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Regulated Divine Spells
2nd—desecrate, undetectable
alignment, lesser planar ally
3rd—animate dead
5th—ethereal jaunt, unhallow
6th—geas/quest, scrying

Banned Arcane Spells
2nd—detect thoughts
4th—detect scrying, scrying,
lesser geas
5th—lesser planer binding,
animate dead
6th—planar binding, geas/quest
7th—sequester, greater scrying,
control undead, ethereal jaunt,
plane shift
8th—mind blank, greater planer
binding, trap the soul, clone, screen,
binding, etherealness
9th—gate, wish, astral projection

level 3, 3000 gold 20 point buy. Have fun cleo, and if any of the spells you may want are similar to the above, run it by me.

My bad. I'll post more specific build rules tomorrow.

Hmm. Did I mention that the core and most of the base classes will be accepted? The only one that I can think of that's straight banned is the gunslinger and any archetypes involving guns. (Illegal in the crawl.)

So cleo, any idea what you want to play?

I don't know. Year's supply of random item is pretty standard game show fare. Which is not to say you won't need to wash a bad taste out of your mouth from time to time. The challenges in Xcrawl are designed to be entertaining for the masses, not you after all. Oooh. evil grin I had an idea.

Also expect things like vacations and cash prizes. (Which is the only cash legal to buy equipment for Xcrawl.

That's quite Alright Helgar. And I might disagree with my abilities but I've been studying up hard on this setting, been designing my Xcrawl rooms, etc. And given it's the bastard child of a game show and a blood sport Xcrawl dungeons can get strange. Cleo should fully expect to get a years supply of mouthwash at some point.

So I think I'll be ready to start recruitment by Wednesday. Any firm yesses Helgar, Cleo?

darth_borehd wrote:
Does this use Pathfinder rules?

No. It presents the idea of the trap and how it works. It's up to you to stat it out in whatever system you use.

As I read I discover that the books I considered gamesmastery guides are really freaking needed so you can get an idea of the culture of the North American Empire.

You don't have to read them but then you might miss important info like Orcs tending to gang up on Elves during crawls.

Maximum XCrawl

Original Xcrawl

The rules are more or less the same as D&D and pathfinder. It's just a setting. I'll post a link to the player handbook though.

I'll be having to update things as we go along because I'll be running maximum xcrawl, the updated game. There's some changes but this is a pretty good guide. And if you decide yes you do want in, I'll show you the new classes specific to xcrawl.

Anybody here familiar with Xcrawl? I'm getting the urge to run and I'd like to offer first dibs to players (and this means you too fox.) That I know I enjoy playing with.

For those who aren't familiar with it, the D&D world basically reached the modern age and Dungeon Crawling is now a sport. The characters are superstars (or wannabes) trying to earn fame and fortune in the North American Empire. Any interest?

It's cool, but what's happening to me? I think it's corruption, but if you intervened with my vanish power I'm going to need to take the hits. I undid that and kept uploading the wrong file to google drive. Also I'm shaken on my next turn, right?

Of course he can't be trusted. He's a halfling. Everyone knows they're natural thieves.

Yeah, it's the combustion knife. Hence how I cast touch of combustion on it. I will check the sheet. I keep having problems pop up and it's driving me crazy. And dear lord is that ability a little cracked. And it kinda seems like it should only count for abilities where your normally allowed a saving throw. Research time.

Ugh. Well it's the time of year for it. Hope you feel better.

Just because I haven't said it yes Cleo. I'll split the run of protection's cost with you.


Okay, you know what, we're making this more difficult than it has to be. We need to settle on one or the other. Pooled Party loot. Or shares. Anything else is just too much. I vote pooled party loot. Helgar, Cleo?

I was thinking the other way around but works for me.

I'd say that as long as nobody's being obviously greedy we just do party loot so we don't have to figure out shares. Or maybe a hybrid where we each take a small equal share for incidental crap like my cart, with the rest for keeping the party powered up.

Freaking score. I mean, I don't really care about returning, but it's a hell of a lot more cost effective.

Yeah I'll get one of the dogslicers enchanted. gotta have a magic weapon for this coming battle, which is kind of why I asked about this dagger.

