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Stupid is as stupid does.

The paladin fell because as long as you keep fighting the good fight you cannot fail. Thus by ultimately failing the paladin failed to fight the good fight, and a paladin must never stop fighting the good fight.
The paladin went to proctologist.

Now, after Goddity my brothers slay the action figure model where it stands.

Goblin Army! shank the longshanks! Kill them all and let the gods that may or may not exist sort them out or not or what ever. Where the Abyss is my win?

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You are the poop deck!

Finally a quest worthy of a goblin hero and his trusty steed. Come Mr. Pickles adventure, fame, glory, honor, and feisty goblin wench await.
Next poster would you kindly, well this is embarrassing, point me to the nearest wingless bat colony.

*goblin charging shank*
Me only goblin FTW!

GoatToucher is banned for for not having knowledge of goblin art history.

Sobbin' Harper

*shoves krevon down some stairs*
I wish I could do that again

Potato Poacher


Princess of princesses