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What do you get when you cross an orc with an ogre?


This PDF, so crunchy I think I chipped a fang.

These Orogs are some truly nasty customers that keep orcish flavor alive and well in a campaign heading into higher levels. Great game pluckables to be found herein!

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I'll not say anything anyone else hasn't said here. Other than "FIVE STARS, YOU GLORIOUS BASTARDS! HA HA HA! I'M A UNICORN-ON-THE-COB!"

I don't think anyone else said that yet.

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Hungry Are the Me... to run this thing.


I know Tim Hitchcock personally but that won’t affect the honesty of my review, because frankly I don’t really like the guy. I gave Hungry Are the Dead five stars not because Hitch needs the boost but because it, according to my tastes, amply deserves it.

I don't want to give away content, as much has already been revealed in this thread, so I’ll speak to the design. The idiot proof tactics (Please don't ever overestimate my abilities at any given moment... I adore a good idiot proofing) advised for monsters will without question give players a good scare and spark uproar. Such game advice is a huge help in shaping the dynamism and feel of play, because the writing here quietly assaults the players’ eyes, ears, and schnozzle, firmly ensconcing this adventure in the horror genre. Tim is a GM's writer who understands that giving tools to help GMs master their table is easily as important as the particulars of an interesting story.

And Verrin… what a loathsome, uniquely creepy little man.

A brilliant take on kobolds!


This book shows what the common kobold can become in the hands of a true DM visionary. Ms. Courts created kobold NPCs that leap off the page and throttle you where you sit, going so far as to scale their descriptions to different stages in life... so that you can engage each of them when their CR would be most appropriate for your adventuring group.

A wealth of new options appear, from new spells, cognizance nodes, unique locations... this book is worth every penny.

Anthony Cournoyer's art is gorgeous, and, as is typical with RDP's products, so is the book's layout thanks, this time, to Robert Stefko's expert eye.

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Another brilliant effort by Tim Connors


Back at Gen Con, I sat in a PF Changs with Tim and Daigle and Tim expressed concerns about how to make a demon subtle yet compelling. I love that this guy pretends to have creative dilemmas. What a knockout punch of an article. Not to fail to compliment the other authors as well let me call KQ2 another grand concert by Wolfgang's brigade.

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I love this lil guy.


Kill Doctor Lucky is a fantastic game, and after playing it 20 to 30 times you really do say to yourself, "A variant rule or two to make this fresh again sure would be nice." Sometimes you even say, "Boy, I sure wish I owned a lil wooden Scottie named Shamrock."

The Kill Doctor Lucky... and His Little Dog, Too! Expansion fulfills both of these needs. I have a favorite variant rule, and I use it every time I play. Apparently there's a platinum edition coming out whereby Paizo sends you a real Scottie trained to patrol the game board and nudge game pieces around with his nose, but for the rest of us there's this delightful little product.

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The first issue of KQ greatly surpassed my expectations with compelling articles I couldn't put down and artwork beyond compare. See for yourself, you'll know what I mean.

There’s an interview with Erik Mona that I actually read and enjoyed despite my aversion to interviews.

Great comix by Stan!

KQ has a sleek layout that pulls you along from cover to cover. What's more, there's a print version available, and for me that's huge.

KQ is well worth the money. I think Wolfgang’s knocked one out of the park.

I also have the limited edition $100,000 version...


And I have to say that there's good reason to go premium. It's got NO USB ports! What am I supposed to do with it now? Drink Tang out of it? I could use one of these skulls lying around for that.

I will say that the workmanship is quite amazing, even on the more reasonably priced fiddy grand version, and makes for a stunning centerpiece in any room.