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Any word on what's next?

PF 2e?
PF 1e?

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Snorter wrote:

Good luck to everyone who submitted for the first time.

You've passed the first hurdle, of believing in yourself and your work.

These forums have lots of talented people, creating material every week for their home games, but write off their efforts as nothing special.

Especially the ones who say 'I don't have time to write. I only run pre-written material', but even they will have to tweak, rewrite, or add to that material to fit their players' preferences, their PCs' backgrounds, or fill in the gaps when they wander off the written page.

Hear, hear

Good luck to everyone, especially the first timers!

The authors here. Thanks to InfernosReaper and Raheed for their comments!

InfernosReaper wrote:

class itself is super-flavorful but also super-niche which gives it, at a glance, a few too many lackluster abilities. That said, there are certain abilities not actually listed in their entirety on the site. As a result, I sadly can't reliably rate overall mechanical power & overall quality

Not all of the abilities were listed on the preview that the website provided. Hopefully, those who have access to the full prodigy class will find it balanced and that it has a solid amount of abilities.

Rasheed the Truth Seeker wrote:

This class is great!

As a collector of classes for my ever growing campaigns I was drawn to this class right off the description. I needed a class that was more... "bardy" than bard. I always liked how bard had the unique magical music aspect but was hungry for more. This class delivers big time.
First thing I noticed is that it's one of a kind. A lot of 3rd party "hybrid" classes are just mash ups, a bunch of stolen abilities from the two parent classes with nothing new. This class is unique and has new abilities, feeling like neither the bard nor the spiritualist. Think of literally playing a famous celebrity and actually focusing on the music instead of fighting and other aspects.
My wife play-tested this class for me and we both love it. With an imaginative GM the muse aspect could be really awesome, an inspiring entity who for some reason has chosen the PC to become an artistic harbringer of the next age. It's a class everyone should have in their roster, it can hold it's own in the dungeon and be a complete boss in the urban and roleplay portion as well.

We're glad you and your wife were able to play-test the prodigy. (Fitting because it was written by a husband wife team :-) Which artistic focus did your wife choose? Just curious.

Rasheed the Truth Seeker wrote:
I hope to see a selection of muses for crafting as well.... painting perhaps? A certain famous Korvosan painter could use a class reskin in my CotCC game xD

Interesting idea. In order to create crafting muses, we think it would have to be a new archetype because all of the language in the prodigy says perform, not craft, but it could be fun. All of the artistic foci were based on the classic muses, which unfortunately didn't include painting.

Since you were able to play-test it, would you be able to leave a review in the review section as well?

Thanks again for your comments!

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Prodigy a bard/spiritualist hybrid class from Wayward Rogues Press

Andre Roy wrote:
I'mean also curious about who made it into this issue

On 1/10 Tim said:

Timitius wrote:

Our focus has been entirely on getting Wayfinder #16 finalized and released, so we haven't really addressed any of the #17 submissions yet. With 66 submissions, we'll need to reject about 20. So, yes, it should go faster than issues where we got 100+ submissions.

Give us about 2 weeks or so.....


So we should know kinda soon, I guess.

Everything looks great!
Great cover!

Garrett Guillotte wrote:
A planes issue could include River of Souls content. Metaphysics, occult, even space travel (stars and black holes) too.

I feel like there is enough material and interest in the planes to have both a good outsider and an evil outsider issue (probably not neutral, which is a shame because I like psychopomps).

That being said, I still think a fey issue should be next, with cities as a second choice.