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I am not high class but I have many many levels.


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Ya mutha.

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Reality Reimaginer / Raconteur / Composer / Musician / Singer / Writer / Filmmaker / Inventor / Podcaster / Game Designer / Right Slash Overuser


Neutral good, with certainty.


Only the cherry sweet superstitions of my dawning intuitions.


Hour north of NYC


Business owner. Moonstew - a media company. I also own a pet sitting service for those who need their pets flattened.

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About The Jade

My first Paizo post --- Now with real Picture Flavor!!! --- My Facebook profile

I'm Associate PR Director for Conlan Press and Avicenna Development. And a Co-Producer of The Last Unicorn Screening Tour. Please check out our site.

Lou Agresta and I run Iron GM, the competitive RPG event that hands out many thousands in prizes as it tours gaming conventions around the globe. At Gen Con 2012, we gave away over $30,000 worth of prize support for all to share.

Check out our video from the 2011 World Championship at Gen Con! And our 2010 Regional Semi-Final in Vegas!

For great GMing advice, check out our 2012 ENnie nominated Iron GM Podcast.

Ed Healy and I co-host and produce our own RPG podcasts:

2010 Gold ENnie Winner (and 2011 nominee):
1. Atomic Array RPGs that will blow your mind!
(Links to Pathfinder episodes: 11, 29, 50, and we covered the Pathfinder Tales fiction line on our 3rd Special Edition.

2. RPG Countdown The Top Ten RPG Products

2010 ENnie Nominated:
3. Open Design Podcast A discussion about game design and game mastery with Wolfgang Baur, Skip Williams, John Wick, Monte Cook and many more.

Gaming? Since I was six. I didn't even learn how to blow my nose till I was 24, so consider my skills highly specialized.

I'm a published author who has seen print 222 times (and yet, you have no idea who I am...). Sweetly enough, as a young man my first sale was to Dragon back in issue #139. From there I went on to write freelance for two solid years before turning to music, business ownership, and the study of filmmaking. I'm currently involved in the preproduction on my own film and putting the finishing touches on an album of my music.

I really don't care if I make money at any of this, just so long as I can exert my creativity in constructive ways and on a daily basis. It's a voice in the head. One that says create or perish. It's a meaning of life. Should we ever stop dreaming? For those of you who said yes please visit this site.

Some RPG credits for those who care to read them:

For Dragon magazine --

Issue 139: "Oh look, a harmless statue!" 30 dirty ways to hide and disguise your golem

For Gaming Paper --

Citadel of Pain (Author)

For Frog God Games --

Razor Coast Freebooters Guide (Editor and Additional Development)

Razor Coast
(Editorial Assistance)

For Goodman games --

GM Gems: A Collection of Game Master Inspiration (Project Developer and Contributing Author)
PC Pearls (Project Developer and Contributing Author)

For 0one Games --

2010 Gold ENnie winner for Best Electronic Book - Urban Adventures: The Great City Player's Guide (PFRPG) (Author)
0one's VENTURE Fantasy Tabletop Game (Editor)
The Great City Campaign Setting (Writing, Design and Development)
The Great City: Urban Creatures & Lairs (PFRPG) (Author)
Urban Adventures: The Road to Revolution #2—The Bloody Fix (OGL) (Author)
Urban Adventures: Puncture the Blackened Vein (Author)
The Sinking: Epicenter Rising (Editor)
The Road to Revolution: The Campaign - PFRPG (Author)
The Sinking: The Tribunal Edicts (Editor)
Curse of the Sickled Hand (Editor, additional game design)

For Reality Deviant Publications --

Blood Throne: Blight Elves--Architects of Despair (Developer and Editor)
Blood Throne: The Blighted Bestiary (Developer and Editor)

For Terra/Sol --

Netherell (Editor)

For Sinister Adventures --

The Known Universe Gazeteer (Contributing Author)

Comic Strip for the Atomic Array podcast --

Blammo's Atomic Episodes (Author--art by Hugo Solis)
Colonial Gothic from Episode One.
Reign of Discordia from Episode Two.
Prophecy from Episode Three.
Gen Con Indy 2008 from Episode Four.
Interface-Zero from Episode Five.
New Gods of Mankind from Episode Six.
Thousand Suns from Episode Seven.
The Great City from Episode Eight.
Kobold Quarerly 7 from Episode Nine.
Shadows of Cthulhu from Episode Ten.
Pathfinder from Episode Eleven.
Alpha Omega from Episode Twelve.

I am proud to be a WereCabbage and nothing you say can change that, unless you were to say, "Leave and scorn your precious WereCabbages and I'll give you 4.2 million dollars and this wand of insatiable nymph summoning." Then I'd probably just pay the group to change its name to the CareWabbages.

For those of you Cabbage Curious out there: WereCabbage Home Page

Wanna link with me professionally via Linkedin for no intelligible reason? I know I do. COME GIT YOU SOME!