

Actually I was asking what Vai meant when she was talking about Time & specifically the "You aren't the only one who can flex their Championship, Time" part

Ah ha!

That explains it, thanks.

also. Im psychic type and i am secretly the champion of BS, ;D

Monk DOWN Need a RES!

listen to me not the cat....the lich must die....kill it, you are strong enough..... Just walk out right now and kill it..... Would I lie?

Yeah....I understand...

Though my question is how all the people with perma "see-everything" can cope with the rediculous amounts of magic.... They should be utterly blind with their eyeballs scorched out of their sockets.....


Guys (talking to game tab).... Just stow it.... Grab yourselves some humble pie and eat a big chunk...

Ace has every skill check and test already covered...get used to playing 4th 5th and 6th fiddle

Adon Derro wrote:

whose there?

or this?