And what are we looking at share wise, my brain's been going fuzzy when I try to math

Further information. That seems to be more about items that take up body slots. The next section describes arms and armors and their chance of being different sizes like it matters.

So, was looking for reference. in the book it says size shouldn't keep people from using magic equipment. As such, what would you think of magic weapons and armors resizing? It would allow maria to take that tiny returning dagger into battle against the Barghest.

Merry christmas Helgar, (and everyone else who celebratrs it)

I don't have any inlaws to know how I feel about them.

I will tell you anyways. We're playing Battletech. We've been invited to a party in our honor. Our esteemed NOBLEMAN leader decides to strip down and roll around in the salad bar instead of showing an ounce of roleplay skill. (Which to be fair the rest of us were being awkward loners.)

Oh dear. Wabbit is just like my friend josh. We'll have to make sure he doesn't roll around naked in a salad bar.

Wabbit the Paladin of Chaldira wrote:

I've assumed WBL for purchasing equip which is 6k for 4th lvl

Wabbits gear=
+1 waveblade 2k
serpentine tatoo 2k........ imp dirty trick 3/day immediate action
bag of holding minor 1k
pearl of power 1rst 1k .......for arcane caster to cast Mage Armor

If I need to modify anything please let me know

See what I'm hearing here is you have bought absolutely no mundane equipment, rations, tent, bedroll, etc.

You neef magic to turn a regular weapon into a masterwork.

Question. We keeping the party loot to the surviving members or be we sharing the wealth?

All right. I'll keep my character the way she is now. I need the extra level of rogue before I get to become an Arcane trickster anyways. Gonna change my rogue talent though, since my next level will get me access to vanish.

F~!@ing s~*@. I just found a very serious error in my character. Thankfully it's fairly easily solved but it be annoying. I didn't realize the sheet I'm using already accounted for my skill ranks per intelligence. Which means I have about six points I shouldn't have.

I gotta rework Maria when I get home then I'll do that. Changed my mind about going rogue this level and am going wizard so I can progress towards arcane trickster.

Reorganized my character sheet, was definitely missing a feat. Yay.

Since familiars can learn spells from scrolls for the witch I'd say you can learn new spells for the bharrrow deck. The flavor just needs changing.

Like you use the study the scroll to see new connections in the deck to make a new spell available.

Yeah, I'll do a more thorough inventory later and rearrange my traits, feats, and talents.

New ability learned. Major Magic: Vanish. Maria can now become invisible twice a day (smiles evilly)

Screw it. New plan. Maria's gonna pick up some wizard levels in the near future to qualify for arcane trickster.

I was going to wait and see on the cloak. And as determined earlier with Treasurefox, in a medium creature's hand a dogslicer can be a dagger. It's what my current weapon is anyways. Though I need to double check two weapon fighting and figure out if it's worth it (which would also mean I'd need to get two weapon fighting.)

I've made a few notes about things I want and things I might find useful.

Looks good DM, also since I forgot, yes, I'm perfectly good with Occult stuff

I'm thinking of taking some wizard levels myself because honestly, I've got the most important part of a Rogue. I might also start taking Bard levels and retraining not sure yet. Just know this next level will be rogue.

Cleric who multiclasses with ranger and takes favored enemy undead? I feel there's a plan.

Hmm. So what kind of time frame are we looking at between adventures. I just want to know how many rolls I'm going to be able to do on my wagon if I make it myself.

Hey now Cleo. I haven't really corrupted you yet. You stilk need some burgling experience and a level in rogue.

Oh look Cleo. Another Halfling for me to corrupt.

I mean where she ended up since we were kind of too broken to follow.

Where the hell did Nualia go?

I think the most memorble parts along with the ones you mentioned, is making up blasphemous curses. That much was a blast, not to mention getting to be the snarky one telling furnok he wouldn't fit in Cleo, and such things. I want to thank everybody who played straight man for me.

2. Critiques, things felt a lot more natural when you were making up your own filler material, so much so that I'd lije to see you write an adventure and would happily play in it.

3. Hell yes I want to continue. I want to see what we come up with next, it's sad that we lost a few players though. I was especially looking forward to Maria starting to Crush on Ali, (a sub plot we discussed) oh well.

Oh s&~@. You mentioned corruption earlier. We're using horror rules! I'm actually quite excited.

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